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Comic Investing Tips

Here are helpful articles with tips and advice on the concepts of comic investing and investing in comic books. Just click the links to read these articles.

Secret Avengers #23 1st Agent Venom Debunked!

The first full article of it's kind. I know I've questioned a few 1st appearances on Total Comic Mayhem before, but never have I done an entire article for it. Not really my thing or something I really feel the need to waste my time on. Hey, this comic market is crazy with all sorts of crazy boasts. Anyway, Secret Avengers #23 gets debunked as the 1st Agent Venom. Never could this notation be any more wrong, and you'll need to click the title link or image to read why this comic gets debunked!

CGC Comics Pressed: Good and Bad Results

For those of you interested in pressing and possibly adding more value to your comics, Ed did a great video that explains his experience with the process. He shows you what he looks for and even details some mistakes he made. I add further information on what to look for concerning values and whether an increase in value is worth the cost of pressing and regrading. Enjoy! Press or Not to Press? That is the Question...

Once again, Gerry D. guest blogs this post and talks a bit about comic pressing. He also talks about his experience with a comic pressing company. Very good read that you don't want to miss if you're serious about comic investing. Just click the blue title link or image. 

Non 1st Appearance Origin Key Comics

Aside from 1st appearances, there are a few character's that have their 1st origin stories outside their debut issue. Are they good comic investments or comics to invest in? In this series, we take a look at these origin key comics to discover how they've performed in the past and whether they are or aren't. We'll also catch some sleeper comics as well, so click the link or the image and enjoy! Lot's of information in this series.

Comic Collectors Tools Pt. 4 D. reviews more comic collecting sites and software to greatly help you in your comic collecting adventures. Find out and discover how these sites can help you in your hunt, or to better organize your comic book collection. Just click the title link or the image to read up on the goodness.

The Rising Trend of New Teen Titans #2
This is a contribution post made by Mr. Travis O. Find out what's going on with New Teen Titans #2 and why the first appearance just may be the next Bronze Age key issue to get your hands on and how it's movin' on up! Travis details it all in this revealing article about the present and future of Deathstroke's first appearance in New Teen Titans #2. Just click the title link for the comic goodness. 

The Comic Investing X Factor
So what is the x factor in determining whether to get one comic investment over another if both are priced near the same. In this article, I discuss the process of factors I take into account in deciding what comic to get over another if ever faced by this decision. This article was a suggestion, and involves two different comics at two different grades, but the assumed price is near each other. Just click the title link or image to discover how I figure out the x factor in comic investing.

Comic Investing and The Speculator Market
Watch out! This article reveals the truth and nothing but the truth when it comes to the Speculator market in the world of comic investing and the back issues market. 

In it you'll find two comics that are being falsely perceived as rare and the result are comic speculators driving up these comics to ridiculous degrees. Read all about it by clicking the blue title link or the image to the left to reveal what's going on. You'll be glad you did. Promise. 

The Low Grade Comic Investment Trend!
Due to a request, I'm gonna tackle this new trend and growth of buying up low grade Silver Age comics. Actually, it's not entirely new, but a lot of Silver Age lower grade comics are being sought after and bought up in the market. I was asked my opinion on this, so in this article, that's exactly what you'll get. Here's why I think it's happening and I'll lay out some positives and negatives about this particular strategy of comic investing. Just click the blue title link or image to read about what's going on. Thanks and hope you do enjoy!

Short Term and Long Term Comic Investing
More info about comic investing. This time the subject deals with short-term and long-term comic investing. First, of course, it's necessary to define the differences between the two and I'll also discuss which one I prefer and why. Part 2 to this article will discuss the various demand peaks that are essential to the world of investing in comics and exactly what and when to watch out for these demand peaks in terms of buying and selling short-term and long-term comic book investments.

Researching Comic Investment Values on eBay Part 1!

Whether you're buying or selling, researching comic values on eBay should be a crucial process to get into the habit of. In this article, I show you exactly why it is important as well as one step I learned that could help prevent you from over-paying for a book. Just click the blue link or image to read more.

Comic Investing 101! The Particulars!

I know we all like the fun part to comic investing, which is the best comics to invest in and the strategies and whatnot, but this is often a neglected but highly important subject that every comic investor needs to be aware of for sure. I'm going to outline some things you should be doing when it comes to keeping records of your comic investments and exactly why you should already be doing this. These are the particulars you don't want to miss.

CBCS Site Has Finally Launched!
Another guest post by Gerry D.! Well, it's finally here and the CBCS third party grading company's website has finally launched and is taking submissions. Gerry D reviews the new CBCS site and the ease or functionality of the new site when it comes to submitting comic books. CBCS just may be the only real competition to CGC. Click the blue title link above or image to read more!

Variant Covers As Comic Investments Revisited
Ah, looks like I am going to have to revisit this subject of variant comics as investment comics. I wrote an earlier piece about this topic back in January of 2013. Have I changed my mind about variant comic investing, or am I still the same grouch when it comes to that particular niche? Well, I reveal my thoughts on the subject again and you can find out what they are by clicking the blue title link above or the image to the left. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Examples of Hit or Miss Unslabbed Comic Investing
Well, it seems I got my most recent batch of comics back from CGC, and this is a perfect time to go over what can happen when you're gambling with unslabbed comics. Especially, if you're investing in comics. I detail where, how much, and why these comics are either a hit or miss in this article. You may learn something, so be sure to check it out!

The Comic Investing Market Blow Up!
What in the world is going on with the comic investing market lately? Huge inflated comic prices? Hard to find key issues in CGC high grades? Why are good comics hard to find for investments lately? If you're asking these questions are groaning about them, you'll want to read this article to find out why the comic investing market is blowing up in a big bad way. WARNING: You may not like the answer you're going to get.

How to Research Possible Comic Investments
Not really anything magical about it, but if you're looking to get a drop on comic book movie resources, how to find information about certain comic characters or comic issues, then you'll want to read this article for sure. You may already be doing all this. I surely hope so, but if you aren't, you may want to think about starting if you're serious about investing in comics. Just click the image or the title link to begin your journey. 

The Truth About Rarity in Copper and Modern Age Comic Investing!
A lot of Copper Age and Modern Age key issue comics are heating up in the market place right for sure, but there's a lot to be wary about concerning these rising comics as investments. This article once again repeats what I've thought about Copper Age and Modern Age comics, and gives insights what to consider if you are or are thinking about investing in Copper Age and Modern Age key issue comic investments. You don't want to miss this one. 

Investing In Comics Buying Methods and Strategies Part 1
Are you interested in some buying strategies or comic investing methods to help you get comics cheaper or create instant return for your comic investments? If so, then you're gonna wanna read this series. Each part I will reveal a different tactic that I personally use when buying and investing in comics to get them cheaper, or to add even more value to my comics. You may be using these strategies already, or you may not. Click the title link or image to find out and enjoy! Thanks for reading. 

My Personal Philosophy On Comic Investing
I haven't been too clear on my actual personal philosophy or strategy for comic investing, so here's my first attempt to touch upon the subject. If it's too confusing, I apologize and suggest you read the other comic investing tips I have on here before you dive into this one. It will help to know some of the basics before reading this beast. As always, thanks again for reading and hope you enjoy!

Comic Investing Factors For Investing In Comics
When you plan to invest in any kind of investment, there are factors you should well be aware of. It's absolutely no different in terms of investing in comics. Here are some factors that one should keep in mind to hone or craft the best strategy that works for them and their situation or goal in terms of comic investing. If you're serious about investment comics, you don't want to miss this informative article. 

Are CGC Signature Series Worth Investing In?
Are those CGC Signature Series Comics worth investing? In this comic investing article, I tackle the subject of CGC SS comics and how they stack up in the market place against their Universal graded counterparts. I also discuss the appealing aspect of getting the signatures of your favorite artists, creators, and writers of comic authenticated by CGC, and how to do so. If you're interested about CGC graded comics or signed comics, you don't want to miss this one! Just click the link or the image to read and discover more. Thanks for reading.

Color of Pages Concerning Graded Comics
Off-White, Cream, White Pages? In terms of page color for graded comics are they worth being wary about, or is it just a preference that some comic investing fans have? In this article I tackle the subject of page color concerning graded comics and if they do really have an impact on the value of graded comics out there in the market place. And, of course, I'll back up my findings with actual facts. If you're a CGC comic fan, you don't want to miss this article! Just click the blue title link or the image to read. 

My Thoughts on The CGC Qualifed Label
Before, there was the Modern CGC label. They got rid of that, thank God! Now, there's this Qualified green label. What's this label all about? Well, I discuss exactly what I think about the Qualified label in this article. You may or may not agree with my stance, but I do have some points to think about. Are CGC Qualified comics a good idea to have in mind when it comes to comics to invest in, or should you stay far, far away from them. Find out my answer to those questions by clicking the title link or the image.

CGC Comics versus Unslabbed Comics
Some love CGC comics and some just hate them and prefer unslabbed comics. However, I'm often confused as to why some just don't like CGC comics especially when they are truly investing in comics. In this article I take on the controversial debate with the whole CGC Comics versus Unslabbed Comics from the comic investing side. Be sure to read this article to find out exactly why CGC comics are better investments than unslabbed comics.

Investing In Comic Runs
A lot of comic collectors do it, and I once did it as well. It may sound valuable, but is investing in complete comic runs really a good comic investing strategy. Once again, I uncover some concerns that should be taking into consideration if you have the goal or are in the process of completing a large comic book run. Is investing in comic runs a good strategy? Click the link above to reveal the answer. 

Comic Collectors Tools Pt. 1
Another post by Gerry, and this time he's kicking some knowledge about some of his utmost favorite tools he uses to keep track of his comic book collection as well as prices. This is a good read filled with some helpful tools that may make comic collecting a lot easier for you guys whether you're buying, selling, or keeping tabs on your comic collection. Enjoy and hopefully this will help you all out some. Thanks Gerry for sharing this info. Much appreciated.

The Pros of Comic Investing Over The Stock Market! the stock market is considered a more legitimate  and accepted means of investing compared to comic books, I've written this article to bring to the light the fact that there are some pros to comic investing over the stock market. Also, in my usual custom, this article also talks about how investing in comics is a viable and legit means of investment. You should definitely read this one. I'm quite sure you'll learn some great tid-bits about the differences between comic investing and stock market investing. 

Investing In Comics: Choosing The Grade!
I get asked about what grades should I choose for such and such comic book all the time, so I am writing this post to talk a little bit more about that. However, the main purpose of this article is to discuss comic grade spreads by comic era. Knowing grade spreads and how rare certain grades are for a comic era can help you in determine which grade for a certain comic book key issue just may be a better investment for your collection. Hope this helps you somewhat and enjoy!

What Is Considered A High Grade Comic?
In light of a recent question by a reader, I've decided to better clarify this question in a post. There is an on-going debate about the subject, so here is my two cents on the matter. As usual, just click the title link or image to read more about this article on comic investing tips and what is considered a high grade comic! Thanks for reading and enjoy!

In Response to Reality Check On Overstreet Guide Prices and Comic Values!

Are Overstreet Guide Prices over-inflated? According to some people they are just at. Here's my response to one comic dealer's rant about Overstreet values being over-inflated, and tips to avoid when it comes to selling your investment comics and to exactly who. Don't miss out on this read and enjoy!


Comic Investing Is A Bad Idea? Here's Value Facts! 

Often when someone asks online if comic investing is a good idea, a debate about the topic sparks. And usually you'll find quite a bit of people who swear by their mothers that investing in comics is a bad idea. They'll often offer opinion and very little fact to their claim. I'm here to settle this debate with actual value facts over the decades to why comic investing is not a bad idea and is actually highly profitable!

Where To Buy CGC Comics!

Wondering where to buy CGC comics online or offline? You've come to the right place. Just click the link to read and discover some of my best and favorite places where to buy CGC graded comic books. Enjoy, share, and be sure to bookmark! 


Superior Spider-Man Sketch Variant Cover Sale Hype!

Are variant covers good comic investments. Too many people believe they are! After all, the Superior Spider-Man #1 Quesada sketch variant is already selling for mad dollars only days after it's release on Jan 9th. 

If you want to know the truth about variants and whether or not they truly are good comic investments, you need to click the link and read this article before you ever consider dropping a dime on them. 

Silver Age Comic Investing! Why Silver Age Make Better Comic Book Investments!

Journey Into Mystery #83! Click to read why silver age comic investing make better comic book investments!
Silver age comics are now on the rise in terms of demand, but why is this really? Why are silver age comics still making record breaking sales?

This article details the difference between how those who collected silver age comics then and the frame of mind of comic collectors now. If you're still stuck on investing in modern age comics and haven't diversified to silver age investment comics, you may never get the big pay off!

The Future of Bronze Age Comic Investing! Are Bronze Age Comics In Demand?

Amazing Spider-Man #129! Click to read the article on the future of bronze age comic investing and if bronze age comics are in demand!
What is the future of bronze age comic books as investments? As these books get older will the key issues get harder to find and more valuable?

 An even bigger question to ask is should you be adding bronze age comics to your collection in hopes of adding more value to it? Be sure to click the title link or image to find out the answers to the future of bronze age comics as investment comics, as well as the trends happening now!

Modern Comic Investing - A Good Or Bad Choice?

Vengeance of Bane! Click to read the article on Modern Comic Investing - A Good or Bad Choice?
Do you think the brand new modern age comic you just bought will be valuable someday, even if you keep it in excellent condition? Most out there do believe this.

You may be in for a shock if you know nothing about investing in comics and how the market works. Remember that comic collecting is different than comic investing.

Read this article to find out if modern age comic investing is really a good or bad choice and exactly why they may or may not be.

Are CGC Comics A Good Investment

New Mutants #98 Image. Click to read article Are CGC Comics A Good Investment?
The debate continues! Some love CGC graded comic books while others rather keep their comic investments unslabbed. Which is the better choice, however?

As comics to invest in, you will learn if there are truly benefits to getting your comics CGC graded or investing in CGC graded comics. You'll also discover what the negatives are concerning unslabbed comic books as well.

Where To Buy Comics Online & Where To Buy Comic Books Offline

With the invention of the world wide web, buying comics has been easier than ever before. Now, you're no longer dependent on your local comic shop to find that key issue or comic book back issue you've been dying to read up on or add to your mighty comic collection. Here's a list of some great places to keep in mind when buying comics either online or offline.


Comic Investing: The Myths and The Truths!

Kick Ass Cover! Click to read the article Comic Investing: The Myths and The Truths
 There are way too many misconceptions about comics and their potential value, or even what and why makes a comic go up in value. 

This is comic books as an investment. Not an article about collecting or reading comic books for the pure enjoyment of them.

Read this article to find out some major myths and the truth to why comics are valuable and what makes them valuable. 

Selling Comic Book Back Issues And Selling Comics For Cash Part 1

Knowing where and how to sell your comics is a crucial part of comic investing. After all, if you don't know how to get the best prices for your investments when it comes time to sell them, your effort and time has been wasted. Read this 2 part series on the various ways of selling your comics for cash and some of the best places where you can sell your comics. 

Tips On Comic Investing


If you're wondering about the basics of comic collecting or investing then this article will cover a few tips to keep in mind about the best possible approach that's right for you and your budget. After all, the best way to invest in comics is to have a plan of attack, instead of just sporadically dropping your money blindly. Read more about what I'm talking about by clicking the link or the image.


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