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My picks of some of the coolest Sci Fi, Fantasy, and comic related movies you might of missed but must watch, either in the theaters or on DVD. These are my recommendations. is it! Hugh Jackman's reportedly last performance as the iconic character of Wolverine. This movie has been lauded with praise from both critics and fans. It has taken me a while to actually watch it, but I finally found the time. I have to agree with the many out there concerning this film. This is film that Wolverine should be. While many attribute the Hard R rating for the film's success, I see a different view on why Logan finally depicted Wolverine as he should've always been, and this long-time fan of the comic character does not hold back., Doctor Strange is a hit and proves that Marvel and Disney are still lighting up on the silver screen. With a wide range of great reviews from critics and fans a like, Doctor Strange is a must-watch just from curiosity alone. However, what did I think about this new comic book movie hit? Click the link to find out some more about what I thought about the Doctor Strange flick and a bit more about the characters. Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading.

Well, it's finally here. I've been waiting a while to see what happens next in one of my favorite comic book based TV shows. While it was confirmed for a while that first premiere episode would be titled Flashpoint. Definitely a must-watch and I detail a bit about the show but don't wanna give away too much. This also reviews what we are to expect during the season.'ve been waiting for this show to drop, and it seemed like a wait that was taking forever. Not to say they were slow, but that I was just excited to finally see what they were going to do with this show. Well, Luke Cage is finally available for streaming on Netflix, and it's gotten some pretty stellar reviews so far. What did I think about the series? Click the blue title link or the image for my honest review about season one! Nothing but comic goodness! many comic fans out there in the world of comicdom, I have been in anticipation to watch Captain America: Civil War. I knew it was going to be a huge and grand event, a big powerhouse flick, but I wasn't sure if it was going to be a good and great event to see. Well, I finally found the time to watch this powerhouse comic book movie. Click the link or the image to see what I thought of it and whether you should drop a dime to see it if you haven't already. Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading. the wake up Jessica Jones, the highly anticipated second season of Daredevil is finally available for your streaming pleasure. With the addition of two of Marvel's more popular heroes - Elektra and the Punisher - the expectations and stakes are high indeed. Were they suitable to comic fans? I dish out what I think about Daredevil season two and whether the versions of Elektra and Punisher were satisfactory to this fanboy. Click on the link or image to find out what I thought about the series, and be warned that there will be spoilers involved.

Highly anticipated from the massive legion of Star Wars fans the franchise has amassed throughout the years, there's no doubt that the Star Wars The Force Awakens movie is a huge financial success at the box office. However, for someone who grew up on the original Star Wars trilogy, how did the new Star Wars film stack up? Here's my basic review on The Force Awakens. doubt that this movie has been the highly anticipated movie of the year, and for good reason. Lot's of hype and excitement has surrounded this movie since the first Avengers movie hit the theaters. Now most of the reviews are rave ones, and this one here is no exception.

I give you my honest review of the good, bad and the ugly of this movie, and of course, it's mostly a good review or it would not be under the must see section of Total Comic Mayhem, right? Find out what I liked, loved and didn't like like about Avengers: Age of Ultron. wait is finally over and season one of the Netflix Daredevil live action series is finally available to be streamed on Netflix. No doubt that I was skeptical about this series before, but no longer. As Stan Lee would say, it made me a true believer. Yes, I'm overly impressed with this series and you can read why. Also, I included some Easter Eggs or links that the show had you may have or may not have missed. Anyways, here's my honest review of this rendition of the Man Without Fear on Netflix. 

Captain America The Winter Soldier Delivers!

To be honest, there hasn't been a whole lot of new comic book movies that deserve to be in this Must Watch section, so it's looking quite a bit empty and sad. Nonetheless, thank God for the new Captain America sequel, because I really enjoyed it. Why? You'll have to read and find out why Captain America The Winter Soldier is a definite must watch! 

Solomon Kane Movie Is A Must Watch!

From the pulp magazines to the big screen, Solomon Kane takes one of Robert E. Howard's beloved characters and shows him in a way fans have always wanted to see flesh and blood and kicking evil butt! This 2009 movie is now on DVD and Blu Ray and is a Must See! Click the link or image to read my review on this over-looked gem and find out why you just may enjoy this flick!

Star Trek Into Darkness Review
Despite the less than stellar reviews of Star Trek Into Darkness by others, this sequel has definitely made this "Must Watch" list. Why did I like this flick so much? All you gotta do is click the title link above or image to the left to read exactly what I thought of the sequel Star Trek Into Darkness.

John Carter 3-D Blu Ray Delivers The Goods!

Although this movie failed to attract interest among American audiences, it is quite an exceptional film that deserves to be noticed. Now, it's on Blu Ray 3-D, I'm spreading the word about this film. If you missed it, read why I think John Carter is an under-rated gem that will end up a cult classic.


  1. Completely agree with your assessment of this film. Let's hope the powers that be at Disney will take another chance on the amazing characters and imagination of ERB. Once more to Barsoom!

    1. I hope they do, but I kinda doubt they will. I think it was great over-looked film. Had all the right elements for a good science fiction/adventure movie. I surely hope Disney builds on this franchise.