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Welcome to the Spotlight section of Total Comic Mayhem, where I'll put a wide array of comic artists, writers, inkers, publishers, cosplayers, comic shops, fans, and whomever I feel like raving about center stage. So, comic fans, check out the articles below and enjoy. 

A Bit More About Marvel's Darkhold Book of Sins!
With Agents of Shield introducing Ghost Rider and the Darkhold, a lot of excitement and speculation has been running rampant about this Book of Sins. What exactly is the Darkhold and it's history in Marvel Comics? This article gives a little more insight to this mysterious book, its history, and how it connects various sword and sorcery and horror characters in the Marvel Universe. 

Girls Bullied For Liking Star Wars & Superheroes!
Two girls are bullied by their school peers for liking superheroes and Star Wars. This is their tale and how one mom and group of Star Wars fans reached out to lend support to these two. 

Happy 40th To Iron Fist Danny Rand
Wow, it's been 40 years since this character debuted in the pages of comics! Guess it's time to drop a little science on the character of Iron Fist and to discover why this character is finally heading for the big time! 

Happy 40th Birthday To The Punisher!
That's right! It's The Punisher's 40th birthday this February or 2014. Learn some great Punisher facts as well as the key issue comics surrounding his origin. If you're a Punisher fan, you don't want to miss this post! Just click the title link or image to read. Enjoy and please share on facebook or twitter.  

The Legacy of Comic Artist Carmine Infantino! 

 If there was anyone to spotlight in the comic industry, it has to be artist and editor Carmine Infantino. There is no doubt that the influential impact he has made on the comic book industry has created some of the most landmark characters and issues that helped to shape the history of comics forever as we know it today. This article puts the spotlight on the many contributions he has made throughout the years as well as celebrates his immortal legacy. 

Breaking Hearts And Busting Heads! The Bay Area's Own The Birds of Prey Cosplay Team 

Total Comic Mayhem is extremely proud to feature the amazing cosplay team from The Bay Area - The Birds of Prey! I was extremely honored in getting to meet with two members of the team to talk about their craft. Click the link to read more about these extraordinary cosplayers.

Putting The Super in Cosplay - The One & Only Victoria Schmidt aka Scruffy Rebel

There are a lot of superb cosplayers out there, but I'm honored to have Victoria Schmidt be the first featured costumer and cosplay babe here on Total Comic Mayhem! Read more about this amazing cosplay heroine and some of the spectacular costumes and characters she's recreated.

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