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Monday, October 30, 2017

Key Horror Comics Part 16

I did not get back to this series last year or during 2016. Not that big a horror comic fan to be honest. 

I believe I did mention that when starting this. It was requested, I believe, back in 2014.

I will feature some Walking Dead but not a lot. I already have a running Walking Dead keys list and you can check that out if interested. Probably need to update that one in the near future.

Also, if I already have a key issues list dedicated to a particular character or title, refer to that. I really don't feel like rehashing and yapping about the same comics over and over and over and over.

I have moved some stuff over from Part 15. Yes, and I've added a few comics to Part 15 as well.

You may want to check it out to see what's different.

1st issue to limited series

This was moved over from Part 15. Some Goon stuff or Hellboy keys are now in its place.

Following up on the zombie trend, Marvel of course does a Marvel Zombies limited series, and go figure that it's written by Robert Kirkman of Walking Dead fame. Much like all the zombie stories currently, somehow Marvel superheroes are inflicted with a virus that turns them into zombies.

This comic is surprisingly popular. Currently guide has this issue at $35 bucks for 9.2 low Near Mint and the complete run can cost you up to $75. There are variants to issue #1, but the one featured here is the 1st print cover.

Marvel Zombies #1 was published February, 2006. 

eBay | mycomicshop | ComicLink | ComicConnect

1st appearance of Locke family
1st issue to comic series

Locke and Key show for hulu is well on it's way. Casting announcements have been made and Megan Charpentier is to play Kinsey Locke, and Jackson Robert Scott was recently cast as Bode Locke. Both actors are in the remake of the horror movie It, story by famous writer Stephen King.

Danny Glover has been recently announced to play Joe Ridgeway and Jack Mulhern will be Tyler Locke. Make the point short, Locke and Key hulu series is happening.

The comic the show is based off of is considered horror with a family house, portals to other dimensions, and demons in play in the story. This should be a good show to check out.

Prices for this have already seen heat, but as anything long-term, I'd be wary of it. Doubt this comic has a very high print run though.

February, 2008 is the cover date for Locke and Key #1.

1st direct market only Archie comic
1st Archie comic not aimed at children 
1st Archie horror imprint
1st issue to comic series

There's a bit of things that are getting re-imagined on the Archie side of things. I have not seen an episode of Riverdale, but I hear that it is very much a departure from the wholesome, goody-goody aspects of the actual comic books.

So Riverdale is darker Archie, or Archie with an edge. Well, this is Archie during a zombie apocalypse. Nothing really new or original there but there are some interesting tid-bits about this comic issue.

There's actually a lot of firsts for the actual Archie publisher (not the character), and it sort of has to do with horror history in comic books. So, as you can see from the very first notation, this is the first Archie comic book to be exclusively distributed direct market.

Are you kidding, and that's suppose to be a big deal? Well, sort of and sort of not.

In a spec sense that's probably terrible, but this is also the first Archie comic not aimed or market towards children. Looks like Archie is going to be growing up a bit here.

2011 saw Archie lift their Comics Code Authority standards, and that's the reason why this comic came about. Okay, so in saying that, it's obvious that this is also the first comic issue and series to kick off Archie Comic's horror imprint, in which another title would get a re-imagining as well.

We shall get to her pretty soon. There are a ton of variants for this comic.

I am no longer going to bother with all the pumped up store variants, and, yes, I do have my reasons why I refuse to talk about those from now on. Incentive variants? I might mention a few here and there, but for the most part, I won't give them much precedent.

But, hey, if you're interested in variants and like them...I'm not gonna harsh on them, but you can probably see most of them at mycomicshop.

Afterlife With Archie #1 has the cover date of September, 2013.

1st issue to series
1st Eben Olemaun
1st Stella Olemaun
1st appearance Marlow Roderick

Vampires and blood suckers are definitely classic horror monsters that are just too good to leave alone. 30 Days of Night was a successful horror comic that came out in 2002, and used the concept of Alaska's odd 30 days of continuous darkness to lure a horde of vampires to feast on the unsuspecting citizens of Barlow.

It also became a movie as well. What's ironic is this story was at first an unsuccessful film pitch.

This limited series was creator Steve Nile's break out success. The comic series following this one would win the creative duo multiple awards including the Eisner.

So, not surprisingly, this issue has the first appearances of the main male and female leads in the story, whom are married couple Eben and Stella Olemaun. This issue also sees the first appearance of Marlow Roderick, one of the leading vampires in the series.

Vicente's first appearance may be in issue #2. He is another big bad in this limited series, but he was not portrayed in the film. Roderick Marlow was the big bad, and even though the film depicted the epic battle between Eben and Marlow, it was actually a scene taken from the comics between Eben and Vicente.

Like the comics, though, the movie does end in the same way. 30 Days of Night #1 was published or released in June, 2002. It's still a pretty valuable comic for a Modern Age key. A 9.8 sold for $250 back in March of 2014.

eBay | mycomicshop | ComicLink | ComicConnect

1st issue and debut of Edward Charles Warren
Debut of Nicholas Finch

Gerry told me about this one a while back and even did a write up about it on his site. This comic initially got rave reviews and then some critics gave it negative reviews towards the tail end of the series.

In terms of an investment, not so sure but it may be a good horror comic to read. So, the premise is basically about a serial killer named Edward Charles Warren who has a penchant for chewing off his victim's nails and part of their flesh.

Well, okay, Army intelligence officer Nicolas Finch heads over to  Buckaroo, Oregon where his friend Elliot Carrol went missing during his investigation of the Buckaroo Butchers case. So begins the mystery, suspense and horror when Nicolas Finch goes to the town to investigate the towns people in order to locate his missing friend.

This is an Image comic series and was created by Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson. The series went to issue #30.

Not big on the covers for issue #1. There are several variants. I think mycomicshop has most of them listed but dunno.

You can check them out if interested. Once again, Gerry wrote about this comic back in 2014 on his site Graded Key Comics and you can check out by clicking this Nailbiter #1 link.

May, 2014 is the cover date for Nailbiter #1.

New issue to re-imagined Sabrina series

Oraldo once again dropped news of a Sabrina the Teenage Witch show coming back to TV in the Total Comic Mayhem G+ community. The show is actually following Archie's new direction and will be darker. 

Actually, they are going with the horror bent for the famous comic character who is not originally or traditionally horror.

I think everyone remembers the long-running and hugely popular TV show that starred Melissa Joan Hart and was as wholesome, mild and entrenched in the teen humor genre as much as the original comics were. 

Scratch that this time around as I mentioned before. Sabrina will be trying to appeal to a new crowd and that will be the horror fans.

CW has announced that a new TV show is in the works and the show will be titled after this very comic series called, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. That's right, and who is behind this one?

Well, none other than that magic man by the name of Greg Bertlanti who is knocking it out of the park with such shows as The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and Legends just to name a few.

While I know that Archie's Madhouse #22 is the debut to get, this comic is a re-imaging of the character and starts her in a completely different direction. Should be one to get. I am interested in this show to see how they shake it up, and I have a feeling I'm going to like it.

If you want to spec, Archie Comics in the Modern era don't have huge estimated print runs. This one is estimated by ComicChron at around 49,000.

Variants? Yeah, there are and I'm not sure if cover B is a 50/50 split or not with cover A. There's a ton of retailer exclusive covers for this one, so just gonna direct you over to mycomicshop to check out the variant cover madness for this issue.

Sabrina #1 or the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #1 has the cover date of December, 2014.

1st appearance of Princess

If this wasn't the speculation comic of the year, it's definitely one of them, and it just might be the one in the horror genre. Then again, when it comes to horror comics, the Walking Dead is pretty much still king.

171 issues so far and not including spin-off titles? Wowza, c'mon now. Even though I am not a fan, I still gotta take notice, right?

I first heard of this bad boy in the SIC Comics G+ group. I have no idea if this comic popped up in another group before. Just saying this is where I first heard of it.

Okay, so the regular cover is this one over here to the left, and I actually don't mind that one either. It has the Princess front and center and that's super cool and should be one to gun for as well.

Speculation about The Princess becoming a major character and ending up on the show is high. The regular cover does have a pretty high estimate amount of copies sold to North American comic shops, which does not include Newsstands or copies shipped outside of the U.S.

However, the pink signature variant did give me a good laugh. It reportedly has 7 extra pages supposedly limited to that variant and word is that it is a 1:30 or 1:10 or 1:20 deal. No idea who is right or wrong, but it's somewhere around there.

I know a lot of variant haters, including myself, who dislike variants because the contents are exactly the same on the inside. The publishers are just preying on the OCDs of completionists.

Well, the folks at Image and The Walking Dead may have put out a game changer when it comes to that. So, this variant isn't exactly the same on the inside as the regular cover.

Pretty nice gimmick, but since comic publishers are well-known for following trends, I think this might catch on and become an industry practice until it's milked for all it's worth.

Alright, so a month ago, this comic at CGC 9.8 started out with a $495 sale and then the next sales where in the $200 range for Oct 1st through 5th. Now, they've moved into the $300 ranged during the 8th to the 17th (16th on eBay's sold page). 

Anyway, if the practice of extra pages put in for a "variant" starts popping up with other publishers, I am marking this one so we can look back and remember who started this gimmicky trend. It is a gimmick that I think is kinda cool.

In short, I do NOT own this variant, but I like it as a 1st for a character that is already on the radar and the extra pages put in which is like a big middle finger to one of the big anti-variant arguments. This comic is starting to simmer down from initial hype by the way, but that's concerning raw copies.

Walking Dead #171 has the cover date of September, 2017.


For the record, Dreamwalker, San Diego Comic Con Comics, and Next Men #21 are not straight up horror comics. I wrestled about putting them in this series, but then again, if Prize Comics #7 was slapped in Part 2, I figured why not?

The characters of Hellboy and The Goon are considered horror characters, but I really dunno 'bout that call. I guess they fit the definition, but there's nothing about The Goon or Hellboy comics that make me feel startled, horrified or even terrified.

Then again, if Marvel mixed it's horror comics with the super hero genre in the Bronze Age then whatever. 

Basically, I just wanted to talk about some key horror comics I've yet to - such as Nailbiter. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina? Well, a TV show is going to be based off the new re-imagined comic so seems like a no-brainer to put that one up here.

As already mentioned the Melissa Joan Hart Sabrina the Teenage Witch was insanely popular. The show ran for 7 seasons which isn't too bad for a show based on a comic book. The iconic Wonder Woman show starring Lynda Carter only lasted 3 seasons and the Incredible Hulk starring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno lasted 5 seasons.

We shall see how this new Sabrina direction stacks up. As for Locke and Key, I already talked about that one and I think either Ace, Max Rebo or Speculation Jones brought that one up prior in a comment somewhere.

Alright, gonna end this post with a video by a SoCal homie by the name of Oraldo Perales. Hope you enjoy and check out his other videos. Happy huntin' and selling out there and hope you and yours have a fun-filled Halloween.


  1. If your interested. I have some extra suggestions for the bronze age sections as well for this key issues list.


    1. For sure, but I'll be throwing them in here and there.

    2. Okay. Listed them on your Facebook page.
      Here are my latest comic additions as well. Some good key books I can cross off my want list.
      Uncanny X-Men #207 Canadian Price Variant CGC 8.5
      Masters of the Universe #13 Newsstand Edition CBCS 9.8
      Captain Marvel #1 1:25 AH Variant CBCS 9.6 Signed by AH
      Tales of Suspense #50 CGC 6.0
      Detective Comics #523,524,525 VF/NM to NM-
      Green Lantern #40 CGC 6.5
      X-Men #101 CBCS 8.0


    3. Awesome! Saw the X-Men #101! Great snag. Like the Green Lantern #40.