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Sunday, October 22, 2017

The X-Men #49 Values- 1st Lorna Dane (Polaris)

I don't know about you, but I am really enjoying The Gifted TV series so far, and as an X-Men fan, I'm pretty critical of anything live-action X-Men. Although not my favorite in the comics or on the show, Polaris or Lorna Dane is a somewhat known character in the X-Men comics.

She is the daughter of Magneto but is one of the good guys. I am hoping the show makes the character more well-known to non-comic fans and especially those who become future comic fans. So let's get some things straight about this character.

The character of Lorna Dane first shows up as Lorna Dane in this comic. She is not Polaris or called such or even mentioned as her X-Men or superhero code name.

Actually, Hank McCoy calls her a "latent" mutant. For those who don't know, let's define the word "latent".

Latent: (of a quality or state) existing but not yet developed or manifest; hidden; concealed.

Here's the panel in which this is established in issue #49.

So, this means her mutant powers have not manifested by this issue. She is just plain ole Lorna Dane with green hair that she dyes, because she was born that way and doesn't want to scare all the widdle normal people or homo inferiors in the X-Men world.

Yes, true, she is a mutant, and Hank says that she is one. However, the next issue #50 shows Mesmero using a doo hickey to awaken Lorna's mutant power.

Issue #50 is the 1st time she has powers, uses them, and is the first time she is in costume. However, she is never named nor mentioned as Polaris either.

In her next several subsequent appearances after, she is called "daughter", "child", and "Lorna" but never "Polaris". She joined the X-Men in issue #60 but remained a minor supporting character with a few bit appearances here and there. Remember that the X-Men comics then were doing poorly and new material stopped being produced after issue #66 to issue #93. 

Those issues contained reprints. Lorna Dane actually isn't called "Polaris" until issue #97. I'm just saying is all. 

Aside from that, let's look at the character's debut in X-Men #49 and to see if interest in the character's first appearance in comics garnered heat and interest due to casting news prior or the actual airing of the show. I need to beef up on X-Men comic book values in the Values section on this site anyway.

As usual and beginning with the first of these "Values" posts since 2011 on this site, we'll begin with looking at Overstreet Price Guide values over the past few decades. Then we'll look at a closer short-term snapshot.


Mint $4.00
Fine $2.00
Good $.70


Near Mint $20
Fine $8.50
Good $2.85

NM $105
VF/NM $83
FN $24
VG $16
GD $8


NM- $200
VF/NM $32
VF $64
FN $30
VG $20
GD $10


NM- $200
VF/NM $132
VF $64
FN $30
VG $20
GD $10


NM- $275
VF/NM $179
VF $82
FN $36
VG $24
GD $12


NM- $275
VF/NM $179
VF $82
FN $36
VG $24
GD $12

Hmmmm....little bit of a bump from 2015 to 2017. I wonder how CGCs have done on eBay since the character was cast and the show has received a lot of great reviews. Same ole drill folks.

Surprised that there has been zero CGC 9.8 sales of this comic in the last five years, almost six years, on eBay. There are zero 9.8s up for sale currently.

Looks wobbly at best concerning 9.6s, and sales seem quite erratic and all over the place. Really nothing spectacular when it comes to slabbed sales of this key issue over the years.

I'm perplexed a bit so let's look at Heritage Auctions. I'm sure there have been some CGC 9.8 sales over yonder.

A CGC 9.8 sold for $2,629 back in November of 2012. It was a Rocky Mountain Pedigree though.

There were a couple CGC 9.6 sales at Heritage and they are as following:

May - $1,493.75
Nov - $1,135.25 

May - $1,434.00
Aug - $836.50

June - $837.70

Also surprised there aren't any recent CGC 9.6 sales on Heritage for this comic. 9.6s seem like values have been stagnant for quite a while. Only 27 recorded copies in the CGC Census at the time of this writing.

Onto 9.4s and let us see how they've been doing on eBay.

For a high grade Silver Age key issue, the first appearance of Lorna Dane is pretty inexpensive at CGC 9.4s. It is a later Silver Age comic though, but the cover is mostly white.

They do seem more susceptible to foxing or it is more easily visible on mostly white covers. These have become a bit scarce on eBay as well. 

Looks like they are not on eBay at the moment. Then again, there are only 71 in the CGC Census currently and four of those are restos. Below are Heritage's data for slabbed sales so far.

April - $373.75


Sept - $388.38
Dec - $334.60

Feb - $322.65
Aug - $323.85

The total CGC Census submission for this issue is only 557 currently.

Onto 9.2 CGC slabs and it looks like these were not greatly affected by the casing of Polaris in The Gifted TV show as well. The CGC Census for this grade is also not very impressive as it stands at only 47.

There are no Restored copies recorded as of this published writing. May change by the time you read this. Average value for the last 4 years is in the lower $300 range. Heritage has some sales data for CGC 9.2s as well.

Should we even look at 9.0s? I dunno.

I guess we'll take a quick gander, but I am not expecting much.

Well, it seems this one is also erratic. The only conclusion I can come up with is this is one is still pretty overlooked concerning some grades.

Not a huge amount of CGC copies at 65 either. You can look at Heritage's sales data but I don't think we'll get much more out of that either.

Overstreet values and slabbed values aren't that far off. There is a slight bit of disparity between 9.4s and 9.6s but it's not a wide one.

Alright, so why was I giving the schpeel about Lorna Dane not being called Polaris until X-Men #97. Does it matter?

Well, sort of. If you look at my examples about "latent mutant" and such, you could argue that issue #49 is like a Carol Danvers first appearance, where she is not super-powered nor Ms. Marvel.

You know, just a regular schmoe until Ms. Marvel #1 - first time she is seen with super-hero powers and as...well, Ms. Marvel and called as such. We are talking about Lorna Dane here, but the concept is somewhat similar.

However, she is shown from issue #50 on with super powers and in that Polaris get up. She's just never called the name nor refers herself under that code name until X-Men #97.

So, is this issue really the first appearance of Lorna Dane as Polaris? Something to think about. For the record, I do not have this X-Men key issue, but it is on my want list. I don't have #97 either and it just made my want list.

I will be trying to do more values posts. Halloween is coming so expect some horror comic values coming up soon.

Nate H also gave me a pretty nice list of suggestions for the horror comics keys list, and I'll be updating parts to those. Happy Huntin' all!


  1. I've always preferred X-Men 50 over X-Men 49. I like the cover of issue 50 better and have a raw 7.0 copy. I also have a 9.0 raw copy of X-men 97. I've been trying to locate a nice copy of issue 49 since its the 1st app of Lorna Dane to complete the trifecta of these key issue. I'm surprised that you don't have these issues Mayhem being how big of a X-Men fan you are.


    1. I've spent from 2011 to half of 2016 specubating. I've been all over the map on speculation but took a big step back last year. Just got tired of it and decided to go back to fandom.

      The 1975 (Bronze) and Copper Age team is the team I grew up on, not really the Silver Age stuff. I'm a Chris Claremont X-Men fan.

      I've had X-Men #2 and #4 prior but had to let them go due to financial woes (not mine). My budget just got tighter as well due to family medical/financial trouble (once again not mine), so I've been holding off on a lot of X-Men comics that I want.

    2. I should also add that Polaris or Lorna Dane is not high on my priority of X-Men debuts to get from the Silver Age. I'm not a big fan of the character to be honest and would only get a high grade copy if the price was really right.

    3. OK. Very understandable circumstances. The character is a 2nd or 3rd tier X-Men character but has gotten the bump from the TV show.


    4. The Claremont Era was great with the intro of many important X-Men characters and stories.


  2. It's worth noting that 49, 50 and 51 are all Jim Steranko covers. And, all 3 are awesome!

    1. Yes, and the cover of #50 is especially important for what other reason, Mr. Pasz?