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Welcome to Fan Speak, covering the zany and wonderful world of comic culture and comic fan life. Here you'll find mine and others' latest rants and raves and just good ol' fashion geek life at it's finest.

Gerry's Year End Review! What A Year!
Gerry's back, and he recalls the 2015 year with some of his snags and a few of his favorite comic conventions in the bay area NorCal. Just a fun recap of 2015 from Gerry. Click the title link or image to the left to read it and enjoy.
Merry Christmas From Total Comic Mayhem

Hey, it's that time again in the year. Another Christmas come and gone, and another Merry Christmas from Total Comic Mayhem. Of course, I have to do a little bit of reminiscing and kick down some key issue knowledge as well. Hope you all enjoy and have a merry one as well!
Big Wow Comic Fest 2015

Another comic con, another adventure. Here's my adventure at this year's Big Wow Comic Fest. I also reveal the comic snags I acquired as well. Really fun day at this staple and well-known Bay Area comic con. To read more, just click that blue title link or the image to the left. Hope you enjoy reading this as much I lived it.

Happy New Year From Total Comic Mayhem!
Another year has gone by and it's time to do a quick review all the comic movie, tv, and comic book goodness that 2014 has brought us. It's surely been one hell of a great year, so click the title link or image to the left and briefly recap with me. Thanks for reading and sincerely hope you enjoy.

2014 Year In Review: In A Nutshell
Gerry graciously recaps on his year of comic cons, his experience with CBCS and his comic snags throughout this year of 2014 that has seem to come and gone. This year has apparently been a great year for Gerry, and you can read all about it by just clicking the title link or the image to the left.

Ramblings From A Comic Geek Part 3
Been a while since I've rambled and I've got some juicies to discuss as well. Well, at least I think I do, and it's all for fun anyway. So here's me sharing some tid bits and thoughts about comic investing, comic collecting, and what not. Oh yes, there is some comic speculation in there as well. Two comics that are heating up are hinted at in this ramble. So ramble on and enjoy! Just click the title link or image to read this post.

My CBCS Experience

This article is written by my buddy Gerry D, who was gracious enough to write up a post about his very first experience with the new third party grading service CBCS. It's a really good story and you can find out what comic he submitted and all the juicy details surrounding the story of his CBCS experience. Just click the blue title link above or the image to the left to read all about it. Enjoy, and thanks Gerry for sharing with us all here at Total Comic Mayhem. Much appreciated and hope the rest of you enjoy as much as I did.

Comic Fans Threaten Rape Over A Criqtiue?
Ah, the internet is a crazy beast, and apparently so are some comic fans out there in cyber world. Here my thoughts on a recent involving a female journalist getting rape threats by some whacked out fans for basically giving a negative critique on a recent DC Comics cover. Yes, you heard that right. A DC Comics cover! Find out more about the madness by just clicking that title link. It's pretty disturbing. Well, at least, it is to me.

Completely Rational Complaints Fans Have About Comic Movies!

Ah, everyone's got opinions, and here's my response to one that takes a nab at comic book fans and our complaints about why Hollyweird seems to butcher so many comic book movies. I pull out the stops on this one and just write what's on my mind about the subject. Whether you disagree or agree, it's a good read. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy. 

Fantastic Four vs. The X-Men Limited Series One of best cross over limited series, here's my humble review on why this Fantastic Four vs. The X-Men limited series in 1987 is a must read for any X-Men or Fantastic Four fan. Just click the link to read this review or image. Thanks and enjoy.

Wizard World Sacramento Sunday 2014
Covering all the comic fanatic goodness that happened at Wizard World Sacramento 2014 on Sunday. Saw some great cosplayers and took photos of them. If you like comic conventions, you may like this write up about my first time at a Wizard World convention.

Things The Punisher Movies Could've Done Without!

Because one of my favorite characters in comics is The Punisher, I'm still waiting for them to get this character right on film. However, until they do, here's some of the things I did not care much for in the last two movie attempts. Just my two cents on the subject.

Rock N' Roll and Comic Books! 

During the time I was growing up, there were two passions I had that were major influences in my childhood - Rock N' Roll and comic books. Here's some nostalgic connections between the two that I remember vividly and praise. Even some connections between the two worlds I had no clue about. If you're fans of both, this will be a good read for you.
Another Round for the CGC Booth Part 2
Gearing up for the CGC booth at Wizard World Sacramento, here are my selected comics that I'll submitting this time around. If you haven't read Part 1 of Gerry's intended submissions for this event, feel free to do so, and thanks for reading!

Another Round For The CGC Booth!
Another awesome blog post by my buddy Gerry, getting all excited about submitting at the CGC booth for the upcoming Wizard World Comic Con in Sacramento coming this March. Good stuff. Just click the title up above to read on!

NewKadia Once A Year Clearance Sale 20 to 30% Off!
Those great folks at NewKadia are working hard to make sure you save big on your comics with another big end of the year clearance sale. You can save 20 to 30% off your entire order and knock a few comics off those want lists. Be sure to click the link to learn more and get the coupon code so you can save this new year.

Interview With A Comic Fan Case File #1: Gerry!
Hey I'm a fan of comic books, but I'm alos a fan of comic fans as well! No better way to get a slice of comic fan life than to interview a fellow comic book nut. Here's my first interview of my buddy Gerry to shake things up here at Total Comic Mayhem. 

The Comics Collectionary! Another Great Resource for Comic Fans!
Comic book fans, here's another great comics site to check out. So be sure to read more about the Comics Collectionary and how this fast growing community is helping collectors of all kinds! Oh, yes, and why I like and am recommending this site!

Marvel Partners With Netflix For Live Action T.V. Shows!

That's right! The title says it all. Marvel and Disney and Netflix, of all companies, have partnered together in bringing a few Marvel Comics characters to live action! This will be the first time for three characters, but one already has been. By the picture can you guess who? Anyways, read more for who the other three will be!

NewKadia $250 Gift Card Give Aways All Through October!

It looks like NewKadia isn't done with the awesomeness! This month all through October, you can have 155 chances to win a free $250 NewKadia gift card. Entry to this contest drawing is free! Visit this post to find out more details. 

Ramblings of A Comic Geek! 

Just me rambling about any and everything that comes to mind concerning comic books and comic culture. Oh, yes, and I share a mistake on why it's a good thing to join the CGC Collectors Society as a Premium member. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

Stockton Con 2013

First time ever going to Stockton Con in Northern California, and my first time ever cosplaying. So what did I think about it? If you love comics, conventions, and cosplay, be sure to click the link and read what I thought about this comic convention. From the bay area and looking for more comic conventions to nerd out? Find out if this is a convention worth taking a look at.

Funny Comic Book Pics 

Check out some of the most hilarious and funny comic book pics and funny comic book panels. Some are unintentional goofs and taken out of context, and some are manipulated to be funny. Of course, if you have no sense of humor, are too serious or easily offended, you probably should skip this post and not read it at all. If not, enjoy!
Cool Superheroes List of The 80s! The Females!

Who are some of the of the coolest superheroes to come out during the 80s? Read this two part Cool Superheroes List of the 80s to find out some of the coolest male and female superheroes that made their first debut in the glorious decade of the 80s.

Man of Steel Movie Review 

If you really don't like spoilers, don't read this review. Did Zack Snyder get it right with this darker version of the Superman origin and mythos? Read my honest review of what I truly thought about the Man of Steel.

Must Read! The Gift Comic Book By Raven Gregory

Here's me remembering the first time I met Raven Gregory at Wondercon and was introduced to his then obscure independent comic series The Gift before it was picked up by Image Comics. Here's my absolute honest review of this comic series, and why you should definitely think about giving it a read if you haven't yet.

Honoring The Fallen On Memorial Day!

Giving thanks and honoring those men and women of the armed forces who have went above and beyond the call of duty and sacrificed their lives to protect ours. This is my thanks to all of the brave fallen.

Are You Ready For A Black Johnny Storm In The Fantastic Four Reboot? 

First Kingpin, Nick Fury, then Heimdall, and now Jonny Storm a.k.a The Human Torch. Josh Trank's rebooted Fantastic Four has rumors that the front-runner cast to play Sue Storm's famous hot-headed brother will be of a different ethnicity! Find out more about who it is and what I think about this.

My Honest Iron Man 3 Review! 

 What did I truly think of the third installment to the Iron Man movie series? Click the link to learn exactly what I thought about the highly anticipated Iron Man 3!

Free Comic Day At Heroes And Villains May 4rth 2013! 

Saturday May 4rth was yet another Free Comic Book Day around the nation, but the fine folks at Heroes & Villains Comics in downtown Pleasanton made the day a fun-filled celebration. See my coverage of the event as well as some awesome pictures of cosplayers and comic culture fun!

Anti-Gay Superman Author Boycotted By Fans & Some Comic Stores!

It seems DC Comics has started a movement in the comic book world. Just not one they were hoping to start. Outraged fans and some comic shop owners have boycotted DC Comics and the new issues of The Adventures of Superman! Click to read the dirt and my ever so humble opinion on the recent matter.

Justice League Movie Not Set In Stone? What the..???

Variety reports some disturbing news about the future of the already announced Justice League movie. Don't get your hopes up about this happening just yet, comic fans! Read more about what's going on and why a Justice League may not happen, as well as exactly what I think about the matter.

Tim Vigil Signing At Heroes And Villains In Pleasanton Feb 2nd!

Bay Area comic artist and creator will be stopping in at Heroes And Villains Comics in Pleasanton, Ca to sign and meet existing fans and potential ones. If you're into the Adult/Horror genre or a fan of his great artwork, drop by. His work is amazing! For more details just click the blue link or the image of Tim.

NewKadia Big Sale - Save 30% On Every Order!

The title says it all. NewKadia is having a nice sale in which you get 30% off every order no matter how big or small. Of course, the more you order the bigger you save. Click to read more about it and discover what coupon code to use at checkout. Time to stock up on those silver and bronze age goodies!

Superior Spider-Man #1 Comes Out Tomorrow! 

Marvel's new epic event comes out tomorrow January 9th 2013

An all-new Spidey, an all-new title! Read more about how Superior Spider-Man #1 will be a landmark issue in the Marvel Comics Universe and exactly why you do not want to miss out on getting your hands on this issue!

Gearing Up For The Big Wow Comic Fest!

I'm already excited about The Big Wow Comic Fest coming soon this year. In this post, I'll detail the essential items that I bring to every comic convention and how you can also better prepare yourself for each show. Perfect read for those who are first timers.

Total Comic Mayhem's Year In Review!

Total Comic Mayhem t-shirt image
2012 is gone! Hello 2013! It's been an interesting year. Yes, it has indeed. 

This is a recap of a spectacular year gone by and some of the best and my favorite highlights of 2012. Read this article to see the important comic related and comic movie events that just passed us by.


Celebrity Women Dressed As Wonder Woman

Emily Deschanel as Wonder Woman image. Click to read other celebrity women who have worn the Wonder Woman costume
It's always awesome to see stars and celebrity gals get their geek on and dress up as comic book characters. It's always especially awesome when they dress up and cosplay the most famous Amazonian Warrior Princess and female superheroes ever in the world of comics. Here are my personal favorites of the rich and famous who have paid homage and helped put the wonder in Wonder Woman. 

My Top List of Female Superheroes - Some of The Most Popular Female Superheroes!

Female characters have always played an important role in comics, but none have been more important than the female superheroes that many comic fans have grown to love. Here is my top list of some of the most popular and well loved female superheroes in the world of comic books. 

Check it out and be sure to comment with some of your own favorites.

The Top Sexiest Superhero Costumes For Women In 2012
Once again, it seems like female comic fans have some great costumes to consider dressing up as. Here's three new items released in 2012 and sure to be huge hits this year and beyond. Whether you're looking to dress up for Halloween or the next comic con, take a gander at these hot female costumes that will surely have you turn heads while still be in style for years to come. These here are my top picks for 2012. 

The Top Sexy Female Superheroes Costume Ideas This Year (2011)!

2011 has a huge assortment of amazing and sexy female comic and superhero costumes. If you want to dress up as your favorite female comic hero for Halloween or cosplay it up at a comic convention but have no time to make your own costume this year, consider my top choices of female comic costumes that I think are super sexy, hot, and pretty darn right cool. 

The Greatest Batman Villians! Ever? And The Most Terrible Too!

Penguin image. Click to read who are the greatest Batman villains and the worst
A hero is only as great as his villains, and there's no doubt that Batman is one of the greatest heroes in comics. Yes, Batman has some really great villains in the world of comics. 

However, there are also a few that are just down-right ridiculous. In this post, I rant and rave about some of the greatest Batman villains ever, as well as some of the Dark Knight's worst and campy villains.

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