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Welcome to the On The Hunt section. You will find articles of the top investment comics as well as the comics to invest in that are hot in the market. Just click the titles or the images to discover which comics you should be on the hunt for.

http://www.totalcomicmayhem.com/2014/03/miscellaneous-key-issue-comics-to-be-on.htmlMiscellaneous Key Issue Comics To Be On The Hunt For!

A short list of key issue comics that are definitely worth considering when it comes to comic investments. There will maybe be some ones you've yet heard of. Most of these are copper age comic books. Just click the link above or the image to see some investment comics you may have overlooked. 

Flash Key Issues List

Another mega key issues list concerning the Flash, this Flash key comics list starts from the golden age all the way through the copper age and list some of the most important comics to gun for concerning this iconic DC Comics character. You don't want to miss this one, and I promise there will be a lot of key issue goodness to add to your want lists and comic collections. 11 parts to this series, so just click the title link above or the image to begin your journey. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy! 

The New Mutants Key Issues List

Here we are with another key issues list series for you comic investing and comic collecting fans out there. This time it's the key issues from The New Mutants volume one series. You will definitely see some sleepers here and some key issues that you may not have know before with this list. Most of these key comics are from the copper age, so quite a lot are not yet investment worthy, but if you're a fan of the X-Men comics and mutants in general, this list will be one not to miss. 4 part series!

http://www.totalcomicmayhem.com/2014/02/CaptainAmericakeyissues.htmlCaptain America Key Issues List

This is a mega key issue list as Captain America is one of Marvel's oldest characters. Originally created and published during the golden age of comics, this key comics list will highlight many of the important Captain America key issues that came out during the golden age, silver age, bronze age, and some copper age. There will be quite a few parts to this series, so break out your want lists and grab a pen. I'm sure you'll find a key Captain America comic that you've never heard of before. Thanks and enjoy this one.

Thor Key Issues List

We finally make it to Asgard with this Thor key issues list, and it should've been done sooner rather than later. Lots of collectors are still gunning for important Thor key comics, however. The movies are bringing in the demand for the God of Thunder, and I'll be featuring some of the best and brightest in this key comic list. There will be quite a few parts to this series and they will mainly deal with the first series of Journey Into Mystery and Thor's first self-titled series. Enjoy and thanks for reading this.

The Top Punisher Key Issue Comics  

Because I know you guys love the key issue comic lists on Total Comic Mayhem, here's another short but sweet one for you guys and gals. Celebrating the 40th anniversary of The Punisher in comics, this list comprises of the top Punisher key issues that stretches from various titles. It's only a two part series for this bronze age character that has become one of the most popular and important characters Marvel Comic characters to come out of that era. Just click the link, break out your want lists, and enjoy! As always, thanks for reading!

And finally we get down to some important Daredevil key issues. This is a relatively short list. There's only two parts to this list, but this series is packed with some very, very important Daredevil comics every fan and comic investing hunter needs to seriously consider. Just click the title link above or the comic image to the left to discover some of the greatest issues for The Man Without Fear! Enjoy and thanks for reading as always.

Ten Entry Level Investment Comics for Entry Level Collectors 

RT White's first guest blog here on Total Comic Mayhem, and he's kicking down a list of his top ten entry level investment comics. It's a great read that I know you'll enjoy, and I hope you all welcome RT. After all, it took a lot of hard work to put this list together, so click the link and enjoy. I've already added a few of these on my want list.

 Superman Key Issues Part 1

Finally, a Superman key issue list! This list isn't just a key comics list of Superman comics from the titled series. It's a list that spans quite a few titles and mainly deals with some of the most important keys concerning the Man of Steel. There's going to be a lot of parts to this series, but we're starting off with golden age Superman comics all the way up to bronze age. So click the link or the image to begin and break out those want lists. There's going to be a ton of investment comics in this series.

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The Top Wonder Woman Key Issues!

In celebration for DC Comics and Warner Bros. finally announcing that Wonder Woman will indeed be making her way on the big screen and even confirming an actress cast as the role in the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel, I'm gonna kick down some of the top Wonder Woman key issues to consider snagging and investing in. There are 6 parts to this key comic issues list, but it's full of first appearance and origin goodness. Just click the link or the image above to check it out and enjoy! Oh yes, and be sure to share this on facebook or twitter.

Iron Man Key Issues Part One

Continuing where the Tales of Suspense key issue list left off, we now venture into this 4 Part list of key Iron Man issues from his self-titled volume one series. This will not list every single key issue and not all the key issues are major ones nor investment comic worthy. Some are, but some aren't. However, this is the list I compiled of everyone's favorite Shell-Head. So hope you enjoy it and thanks for reading!

In light of the new additions to the cast of James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy movie coming soon, here's a key issue list of all the related Marvel first appearances concerning the confirmed characters that will be debuted in the film. Click the link or the image to find out what comics you can find these first appearances in.

Another key issue list that's a two parter. Some important and major key issues can be found in this title as well as major Marvel first appearances. This series also ties into the Incredible Hulk volume one series, as you'll soon see. Hope you enjoy and be sure to be ready to add some great investment comics to your comics to invest in Want List.

Hulk smash! Since Tales to Astonish is directly linked to the Jade Giant and everyone's favorite rage monster, here's a pretty darn good list of some important Hulk key issues within the Incredible Hulk titled series. Repeat: Within the Incredible Hulk series and not Hulk related key issues. Anywho, hope you enjoy this list. Be sure to share on facebook or twitter if you do!

Tales of Suspense Key Comic Issues!

Believe it or not, but there's quite a bit of important Marvel first appearances and key issues within this title. Just click the link and find out what key comics you should be targeting when it comes to the Tales of Suspense comic title. This is a 3 part series. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Avengers Key Issues!

Well, here it is! Due to popular demand, Total Comic Mayhem has compiled a list of Avengers Key Issues to get. This 3 Part series should give you a few ideas on what key Avengers comics to consider putting on your want list, as well as the usual best comics to invest in concerning Avengers comics from the first series. So click the link and enjoy! Thanks for reading.

The Top Fantastic Four Key Issues of All Time! 

Here's my 2 part list of the top Fantastic Four key issues of all time. This list is based on key issue value of low NM to GD. Not all key comics within the Fantastic Four volume 1 series will be on this list. Just the most expensive, sought after, and best investment comics for this iconic Marvel title. If you're a Fantastic Four fan, you don't want to miss this 2 part list of the best FF key comics to own. Enjoy and thanks for reading! 

Uncanny X-Men Key Issues List Part One 

Looking for some of the best X-Men key issues to get for your collection? Wondering which X-Men comics to invest in? 

Look no further, my fellow X-Men comic fans! Here's a list of key issue X-Men comics ranging from silver age to bronze age to copper age and some modern just for you. This key issue list is a 5 part series that you can access right here from Part 1. Just click the image or the title link to begin. And, as usual, if you're on the hunt for any of these X-Men keys, I point you in a few directions on where you can snag them. Have fun and enjoy! 

 Batman Copper Age Key Issues

Adding more to the Batman key issue goodness here at Total Comic Mayhem. Copper age comics are beginning to see a bigger surge in demand in recently, especially for CGC high grade copies. If you're a Batman fanatic, you'll definitely want to see this key issue list of copper age Batman key comics. Break out those want lists and enjoy reading! You'll may see some awesome comics you grew up reading.

Batman Bronze Age Comics Key Issues List

For any hardcore Batman comic book fan, this list showcases some of the best Batman bronze age comic key issues to be on the look out for. Be sure to read this list so you can see what key issue bronze age Batman comics you need to get in your Batman collection! Enjoy!

The List of Silver Age Batman Key Issues To Invest In!

Continuing from the list of golden age key issue Batman comics, this series dives into the best comics to invest in concerning silver age Batman key issues. Visit the link to read and learn what silver age Batman key issue comics you should consider as comic investments and adding to your collection.

The Ultimate List of Golden Age Key Batman Issues

Interested in golden age key issue comics? Well, there's no better place to start with one of the oldest superheroes in comics! Read this series to discover some of the most important, rare, and valuable key Batman issues from the golden age of comics that every serious Batman comic collector should consider owning and investing in.

NewKadia Clearance Sale Part 2! Get 20 to 25% Off!

Wasn't expecting this nice surprise, but it seems that NewKadia has a Part 2 to their Annual Clearance Sale! Sounds great to me. The more savings the better! Click the link to learn more about how you can save 20% to 25%, as well as the coupon code to use during checkout! Oh yes, I also list a few great comics that I still see available at NewKadia, issues to definitely consider.

NewKadia 30% Off Every Order Sale Ends Feb 5th!

Huge sale at NewKadia! Time to buy some comics online and grab up some back issues and key issues. As always, I have a list of some great suggestions that are still available at NewKadia. Just read the article and follow the links to go to the exact page where you can get some of great finds I saw on the site! Great sale to save big and get some awesome deals!

Marvel Comics To Invest In Right Now Before 2014!

The title says it all. Here's the scoop on some important comics that will be in high demand until 2014. It's wise to get in on them as soon as possible, because demand is already pushing up the values for the bad boys on this list! As usual, I point you in the direction for certain key issues on the list that I could locate. So if you're on the hunt for any of them, just follow the links. Good luck and good huntin'!

The Comic Collector's Important List Of Spider Man Comics
Huge list of the most important Spider-Man key issues to get for the ultimate Spidey comic collection. List covers silver age all way to the modern age. 4 part series!

More of The Top Investment Comics of 2012! Comic Investing Advice Part 2

This is an ongoing series, but there are so far 7 parts to it. If you want to learn which silver age comics are extremely hot right now then you need to click the title link or comic image to discover which silver age comic investments to be on the hunt for before their values soar into that great beyond!

Why You Should Invest In Horror Comics Books And Which Ones!

Don't forget about Horror comics! Horror is an especially popular genre, and this also includes the realm of comic books as well. Read this article to find out more of why Horror comics are great comic investments and some of my top picks within the genre that you should be on the hunt for! Enjoy!

The Most Valuable Copper Age Comics 

Are copper age comics good comic investments? Well, some definitely can be. Want to know what some of the most valuable copper age comics out there are? If you do, then read this list of some of the most valuable copper age comics you should seriously give some thought to adding to your comic collection before they're...well, you get the picture!

Wanna know what some of the hottest and most valuable modern age comics there are out there. If so, then you'll wanna read this 3 part series and discover some of the top modern age comics to invest in, as well as some of the most valuable modern age books. These key issues are just waiting to become prized pieces in your comic collection. 

Best Key Issue List of Green Lantern Comics To Get Before They're Way too Expensive

The title of this article pretty much says it all, folks. Read this article to discover some of the best key issue Green Lantern comics to invest in and add to your prized comic collection. Great list to take into consideration for any fan of the Emerald space cop and collector of his legendary cosmic tales!

3 X-MEN Comics Every Serious Collector Needs To Have In Their Comic Book Collection

Love the X-Men? Are you a serious collector of the lovable mutants like me? Here are three absolute must-have issues for any serious comic collector of the X-Men to add to their collection. Well, that is, if you hope to have your X-Men collection be super valuable someday!

  Valuable Bronze Age Comic Books - Key Issues To GET NOW!

Looking to beef up your comic collection's value with some bronze age comics? Before you drop a dime on some junk, check out these picks of bronze age key issues to seriously consider getting. This is an on going series and will be constantly updated. There's a lot of valuable choices out there to consider, so click the link to read more!

The Best Wolverine Comics - Key Issue List Of Wolverine Comics

Everyone's favorite mutant, pint-sized brawler has slashed and snikted his way into comic book fan's hearts in comics like the X-Men. However, what about his own self-titled series? Here is a list of the Wolverine comic issues that every fan and comic collector/investor should be gunning for to have in their collection and why.

Comic Book List Of Batman Villains & Their 1st Appearances!
Wondering what the key issue comics that have the first appearances of some of Batman's most ruthless and well-loved villains are? Look no further! Here's the list of Batman villains and their key issue first appearances in the world of comic books. Perfect for any Batman fan looking to add more value to their Batman comic collection

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