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On the Hunt

Welcome to the On the Hunt section. This section will list various key issues lists. The key issues lists featured here may have to do with a title or a certain character. Sometimes, a series will be completely different and not have to do with title or character. Whatever they are, you can rest assured that the lists here will be extremely useful resource in helping you to find a variety of key issues and comics to invest in.
Top Adam Hughes Variants & Covers

Another request, another fulfillment. So the topic is Adam Hughes covers, some variants, and some just good ole regular covers. Gonna be a somewhat different format concerning this topic or how I'm going to present it. To be honest, it's kind of a hot mess. However, if you're really a fan of Adam Hughes or even rare or low print comics, this post will definitely have some to consider in your hunt. Either way, click the link to check it out and enjoy! Thanks for reading!
Copper Age Spider-Man Key Issues

Here we are with the Copper Age section of Spider-Man key issues. This series will cover the Amazing Spider-Man, Spectacular Spider-Man and Web of Spider-Man titles as well as other titles that Spidey may have some key comics in also. Canadian Editions, newsstands and direct market editions? They will be discussed also. Find out some over-looked or under-valued gems that are possibly flying under the radar to most comic collectors, speculators and even comic investors. Promise that it will be worth it for any Spidey fan, and I truly hope it is exactly just that. Thanks for reading and enjoy!
Bronze Age Spider-Man Key Issues

We are swinging right along with the extended Spider-Man key issues series that was requested quite some time ago and has taken me quite some time to work on. Knowing that this would be a pretty big project, I decided to divide the series up into sections by era, obviously. So, this is the Bronze Age section and we got quite a bit of Spidey key comics in this era for sure. To begin your adventure in hunting for Spidey keys in the good ole Bronze Age of comics, just click the blue title link or the comic cover image and get your Spidey senses tinglin'.
Silver Age Spider-Man Key Issues

So here it is: The first section to the extended and comprehensive Spider-Man key issues series. Although this just deals with the Silver Age, this is part of a complete series that deals with Spider-Man keys from the Silver, Bronze, Copper and Modern Age in one massive series. Yes, that means a crap load of Spidey titles and issues and tons of information for any Spider-Man fan to love. So, enjoy this part of the series. A must-see for any Spidey fan out there!
The  Punisher Key Issues

Another request to expand on Punisher key issues, and this one goes all out as much as possible without driving  fans insane. Tons of Punisher keys with some minor and some major. This is not the Top Punisher keys to get, but encompasses most keys worth mentioning. Better to see for yourself, so if you're a Punisher fan, you don't want to miss this series. Just click the link above or image to check it out.
Squirrel Girl Key Issues

Requested key issues series by Ace, and although this one took me a while to finish up, it is a short and sweet one. So, this is for fans of the character who like quirky characters that poke fun at the superhero genre. Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading. Just click the blue title link above or the comic cover to see some Squirrel Girl key issues.
Daken Key Issue Comics

Wolverine's clone X-23 is pretty hot, but if we're talking about characters directly tied to Wolverine, then his son Daken needs to addressed as well. This will be a short and sweet key issues list, but I promise it will be a good one. Quite a few are over-looked in the market currently, and Daken has proven to be a somewhat popular character. He is definitely on the radar even though no movie or TV show confirmation surrounds the character. So, let's dig a bit more into Wolverine's son and some important keys for the character.
Deathstroke Key Issue Comics

With Ben Affleck leaking that Deathstroke will be a villain and hitting the big screen pretty soon, this is series will focus on Deathstroke key issues. Some will be important and some will be over-looked keys relating to DC's most lethal assassin. Of course, some keys will be extremely minor ones as well. Let's see what I've digged up, and if you are a Deathstroke fan, you will not want to miss this key issues list for sure. Just click the blue title link or image to read and thanks for doing so. Enjoy!

 As requested, this here is a special post that details some of the known cast of the Wonder Woman movie and their 1st comic appearances. This post only deals with those who have comic appearances, but their is a special section of rumored comic characters that may appear in the movie as well. Be prepared for some heavy reading on this one and enjoy. Just click the blue title link and image to check it out.
DC Comics Darkseid Key Comics

Another request and definitely a key comics list that should be looked at currently with all the hype about Darkseid being a main baddie for the upcoming DC and WB cinematic movies. Definitely a huge villain in the comics, it's no surprise that this villain will make the big screen. Once again, let's see what else I can dig up that hasn't already been speculated to death. Click the blue title link or cover image to see what's up and hope you enjoy! 

http://Marvel The Collector & Elders of the Universe Key Comics
Marvel The Collector & Elders of the Universe Key Comics

Upon requested, we're going to take a little deeper look at the Collector, and if we're going to cover the Collector and his keys, we also have to take a look at the Elders of the Universe as well. Grandmaster has been cast and will appear in the next Thor movie. Let's take a look at some of the Elders as well and see what I can dig up concerning the Collector & the Elders of the Universe.
Sin City Key Comics

Time to switch it up and talk about something else besides DC and Marvel Comics. Back in the day, Dark Horse Comics was one of the more successful independent comic companies that published quite a few favorite titles of mine. The Sin City series was just one of them, and we're going to take a look a few Sin City keys. A great landmark comic franchise, but in terms of key issue comic investments, there aren't many. Anyways, if you're a fan of Sin City, you don't want to miss this one.
Marvel X-23 Key Comics

The female Wolverine or clone of Wolverine, whatever! What's important is that Laura Kinney, better known as X-23, has become an extremely popular female superheroine in the world of Marvel Comics. Her first appearance is blowing up in the market, and it'll be a matter of time before her other early appearances do as well. Here's a short and sweet key comics list series dealing with X-23. Just click the title link or the image to read more.
Giant-Man Key Comics

Here's another short and sweet key comics series starring Giant-Man since reports are speculating that Ant-Man grows into Giant-Man in Captain America Civil War. Short and to the point here, so whether your comic investing or just speculating, this might be a key issues series you'd be interesting in. Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading this bad boy. Rock on!

Morbius Key Issue Comics

Fulfilling a request for a Morbius key issues list, I'll be doing a pretty short and sweet list of the subject. I think that's to be expected concerning this character. So, if you're a fan of The Living Vampire, you might want to click the blue title link or image to right to check out the full post. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy!

Madame Xanadu Key Comic Issues

Another request fulfilled, and this time we'll be taking a look at a pretty freeze-dried key issues list starring Madame Xanadu. It won't be anything surprising, but the cards might be in your favor if you're a fan of the DC Comic character. Short and sweet list, so click the link or the image to see what the tarot cards have in store for you. Enjoy and thanks for reading and sharing.
Swamp Thing Key Issues

Exploring more DC Comics, and this time the Swamp Thing is up and gets the spotlight. This is a 6 part Swamp Thing key issues list, and will cover the character's humble beginnings all the to the Modern Age. It's not an comprehensive list but does cover a lot of the key points and characters contained within the Swamp Thing mythos. So, relax, break out your want lists and most of all enjoy this beast. Just click the title link or the image to discover the world of Swamp Thing.
Martian Manhunter Key Comics

This one was requested a long time ago, but I didn't get around to everyone's favorite Green Martian in the DC Universe. This key comics series is a 5 parter and mainly deals with the evolution of the character since the character was mainly a back feature and supporting character for the Justice League of America during his early comic career. Anyways, hope you enjoy. 

Zatanna Key Issues

It's time to explore this raven-haired magical beauty in the DC world of comics. Zatanna is probably my 2nd favorite DC Comics super heroine behind Wonder Woman. With the Justice League Dark film project still moving forward, some of the key comics in this series might be worth considering to snag up. Let's see what magical snags we can find. Click the blue title link or the image to read this series, and as always, hope you enjoy!
War Comics Key Issues

We got a different genre here, and this series will be quite a doozy as there were quite a few titles that came out during the war comics boom during the 50s. This series here will be dedicated to those comics that were solely devoted to war and the fighting soldiers of our Armed Forces. So no superheroes in this key issues list or very few of them. Just war comics. Click the blue title image above or the comic cover to the left to read up on the comic goodness. Enjoy! 

Thor #165 comic cover
Adam Warlock Key Comic Books

As requested, we're gonna consolidate all the Adam Warlock keys already featured on Total Comic Mayhem into one beast. Of course, there will be some new keys and details that may surprise you, so you definitely don't want to miss this key comics series. Just click the blue title link or the image to the left to get it on with the goodness. So break out those want lists and hope you all enjoy!
Justice League Dark Key Comics

Bringing in the new year, we're gonna kick start 2016 with a Justice League Dark Key Comics series, but hold on. This isn't a key issues list of the actual comic series. It's a 1st appearances list of some of the major and minor members of this supernatural team. I promise it will be some good stuff for you to geek out on. Just click the blue image link or comic cover to go to Part 1 one of this key issues series. Enjoy!

Avengers Annual #10 image

We got some more female super-powered key issues in this short and sweet list featuring the extremely popular X-Men Rogue. If you're an X-Men fan, you don't want to miss this one. Many of these will be Modern Age keys and not all that investment comic worthy, but if you're a fan of the character and looking for keys or important reads, this series will have some to definitely check out. Enjoy and happy hunting. Click the link or image to start your adventure.
Black Widow Key Issues

It's time to take a look at one of the most popular Marvel female super heroines in comics. Yep, that is Natalia Romanoff a.k.a. Black Widow. This won't be a long key issues series for sure, but it may have some surprises for ya. With the growing number of female comic fans, key issues of female super heroes and villains may be a good reason to consider them.
Star Sapphire Key Issues

We got more DC Comics goodness here, and this female villain turned hero has been a long-time supporting character in the Green Lantern mythos. This key issues series will be a short and sweet one that will look at the various characters that have taken the mantle of Star Sapphire or that have become part of the hottie group of heroes known as the Violet Lantern Corps. Fans of the character, you don't want to miss this one.
Hawkman & Hawkgirl Key Issues

Here we are with one of the oldest and classic DC Comics super-hero couple ever. That's right. This key issues series will deal with Hawkman and Hawkgirl, both well-known members of the Justice Society of America and the Justice League of America. From the Golden Age to some Modern Age, we'll look at the key issues concerning the Winged Warriors. Will be a longer key issues series, so fans of the character, I hope you enjoy.
Moon Knight Key Issues

Are you a Moon Knight fan? If so, here's another key issues list for ya, and this one is dedicated to Marvel's White Knight. This Moon Knight key issues series will be a short and sweet one, but it promises to have quite a few major and minor key comics to check out and consider. As usual, of course. So click the blue title link or image there to get started. Enjoy and happy hunting or selling.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Key Comics

It was only a matter of time before I'd get around to doing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles key issues list. It won't be as simple as you think from what I soon found out, and from what you'll soon discover as well. If you're a fan of the turtles, you don't want to miss this list. There are definitely some rare comics and some over-looked ones as well. Even some error variants are featured in this key comics series. Hope you enjoy!
Colossus Key Issue Comics

Here's a character specific key issues series that involves everyone's favorite Russkie mutant from the pages of the X-Men. Definitely some over-looked key issues concerning Colossus that you'll find in this short and sweet key comics list. Just click the title link above or the image to discover them. Hope you enjoy and happy hunting!
Legion of Super-Heroes Key Comics List

By request I am doing this key issues list involving the Legion of Super-Heroes. This will be specific to the legendary DC Comics team and will be quite a long one indeed. So if you're a fan of the Legion of Super-Heroes, this key issues list is for you and I hope you enjoy it. Just click the title link above or the comic cover to get started. Good luck and enjoy the hunt.
35 Cent Variant Comics

If you love the 35 cent price variants or are wondering if you might have some in your collection and not know it, this list is definitely for you to check out and rummage through your collection to see if you got 'em. Of course, if you're on the hunt for them, this handy guide will help you identify and seek them out. A resource you don't want to miss. Hope you enjoy!
Luke Cage Key Comic Books

With the Luke Cage Netflix TV series coming up soon, this list will detail a lot of important and a few minor keys concerning the character and title. Another key issues series resource for comic book fanatics. This show is expected to be a hit like the Daredevil TV series. If you love key issues, this Luke Cage series is one you definitely don't want to miss.
Jessica Jones Key Issues

Because the Jessica Jones Netflix TV series is coming up next and is currently shooting as I type this, I thought it would be wise to delve into some Jessica Jones key issues that may be connected to the TV series or not. This is a short and sweet key issues series and is only a two parter. Still, if you know little about this character and are looking for Modern Age comics to speculate in, this series may be just for you. Also, you may have some of these keys and not realize it. If you're not a fan of Modern Age comics, you may want to check if you have these so you can dump 'em when the peak is right. Either way, enjoy!
Defenders Key Issues

Knocking down another key issues request, this series will only cover the 1st volume of the Defenders comic series. Nothing else. Huge amount of minor key issues in this one, so if you're not a fan or don't care for minor keys, you probably don't want to read this one. If you are a fan of this comic series, however, you might enjoy what's going on in this key issues list. Just click the title link or the image to read this Defenders key comics series.
Deadpool Key Issues

You asked for it. You got it! Here's a more in-depth Deadpool key issues list that spans 5 parts. From his very first appearance to some newer Modern Age comics, this is a series that any fan or comic collector doesn't want to miss out on. With the Deadpool movie coming soon, this character is a hot ticket right now. Just click the title link or image to discover some Deadpool key comics to look out for.
Hawkeye Key Issue Comics

As recently requested, here's a character key issues list pertaining to the Marvel character of Hawkeye. This will be more character specific and will not be a very long one. Only four parts to this series that starts at the Silver Age and ends in the Modern Age for all you who like newer comics. Just click the title link or image to read this series. If you're a Hawkeye fan, you don't wanna miss it. Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading.
Valiant Validated Signature Series Editions

Low print run and rare comic hunters, this list here details the Valiant Validated Signature Series comics that came out during the 90s. Many are rare and there are not many of them in existence, but they are starting to get noticed in the comic collecting and comic investing world. If you love Valiant Comics, you don't want to miss this V.V.S.S. list. You might even have some of these comics and not know it. Enjoy and thanks for reading.
Detective Comics Key Issues List

Are you ready for a mega long key issues list that involves the Detective Comics titled first series? Well, if you are, you got it. This is a fifteen part series that starts with the Golden Age and ends with some Modern Age Detective keys. This list will detail more than just Batman related Detective Comics key issues. So, get your Detective on. Just click the blue title link or image to discover this beast.
Doom Patrol Key Issues

As requested, this key issues series is gonna take a look at one of the most odd ball superhero teams in the DC Comics Universe. A 6 part series that details many of the Doom Patrol's key comics. If you're a fan of this superhero team, you probably don't want to miss this one. Just click the title link or image above to enjoy the key issue goodness. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy this one!
Doctor Solar Key Comic Issues

Another key issues list here, and this one will discuss the character of Doctor Solar. This series will primarily focus on the Gold Key and Valiant Comics' versions of Solar. It is a three part series and deal with major and minor keys from both series. Although the minor keys from both series will be a lot fewer, as I've chosen to disregard quite a few. So, if you're a fan of the Gold Key comics or the Valiant series, you don't want to miss out on this one. It will surely help you on your hunt.
Psylocke Key Issues

Here's another short and sweet key issues list. With the recent news about Psylocke showing up in X-Men Apocalypse and the casting of the character, here's my version of a Psylocke key issues list. Some are already well-known in the market, but some are definitely not that well-known. If you're a fan of the character, you definitely don't want to miss this two part Psylocke key comics series. Just click the title link or image above to discover some keys to add to your want list.
Robotech Key Issues

Sony bought the rights to produce and distribute a live action Robotech movie franchise based on the animated series that aired during the 80s. Since the Comico comics also adapted the episodes into comic books, this three part series will detail some of the Robotech key issues from the Macross, The Masters, and The New Generation sagas. Lots of Copper Age goodness for Robotech fans. Hope you enjoy!
Batgirl Key Issues

Not your typical Batgirl key issues list. This series will cover the first appearances of all the fine ladies who have taken up the Batgirl moniker. Of course, there will be some extra keys thrown in that are important to the characters who have all suited up as one of comic's most loved and popular super heroines of all time. Are you ready to get your bat on? Just click the title link or comic cover to begin this 3 part series of Batgirl key comics.
Ant-Man Key Issue Comics 

A short two-part key issues list dedicated to the character of Ant-Man. This list will not just deal with Henry Pym, but also shed some light on the other characters who have taken up the mantle of Ant-Man. It will also detail some supporting characters that surround Ant-Man as well. Just click the link to discover some Ant-Man key issues that may be worth snagging and putting in your own vault. Enjoy.
Showcase Key Issue Comics

It's time to get back to one of the big boy key issues list, and this one is definitely one. No doubt that Showcase has some major key issues in the world of DC Comics and introduced some characters that were extremely important in comics period. This list will only deal with key issues from the titled comic and some minor ones will be included here. Click the title link or image to discover the world of Showcase Presents.
Harbinger Key Issues

Another two-parter key Valiant comics list. This time it's the world of Harbinger we will be exploring, and this series will also include the new rebooted comics as well. Some major and minor keys will be featured in my humble attempt in creating this list. Estimated print runs will also be included. Definitely a fan-favorite for Valiant fans, just click the title link above to discover some Harbinger key issues.
Rai Key Issue Comics

More Valiant key issue comics? You bet. This key comics list explores the world of Rai. This character has also been on the rumor-mill for a big screen debut. Though nothing officially confirmed as of yet, it's about time to take a look at these key issues for some of them are already heating up in the market. Some have already been sought out by fans for past few years. Also, you can use this list to just check and see which ones you have if you want to sell as well.
Bloodshot Key Comic Books

Sony Pictures has the rights to this character and it looks like a planned movie is in the works for the Valiant character of Bloodshot. This key comic books list is a two-parter and will contain keys from the old 90s series and the new rebooted series as well. If you're a fan, you don't want to miss out on this one. Even if you're not a fan, some of the keys are heating up in the market. You may have some of the more valuable ones and not even know it.
Archer & Armstrong Key Issues

Valiant Comics are back on the rise again. Some movies and TV shows are in the works and they just got a major investment deal with some folks overseas. Archer & Armstrong have been rumored to be one of the comics that may hit the big or small screen. Here's a key issues list for this fan-favorite Valiant comic.
Shadowman Key Comic Book Issues

Due movie hype concerning Valiant Comics and requests for this key issues list, we are going to explore some major and minor keys concerning the character of Shadowman. A few are already seeing a boos in demand due to the recent news of foreign investors dumping sizable amounts of funds for Valiant Comics to compete with DC Comics and Disney/Marvel in the realm of movies and TV shows. We shall see how they do in that area, but regardless, here is a short and sweet list of Shadowman key comic book issues.
Sub-Mariner Key Comic Issues

One of the oldest Marvel Comics' characters ever, we'll be diving into some Sub-Mariner key issue comics. This key comics list will be a longer one for sure, and we'll be covering keys from the Golden Age to the Bronze Age of comics concerning Namor. This will be a historical feat and will definitely delve into many rare Golden Age comics that will be a hunt to track down. Either way, you'll learn something in this series and don't want to miss it. Just click the title link above or the image to discover the Prince of Atlantis, Namor the Sub-Mariner. Key Comic Books

Another request done for a key issues list pertaining to the Eater of Worlds and none other than Galactus. This list is mainly derived from the Fantastic Four, Thor, and Silver Surfer key issues lists already done. However, only the important key Galactus issues are featured in this short and sweet list for those who want to know them but don't know where to look. There is only one that has yet to be featured here on Total Comic Mayhem. Silk Key Comic Book Issues

Due to a request and because of the sudden popularity of this character, here's a Silk key issues list. It will very much be a short and sweet list since the character is fairly new and only about a year old. This key comic book issues list will only deal with the regular covers and will not encompass any variants whatsoever. So, another modern age key issues list for those who care about Modern Age comics. Just click the title link above or the image to the left to read this.
Red Sonja Key Comic Books

Red Sonja movie in the works, so here's a very short and sweet list of Red Sonja key issues. Some are pretty over-looked in the market right now, and I'll only be dealing with those keys most likely to hit a peak in demand if the movie pushes through. Only the Bronze Age Marvel will be featured in this key comic books list. Just click the blue title link or the image to read up on this one. Enjoy!
Spawn Comic Book Key Issues

Another Image title, and this is actually the 2nd title I've done a key issues list for concerning Image Comics. As a fan myself, this is more of a fan list and doesn't focus much on speculation or comic investing as other key issues lists done here on Total Comic Mayhem. So if you're a fan of Spawn or just getting into the character, you don't want to miss this list. There will be quite a few parts to this one. Just click the link to discover the key issues within the Spawn comic series.
Crossover Comic Book Key Issues

We're gonna dig into some of the most important key issue crossovers in the history of comics. The comics spotlighted here are from the superhero genre. Definitely lots of great information here, and of course, plenty of key issue goodness in this series. Mostly Marvel and DC Comics are spotlighted here, but if you like to learn a bit of comic book history as well as some great crossover keys, you definitely do not want to miss this one! Just click the blue title link or image to discover the comic goodness!
SHIELD Key Issue Comics

Another key issues list here and this time we're gonna tackle some SHIELD related key comics. This keys list will only deal with the SHIELD feature in Strange Tales and it's first titled comic book series. There's not that many so this will be a short and sweet list. If you're a fan of Nick Fury or SHIELD, this list may help you in finding some good comic investments in this area of Marvel Comics. Once again, to read this list all you gotta do is click the blue title link above or the image to the left to get rolling. Thanks for reading and enjoy!
Ghost Rider Key Issue Comics List

Continuing on with the supernatural comic goodness, it's time we burnt some rubber and got in on these Ghost Rider key comics. That's right! We are gonna look at some of the best Ghost Rider key issues as well as some over-looked or minor keys. This list will start from the Bronze Age of comics and onward. So if you're on the hunt for the Spirit of Vengeance, this key issues series will help you to identify some of them. You won't be disappointed. Just click the blue title link or image to read this bad boy.
Blade Key Comic Book Issues

Half-vampire and half-human, this key issues list details everyone's favorite Marvel Comics' Daywalker and vampire hunter. Within this series you'll discover some of the most important Blade key issues comics. So if you're a fan of Blade or the living dead, you don't want to miss this key comics list. Just click the blue title link above or the image to the left to read this series. Thanks for reading and enjoy.
Aquaman Key Issues List 

Since DC Comics and Warner Bros just announced that Aquaman will be getting a solo movie as well as being in Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice and both the Justice League movie, it's about time we dug into some Aquaman key issues. This series will detail some of the very best Aquaman keys starting with the Golden Age to the Modern Age. You don't want to miss this one if you're an Aquaman or DC Comics fan. Just more comic book goodness and this Aquaman key issues list sure brings some of the goodness.
Harley Quinn Key Issues

This is will pretty much be a short and sweet list, but there's quite a few keys in here that are starting to gain a lot of heat. At the time of the writing, there were quite a few that were over-looked in the market. Still, if you're a fan of Harley Quinn, you don't want to miss this key issues list. Besides, Harley Quinn was just confirmed and cast in the new Suicide Squad movie that's coming out pretty soon. A short but nice key comic list for you to add to your want lists. Enjoy and hope you get great deals for these here or already have them.

2nd Appearance Comics to Invest In

With first appearances becoming increasingly expensive and out of reach of most collectors and buyers, many of them have been gunning for 2nd appearances for major and some minor characters. This key issues list features some of the most popular and over-looked 2nd appearance comics to invest in. This list will be an on-going series and an on-going process as well, but you definitely don't want to miss it. Some speculation comics will be in this series as well. Just click the blue title link to read all about it.
The Ultimate Green Lantern Key Issue Comics List

If you're a Green Lantern fan, then you don't want to miss this key comics list. This is the Ultimate Green Lantern key issues list and will detail both the Golden Age Green Lantern, Silver Age Green Lantern Hal Jordan all the way up to the Modern Age. Plenty of key comic investments as well as specualation comics as well. If you're on the hunt and looking for DC Comics key issues, then this one will be a blast. Hope you enjoy! 

Star Wars Key Comics

Star Wars is absolutely hot, and these key issues are definitely gaining attention in the market. This Star Wars key comics list details some of the absolute best Star Wars key issues starting from the very first Marvel Comics series to more Modern comics of this iconic and mega popular franchise. If you're a Star Wars fan, this list is definitely for you. Even if you're not, there are some great key issue investments that you'll be interested in. Hope you enjoy and may the force be with you!

Inhumans Key Issues

We've been waiting for a long time, and the rumors of an Inhumans movie has been toiling around the realm of comic fans for quite some time. Well, now, we finally got our official announcement, and even though I've been recommending some of the major key Inhumans issues, you finally get a list of some of the best well-known as well as over-looked Inhumans key comics out there. You may definitely find some key issues concerning this super-hero team that you didn't know before. Just click the blue title link or image to discover the key issue goodness concerning the Inhumans.

Black Panther Key Comics

And here we are finally with everyone's favorite Wakandan and first black super-hero ever in the history of comics. That's right! With the rumors and the announcement that Black Panther will be in Marvel cinematic universe, here's a Black Panther series that details many of his most important key issues as well as quite a few over-looked ones as well. Definitely a list you don't want to miss and definitely some Black Panther key comics you'll want to add to your growing want list. This key comics list will absolutely help you hunt down the Black Panther and the key issues that pertain to this legendary Avengers member.

Suicide Squad Key Comic Issues Part 1

A surprising move by DC Comics and Warner Bros., but it appears a Suicide Squad movie has been announced and confirm. Rumors are swirling around about who the line up will be in this movie, but in this Suicide Squad key issues list, I will detail some of the first appearances concerning the rumored line up as well as some of the important first appearances pertaining to the actual comics. This list will detail the original to the newest incarnation of the team. Lots of good key issues in this series as well as plenty of over-looked ones at the time this series was published. Click the link or the image and break out your want lists.

Power Girl Key Issues Comics

Fulfilling a request, we are now going to get into the key issues of this fan-favorite DC Comics character. Yep, that's right, here's a Power Girl key comics list. A great resource since Super Girl TV show rumors have surfaced recently and we all know that Power Girl is the Earth Two version of the character. If you don't know much about Power Girl, you'll sure learn quite a bit from the list. Not just a list of key comics, but I do talk a bit about each of them. I sure hope you enjoy this one, and I'm pretty sure you will. Even more Bronze Age key comic goodness to discover in this series.

Comics to Invest In 2014

We are nearing the end of this year, and here's a series that details some of the comics that were best to snag during 2014 as well as some of the most over-looked comics that may be still cheap. This list will feature a variety of comics from various titles, eras, and different beloved comic book fan favorites. An ultimate list if I do say so myself and highly informative. If you have some of the books featured in this comics to invest in list, it also may be a good time to sell. Click the link to find out a lot more than just key issues to snag, though you'll learn some of them as well.
Supergirl Key Comics to Snag!

Rumors are swirling about a Supergirl TV series, so just because of that, I've decided to get this Supergirl key comics list. Kara Zor-El gets the spotlight in this very short but very sweet Supergirl key issues list. Definitely some really good Silver Age comics that will detail Supergirl appearances as well as the first appearances for her major supporting characters and villains as well. Just click the blue title link or image to discover some Supergirl related comics to snag and quite soon!
Venom Key Issues List 

We've all been wondering just when Venom would appear again in a Spidey movie after the incredible blunder of the Spider-Man 3 movie. Despite fans reaction over that movie we've all been hoping that they'll give this popular Copper Age Spidey villain and anti-hero another shot. Well, those crazy cats over at Sony just dropped the ball on a Venom movie, so we are gonna dive into this creepy crawlers important and minor key comics. Just click the link or image to discover some of the best Venom key issues to get. You may not know some of them.
The Definitive Fantastic Four Key Comics List

Before there was only the Top Fantastic Four key issue list. This is not an expansion, this is a redo and is truly an ultimate list that covers the Silver, Bronze, Copper, and some Modern Age FF keys. It will be more detailed and is definitely jam-packed full of key comics concerning the Fantastic Four titled series. If you're a fan of the Fantastic Four or a key issue hunter, you'll definitely want to check out this key issue comics list and bookmark it. A great and informative resource for all you comic fans whether you're a Fantastic Four fans or not.
Important Carnage Key Issues So Far!

In light of the recent announcement of the Venom/Carnage movie by Sony and the expansion of the Spidey flicks, this character key issue will focus on another creepy crawler by the name of Carnage. Another fan-favorite Spider-Man and Venom villain gets a featured key issue list here on Total Comic Mayhem, an and if you're a fan looking for some important Carnage comics or some minor or sleeper key issues, then you'll want to take a gander at this key comics list for sure. Break out your want lists and enjoy the Carnage!
Apocalypse Key Comic Books

Judging by the name alone for the next installment X-Men movie, we can all safely assume that fan-favorite Apocalypse will be the main baddie for the upcoming X-Men flick. Because of that fact, this is yet another character key issues list that will span from his first appearance to other important issue in whatever titled series they may be. The so-called first and most powerful mutant gets his spotlight with this series, which will be pretty short and sweet as a matter of fact. However, if you're wondering which Apocalypse comics you should have your sights on, look no further. It's all detailed in this one and you'll be glad you took a looksie.
Teen Titans Key Comics List 

Here we are with another mega key comic books list and series. This series will a long one for sure, and will detail the original Teen Titans as well as the New Teen Titans. Call it an ultimate list or whatnot, but it is a great one. Chockfull of important key comic books pertaining to this fan-favorite DC Comics superhero team. If you know little about the Teen Titans, you'll sure learn more about them with this series. So relax, grab a drink and enjoy this one. I highly doubt that you won't and you'll be in key issue heaven.
Captain Marvel Key Comic Issues

Although an often over-looked cosmic hero from Marvel Comics' huge library of comic superheroes, Captain Marvel has been rumored to assemble with the Avengers for quite some time and we've all been anticipating the announcement. Now, it seems it's actually coming true and getting closer to being a reality. This is a character key comics list and will span different titles. Any important key issue pertaining to Captain Marvel will be in this list. It's time to take a look if you're hoping to get these issues before they blow up and become out of reach for most collectors, speculators, or comic investors. Quite a bit of sleepers and over-looked comics to invest in for sure that you don't want to miss.
Marvel Super-Heroes Key Comic Issues

A very short and sweet list here, but don't let that fool you. There are quite a bit of goodies in this one for sure and probably quite a few important comic books within this titled series you didn't know about or possibly over-looked. Some are sleepers as well as you'll soon discover. Well, at least, they are at the time of this writing. The back issues market goes at lightening speed right now, so hopefully you read this list sooner rather than later. Some are already on the hot burner concerning the current market already. Let's see what you have and what keys you'll need to gun down.
Tales from the Crypt Key Issues

Breaking away from the super heroes for a bit, we're gonna look at an extremely influential title from the Golden Age of comics. If you love the spooky and creepy, you're gonna love this list. That's right! We're gonna look at Tales from the Crypt key comics. Despite whether or not you're a fan of horror comics, there is no doubt that this series and the key comics contained in it are still great comic investments to consider. If you're a fan or a comic investing fan, here's a different slice of the back issues market. So get your horror on and click that title link or image to the left. Be ready for a hor-rific ride!
Wolverine Key Issue Comics List

Snikt! Snakt! We are going to revisit everyone's favorite bezerker mutie and try a more detailed key comic book issues list for the fan-favorite X-Men. This key issue will span various titles and cover his humble beginnings in the Bronze Age to Modern Age comics. Yes, it will be a long list, but it will be well worth it. This series will be the ultimate comic book resource concerning Wolverine for you. Plenty of important comics pertaining to the character, and some that you probably didn't even know before. If you're a fan, great! You'll enjoy this one. Even if you're not, you'll learn a whole bunch and will probably have quite a few new additions on your want list after. What are you waiting for, Bub? Get your bezerker rage on and click that title link or image.

World's Finest Comics Key Issues Part 1

This is gonna be another huge key issues list. This time we are dealing with the classic and long-lived World's Finest Comics title series. This is an historic title filled with a lot of historic and important DC Comics issues for sure. Not only does this key issues list detail the Batman and Superman team up, but like you know how I do, it goes much, much further than that. There will be plenty of keys you'll learn about and plenty more you'll want to add to your collection. Nothing but comic goodness in this series, and if you're a DC Comic fan, you'll enjoy it even more.
Silver Surfer Key Issues List

We are back with Marvel, and fulfilling yet another request, here we are with the Skyrider of the Space Ways, the one and only, Silver Surfer. This character driven key issues list is perfect for any fan of this popular cosmic hero. Probably one of the most popular of the cosmic Marvel heroes. This list will be longer than you think and there are quite a few important Silver Surfer comics that range from the Silver Age to the Copper Age. Hope you enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed whipping this list up. Thanks for reading.
Iron Fist Key Comics List

Danny Rand as the Iron Fist has been rumored to get a silver screen debut for sometime now. Well, it may not be a big screen debut, but it seems that Netflix and Disney have teamed up and will be producing a live action television show starring Iron Fist. This show will just one of the four series in the works and Danny Rand as Iron Fist will assemble with other heroes in a Defenders television show. Since this great news has surfaced, here's an Iron Fist key comic list that will detail the characters various keys in various titles. Time to get your Kung Fu on with this key comics list. It'll be sure to Kung Fu your face. Spotlight Key Issues List

This 2 part key issues list will detail most of the important key books within the Marvel Spotlight titled series of the first volume. Another short and sweet list for those who are hungry for key comic issues. Some more Bronze Age comics for you to be on the look out for. Some of these are still over-looked buys in the current market as well, but the sooner the better as key comics definitely get up there pretty fast in the current market. Get out your want lists and hope this helps you on your hunt. Thanks for reading and enjoy. Just click the image or the blue link above to get your key issue hunt on.
Green Arrow Key Comic Books

Due to a request, we got some more great DC Comics keys books to cover. This time it has to do with the fan-favorite Green Arrow or Emerald Archer. With the huge success of the Arrow television show, Green Arrow key issues have been highly sought after since. This list will detail the most important of them as well as some rather unknown Green Arrow comics as well. Join the adventure with the Emerald Archer and his loyal sidekick speedy in this key issue series. Loads of DC keys to consider in this one and it will surely range from a bunch of different comic titles.
Brave and the Bold Key Comics List

Another DC Comics request fulfilled. This time it's the famed Brave and the Bold comic series. This key comics list only pertains to this particular title from the volume one series. Lots of great comics to be on the hunt for and will cover the late Golden Age to the end of first series. If you like Batman, there's gonna be plenty of those in here as well. Lots of over-looked key comic books in this Brave and the Bold key issues list. DC Comics fans, you'll love this keys series list. 4 parts to this series with boat loads of great keys to on the look out for.
Justice League of America Key Issues

We've got a huge and very important key issues list here. Lot's of fans have been anticipating a Justice League movie, and it seems this highly popular DC Comics superhero team will finally hit the big screen. This list will detail one of the most fan loved superhero teams in comics and be chock full of important Justice League comics that every fan or those into comic investing should consider adding to their vaults. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Flash, Green Lantern, plus much, much more are featured in here. You definitely do not want to miss this. Bookmark and share this resource of key issues to help you on your hunt. Enjoy.

Hellblazer Key Comics List

We're just rolling a long with DC Comics here, and this time the fan-favorite occult hero John Constantine gets his spotlight here. Due to the new television series announced called Constantine, we're gonna dive into the important keys of this character as well as the beloved titled series he starred in during the 90s. Get ready for this chain smoking demon hunter and one of the best creations by comic writer Alan Moore. Lots of sleeper key issues in this list and some that will be cheap buys. Hope you enjoy this one and I'm pretty sure you will.
Preacher Key Issues List

Another DC Comics television series? You betcha. It seems that Preacher will hit prime time in the near future, and it seems that Preacher has hit prime time here and been added to the On the Hunt section. Just another key issue comics list for a cult fan-favorite under the Vertigo imprint of DC Comics. Take the voyage of this interesting character and learn about some of the important comics and supporting characters that surrounds Preacher's mythos. Only 3 part key issues series, but another great resource for you at the click of a mouse.
Walking Dead Key Issues

Welcome to another key issues list, and this go around we'll be tackling the ever popular Modern Age series The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman. Definitely the most widely talked about and surprise series of the Modern Age, we'll be going through the infinite amount of keys this comic series has. If you're a zombie fan or fan of the television show and looking for Walking Dead keys to hunt down, look no further. This will be a great comprehensive list for you and your want list.
Spectacular Spider-Man Key Issue Comics

Just when you thought we were done with the Web Head, think again. Although a pretty short list of important Spectacular Spider-Man keys in this series, this will no doubt be a good one and there's quite a few in here that definitely under the radar and over-looked. If you're a Spider-Man fan like I am, you'll love this series, and like myself, you'll find a lot of comics that you grew up reading. You just may have some of these comic investments already in your vaults. If you love late Bronze Age and Copper Age comics, this list is for you. of Spider-Man Key Comic Issues

We're back with more adventures of Peter Parker in the Web of Spider-Man comic series. This is definitely a shortie key comic issues list for sure, but it definitely promises to be a good one. If you're a Spider-Man fan like I am, you just may enjoy reading this one. You may just find that you have some of these comics listed here, and if not, you'll surely learn about some you may have never thought of or even heard about. Once again, thanks for reading and hope you enjoy this one. Be sure to share and comment. Oh yes, and bookmark in case you need to look it up again while you're on the hunt!

Undervalued Comics and Sleeper Key Comic Issues List

Once again we are deviated from the normal here, and due to many requests about key sleeper comics and under-valued books, we're gonna tackle them here in this on-going series. So this series will be done here and there, but you can start at the beginning by clicking the link. Don't worry all the parts will be linked together in this series and expect to have a wide variety of titles from all sorts of eras from a all sorts of publishers. Lots of DC and Marvel Comics in this one and it will surely be an interesting comic book resource for you.
Marvel Premiere Key Issues

More key issue goodness here at Total Comic Mayhem? Of course, it's how we do it and we do it often here. This time we're gonna spotlight the important keys in the Marvel Comics series Marvel Premiere. Only a two part key issues list but there are gonna be some important ones, especially with all the movie news and rumors going around. There will also be some comic investments I've been recommending for quite a while now, so don't be surprised if you've seen some of these on here before. I'm sure they have, but there will be other comics that have yet to featured as well. Some first appearances for sure to be on the look out for.
Key Issue Investment Comics $500 to $1000

Once again we are mixing it up here at Total Comic Mayhem. This time this list will be a mix of various key issue investment comics. As the title says, it will be various comics at certain grades that fall in-between the $500 and $1000 mark. Will be some work, but will be well worth it. If you're looking for certain comics within a certain price range, this will undoubtedly be a great comic resource for you while you're on the hunt. However, you may already have these comics at these grades already. That's great too. Just more information to help you in the comic investing ventures.
Key Issue Comics Between $200 to $500!

Another price range comic key issues list to help you out in your quest for key comic books. This will be another on-going series which features various comics that fall into the price range of $200 and $500. As with the others of this series, the issues will be dealing with all slabbed comics at certain grades. More often than not, high grade slabs but there will be exceptions of course. Variety of comic titles and eras as well. Definitely some of the best keys in comics and some are highly in demand, but as usual, there will be some under the radar key issues as well. You'll enjoy this one especially if the books are in this price range concerning your comic book budget. Enjoy and good luck on your hunt. Just click the title link or image to get it on!
Key Issue Investment Comics Still Under $100!

Due to some requests and for those who have more of a budget restraint, this list will feature some keys that are still under the $100 mark just like the title says. I'll try to keep this list as updated as possible, but no promises. Some on the list may get over the $100 mark depending on whether you read this much later. A lot of these keys are still around the CGC 9.8 mark and they will all be CGC slabs on this list. This list is an on-going series. So enjoy this resource to help you in your quest in getting high grade comic investments below or at one hundred bucks.

Key Issue Investment Comics Between $100 to $200!

Kicking off this price range key issues list series is this one right here. We're starting with the price range of $100 to $200 and these key issues will pertain to certain CGC grades that fall in or between this price range. Plenty of keys here, but many will be in the late Bronze Age or Copper Age. If you're on a budget, this list is definitely for you. Just another great list by your favorite comic investing extraordinaire here at Total Comic Mayhem. Just click the link above or the image and enjoy!
Doctor Strange Key Issues

Finally gonna tackle some Doctor Strange key issues. Once again, rumors have been going strong about a Doctor Strange movie and it's bound to happen. With Marvel announcing a Doctor Strange movie and with Captain America Winter Soldier referencing the character by name, these keys are definitely going to steam up. Rumors have already made the major keys for Doctor Strange out of reach for most collectors, but this list will detail some over-looked and sleeper issues that you may still get cheap. Don't miss out on this one as the window to snag these is short. Also, if you got these keys, may want to hold on a bit longer before you dish them off.
Cable First Appearance Key Issue Comics

With all the hoopla about an X-Force spin-off movie, the first appearance of Cable is a pretty hot issue right now. Actually, I should say the first Marvel appearances of Cable, since the creators Rob Liefeld and Louise Simonson would retcon the character retroactively later. This list deals with the famous firsts concerning the popular mutant character Cable. If you're looking for Cable's key comics, this short list has them no doubt. Enjoy and thanks for reading.
Miscellaneous Key Issue Comics To Be On The Hunt For!

Going outside the box with this one, and it's about time to mix things up on here for sure. This list will feature some highly great and important comics that aren't exactly mainstream titles. Hence, the miscellaneous part in that title. Some first appearances and first issues will be in this short and very sweet list that will cover various titles and characters. Yep, these characters are goodies from the indie side of the market and some are quite over-looked as well. It'll be a great read for those looking for gems outside of the typical hugely popular comic book titles.
Flash Key Issues List

We're rocking out some DC Comics key issues with this list, and it's about time we starting uncovering some of the fan-favorite Scarlet Speedsters key issues. Yep, you can count on this comic list being an ultimate list jam-packed with first appearances, important events, deaths, etc. This Flash key issues list will cover the Golden Age all the way up to some Copper Age goodies as well. You'll also learn quite a bit about the mythos and more about each of the different Flash characters for sure. Strap yourself in for a ride, though it surely won't be a quick one. Just click the title link or image to get started in on these Flash key comic books.

The New Mutants Key Issues List

Fox plans to expand the X-Men universe and announced a New Mutants or X-Force movie. Because of that, we're gonna look at this comic title and uncover some key issues. They may be important ones or minor ones, but there will definitely be some you haven't known about. Whether you're a fan of this series or not, it's evident that the X-Men movie franchise will want to compete with Marvel and Disney by expanding their movie universe. Once they do, some first appearances in this list just may hit the hot burner. Don't miss this New Mutants key comics series.
Captain America Key Issues List

No more messing around here. We are going to uncover one of Marvel Comics most iconic and popular characters ever. This comic character has been an American icon for years, and one of the most patriotic symbols of the United States in comics. Yep, it's none other than Captain America. This key comics series will detail some of the most important Captain America key issues from the Golden Age all the way to the Modern Age. Fully in depth, it will also uncover a lot of over-looked sleepers as well. You definitely don't want to miss this ultimate key issues list. Be sure to get out your want lists, because there will be plenty to want.
Thor Key Issues List

As anticipation of the Avengers sequel builds, Thor comics have seen great demand since the character's first movie. Now it's time to visit the mythos surrounding Marvel's Thunder God. Yes, we're gonna dig deep in Asgard lore...well, according to Marvel, in this one. This will be a multi-part series and a pretty comprehensive one at that. When you click that link to read this Thor key issues list, you'll not only discover the heavy hitter keys concerning this character, you'll also discover some over-looked keys you'll want to pay more attention to. Trust me on this and get your want lists out.
The Top Punisher Key Issue Comics

We're gonna go for a quick ride with this list here, but it's for one of my favorite comic characters of all time. That's right, we're gonna detail the top Punisher key comics in this list. If you're a fan of this beloved anti-hero and vigilante, you're gonna love this one. We'll be looking at various keys that span various titles as well. These are the most sought out and some quite over-looked as well concerning Frank Castle. Get out your want lists and a pen or pencil, because you'll definitely want to add some of these keys to your vault. They're to die for!
Daredevil Key Issues List

The Man Without Fear will not get his spotlight in this On the Hunt section. This will be a short and sweet key issues list and will feature only the top in-demand keys from the first Marvel Daredevil series. Despite this, there will be plenty important Daredevil comics in this two-part series. I may choose to expand on it later to add even more Daredevil comics to gun for during your hunt. For now, here's the best concerning Matt Murdock and his horned superhero alias known as Daredevil The Man Without Fear.
Supermnan Key Issues

Whether you like him or hate, there is no doubt that Superman is the most recognized comic book character and superhero in the world of comics. He's also the grandfather of all superhero comic characters. In one form or another, every superhero comic character is based off the Man of Steel. We're gonna dive into this mega list of Superman key issues that spans various titles. This is a character central key issues list, not only comic title. Expect this one to be long but well worth it. You'll definitely learn more about the character, his villains, his entire mythos, as well as some comic issues you never knew were important until now. It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman!
The Top Wonder Woman Key Issues

Since it's been confirmed that Wonder Woman will definitely be in the upcoming Batman v Superman movie, I've been requested to do a Wonder Woman key issues list. Don't let the name fool you. This will not only deal with the top Wonder Woman comics ever. This list will include the various important keys concerning the character, as well as her supporting characters and villains. Yep, expect a lot of different comic titles from all the different eras, and also expect a lot of first appearances for one of the most, if not the most, popular and iconic female super heroines in comic books. I'm a fan of Wonder Woman so this should be fun!
Iron Man Key Issues List

You wanted it! You got it! Here's a key issues list concerning one of the most popular Avengers of all time. Yep, I'm going to detail the best and some of the most over-looked Iron Man keys out there to be gunning for, but only within his first titled series. No doubt that Iron Man has become hugely popular since the movies and the success of them. From his humble beginnings to the Bronze Age of comics, you're going to see a spectacular array of keys concerning ole Shell Head. Strap yourself in for this ride sponsored by none other than Tony Stark and Marvel Comics.

Key Issue Comics of Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Characters!
Key Issue Comics of Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy movie was announced in a surprise move by Marvel and Disney. Before the hype sets in, it's time to look at some of the Guardians of the Galaxy key issues that pertain to the cast of the movie as well as the comics themselves. This will include a wide array of different titles and a butt load of first appearances. If you're on the hunt for these key issues or just want to know which Guardians of the Galaxy related key comics to invest in, you definitely don't want to miss this list. See if you already got some of them as well. You never know!
Incredible Hulk Key Issues

Hulk smash! That's right, and we're smashing our way into The Incredible Hulk key issues that pertain only to the first self-titled comic series concerning the Jade Giant. This will be sort of a continuation from the Tales to Astonish key issues list that precedes this one. Lots more of great Hulk keys in this two part series that I promise you're just gonna love. Loads of first appearances for sure in this one. Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like it when I'm angry. Let's get your rage on by clicking the link above and digging through some of the most important Hulk comic issues to pick up.
Tales to Astonish Key Comics List

This key issues list and series deals solely with the actual title. There will be key issues of all sorts and quite a few characters were introduced within this titled comic series. It's only a two-parter, but it's a damn good one, especially since some first appearances for some of the characters introduced in Tales to Astonish have already or will be hitting the silver screen soon. If you love keys and first appearance comics, this list will make you wanna break out those want lists. Another On the Hunt list to help you in your comic collecting adventures.
Tales of Suspense Key Issues

This key issue comics list only pertains to this specific title, and the key issues within it. There are quite a few in this three-part series, so don't worry about that. Plenty of good stuff here in this classic Marvel Comics title. I promise you'll enjoy it and there be some comics you didn't even know about before, as well as first appearances you'll probably want to gun down. I'm pretty sure there will be some nice surprises, especially if you already own some of them. Another great key issues list brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Total Comic Mayhem. Enjoy!
Avengers Key Issues

Here we are with Earth's Mightiest Heroes the Avengers, and it's time we dug into some of their best key issue comics. Not just and only that however, there will be some over-looked sleepers as well concerning this titled series. With the movie buzz, Avengers comics are on the hot burner for sure, and some of these you don't want to miss before prices get too out of reach. I've already recommended quite a few of these already. This list will detail them and those I've yet to discuss for sure. No doubt it will help you on your hunt. Thanks for reading and enjoy!
The Top Fantastic Four Key Issues of All Time

Welcome to this top key issues list of all time concerning Marvel's first superhero team of the Silver Age - The Fantastic Four. These are just the top keys within the first series titled comic, but it will be the best of the best concerning Reed, Sue, Ben and Johnny. If you're a Fantastic Four fan, you'll want to read this. Even if you're not, you'll still want to see if there's any FF key comics you missed and want to hunt down. Thank you for reading and hope this helps you on your hunt. Just click the title link above to proceed.
Uncanny X-Men Key Issues List

My personal favorite comic characters of all time. I'm a huge X-Men fan, and it's time I did a key issues list detailing everyone's favorite mutant superhero team. This will cover the X-Men important comics from the Silver Age all the way up to the Copper Age and some Moderns as well. If you're a mutie comic fan lover, you'll definitely enjoy this list. Plenty of first appearances and keys for you to check and see if you've got or to hunt down. The movies are putting a lot of these comics on the hot burner already.
Batman Copper Age Key Issues

Alright, I've decided to extend this Batman key issue list with some important copper age issues that are gaining quite a bit of steam in the collecting world. A lot of interest in Copper Age comics are starting to grow in this market, and many of these Batman Copper Age key issues are starting to gain some heat. Though not many, these are the key Copper Age Batman comics to be on the hunt for. Just click that blue title link or image to discover some the very best Batman keys in this comic era.
Batman Bronze Age Comics Key Issues List

Here we are detailing some of the important Bronze Age Batman comics to snag. This is a very short list for now but may be expanded upon. It's also linked to Batman's Silver Age and Copper Age list here on Total Comic Mayhem. It's a very detailed and comprehensive series. You'll surely find some new Batman keys that you didn't know existed. This will include various Batman titles including Detective Comics as well. Just be sure to click the blue title link up top or the image to the left to discover what they are. Thanks for reading and hope all you Dark Knight fans enjoy this.

The List of Silver Age Batman Key Issues To Invest In!
The List of Silver Age Batman Key Issues To Invest In!

Dark Knight fans have I got a treat for you. Expanding on the Batman's list that covered the Golden Age, we are now going to detail Batman key issues during the Silver Age. This list will stretch across various titles and include many of the most important and not so important key comics dealing with Batman within this era. No doubt that you'll learn a lot from the list and there will be quite a few keys you never even knew of. Also, this list will detail quite a few first appearances dealing with Batman's supporting characters and villains.
The Ultimate List of Golden Age Key Batman Issues

Welcome to the 2nd bonafide and detailed character specific key issues list here on Total Comic Mayhem. No doubt that the first character to get spotlighted with a comprehensive key issues list is the Dark Knight himself and DC Comics fan-favorite superhero Batman! Yep, that's right...Bruce Wayne and his adventures will be featured here, and this list will cover various comic titles, supporting characters, and villains of Batman during the Golden Age of comics. There are three parts to this so far. A lot of these keys are already valuable even in low grades, but who knows? Maybe there will be a few to snag within your budget. Click the title link to start this Batman Golden Age key issues adventure.
Valuable Bronze Age Comic Books - Key Issues To GET NOW!

Interested in comic investing? Want to know which comics to get now and right now! No doubt that the Bronze Age of comics is heating up and heating up fast. With the current hype of comic book movies, this once over-looked era is now starting to gain collector attention. This list will feature some of the comics that you should definitely get now before they sky rocket in value. Some of these are already sure fire bets and have had a good track record of going up in value.
The Comic Collector's Important List Of Spider Man Comics

Welcome to the very first character specific key issues list here on Total Comic Mayhem. It should be absolutely no surprise that our first comic book hero to feature in one of these key comics spotlight is none other than the hugely popular Webslinger himself - Spider Man. Probably one of the most iconic and beloved Marvel Comics superhero out there, this list will detail plenty of first appearances for his villains and supporting characters. Amazing Spider-Man keys are definitely awesome comic investments for sure, so here we are with this amazing key comics list starring your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!


  1. Fight club 2 comics. Movie being filmed with original cast and possible TV series. Getting my 9.8 signed by David Mack for $400+. Never seen a comic rise so fast. Be in the front row when it comes out next year. Hope it helps some people. I think it's already in second print. Lots still around but not for long. I just need one to be part of history. Walking dead , still cannot get a 9.8 for a reasonable price. Love that show.

  2. Another two. ASM 700 ...end of Peter....and Spider-Man 1 gold, silver.....any one you can get your hands on. I got a Chromium 9.4 for $2000.00 it will be worth it. 1st Spidey of 21st Century.

  3. Avengers vs infinity recall. Got mine graded 9.6 for $200. Get yours before there all gone. The new one will be out November 25. Movie coming 2018. See a limited run, and only to see this comic rise.
    Hope you can find one.

  4. If I was to pay $20,000 for either a walking dead 1 or Final fantasy 15 for same price, it would be easy. Of coarse Spidey. 20 years that comic will only go up in value. Movie, especially big ones, comics stay as being part of history, almost like a great movie poster.

  5. No Mention of the Black Widow:The Coldest War Graphic Novel on your Black Widow list.

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    could you make a list of key issues for Spider Woman.
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