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Below you'll find the latest posts and articles on comic book movie news. Everything from rumors, confirmations, and news concerning our favorite comic book heroes and villains hitting the theaters or small screen.

Frank Miller's Sin City Coming to TV!
Sometimes too much of a good thing is a good thing. Well, that's what it seems like when it comes to the Sin City live action franchise. Frank Miller's Sin City had a hit and critically acclaimed first flick based on the comics. The 2nd flick did pretty poorly over-all, concerning box office and critical reviews. Still, despite the box office and critical bomb, hope, interest and fascination still surrounds this gritty comic take on those old noir films. That's right! Sin City is being considered for prime time and some pretty big names are behind this happening. Be sure to click the link or image to find out more. 

New Mutants! Another Super-Hero Movie Victim to Horror Trend!
Deadpool was supposedly a game changer in the world of comic book movies. Logan definitly is a game changer. Looks like the trend isn't stopping when it comes to movies based on comic books, especially super-hero comics. McFarlane has talked about his beloved Spawn creation taking a horror route for its next film reboot and Mike Mignola's Hellboy reboot recently announced going the same route. Now, the X-Men world will board this strange trend in order to try different things and shake things up. Click the title link or image for more details. 

Hellboy Gets A Rated R Reboot!

Rated R for Ridiculous! Seems like the hard R romp for comic book movies has just seen another comic property board its trendy tracks. That's's Hellboy! To the dismay of fans of the Guillermo del Toro Hellboy franchise, it seems that Hellboy will get a completely fresh reboot that has left out the director and Ron Perlman! If you haven't heard the word, best to click on the title link or the image to find out what the hell is going on with this one and be sure to comment in the comment box about what you think good and proper. See ya there!

Official Netflix Defenders Trailer Has Dropped!

Official Netflix Defenders Trailer Has Dropped!
Well, it seems that Netflix and Marvel is ignoring the bad reviews of Iron Fist and going full steam ahead. The Defenders show is the highly anticipated Netflix and Marvel event. They will essentially be Netflix's Avengers on the small screen. Finally the foursome assemble and a trailer is slapped together to give us fans a little something to talk about. Haven't seen the trailer yet? Just click the blue title link or that image to the left over there to read the article and take a gander. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

More Recent Comic Movie News Round Up April 2017!
 I do have to apologize since I am on a pretty crammed schedule. These are the latest comic book movie and TV news that I was able to dig up in the meantime. I'm sure I missed a few announcements, but these ones here are pretty fresh or recent announcements. Anyway, Dolph Lundgren makes a return to comic-related movies, and find out which character and flick the icon is a part of. Plus there's more so be sure to click the blue link or image to discover them. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy the comic goodness!

Thor Ragnarok Trailer Has Dropped!
Trailers, trailers, trailers! Seems like one for a movie based on a comic book or a comic-related television series is always being released every time I log onto this internet thing. Alright, so we finally get to see what the 3rd installment to the Thor franchise will look like. After viewing the trailer, I'm pretty impressed. We get a lot of first looks here, and I must say that they do look good. Find out all that we see in the new Thor: Ragnarok trailer released just recently! Rock on! 

Joss Whedon in Talks for a Batgirl Flick!
Recently a Nightwing flick has been reported to fan excitement, news of Birds of Prey being in Gotham City Sirens dropped, Black Mask as a potential villain has hit the cyberworld, and now Barbara Gordon as Batgirl in her very own movie? Wow, looks like the DC camp is going full steam ahead even though their Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad got much deserved terrible reviews by both critics and comic fans. Well, as the saying goes, misery loves company. Click to find the scoop on a possible Batgirl movie with Joss Whedon at the helm.

Justice League Trailer Review! Sort of!

Eh, I figured why not! Highly anticipated flick for more than a few reasons. Fans are excited to see this live action feast taken from their beloved comics. However, with DC/Warners bad string of reviews from their two recent big outings like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, some are wondering if even the Justice League save Warner and their comic properties from being dismissed as immature fodder to compete in the comic book movie game. Oh, getting ahead of ourselves here. Click to see the trailer and some highlights from it.

Recent DC Comics Movie & TV News

What's the latest happenings for DC movie and TV news in early 2017? Well, here's just a taste of some recent cinematic news and rumors floating around the cyberverse of comicdom for the DC camp. To read all about it, just click the blue title link above or the image of Ra's al Ghul to the right over there. You can already guess that Ra's is in this post, but where will he appear live-action this time around? Movie or another television show? Click the link or image to discover what's going on and thanks for reading!

Inhumans Casts It's Royal Family & Begins Shooting! Nightwing Announced!
Just when you thought the Inhumans were hopeless and never were going to make it to live-action status, it seems that Inhumans are well on their way to becoming a reality. The Inhumans Royal Family has been cast and they are even beginning to shoot.
If you've been hiding under a rock somewhere and have yet to learn of the cast of this upcoming Marvel TV show, it's time to click the link or image to find out who is playing who. Either way, hope you enjoy this article and get excited 'bout the show. Thanks for reading.

Justice Society of America on Legends of Tomorrow! the casting news prior has had comic fans and Legends fans anticipating the arrival of the JSA in season 2. With the premiere kicking off the season last Thursday, we finally got our peak at this iconic superhero team and how they fit into the world of DC's live action TV realm. Moreso, this article will recap a bit of the team's and its member's comic history and how they relate or don't relate to each other. Just click the blue title link or image and enjoy the comic goodness. Thanks for reading.

Wolverine 3 Called Logan! X-23 Further Hinted At!
Quite a bit of movie news going on and been a busy week. Finally some news for the 3rd Wolverine installment worth writing about. As we all know, Hugh Jackman's last performance will be this one, and I think most of us are a bit saddened by that. So, we finally got a first look at the movie poster which confirms two things. First is the movie title and the second is the movie release date. Click the blue title link to learn more about this anticipated film.

Ben Barnes Role Revealed in the Punisher!
While Ben Barnes was cast in an undisclosed role in the upcoming Punisher Netflix show, a lot of rampant speculations and reports were flying around about him playing the character of Bobby Saint. Is this in fact true or just another wrong rumor? Click the blue title link or image to find out, but it isn't as irrational as you think. Ben Barnes is finally confirmed as...

Kid Flash is Coming to Season 3 Plus More!
As we all knew it would happen and not a matter of if but when, it seems like Season 3 will have Wally West as the Kid Flash or some version of Flash. However, photos on set have leaked that the actor who plays Wally West is indeed suited up in the classic Kid Flash costume. So, click the title link or image to read more about this recent bit of comic TV news. Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading. 

Lena Luthor Set to Appear in Supergirl Season 2!

Lena Luthor Set to Appear in Supergirl Season 2!
Supergirl was not renewed over at CBS, but the word is that this iconic DC Comics character will move over to the CW for season two. Some interesting new additions to the cast has reportedly been added to season two of the show. Find out what may be in the works for Supergirl season two and some brand new characters that will add more spice to the TV series by clicking the title link or image link. 

Flash Comics That Influenced The TV Show!

For a long time, I've been meaning to do a write up about the Flash TV series. It's absolutely one of my favorites out there. I love the cast, the whole cast. The actors seem to have a great dynamic and really gel together. The show, to me, is one of the best comic book TV shows out there. Well, what about the comics that influenced this great show? I talk a bit about them in this special edition as well as the super speedsters that may also debut in the show as well. 

Lobo Movie Finally Gets a Script Writer!
Just when you thought the Lobo movie was dead. Well, it seems that the project finally has a pulse again. That's right! Warner has brought the project back to life and finally hired a writer to pen a possible Lobo movie. Bought damn time, don't ya thing. Click the title link or the image for more details about this most recent of DC and Warner comic book movie news.

X-Men Apocalypse Post Credit Scene
A lot of buzz is currently going around about the Post Credit scene in the new X-Men Apocalypse movie that was just released. There are two major hints and I'm sure by the image you can tell what one of them is. However, there's another hint as well. If you're in a speculating mood, this post also reveals some key issues that may start seeing more heat in the near future. Click the link to read and enjoy!

Black Widow Solo Movie Possible?
The possibility of a Black Widow solo movie has been talked about and teased for quite some time now. Scarlett Johansson has expressed a desire to do one quite a bit ago. However, the subject has sparked up again. Click the link or image to read about who is bringing back this possibility and why it's gaining more steam with Marvel. Thanks for reading.

Robert Downey Jr. Joins Cast of New Spider-Man Movie, that's right! Hot off the newswire is that Robert Downey Jr. has joined the cast of the new Spider-Man reboot: Spider-Man Homecoming. To read more, just click the blue title link or the image to get the full scoop on this latest, exciting, head scratching movie news.

World Premiere of 1st Doctor Strange Trailer
They've been yapping about this movie for a while now, and we finally get our very 1st trailer for the anticipated Doctor Strange movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Tilda Swinton, and Chiwetel Ejiofor. Just freshly released, click the title link above or image to the left to watch it and read what I think about it. Enjoy and many thanks for reading and sharing with your friends and family!  

Cloak & Dagger Green Lit for Live Action!
Some peeps out there are groaning about the onslaught of comic book movies and TV shows being currently pumped out there. Well, here's another one to make those people groan even more. That's right, folks, Cloak & Dagger is coming to live-action TV with their own television show. 

The title says it all true believers. The new Captain America Civil War gives us our first look at the new Spider-Man. You know, the one that Marvel and Sony have a strange working arrangement on. If you've yet to see the trailer, just click the blue title link or the image to go to the post where I geek out on this recent phenomenon.

Mantis Confirmed for Guardians of the Galaxy 2
Director James Gunn drops another tweet bomb for us comic book and movie fans. The character of Mantis has been confirmed to join the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Yep, yep! Click the link above or the image to read on about this recent comic book movie news.

Punisher Spin-Off Series for Netflix?

Rumors, rumors, rumors! How the internet and comic speculators love the rumor mill and throwing out non-confirmed rumblings and leaks out there for comic fans to go nuts over. Well, in light of the rumors of a spin-off Punisher Netflix series, Netflix's Ted Santos has responded to the latest rumblings around the web about that. Click the title link or image to get the juicy details.
 Aquaman May Have Found His Mera!

As anticipation for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and a shared cinematic world for our DC heroes further heats up, rumors are afoot that a certain actress in talks with Warner Bros. about the role of Aquaman's  wife and Queen of Atlantis, Mera. Click the blue title link or image to further read the goodness.
Recent Marvel Movie News
What's the latest Marvel Movie News to have been announced recently? Well, quite a bit of exciting stuff of course. There's even a rumor that's been making the rounds as well. So, if you wanna know, all you gotta do is click the title link above or that fancy little image to find out. 'Nuff said! Good stuff you definitely do not want to miss. Enjoy, comic fans!

Booster Gold & Blue Beetle Coming to the Big Screen

Looks like comic fans have gotten what they wanted concerning Booster Gold & Blue Beetle entering the realm of live action in DC's current cinematic universe. It's just been recently reported that these two characters are in development to appear on the big screen. Find out more about this news if you've yet to read about it.
Bella Donna to Appear in Gambit Movie

The character of Bella Donna is set to be cast in the upcoming Gambit movie, but this this post just isn't about that. If you're not a fan of the character, discover how this character is tied to Gambit in the comics and a little bit of how the Gambit movie might play out. Will be interesting for sure.
Supergirl TV News

More casting news concerning the Supergirl TV show that's soon to air on CBS. Looks like there will be some exciting comic characters that will be brought to the small screen in this TV series. All you gotta do to find out who is click on the blue title link or image. Hope you enjoy the goodness, comic fans.
Luke Cage Netflix News

As Jessica Jones finishes up shooting for her Netflix TV series, casting has been going on concerning Luke Cage. Three more has been cast for Netflix's Luke Cage, and two are villains. One of these villains has been confirmed. Also, a major supporting character for both Cage and Iron Fist has also recently been cast for the live action series. Good stuff you don't wanna miss.
The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow TV News! 

Things are brewing over on the DC Comics side of things concerning the future of the their TV shows. Lots of comic characters will be making their way to the small screen. Find who and they lucky actors and actresses who have been tapped to play some of the most iconic DC heroes for live action goodness.
Suicide Squad First Look Trailer!

This is not the leaked trailer. This is the official trailer that Warner Bros. had to release because of the pirated version that leaked online shortly after Comic Con. As usual, if you've yet to watch it, you may want too. Also, I give my usual opinion about the trailer. You may not like it or you may agree. All in all, it's only an opinion.
Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Trailer

This is no fan-made trailer. It's the official teaser trailer released by Warner Bros. at the San Diego Comic Con just mere hours ago. If you have yet to see it, you don't want to miss it! What do I think of it? Just click the title link or the image to get the scoop.
Latest Comic Movie and TV News!

And the hits just keep coming. Looks like DC and Marvel aren't shy about tossing out more comic book related movies and TV shows. Find out the scoop on what's going down concerning the onslaught of comic characters conquering the world of live action entertainment.
New Spider-Man Movies Will Have New Villains?

Kevin Feige recently made some comments about which villains he and Sony are contemplating for the new Spider-Man reboot flicks. You will be surprised at what he had to say, or maybe not too happy about it either. If you've been itching for Spider-Man movie news, here's more for ya! Just click the title link or image to read what Feige and Sony have in mind for the next Spidey reboot flick.
The New Spider-Man Finally Cast!

Say what? About time! That's right! Everyone's been wondering and worrying about which actor will take the role of the new Peter Parker and Spider-Man. Well, it's finally been confirmed, so if you don't know already, just click the link or the image to find out.
Chiwetel Ejiofor Doctor Strange Role Revealed!

Speculation! You gotta love it. Confirmation however can be a good or bad thing depending on your stance in terms of actors playing comic characters. So after much speculation, it's finally confirmed what role Chiwetel Ejiofor will play in the upcoming Doctor Strange movie, and it ain't no Brother Voodoo. If you missed this recent news, click the title link to find out who this talented actor will be playing!
Punisher Cast For Daredevil Season 2

No joke and it's finally happening. Many have speculated it would and rumors have been flying around for a while now. However, it is confirmed! Frank Castle as the Punisher is definitely cast and will be in Season 2 of Daredevil's TV series on Netflix. If you're a fan, read all about the good news and why I still think this character would make an awesome show or movie. Oh, yes, and you'll be able to find out who is cast in this iconic role.
Recent Comic Book Movie News

Looks like a lot has been brewing in the last few days concerning comic book movie news. Dr. Strange has recent casting news, more Suicide Squad photos leaked, Captain America Civil War news, and a slew of more comic book TV show rumors have surfaced as well. Lots of interesting stuff in case you hadn't already heard about them. If not, just click the link or the image to discover what's going down.
Daredevil Season 2 Casting Elektra?

Fans want it and have been calling for it ever since the announcement of a Daredevil Netflix TV series, and now it seems like it might be really happening. Elektra will appear in Daredevil Season 2 or will she? Latest rumors are flying around that point to this, so click the title link or image to read all about it.
Caliban Confirmed for X-Men Apocalypse

Brian Singer has done it again! Looks like the director has teased fans with another Marvel mutant to appear in his upcoming film X-Men Apocalypse. Read this article to find out the connection that Caliban has in the upcoming X-Men movie.
First Look At Suicide Squad Cast Photo!

For fans who are excited about this movie, looks like David Ayer just slung out a cast photo of Task Force X in their full attire! This photo has been burning up the world wide web lately and most of it has to do with Margot Robbie's look as Harley Quinn.
Psylocke Cast for X-Men Apocalypse Plus More!

It's finally been confirmed! The fan favorite and ultra sexy Psylocke will be joining the cast of the X-Men Apocalypse movie. Who is the lucky actress to covet this role? Find out by clicking the link and you'll discover even more great news concerning the follow up movie to X-Men Days of Future Past.
More Suicide Casting News!

Three more actors have been cast for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. Although nothing has been confirmed yet exactly, find out what the rumors are circulating about the recent news. Just click the above title link or the image to discover what's going on.
Jubilee and Angel In X-Men Apocalypse

Two pretty big news has broke out of the Bryan Singer and X-Men Apocalypse movie camp. Looks like Jubilee has been cast and hopefully she will play a bigger role than her previous X-Men movie cameos. Another recent bit of news exploding on the internet is a concept art that clearly shows that original X-Men member Angel will be in the film. Click the link or image to learn more.

Amanda Waller From Suicide Squad Has Been Cast
The wait is finally over! That's right, Amanda Waller has finally been cast in the upcoming Suicide Squad, and the actress playing the role is also a comic geek too. Find out who it is and what she recently said in an interview about being chosen for this important role in the Suicide Squad mythos. Just click the title link or image to learn more.

First Look At Jason Mamoa As Aquaman!
Well, it's finally here! If you're like me and you've been anticipating just how Warner Bros. and DC Comics were gonna pull off Aquaman's look on the big screen, you don't need to wait any further. Warner Bros. just released an official Aquaman teaser pic for us fanboys. Just click the title link or image to check it out and be sure to comment on what you think!

Spider-Man Will Join the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

It's not longer rumor or speculation anymore! Recent news has confirmed that Spider-Man will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as speculated since the Sony email hacks not too long ago. So it's true now. Find out the details on the biggest news of 2015 this year by clicking the blue title link or the image to the left. You will enjoy this recent news for sure if you're a Spidey fan. 

First Fantastic Four Trailer Released!
Fox Studios has been relatively quiet when it comes to this movie, but the rumblings of reports on the web have been not. A lot of negativity has surrounded this movie and probably has been the most bashed movie in production ever! Well, now the wait is over and we finally get a first look at the Fantastic Four reboot! Click the link to watch the trailer as well as what I think of it.

X-Men TV Series On The Table At FOX
Looks like an X-Men TV Series is becoming more and more of possibility with the recent news surrounding the famous mutants hitting the small screen. The boss man of FOX comes out and lays down where the studio is at in terms of bringing the X-Men to prime time. Click the link or image above to find out more!

CBS Casts Their Supergirl For Pilot!

The wait is over folks, and it looks like CBS has finally found their Supergirl! That's right. It looks like Supergirl is seriously going to get the chance at becoming a prime time television series! If you haven't heard just yet, be sure to click the link or image to find out who the lucky actress will be to play Superman's famous cousin!

Avengers Age of Ultron NewTrailer Debuts!
Marvel Studios and Disney kicks out their newest Avengers Age of Ultron movie trailer to get comic fans even more riled up for this highly anticipated film. Click the link to read some of the hints they drop in the trailer. Only a few months left before we get to see this movie of the year.

First Look At First Ant-Man Movie Trailer!
It's finally here, and we've all been interested in seeing how Marvel was gonna translate their tiniest hero from comic book to big screen. Just mere days ago, Marvel released their first Ant-Man movie trailer. If you haven't yet seen it, just click the blue title link or image to the left and take a gander for yourself. Hope you enjoy and be sure to leave a comment about what you think of our first look at the Ant-Man movie starring Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas and Evangeline Lilly. 

Luke Cage and Jessica Jones Cast For Netflix TV Series
Holy moly, can we say, finally? Yep, we can and it seems us comic fans have gotten more exciting news and casting confirmations in the month of December. Looks like we finally got our Jessica Jones and Luke Cage for the Marvel Netflix TV series coming soon. Find out which lucky actress and actor won the roles of these two iconic Marvel Comic book characters. Just click the title link or image to get your read on!

Suicide Squad Movie Characters Have Been Cast!
The rumors have finally been answered and although reports of some actors being tied to the film were correct, there are a few surprises in who they'll play. Here are the confirmed actors for David Ayer's Suicide Squad movie to date.

Harley Quinn Confirmed For Suicide Squad Movie!
No joke here! It seems fans got their wish and Harley Quinn has been cast to join the David Ayer directed Suicide Squad movie slated for 2016. Just click the title link or the image to discover the lucky actress Warner Bros. just recently signed on to play the popular side kick to the Joker.

Marvel Movie News - The Latest What The?
We got more Marvel movie news and this post is more of a rant than reporting mere simple facts. Yes, I'm throwing in my comic geek opinions on some the latest developments concerning Marvel's TV show front and a certain X-Men spin off movie. It won't be pretty for sure. 

Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Inhumans Confirmed!
Well, it's finally come and no surprise that it's shortly after Warner Bros. announced their new slate of movies planned. So, just like the title says a Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Inhumans movie have just been confirmed and with release dates and everything. Black Panther has also been cast, so just click the title link or image to read when these awesome movies are planned to be released and just which lucky actor will become the king of Wakanda.

New DC Comics Movies Announced!
Looks like Warner Bros. is making headlines again, and it appears they've announced their entire schedule for the decade to come. Actually, the CEO of Warner Bros. has just announced the line up of movies slated to come to a movie theater near you. Quite a few movies have just been announced complete with release dates, and two of them are shockers. Click the blue link or image to discover the schedule of comic book movies Warner has planned until 2020!

Supergirl Gets A Pilot At CBS!
The rumors were true about a Supergirl television series in the works and now it's been confirmed by both Greg Berlanti and CBS that a pilot is on its way. This may be the 2nd successful comic book female to hit prim time! Read more about this news by clicking the blue title link or the image to the left. 

Deadpool Movie Finally Confirmed
Finally, after all the bitching and moaning from fans about why isn't there going to be a Deadpool movie, it seems that those at 20th Century Fox has finally given in, or that they recently regained faith in the potential of a Deadpool flick. Whatever the reason, and it probably had to do with fan reaction over a little leak, Fox has just confirmed a Deadpool flick and a release date!

No Planet Hulk Movie Planned and speculators have been yapping about a Planet Hulk movie for some time now in the world of geekdom, but recently two figures at Marvel Studios squashed these rumors. Find out who just recently laid the smack down on a possible Planet Hulk movie and why the rumors are least for now. Just click the blue title link or the image to the left to read more about it.

Teen Titans T.V. Series Nearing A Deal With TNT! Yep, it looks like Warner Bros and DC Comics are trying to expand their t.v. universe with yet another television show, and this time it's the Teen Titans. Ta-da! Just click the blue title link or image to discover more about what's going down for this bit of recent and awesome news.
Looks like another creepy crawler will definitely be making his onscreen debut in the planned Spidey spin-off Venom. That's right, Carnage is now in the works to be in the Venom movie, and the flick even changed the title to Venom Carnage. Read more by clicking the link or image. 

Firestorm and Plastique Cast In Flash T.V. Series!
Even more amazing news for the small screen. It seems that the characters Plastique and Firestorm the Nuclear Man have been cast for the new Flash television series that's coming out soon. Read more to find out just who has been cast as these DC Comics characters, as well as which comics they first appear. Just click the title link or the image to read on!

Mockingbird and Crusher Creel Cast In Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. news for the small screen, and the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. television show just announced the casting for two comic characters to appear in the show's upcoming Season 2. One is a hero and the other a villain. Find out more about this news by clicking the blue title link or the image. 

Marvel Pressing Ahead With Inhumans Movie!
Looks like Marvel's finally taking some steps in getting an Inhumans made. Fans have been waiting for some kind of news concerning this project for quite some time and Collider has dropped some news about Marvel actively developing this movie property. Read more to find out what's going on.

SDCC 2014 DC Comics & Marvel Movie & T.V. News case you missed all the goodness that Marvel and DC Comics announced this year at San Diego Comic Con, here's all the ones I've yet to cover concerning what's in store for Marvel and DC's T.V. and movie universes that you'll most definitely want to be updated on. Plus see some of the exclusive trailers that were screened at SDCC. Just click the blue title link above or the image to get your fanboy on! Enjoy and thanks for reading!

First Look At Wonder Woman In Batman v Superman!
Warner Bros. and DC Comics unveil the very first look of the Wonder Woman costume that will be in Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice today at San Diego Comic Con! See Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman! 
The Flash Pilot Screening At SDCC A Hit With Fans!
Preview night at SDCC gave positive reactions after the screening of the pilot for The Flash t.v. series that's coming to CW soon! Looks like the show just may be a hit like Arrow on The CW. Also shown was an exclusive teaser. Click the title link to read more and watch the teaser to judge for yourself.  

Mockingbird Teased To Join Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. In Season 2!
Some exciting news for comic fans and comic investing fans. Looks like the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 teaser name dropped a Marvel character that may be joining the cast of the television show at the San Diego Comic Con  just mere hours ago! Find out which character this may be as well as watch the teaser that was shown at SDCC 2014! Good stuff!

New Addition to Constantine TV Show Cast!
Whoa! Some big changes for the NBC Constantine television show. Apparently it seems that the leading lady Lucy Griffiths, who was playing Liv Aberdine, will be replaced by another actress and as another character! That's right Liv Aberdine is no longer the female lead. Find out who the lucky new actress is and what new role the leading lady will be for the TV series. She is gorgeous! You won't be disappointed. Just click the blue title link or the image to the left to continue reading more.

Karen Page Cast For Daredevil Television Show!
More big and awesome news for Marvel fans! It seems that another addition to the main cast of the Daredevil television show distributed by Netflix has been announced and confirmed recently. This time it's character of Karen Page from the pages of the Daredevil comics. Find out just who the lovely actress has won the lucky role and will play the supporting part by clicking the title link or image to the left. More good comic news for the small screen!

New Possible Villains For Batman V Superman
Just when you thought the cast couldn't get any bigger it seems that this is hardly the case for the extremely huge and anticipated movie coming out from the DC side of things. More new villains have been leaked for the Zack Snyder Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice movie! Find out where the leak came from and who these new villains are!

DC Comics Movies In The Works Confirmed Sorta!
More news about the planned movies DC Comics and Warner Bros. have in the works. This time a source has leaked out this information and a well-known comic geek, director and fanboy has confirmed that these projects are indeed on the table when it concerns DC and Warner's plans for their library of superheroes to hit the big screen. The news is hot right now, so if you've yet to be informed, don't be shy! Click the link to find out what's planned for DC comic book movies in the works.

Aquaman To Appear in Batman Vs. Superman!
Finally, a report confirms that the King of the Seven Seas will indeed be showing up in Zack Snyder's highly anticipated and ambitious follow up to the Man of Steel film Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice. Exciting stuff for sure! If you've yet to hear or read about it, find out who leaked the news out and just which actor is slated to play DC Comics' King of Atlantis!

Netflix Daredevil Show Casts Hero and Villain
Netflix Daredevil show has found its Matt Murdock. A bit of a surprising choice to some. However, the show has also recently cast the main villain as well. Learn more about who will play The Man Without Fear and the iconic Marvel character's main baddie on the small screen!

SyFy Channel Adopts Comic Books Into TV Shows SyFy channel is tapping into the world of comics as well. With all the new shows that are hitting the air waves for prime time television, the SyFy channel is in the works of digging into the world of comics, and there are a few that are slated to become shows for the sister channel of NBC. Click the link to discover which comic books that the channel plans to adapt in the near future, and which comics are actually getting a spike in demand and value as a result. 

Captain America 3 Movie News! America screen writer Christopher Markus reveals some early ideas for their next follow up Captain America movie. For those investing in comics, you'll want to know the ideas he and the Marvel movie franchise are toying around with concerning the next installment. Just click the blue title link to get the dish on this story.

Post Amazing Spider-Man 2 Spoilers!

Things are heating up concerning post Amazing Spider-Man 2 and what to expect. New spoilers are surfacing on the internet about what's in the works! Quite a bit of good stuff to look forward to, and this is a definite must read for comic fans and movie fans alike!

Superman vs Batman Welcomes Cyborg to It's Cast!
More casting news for the highly anticipated Superman vs. Batman, the sequel to Man of Steel. It seems that the DC Comics character Cyborg has been cast and will make his onscreen debut! Click the link to discover who has been cast to play the role, as well as the source where this information leaked from. 

Evangeline Lilly Cast As Female Lead in Ant-Man Movie
Looks like Edgar Wright has locked down his leading lady for his upcoming and highly anticipated Ant-Man movie. As the casting get finalized, a lot of comic fans in cyber world are getting a bit concerned about how Edgar Wright and Marvel can botch up this movie, as recent reports of Michael Douglas playing an older Henry Pym is leaving much room for rumors concerning the character of Janet Van Dyne. Read more by clicking the blue title link.

The Rock To Star In DC Comic Movie!
It's been talked about for what seems like forever, and now it seems it's finally come to a head. Looks like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has finally confirmed a DC Comic character that he is set to play in an upcoming DC Comic movie. However, the character and movie remain hush hush, but the speculations are already going wild out in there in fandom. 

X-Men Days of Future Past Quicksilver First Look!
Well, we got our first look at the Quicksilver that will appear in Avengers Age of Ultron and now we have our first look at Evan Peters' version of the character in Bryan Singer's X-Men Days of Future Past. This image has sparked major backlash within the world of comic fandom and all you have to do is click the title link to see the image and exactly why geeks all over are shaking their heads. Please note, I am not responsible for any vomiting that may occur after doing so, but thanks for reading.

First Look At Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver In Avengers Age of Ultron

Well, our anxiety and wait is over. When news of the casting confirmations for both Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch were announced, many comic fans were uneasy and both excited to see how their look would be translated from comic panel to big screen. Here's our first look at what the mutant brother/sister team will look like the highly anticipated sequel Avengers Age of Ultron! 

First Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Trailer!
For all you fans who were waiting in anticipation about how the Guardians of the Galaxy movie was gonna look and feel, your wait is sorta over. We finally get the first look at Marvel's first action space-epic with The Guardians of the Galaxy movie trailer. Click the link to watch it and read what I thought about it. Also, be sure to comment on what you thought of it.

Fox Announces Fantastic Four Cast!

 Oh, no, they didn't. Yep, they did. Fox finally confirms cast for the upcoming Josh Trank reboot of the Fantastic Four. Be sure to read and discover just who the new Fantastic Four cast is. You may or may not groan in dismay like I did. Enjoy and thanks for reading.

Vision Cast In Avengers Age of Ultron!
It's finally become a reality. For the past few years, comic fans have been speculating and circulating rumors that The Vision will make an onscreen debut in an Avengers movie. It appears that this is going to happen! The Vision actor has been cast. Be sure to click the link and see what lucky actor has been cast to step into comic fan's favorite android Avenger.

Lex Luthor Cast For Man of Steel Sequel!
Great news concerning Zack Snyder's Man of Steel Sequel. Apparently, Lex Luthor has been cast to join Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman for this follow up sequel. Be sure to read this article and discover who will fill the shoes of this iconic super villain on the big screen. Enjoy!

Nod To Adam Warlock In Thor The Dark World

Yup, yup! It appears that Thor The Dark World gave a bit of a hint towards the character of Adam Warlock. Whether this is just a nod or a set up for the character, read this post to find out a bit more about Adam Warlock and his complex beginnings in the world of comics and how Thor The Dark World pays homage to Warlock's origins.

Recent Comic Book Movie News
Some bits of shocking news in this edition. We get to see the first glimpse of the Guardians of the Galaxy and how the characters will look on screen. Also, important cast updates for the Ant-Man movie (you're gonna be shocked at who just got cast and for what role), as well as more news about the Superman/Batman film. 

Paul Rudd Confirmed As Henry Pym The Ant-Man!

The long awaited news has finally been confirmed by Marvel. The coveted role of Henry Pym and The Ant-Man has been given to actor Paul Rudd. Find out more about this latest development for Edgar Wright's Ant-Man film!

Sony Announces Venom and Sinister Six Spin Off Movies!
Big, big, big news for Spidey fans! Looks like Sony is expanding the Spider-Man movie universe much like Fox is doing with the X-Men movies. As we've been all waiting and hoping for, it seems like a Venom movie is finally in the works. Also as some have speculated, it looks like the Sinister Six is also in active development as well. Click above to read more!

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer Is Here!
Finally, the Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie trailer is finally released and we finally get a glimpse of what to expect in this Spider-Man sequel directed by Marc Webb and starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, and Paul Giamatti. Visit the link to watch and read what I thought about it.

Wonder Woman Cast For Man of Steel Sequel!
The biggest news to end this super year of comic book movie goodness! Ben Affleck as Batman in the Man of Steel sequel and now it's confirmed that Wonder Woman has been cast for the follow up to the Zack Snyder Man of Steel movie! Be sure to click the link to find out who is playing Wonder Woman on the big screen!

X-Force Movie In The Works!
With the Avengers era of movies established, Fox also has some big plans of their own to expand on their X-Men movie franchise. The next big talk is of an X-Force movie that's currently on the menu over at Fox! Click the link to read more!

Scarlet Witch Actress Confirmed for Avengers Age of Ultron!

More news for the Avengers Age of Ultron movie. Another actress has been added to the cast for the anticipated role of Scarlet Witch. Click to find out who and read exactly what I think of this casting decision.

X-Men Days of Future Past Movie Trailer!
 Well, it's finally here. Finally we get a first glimpse at the highly anticipated X-Men Days of Future Past movie coming out next year. Take a look at the first X-Men Days of Future Past trailer and chime in on what you think about it?

Guardians of the Galaxy Cast Updates
New cast members and new characters have been confirmed to join the epic Marvel space film Guardians of the Galaxy. Visit the link or click the image to find out which Marvel Comic characters have been added to this movie's great ensemble. 

DC Comics Upcoming Movies Post Man of Steel

Speculations are surging high when it comes to DC and Warner Bros. post Man of Steel film projects concerning their library of comic book characters. Here's the latest buzz going around the geekdom when it comes to DC Comics Upcoming Movies. Click the link or the image above to get your read on.

What We Know About Avengers 2 Age of Ultron So Far!

Attention all you Avengers movie fans, we're gonna squash rumors and go with the facts on this one. So here's what we know so far about Avengers 2 Age of Ultron that's been confirmed! All you've got to do is click the link or the image to read on to find out more details on what to expect from the highly anticipated Avengers sequel coming out in 2015. Hope you enjoy, and hope you comment and share this with all the other comic fans out there as well.

Avengers 2 Villain & Partial Plot Revealed At SDCC!

DC and Warner Bros. weren't the only one to announce extremely exciting news at 2013s recent San Diego Comic Con. Marvel and Disney also revealed some really big news concerning their #1 comic book movie of all time. Don't miss out on this news. Be sure to click the link to read all about it! 

Superman and Batman Will Meet In Man of Steel Follow Up Movie! 

Say what? Batman and Superman share the screen together? That's right. It was announced at San Diego Comic Con that the follow up to the successful Man of Steel film will see the Caped Crusader go head to head with the Man of Steel! Be sure to read more!

Vin Diesel In Avengers 2? Jeremy Renner Possibly Out!

So it appears that Vin Diesel is getting all goofy over his meeting with Marvel that he took to facebook once again and teased his fans with another photo and caption. On the flip side, Jeremy Renner is less than stellar about his role as Hawkeye and Marvel just may give him and the character the axe. Read more by clicking the title link.

Benicio Del Toro Joins The Cast of Guardians of the Galaxy!

It seems Marvel/Disney and James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy are just full of surprises as of late. The newest addition to join the cast is esteemed actor Benicio Del Toro to play an as of yet unspecified role. Rumors are already flying around about who he'll play in this Marvel cosmic space adventure. Also even more casting news and other characters that will be in film that's starting to look even more and more epic as we get nearer to 2014. Take a look to see what's going on!

The Avengers and X-Men Movie Crossover? It Seems Even More Likely!

Evan Peters image
Bryan Singer just tweeted more exciting news. It seems Evan Peters will be joining the cast of X-Men Days of Future Past, but playing which character? This news will blow your socks off. Find out who as well as more cast members and comic characters that have been recently added to the X-Men sequel. 

Will The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver Be in Avengers 2?

Recently a swirl of rumors were sort of confirmed that the twin, mutant siblings The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver will be assembling in The Avengers 2. Be sure to click the link or image to find out more details of this exciting news! 

Ant-Man Movie Teaser Image Plus More Interesting Marvel Movie Pics! 

Finally, a look at the Ant-Man movie teaser image that fans have been scouring the net to see. Also, you'll get glimpes of Ben Kingsley's The Mandarin, as well as Malekith in Thor The Dark World. Click the link or image to see and read more, as well as a little known secret in Captain America: The First Avenger that you may or may not have missed!

Three New Cast In Captain America The Winter Soldier!

  It's finally been announced that three more actors have been confirmed to join the Captain America The Winter Soldier cast. As speculated correctly, the character Sharon Carter will be a new addition. Find out who, as well as another new surprise villain to go up against Cap!

The Wolverine Trailer Released! First Look At The Wolverine Movie!

The first trailer for the highly anticipated The Wolverine movie by Fox has just been released! Does it even look worthwhile, fans? Take a look and see for yourself, and be sure to read my thoughts on about whether or not I think The Wolverine looks promising and will deliver the goods this time around.


Dave Batista Joins Guardians of the Galaxy Cast As Drax The Destroyer!

Two actors have so far been cast for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, and one of them is none other than WWE's bad boy, Dave Batista! That's right, folks, the headline confirms that Dave Batista will play Drax the Destroyer in James Gunn's upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie based off the Marvel comic book. To learn more details, all you gotta do is click the link or image!


Storm Joins The Cast of X-Men Days of Future Past!

Halle Berry as Storm in X-Men
Forecast reports a definite storm heading in! It's been confirmed that Halle Berry will join the cast of the highly anticipated X-Men Days of Future Past movie and reprise her beloved role of the mutant, who controls the weather, Storm! Read more for the excellent details.

Dr. Strange Marvel Movie To Be Part Of Phase 3! 

That's right, comic fans, and finally some good news on this flick! The long talked about Dr. Strange movie is now even more likely to happen and sooner than we think. Read this article to discover more about how Disney and Marvel plan to incorporate Marvel's Master of Black Magic and Sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Strange, into their fearless and ever expanding cinematic universe!

X-Men Days of Future Past Movie Adds 3 More Original X-Men Cast!

Three actors from the original X-Men trilogy have just recently been confirmed to join the cast of Bryan Singer's X-Men Days of Future Past movie. Discover which of these X-Men will return to their roles and join the new X-Men cast, as well as my reactions to certain ones

Captain America The Winter Soldier Cast!

Wondering who the confirmed cast of Captain America The Winter Soldier are? Click the link or image to read more about the cast and character line up for this Captain America sequel. It will reveal a bit of where the Captain America movie franchise just may be heading. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger And Conan Is Back!

Conan movie still image. Click to read news about new Conan Movie
When Arnold made the phrase "I'll be back" famous, who would've known he meant it. Now it seems the 65 year old action star will be returning to the role of Conan. Yes, you heard that right...Conan! Read more about news of The Legend of Conan and the plans on how this movie will even work with the aging action star that is Ah-nuld.  

Is Man of Steel Getting A Hulk Complex?

Man of Steel Trailer still image. Click to read article
The new trailer for Zack Snyder's Man of Steel shows the army confront our hero. Will this new darker and more angst-ridden approach to Superman yield better results, and why are they taking the Marvel route on having their characters go through extreme alienation?

Morbius Joins The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Cast!

The Marc Webb sequel to the Amazing Spider-Man has recently added a new character to the cast. Find out who will play Dr. Michael Morbius and just how big a role will he play in the new Spider-Man sequel movie. Will Spidey have to face another villain besides Electro? Click the link and discover what's going on.

Wolverine Confirmed For X-Men Days of Future Past Movie!

Wolverine Hugh Jackman Picture!
Hugh Jackman has been confirmed to return to the Wolverine role for Bryan Singer's X-Men First Class sequel X-Men Days of Future's Past.

Click the link to read more about what's happening as well as who from the original X-Men movie line up will be in the new X-Men sequel!

Is There A Justice League Movie? Justice League Movie News And Rumors!

Is there a Justice League movie happening or what? Click the link to find out more  

Justice League movie news, as well as the rumored villain that the Latino Review just recently leaked!

Amazing Spider-Man Sequel Villain Confirmed!

That's right folks! The sequel to Marc Webb's Amazing Spider-Man has just confirmed who the villain will be. Find out who is now in talks to play the next Amazing Spider-Man sequel villain!

X-Men First Class Sequel Based Off Days of Future Past Comic Book!

The new X-Men sequel will be based off the Days of Future Past storyline from the comics! Read more!

Thanos Confirmed For Both Guardians of The Galaxy & Avengers 2!

Thanos Marvel Comics
You've heard the speculation and rumors. Now comes the truth. Thanos will appear in both Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers 2. Read more to find out just who confirmed this!

The Wolverine Villains! New Villain for Wolverine Sequel Revealed!

Another villain confirmed for the new Wolverine movie hitting theaters next year. Click the link or image to find out more!

Avengers 2 Rumors! Thanos, Ant-Man, Falcon & More!

More rumors and speculation about Ant-Man, the Falcon, and Thanos in the Avengers 2 sequel. Read more on why!

Avengers 2 rumors! The Vision In Avengers 2?

Will the Vision be in the Avengers 2 sequel? Comic fans are already speculating that the popular Avengers comic character will assemble with the team on the big screen come 2015 for the highly anticipated sequel. Read more on why fans think it's a possibility!

Ant-Man Movie Confirmed! My Top Choices of Who Should Play Ant-Man!

The long-awaited and highly anticipated Ant-Man movie has finally been confirmed by Disney and Marvel Studios. This movie has been a long-talked about film for a long time. Now, it's underway and definitely happening, read more on what's going and which actors I think would be perfect to portray Henry Pym.

Black Panther Marvel Movie Takes A Backseat To Antman Movie! 

Just when I thought that the first black superhero in the world of comics was certain to finally get his much deserved due and hit the big silver screen, it seems that this popular Avenger's big solo debut has taken a backseat to the recent news of Marvel Studios confirming that a solo Ant-Man movie will be part of Marvel's phase two in films. Read more about the plight of the long-talked about Black Panther movie, and what I'm hoping they will do to set up this Avenger for his own solo flick.


  1. New fight club 2 movie coming out and filming now. Same cast. One for sure not to miss.

  2. Love to see soul fire on the big screen. Some comics just have great stories, that need to looked at.This one just has all the elements. When Sin City was over looked, years later after seeing many detective movies,Frank Millar comes with a new fresh look. Brilliant movie. I think that needs to happen more to make a successful movie, is to have the comic writer on set.