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Monday, October 30, 2017

Tales from the Crypt #20 Values

No beating around the bush here (since when?), but the genre of horror is timeless. I said that a while back and I'll keep saying it. 

There's something odd or funny about humans to where some of them like to have the shit scared out of them. Look at all those who love roller coasters. 

No doubt that humans have gathered round and listened to horror stories for a long, long time. Fear is a great motivating factor when it comes to the true horror and terror that is survival.

Every civilization no matter how advanced or primitive have horror stories or believe in some kind of monster, spirit or demons. That either says we're more a like than we realize or more simple than we'd like to admit. Maybe both.

Tales from the Crypt was a popular horror comic. There was an HBO show based off the ole EC horror comics that a lot of horror fans grew up on, namely one Gerry.

EC Comics was the gold standard during the Golden Age when horror comics took over in popularity. They were considered as the best of the best in the horror and suspense genre during the time when super-hero comics faded out of popularity shortly after World War II.

Tales from the Crypt #20 is the first issue of the titled comic series. It was titled The Crypt of Terror previously.

So definitely a key issue to have for any horror comic fan. Since it is the time for spooks, we shall dig into dark depths and uncover how this abomination has fared over the years as a comic investment. 

Here are the Tales from the Crypt #20 values as Overstreet has them.


Mint $240
Fine $120
Good $50


Near Mint $20
Fine $165
Good $385

NM $1485
VF/NM $1155
VF $825  
FN $330 
VG $220
GD $110


NM- $2100
VF/NM $1530
VF $960
FN $360
VG $240
GD $120


NM- $2150
VF/NM $1567
VF $984
FN $369
VG $246
GD $123


NM- $2250
VF/NM $1641
VF $1032
FN $387
VG $258
GD $129


NM- $2400
VF/NM $1748
VF $1096
FN $411
VG $274
GD $137

Overstreet clocks some pretty steady growth in the last couple years (from 2014 to 2017) for this comic. Sure, it's not a huge spike like some other comics affected by hype, but at least it's grown steadily in the last few decades and last few years.

Not a lot of sales online concerning many of these old Golden Age horror comics. We can look to see how GoCollect has clocked this one for shits 'n giggles.

Alright, here's how it looks on the surface and with the averages of sales. As expected, not too many there and the oldest sale dates back to 2009. We will look at that more in-depth.

So, here we go. Two 9.8 sales, eh? What and when? Way back in 2009 and then in October of last year (2016). An okay jump over a 7 year period and it's around $385 and some change per year.

Well, only one sale for 9.2s back in 2012. I wonder if Heritage Auctions has some sales to fill in the gap.


CGC 9.8 | Dec | $12,075.00

 CGC 9.8 | March | $10,925.00

CGC 9.8 | Aug | $7,767.50

CGC 9.8 | Feb | $6,572.50

CGC 9.8 | Feb |  $4,481.25

CGC 9.8 | May | $4,780.00

 CGC 9.8 | Nov | $4,780.00


CBCS 9.8 | Aug | $3,585.00

Holy moly! Talk about a pretty rapid decline over the years concerning 9.8s as Heritage archives report. They started off in the 12k realm back in 2002 and then just went into free fall from there.

They are all Gaines Files Pedigrees as well, even the CBCS 9.8 copy. 

So, concerning 9.8s, you have a rapid decline and then this somewhat strange bounce back with the October 2016 sale of 6k on ole eBay. Outlier?

Hard to tell, but judging from what 9.8s started off as in both 2002 and 2003, and even if you took the October 2016 sale, that is at least half of the value of 12k. In my opinion, it still doesn't look all that good as a comic investment.

Okay lets look at 9.6 Heritage archives for this horror key issue. Only two I see over there.

CGC 9.6 | May | $2,868.00

CGC 9.6 |  Feb | $3,107.00

Well, at least, an increase concerning that grade but it was 4 years ago. The only 9.4 recorded over at Heritage is another Gaines File Pedigree just to be clear.

CGC 9.4 | Jan | $5,088.75

Yeah, I know, pretty odd, and it's an off-white-to white pages just like the 9.8s. Sales are kinda all over the place.

Alright, no 9.2 sales data over at Heritage but there is a 9.0 CGC sale there and it is...

CGC 9.0 | Oct | $920.00

Okay, there are three sales for 8.0 CGCs total that I could find. Two over at Heritage and one on eBay as displayed above. First let's look at the eBay sale

CGC 8.0 | July | $920 | Heritage
CGC 8.0 | Nov | $690 | Heritage
CGC 8.0 | Mar | $1300 | eBay

Once again, either a nice bounce back or nice outlier. Hard to tell since these do not sell or make it to the secondary market often.

No 7.5s on eBay but there are sales numbers at Heritage. Not much though and for the record, two of the more recent sales are of the same Davis Crippen "D copy" (2006 & 2008). The 2002 is just a regular Universal.

CGC 7.5 | July | $414.00 | Heritage

CGC 7.5 | Nov | $597.50 | Hertiage

CGC 7.5 | April | $657.25 | Heritage

Now for the 6.0 grades and we do have some data to compare, so let's get to it. Time is tickin' and the witching hour is soon at hand.

CGC 6.0 | Feb | $241.50 | Heritage

CGC 6.0 | Jan | $299.00 | Heritage

CGC 6.0 | July | $399.99 | eBay

CGC 6.0 | Feb | $478.00 | Heritage
CGC 6.0 | March | $609.99 | eBay

CGC 6.0 May | $690 | eBay

Well, at least, CGC 6.0s seem to be on the rise. 7.5s and 8.0s seem to reflect an increase in demand and interest and even this might be reflected in the most recent 9.8 sale on eBay in 2016.

Tough one to call 'cause it did take a nose dive when it came to slabbed 9.8 Gaines File Pedigrees. Talk about horror.

Let's look at the final low grade data on GoCollect and I'm sure you can come to your own conclusions here.

That is a shock. There is so much goodness to these Golden Age horror comic books, especially the ones published by EC Comics. Lots of talented artists and writers, and in terms of the Golden Age horror comics, they were considered the best.

Not to mention how rare many of these Golden Age horror comic books are as well. Just because I like adding more information, here's the CGC Census for this horror key issue.

Mmmmmhmmmm. Wow! Betting these are pretty scarce over-all or not all that abundant.

Many who were not privy to horror comics before are discovering that the art for many are bad ass for a lot of the pre-code horror comics. My personal favorite horror covers are usually the ones drawn by Johnny Craig.

Anyway, as I've been spending most of my time dealing with family matters, me and Gerry have  been filming and preparing the launch of Comic Book Brigade when we could find the time. We decided that a Halloween launch for our first batch of videos would be ideal since I interviewed a local TV horror host by the name of Miss Misery.

So, without further ado, here is Part 1 to the Halloween Special and Comic Book Brigade's very first video.

We truly do hope you enjoy. Have a happy and safe Halloween all and be sure to watch the other videos we have at our youtube channel.

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  1. I'm thinking that those high sales from the early 2000's where before Ebay became a popular online selling site with the buyers thinking the EC books where more rare than they really are. Now there a little more readily available to the collector/investor and hence the fluctuating sales figures.