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Tales from the Comic Vault. Here is a list of posts detailing the comics I've hunted down for my own comic collection. Some are new additions and others I've had in my secret vault for some time. 

Feel free to click on the links and read why I got them and where I hunted them down at. There's also some fun filled facts about each particular comic as well. Enjoy!

Superboy #68 CGC 5.0

Definitely a key issue that Gerry has been gunning for quite a while now. Finally, he pulled the trigger and got this Superboy #68 CGC 5.0 Silver age key comic. Why this issue and why has it been on his want list for so darn long? Well, you'll just have to click on the blue title link or image there to find out why. Once again, another great snag for Gerry D., and a good read. Thanks for writing this up and him and I surely hope you enjoy another Tale from the Vault.
X-Men #5 CGC 6.5

Another snag by Gerry D., and he's willing to share why and how this key issue X-Men #5 came to be yet another addition to his vault. Personally one of my favorite comic book super-hero teams ever. Thanks to Gerry for generously spending the time to write this one up. Just click the title link or image to read this bad boy! Hope you enjoy.
Batman #155 CGC 5.5

Gerry D. shares some more comics from his vault and here is just one of them in this 3 part Vault series he generously whipped up for our entertainment. Just click the title link or the image to find out all about where and how Gerry snagged this Silver Age Batman goodie.
Amazing Spider-Man #50 CBCS 7.0

Gerry D. shares one of his more recent snags and vault additions. This one is pretty obvious of why he got it, but when he got it is a lot more interesting. Click the blue title link or image to discover how Gerry scored this awesome copy of Amazing Spider-Man #50. Another tale from the vault worth reading about. Enjoy!
Aquaman #18 CGC 8.5 VF+

Haven't done of these in a while and think it's well past overdue. So here's another snag added to my vault early this year. As usual, you'll discover how I happened upon this one and why I decided to snag it. Just click the blue title link to find out the why, how, and where, or you can click on the image and get the same result. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy!
Green Lantern #9 CGC 7.5

Another snag and another adventure. Getting this 2nd appearance of Sinestro was not any easy snag and probably the most difficult comic I've dealt with by far. So why and how did I get this bad boy and for how much and why was this comic such a pain in the ass? Well, you can click the blue title link above or the comic image to read all about this latest Vault adventure. Enjoy and thanks for reading.
Showcase #24 CGC 5.5 FN Minus

Another On the Hunt adventure fulfilled and my very first purchase of 2015! Find out the story of this Showcase #24 CGC 5.5 and how and why I got this slabbed early Silver Age key issue at this grade. Just another addition to my Vault and could be a fun yet informative read for ya. Anyways, I do hope you enjoy and thanks for reading. Just click that blue title link above or the image of the comic to read all about it.
Showcase #23 CGC 4.5

Another addition to the Vault, and this one is a hairy tale of how I ended up with it. Once again, I'll explain exactly why and how I got this bad boy, and it will be much different than the other vault posts. I got this by accident and was not intended, but I do promise that this one is a good story. So to learn more about this snag, just click the blue title link or image to the left to read all about. Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading.
Amazing Spider-Man #135 CBCS 9.4

We've got another snag by Mister Gerry D and his adventure in why and how he got this high grade Amazing Spider-Man #135 key issue comic. To learn more just click the title link or the image to the left to discover the story behind this Spider-Man key issue that's made its way into his vault. Enjoy and thanks for reading.

Here's the third part to my stacking attempt with eBay Buck's promotional 10% rewards back and on a limited budget. Decisions, decisions! So I already bought Fantastic Four #44 and #52, why on Earth did I choose this one? Well, it's all revealed in this finale. All you gotta do is click the blue title link or image to the left to discover why this new key issue was recently added to my vault. Thanks for reading and enjoy!
Fantastic Four #44 CGC 9.4 Near Mint

Here's the 2nd part to the 3 part series to my stacking effort with eBay Bucks. The first comic I got was Fantastic Four #52, and this time around I chose Fantastic Four #44. Reason why I got this particular key issue? You may already know why if you're a long time reader of this site. Still, there are reasons besides the obvious, so just click that blue title link above or the image to the left to find out more! Thanks and hope you enjoy.

This most recent addition to my vault is actually part of a three part series. It gets a bit hairy as to the over all strategy of why I got this comic. There is a strategy though, I promise, and why I got the first appearance of Black Panther only in mid-grade. Discover why by clicking the blue title link or image to the left. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy!
Daredevil #168 CGC 9.4 First Elektra!

Alright, here's a pretty recent addition to my vault, though not the most recent. Actually, there's a pretty good story behind the reason why I snagged this issue and I promise you'll enjoy it for sure. No, no movie demand or TV hype fueled snagging this Daredevil #168 at this particular CGC 9.4 grade. And the obvious reason of this key issue being the first appearance of Elektra has very little to do with it as well. Just click the link or the image to discover how much and why this was snagged.
Fantastic Four #48 CGC 3.0

Another addition to my vault, and this time it's the first appearance of two pretty popular characters in the Fantastic Four and Marvel Universe. Although this sucker came back from CGC a super low grade, this one goes in my Vault and I explain exactly why. Discover where, when, and how much I got this Silver Age key issue for. Hope you enjoy and hope this helps you in your own comic collecting adventures.
The Mighty Thor #165 CGC 8.0 VF

Another addition to my vault from the latest batch of submissions returned from CGC that I used my four free Standard service coupon that came with Collector's Society Premium Membership. Here's the story of why I got this particular comic, when, how, and why this one was good enough to add to my vault.
Marvel Premiere #15 CGC 9.0 VF/NM

From the latest batch of CGC submissions, here's the Marvel Premiere #15, first appearance of Iron Fist, I snagged a while back. Although only a 9.0 VF/NM, this comic still made the Vault. Find out why this is, where I got it and why I snagged this key issue comic in the first place. This is from the first batch of comics I used the four free coupons that comes with CGC's Premium Membership! Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy.
The New Mutants #98 CGC 9.4

Back from CGC, this comic is the only one out of three to make it to my vault. In this blog post, I talk about where I got this from and how much and also why this Copper Age comic investment is worthy enough to make it into my vault, even if it's only a 9.4. Enjoy and thanks for reading. Hope this helps you in your own hunt for investment comics.

Crisis On Infinite Earths #1 CGC 9.8

Incredible Hulk #181 was not my very first purchase of 2014. It was actually this Copper Age key issue, Crisis on Infinite Earths #1. I explain some facts about this key issue and why it's an important DC Comics Copper Age comic. I also reveal the story behind why I got this comic and the strategy I used to get it. Thanks for reading and checking out The Vault! Enjoy.
Amazing Spider-Man #162 CGC 9.6

The newest edition to my comic vault. This comic I just recently snagged largely due to the Incredible Hulk #181 I got not too long ago. So why did I decide to get this Amazing Spider-Man key issue comc? You'll discover why, how, and where I got this key issue bronze age Amazing Spider-Man #162 at CGC 9.6 by clicking the blue title link or image. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy.
Incredible Hulk #181 CGC 8.0

It's about time. I've had my eye on this bronze age key issue for a long, long time. I finally snagged it. Why did I choose to get it now, and why did I choose to get it off eBay? Why CGC instead of unslabbed? Well, I explain it all in this post. This is my latest addition to my vault for the year 2014! Enjoy and thanks for reading!
Marvel Star Wars #1 CGC 9.4 Near Mint

Not my latest snag and one that I got over the summer of 2013, but I've decided to take this out my vault and share. This bronze age key issue for the very 1st Star Wars comic series was a must-have for my collection, and you probably know the reason why. I'm surprised it took me that long to snag it. However, I've added some interesting facts about this particular comic and it's series. It will be a good read. I promise.
Amazing Spider-Man #129 CGC 8.0 VF

My latest and newest comic investment snag. Finally, the first appearance of the Punisher at a VF CGC grade is finally in my vault. Read about where I got it, for how much, and why this year was extremely important in nabbing this major Marvel first appearance and bronze age key issue. Hope you enjoy!

Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #8 CGC 9.6

Okay, so this isn't from my vault nor is it my comic. It's actually my friend Gerry's, who submitted this comic the very same day I did at the Big Wow Comic Fest. This is his very first guest blog post on Total Comic Mayhem, and his very first experience submitting to CGC.

Amazing Spider-Man #15 CGC 4.5

Another fine silver age Amazing Spider-Man CGC copy that I've pulled from my vault to share with you, as well as the back story to exactly why I snagged this particular key issue. Well, here it is - Amazing Spider-Man #15. Just click the link or the image to read this. Hope you enjoy and be sure to share if you do! Thanks for reading!

The second of my treasures to come back from CGC recently. Click the link to discover the story behind how I got this silver age key issue Spider-Man comic and why! Thanks for reading and enjoy!

One of the holy grail X-Men key issues to own, as well as one of the top Marvel bronze age key issues to have in your collection, this is one of the most treasured comics from my X-Men collection. It has an interesting story as well. Enjoy!

Amazing Spider-Man #8 CGC Graded 6.0 FINE 

The first Amazing Spider-Man treasured piece from my collection to come out of the vault. Click the link or the image to read more about this one and hope you enjoy!

Uncanny X-Men 121 9.4 CGC Signature Series!

The very first of my prized comics from the comic vault that I'm proud to share with you all. Yes, it's a bronze age key issue. Yes, it's a CGC graded Signature Series. Who's important John Handock graces the cover of this X-Men issue and why is it such a beloved prized comic from my collection? You'll just have to click the link or image and read on. 

Wolverine Limited Series 1-4 CGC Graded 9.6

No surprise this series would be the next I'd share from the vault. Gorgeous comics of one the most beloved Wolverine series in comics. If you're a fan of Wolverine or like gorgeous, high grade comics, visit the link and geek out with me.


  1. Hello TMC; I like to share on my first purchase 2015 new avengers 1 CGC 9.8 spider man variant. Let's see if spider man appears in the marvel movies It should be next hot book.

    1. Cool, I've got a few copies of New Avengers #1 I need to dump and have no problem dumping if that ends up becoming true with Spidey in the Marvel and Disney movies, but what if it doesn't pan out and no deal is made?

  2. Hello Mayhem,

    Just wanted to share my latest additions to the vault...

    - Teen Titans #2 9.6
    - Teen Titans #44 9.6
    - New Mutants #98 9.6
    - ASM #300 9.6

    Awesome site!


    1. Heya Abriel, very cool snags and congrats on those!

  3. Hey, my man tcm, I've been reading and commenting on your site for years now. I just wanted to let you know that I've been a long time collector but not a long time investor. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your comic wisdom and giving us all FREE investing insight. Since I've been reading your blog and heeding your words my "investment" collection has grown tremendously. I can't tell you how many MONSTER keys I've found at yard sales, flea markets, and junk shops because i knew from your sight what to look for.(nm #98, harbinger #1, captain 3-D #1, batman #200,) are just a couple out of the dozens upon dozens I've found.

    I love this hobby and i love reading your sight!! I can't thank you enough!

    1. Wow, this comment was kinda buried on my dashboard. Always good to hear from ya Wayne, and I'm glad this site is still helpful to you guys n gals out there. As long as you guys keep benefiting and reading this beast, I'll try my best to give out info that can help in the comic collecting or comic investing adventure.

      Hope all is well with you and yours on the other side of this land of ours. Rock On!

  4. Wow your Vault is looking really nice bro! I just got back a batch from CGC that has really opened my eyes that I need to go back to grading school lol. out of the 11 books I sent in only one was I right on Tales of Suspense #52 4.0 all the rest I was either way over or way under, I'm talking 1.5 grades. The worst was Incredible Hulk #180 I had it at 8.0 it came back 6.5 and Journey into mystery #62 (Hulk Prototype) I had it at 4.0 it came back 5.5 so I'm way off. Have you ever had this happen?

    1. Hi J Shah...have I had it happen? Plenty of times. ASM #300 I bought at VF/NM came back a 6.5 from CGC. G.I. Real American Hero #1 I bought supposedly at 9.4...came back an 8.0.

      Werewolf by Night #32 I bought at VG/FN price...came back a 7.0 from CGC (I thought the most it would be is a FN). Justice League of America #2 I thought would be a VG+ the most, it came back a 5.0 (pretty close). Incredible Hulk #2 I nailed with 1.8 and thought it would be around there (however, it came back restored). X-Men #5 I called around a 4.0 and came back the same grade.

      So, yeah, it's hit or miss with me also. I think it always will be for the most part. I tend to under-grade copies nowadays when I'm checking them out.

  5. hey TCM love the vault section and I think all of your followers have there own vault. I don't know how to do it but it be cool if everyone could post there top 5 in there comic vault to see what everyone has and what they like to collect. just a thought later JW

  6. another thing do you have an email I don't have facebook or anything like that in case I want some 2nd person advice and opinions JW

    1. Heya JW, my email is in the Contact section of this site, but it's

      I don't do the 2nd opinion advise anymore. I was seriously getting swamped with a ton of emails about that and spent hours replying back. I had to put the kabosh on that, because it really took me away from the site, and it usually seemed that most people ended up doing what they wanted to do in the end anyway despite my opinion.

      Seriously though, send me an email since I'm still planning to one day hit up heroes.con, and I plan on filming.