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Friday, November 24, 2017

1st Canadian Price Variant Price Guide!

First and foremost, I hope all my American peeps had a great and safe Thanksgiving. I haven't been talking about 80s Canadian Newsstands or Price Variants or Editions...whatever you like to call them...for very long, but if you dig further into them late Bronze and early Copper Age key issues, these are gonna pop up.

And they will continue to keep popping up in the industry and hobby. They are recognized, no doubt about it.

Hey, I understand. Some don't dig them and some do. 

I do like them and there is a reason. I grew up on many of these comic books and stories. Some are my favorites, but there is the stigma of too many copies being too easily accessible for many of them. 

I want an investment worthy copy of some of these keys. Do I disregard U.S. newsstands or direct market copies of the time? No, but as one who keeps the comic investment aspect in mind, '80s Canadian Newsstand comics do appeal to the rarity factor that I have always yapped about since the beginning of this site.

courtesy of
I am no completionist, but I do agree that these are going to only gain more steam as the hobby progresses. Okay, my bad, I completely hijacked this post.

I did mean for it be a short one. So, we now have a recognized Canadian Price Variant Price Guide for 2018 for Marvel and DC Comics created by experts on the subject - Doug Sulipa, Bill Alexander and Paul Clairmont, Angelo Virone, and Ben Nobel. You can click the link to check it out for yourself.

I want to extend a more than well-deserved congratulations to each of them for their dedication, passion, and hard work on the subject. Great news and a great, needed addition to our hobby as awareness and demand for Canadian Price Variant comics continue to grow.

Hey, if you're interested in these, check out the guide. I personally love it.

Yes, I have mentioned Ben Nobel's site a few times on here when talking about '80s Canadian Price Variants (labeled Editions by CGC). I've mentioned Angelo Virone as well. 

Give credit where credit is due. Congrats again, fellas!


  1. Hey canadian and us comic lovers -
    anyone seen the new Thor movie?
    I just heard that the Korg character
    was a fan favourite and will appear
    in future movies. I made a great deal
    gettin' the first 4 issues of the Planet
    Hulk storyline for 18 bucks and found
    out that Korg first appears in number
    93. Has anyone noticed if the price
    has risen concerning that issue? It was
    a dollar book a few month ago...


    1. Not a bad buy Ace if the character sticks around the MCU and has future appearances. I've noticed when the issue is sold by itself it has been seeing rising sales lately from $10-$25. Not much of a premium issue when sold as part of a lot though. So it can still be had for cheaper. Similar to your buy Ace. Was the Incredible Hulk 92 a 1st or 2nd print as part of the deal?


    2. Hey Nate,

      as far as I know it was a first print. The
      second print has an alternate cover by Hitch.


  2. Thanks for sharing man. I bookmarked the website. Speaking of price variants, I was able to snag a VF+ Pence copy of X-Men #135 recently. The first Pence copy in my collection.


  3. Hey guys,

    what do you think about the Batman who
    laughs hype? I think the character has the
    potential to become the next Venom or
    at least the next Weapon H. Mayhem, a
    special would be nice, cause I knew next
    to zero about this dude a few days ago...

    Max Rebo

    1. There is a short back story about the character on several websites, but the character has only been around for a few months. So not much history to go on. It seems many are interested and could be a breakout character for DC. I don't follow Modern comics. Just what I hear from the various comic websites.


  4. Hola amigos,

    man, I' m really eatin' my shorts that I
    didn' t get the first appearance of Madrox
    the Multiple Man before. Now we got
    movie rumors that will knock Giant Size
    Fantastic Four 4 out of the park... I
    think this is a totaly cool and unique
    character, with or without hype.

    Speculation Jones

    1. I had one and unfortunately it sold on Craigslist a week before the news broke, but I did get a decent return on it. Not as good though if I still had it. I mentioned this book a couple of weeks ago. I think it's a classic pump and dump book because it's very rare that an avg. level villian 1st appearance has long term market staying power. All the people that had copies are selling them off and getting very good returns. The people buying them are not too smart if you ask me. Especially the ones paying big premiums for low grade beat up copies.


  5. I think there could be some minor to moderate gains in the market coming for Marvel Super Heroes 12 with the casting of Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) & General Yon-Rogg of the Kree for the Captain Marvel film recently. It's already a key issue but could have the potential of becoming a bigger one if the character hangs around in the MCU.