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Monday, October 30, 2017

Tales from the Crypt #33 Values

Let's take a look at another EC horror comic since Halloween is closing in. As most horror comic fans know, Tales from the Crypt #33 is the origin of the Crypt Keeper, an iconic and well-known horror host, and this issue should be one of the more well-known horror key comics out there.

Has Tales of the Crypt #33 been one of the better Golden Age horror comics to invest in over the years? Well, that is the question we are going to look deeper into as usual.

As usual, we shall start with data from GoCollect, which collects slabbed sales data off eBay within a certain period of time. We will also look at Heritage's archival data to see how the comic has done over there as well. 

The OPG is a great resource, but I don't think it accurately depicts actual demand as well as online sales. I believe most of us agree on that.

The 9.8 nose dive for Tales from the Crypt #20 was from Heritage's resource archives. I mean, the value increases from decade to decade represented by OPG are so small it doesn't make much of difference unless slabs are drastically selling over or under guide values.

That's what we aim to find out, or that's what I like to uncover. I've been showing you guys how to do it for years now. That and also looking for disparities between grades to find potential growth.

No CGC 9.8 data for either eBay or Heritage, so onto 9.6 and only one eBay sale so far. Not bad, but let's compare 9.6s to Heritage's data to see if this key issue horror comic held up, took a dive or increased in value. $1,059 drop in 13 years for CGC 9.6s on Heritage, but that 2013 sale for $3451 on ole eBay throws in a monkey wrench. Then again, the most recent 2015 saw another small drop even if the 2013 eBay sale of $3451 was included,and I should add or note that they were all Gaines File Copies which I believe are considered Pedigree comics currently.

Dec | $3,450.00

Mar | $3,220.00
July | $2,990.00
May | $2,868.00

May | $2,162.95

Nov | $2,391.20


Feb | $1,955.00 | Heritage 
Dec | $1,512.00 | eBay

CGC 9.2 | Nov |  $1,360.00 |eBay

Drop in value with 9.4s and oddly enough there are no 9.2 slab sales data over at Heritage. We'll just have to look at the single sale on eBay.


We do have some 9.0 graded copies to compare. Only one sale on eBay though, but around six sales over at Heritage Auctions.

I am starting to think that maybe eBay is a better venue to sell these higher grade, slabbed Tales from the Crypt comics. Maybe just Golden Age EC Comics in general.

I dunno, kinda strange that the highest sale for 9.0s was on eBay. Looks like 9.0s did a bit better than the grades above it.

Overstreet clocks this in for 2016-17 at $552 and the 2017-18 (most recent guide) is clocked $568


    Mar |  $862.50 | Heritage

    May | $690.00 | Heritage

    Jan | $598.70 | Heritage

    May | $776.75 | Heritage

    May | $717.00 | Heritage
    Aug | $812.60 | Heritage

    July | $1135 | eBay

    Feb | $836.50 | Heritage


    So, 9.0s appear to have took a nose dive in 2005 and this trend continued in 2007 but bounced back a bit in 2012 and 2014. Then that eBay sale put it in the 1k range but this year saw a sale over at Heritage that dropped it back into the 800 range.

    Most recent sales of 9.0 (Heritage) and 8.5s (eBay) have little to no disparity between them. Only recorded 8.5 CGC sale at Heritage is a 2006 Davis Crippen "D Copy" that sold for $388.38.


    Okay, I am convinced. Buy these slabbed EC Comics horror keys on Heritage and sell on eBay. Pretty cray cray, but that's how the market is for these Golden Age EC Comics. 

    I am still not convinced there is a sizable market and those actually collecting or investing in them is a pretty small over-all share.

    We'll only look at a few more here and they'll be pretty brief. Next up is 7.5 and 7.0s. There aren't any 7.0 Heritage sales so the data will all be eBay or GoCollect, which isn't really much per say.

    There weren't any more slabbed sales except a resto 6.0 on Heritage. Most of the other entries on GoCollect were single sales during a year.

    What is apparent to me is that these are widely over-looked but are they pretty well-known? If they are pretty well-known then demand has been quite weak for them for quite a while, at least a decade.

    A few things are for sure about these comics and a lot of the artwork and stories are great with these old Golden Age EC horror comics and many are considered classics. They are not that abundant out there. Will be a hunt if you're picky about certain grades like I am.

    Stay away from or time to buy? As for me, and just a fan of Johnny Craig's art (this comic cover is by Jack Davis for the record), I am on the hunt for a few select Craig EC horror comic covers that I really like.

    Hope you enjoyed this in-depth look at this particular horror comic's values. Whether you see them as viable comic investments is up to you.

    I'm not really that sold on these, but I do want some just for the art and historical significance. If you haven't yet seen the Comic Book Brigade Halloween vids, I decided to put both below. We have more videos to check out on youtube channel and hope you do watch and enjoy them. 

    Appreciate it and happy hunting or selling out there, and have a happy ghoul of a Halloween as well! See ya soon

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    PART 2

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    1. One of my favorites from that EC title. Love the cover. Was able to snag a VG+ raw copy for under $100 on Ebay a few years back.