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Looking for key issue comic books? Be sure to bookmark this page then! Total Comic Mayhem issues key comic alerts for certain key issue comics and where comic collectors can find and buy them. 

(Note that Total Comic Mayhem has no control over any actual transactions and is not liable. All responsibilities remain between the buyer and seller for any transaction.)

Below is a list from most recent to past alerts!

KEY ISSUE ALERT: Delilah and the Turkish Leiutenant

KEY ISSUE ALERT: Delilah and the Turkish Leiutenant
Recent news is that Disney has bought the movie rights to bring the comic character Delilah to the big screen. Whether production ends up progressing or not, it's a move to feature more female empowerment leads in movies which is a good thing. This graphic novel has been reviewed as a fun, light-hearted adventure, but the film is based off a comic. Find out more by clicking the title link or the cover image.


KEY ISSUE ALERT: Raphael #1 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
For those of you who don't know about this issue, you might want to since it pertains to a certain sequel involving the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. So if you're on the hunt for Teenage Mutant Ninja key issues, this is one, and if you already don't know why that is, all you gotta do is click the blue title link above or the image to the left to discover the importance of this comic issue published by Mirage Studios. Enjoy and thanks for reading. 

KEY ISSUE ALERT: Sgt Fury & His Howling Commandos #8
Oh, why, oh, why is this issue important? What's the key issue importance of Sgt. Fury & His Howling Commandos #8? Well, it's time to find out, and there's actually a really good topic to be discussed concerning this key issue. Click the blue title link to discover the debate and be sure to weigh in on what you think. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy reading this one as much as I enjoyed writing it.  

KEY ISSUE ALERT: Avengers #11
We've got good news for Spider-Man concerning the movies and it seems this key issue Avengers comic just may see some heat in the market. Right now, certain grades are being over-looked and I've located some in this Key Issue Alert. Of course, if you're not sure why I think this key issue will heat up soon, just click the blue title link or the comic image to read all about why this Avengers comic may be a good one to keep a close eye on. Good luck on your hunt! 

KEY ISSUE ALERT: Ms. Marvel #2 1977
Other than being the 2nd issue to this very first titled Ms. Marvel comic series, there are also other important factors that are making this key issue steam up in the market currently.

I've located a few copies of this issue and explain why this particular comic is steaming up in the market. Perhaps you already know why, but click the title link or the image to find out if you're right about this one. 

KEY ISSUE ALERT: Marvel Team Up #95
Marvel Team Up #95? What the...? Yep, this comic was pretty much a Bronze Age sleeper key issue before, but it seems this comic just may steam up pretty quickly in the coming months. Thanks to San Diego Comic Con and the Marvel panel there, news of a certain character just may debut on the small screen. Find out why this issue just may steam up as well as some places to locate this Bronze Age key issue. Just click the title link or image to read more about this key issue comic.


House of Mystery Halloween Annual #1 Volume 2
Oh, why, why, why is the key issue an important one to really consider getting super soon? Also, where can you find copies of this odd ball issue? You will have to click the title link or image to discover why this book is extremely hot at the moment. You won't be disappointed for sure. I promise. Time's a wasting so click the link to read this already. You just may regret it don't do it sooner rather than later.

KEY ISSUE ALERT: Detective Comics #140 CGC 6.0
No doubt that this is a highly sought out golden age Batman key issue that every comic fan would love to have. The first appearance of the Riddler is a pure investment comic, and the character definitely needs no introduction. Find out where two copies of Detective Comics #140 has been located and where you can add this legendary comic book to your vault. No doubt this would be a prized possession in anyone's comic book collection. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy this one! See ya there.

KEY ISSUE ALERT: Ms. Marvel #1
Why has this key issue comic graced the Key Issue Alert section here? Important news concerning the character of Ms. Marvel in the world of Marvel cinema of course. I'm pretty sure why you can guess this bronze age key comic is being recommended on Total Comic Mayhem. However, I've located copies of this issue that's primed to blast off in the stratosphere of crazy demand, so be sure to click the link above and read all about it. Oh, yes, and enjoy! Thanks for reading.

KEY ISSUE ALERT: Marvel Super-Heroes #13!
This is a double whammy here on two levels. It has the first appearance of an important character that may make her way into the next Avengers sequel. Also, it's the second appearance of a comic character as well. Click the link and you'll find out why this key comic issue is an important one to snag soon, and why it will soon be in hot demand. I promise it'll be good reading and you'll want to know what this silver age key issue has in store for your comic investing future.

KEY ISSUE ALERT: X-Men #4 CGC 5.0 Located! First Appearance Quicksilver!

X-Men #4 is a hot silver age key issue comic now with the announcement that Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch will be in the Avengers sequel: Avengers Age of Ultron! I've located a nice CGC 5.0 copy of this issue, so you know what to do. Click the title link or the image to read this post to find out where you can grab this silver age goodie. Also, find out even more reasons to snag X-Men #4 as soon as you can!

KEY ISSUE ALERT: Fantastic Four #66 Located!

A few copies of this silver age key issue from the Fantastic Four comics has been located and just waiting to be added to your collection. So far, this silver age key is a sleeper book with only mild demand, but that won't last long. Find out why this comic is primed to be a great investment comic in the near, near future, as well as where you can grab copies of Fantastic Four #66. See ya inside soon!

KEY ISSUE ALERT: Thor #165 1st Appearance of Adam Warlock!

Thor #165 comic cover
Yet another highly important key issue, this Thor comic debuts the first full appearance of Adam Warlock, which has a strange and quite confusing origin. Be sure to click the link or image to learn why this Marvel key issue is getting closer and closer to getting on the hot burner and having a nice spike in demand. Also, you learn the other key issues that are directly linked to this comic issue and the cosmic character of Adam Warlock. 

Marvel Spotlight 2 First Appearance of Werewolf By Night!

The first appearance of Werewolf By Night in Marvel Spotlight #2 has been found and located at quite a few places. Click the link to read more about where you can find this bronze age key issue comic. You'll also discover exactly why I'm suggesting this sleeper key issue comic, and just why you should consider snaggin' it before its value explodes.

Key Issue Alert - Strange Tales #110 1st Appearance of Dr. Strange! 

A Dr. Strange movie has been talked about for quite a while now, but now it seems that Disney and Marvel are progressing ahead. This first appearance of Dr. Strange is now an extremely hot key issue to consider getting now. Demand has spiked and values are climbing. Read this key issue alert to find out some of the great place where you can snag this silver age key issue and very first appearance of Dr. Strange before more news of the movie makes this comic's demand go even crazier!

Key Issue Alert: Conan The Barbarian (1970) #1 Located!

It's about time I gave more precedent over this bronze age key issue comic and just why any comic collecting fool should be gunning for this issue. Well, this bronze age comic and often over-looked key issue comic has been located. Be sure to click the link to learn where you can get an amazing deal on this #1 key issue Conan The Barbarian comic book and why this bronze age beauty will be getting a nice high demand push really soon!

KEY ISSUE ALERT - Amazing Spider-Man #101 Located!

An often over-looked and under-rated bronze age key issue to own. Amazing Spider-Man #101 marks the very first appearance of Morbius The Living Vampire. Total Comic Mayhem has located this issue at several places in all sorts of grades. Visit the title link above or click on the comic image to the left to discover some places where you can find this key issue Spider-Man comic!


Key Issue Art! Fantastic Four #1 For Sale!

One of the holy grails of Marvel key issue comics to invest in and own. Not an easy find, but this comic's demand will be pushed into high gear once again.

Find out why and where Total Comic Mayhem has located a Fantastic Four #1 for sale!

Key Issue Alert - DC Comics Justice League of America #1

Even though DC/Warner has confirmed that a Justice League movie is slated for a summer 2015 release, this historic key issue should be on every serious comic investing collector's want list!

Why? Just because! Just kidding! Discover why and where you can get this comic! 

Buy Green Lantern #1 - Key Issue Comic Book Alert! 

That's right! Green Lantern #1 Vol 2 has been spotted and is ready to be snagged by some lucky comic collector!

This is the first comic to kick off Hal Jordan, the silver age Green Lantern, in his own comic book series. 

Marvel First Appearances - First Appearance of Vision!

This book is in high demand, as many fans are speculating that The Vision will make his way to screen soon enough. It may or may not be in Avengers 2, but can be in The Avengers 3. Either way, find out where you can snag a copy before the value keeps going up!


  1. Hello mayhem; its oraldo I have question? On ebay I saw a seller selling his copy of superman vol.2 1 cgc 9.9 copy $400.I know it has modern metallo, but that's a lot for a copper age comic.

    1. Maybe true, but we are talking about 9.9s here. Quite rare even for Copper Age comics.

  2. Fight club 2. Great comic, and movie started filming, and soon TV series. Buying a signed 9.8 copy for $400+ . Fastest comic to rise in price. Guess because of FF 1 . Greatest movie of 20th century.

  3. You meant FC 1 [ fight club 1] ? Agreed!

  4. Thanks a lot for making this list. I am a new collector and knownign the keys is tough. I appreciate your hard work

  5. Sir what's the chances of doing a current up to date list of long term investments on all comics to include modern and bronze comics?

  6. What's the chances of making a up to date list on long term investments on all comic ages from now to silver? I'd greatly appreciate it if so as I am a new collector but limited on what I can spend atm, and don't have much to spend either. Thanks for your site it's so full of useful information.

  7. Could you make a list of long term investment comics under 100? Or comics you will think be good long term investments for 100 or lower?

  8. What's your take on Comico Primer 2, first appearance of Grendal? No one ever seems to talk about this book , but it's very rare and Grendal is an underrated character in my mind...

    1. 1st Grendal I've mentioned on here before, said it was under-valued and was challenged on that. I still think it's an over-looked and under-valued book.

  9. This is cool site I would like to see something on current comics if possible

  10. I would love to see this site cover current comic issues

  11. Hey Mayhem. How about doing a on the hunt section on the infinity stones and order of appearance and values of each comic they appear in. Not sure if you did that already but it would be cool. Thanks

  12. Hi Mayhem, I'm thinking of getting Shazam #1 the first appearance of Shazam since golden age at $150 9.4cgc. Is it a steal? Thanks

  13. Hi mayhem, im thinking of getting shazam #1 the first appearance of captain marvel since the golden age for $150 at 9.4cgc. Is it a steal?