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Monday, October 2, 2017

Dr. Doom Key Comics & Other Issues Part 3

I am publishing the 3rd Part to this Dr. Doom key comics series before the 2nd part, because I had all three parts done and suddenly Part 2 in my dashboard was erased. Actually, it duplicated this Part 3 post.

Regardless, something went haywire and I have to rewrite Part 2. It will not be as in-depth as I originally wrote it. Anyway, pissed off as all hell.

1st cameo of Valeria von Doom (Richards)

I originally was going to skip over this character as she is confusing as all hell. According to wikipedia's explanation, creators Chris Claremont and Salvador Larroca never got to resolve the story line of the character before Rafael MarĂ­n and Carlos Pacheco and Jeph Loeb took over Fantastic Four and changed things around for the Valeria von Doom, also known as Valeria Richards.

So, Valeria first appeared as Valeria von Doom and under the code name Marvel Girl. It was believed that she was the child of Victor von Doom and Sue Richards, who was somehow the Baroness von Doom, meaning she had somewhere and sometime married Dr. Doom in this alternate universe.

Actually, it was in an alternate future. Things get quite kooky concerning this character concerning that, and I am no expert when it concerns Valeria Richards or her comic character evolution.

Alright, here's how she debuts in this issue, along side an adult Franklin Richards and one Baroness Sue von Doom.

I will try to explain the best I can and she doesn't end up being Doom's daughter at all. In fact, she is the 2nd child of Reed and Sue Richards. 

I was going to do this all under the same listing but I fear it might be super confusing. I decided to section them off, so the next issue in this key issues list will get to the 1st full appearance of Valeria.

Yes, this character is confusing but her future self is actually connected to her as Valeria Richards as we shall get to in Part 3 to this Dr. Doom key issues series. Bear with me here and hopefully I'll be able to explain it.

March, 1999 is the cover date for Fantastic Four #15 volume 3.

1st full Valeria von Doom (Richards)
1st named Marvel Girl

Okay, since Fantastic Four #15 only had Valeria in basically just one page, her next appearance in this very issue should definitely be considered a 1st full appearance. It is kinda funky because she just pops up in the story in a what the hell kind of moment.

In her debut, the Fantastic Four do venture to the future reality, but this issue sees Valeria debut in the actual Marvel mainstream continuity. Here's how she literally just pops up.

Of course, a threat comes a long and then Valeria gets into her super powered mode. I believe this is the first time she reveals that her superhero name is Marvel Girl, and her first name is obviously revealed in this issue as well.

I am going to write this again, but it should be noted that this Valeria before the retcon does have super powers. As stated in the panels above, she has the ability to Time Dance, psionic powers, and can nullify Franklin's reality manipulating powers.

The reason why has them labeled as "potentially" is because after the retcon, Valeria did not seem to possess any super powers. However, she did retain an intellect that is on par with her father.

We will get to this retcon in the next issue, but Fantastic Four #20 from the 1998 series has the cover date of August, 1999.

Origin Valeria von Doom
Resets character of Valeria Richards

Let's try to dive into this beast here and this issue is actually really important for the character of Valeria von Doom and Valeria Richards. Yes, it does explain somethings.

Actually, it does explain the origin of Valeria Richards as wel as her so-called future self. Let's take a look at the comic and then I'll connect some things to hopefully make it less confusing.

So that scene refers and connects that Valeria was actually the very baby who died during child birth in Fantastic Four #267 volume 1. Apparently, she did not die but Franklin sent her "some place else" where she grew up as Valeria.

Okay, let's see how this character gets reset. This is actually the origin of the character as Valeria Richards.

So as the world is threatened by Abraxas, the green dude talking about his nullifier, Franklin Richards does his thing and brings back Galactus.

So apparently there is climatic battle and all is well and good after. Adult Valeria has disappeared, but the end of the issue reveals this...

Sue Richards is pregnant again and not just a little. She is very pregnant and almost to term.

Yes, Franklin Richards did have something to do with this. No matter how I put this it's going to sound wrong but Franklin made his mother pregnant again and put Valeria back into her womb.

Important key to both Valeria von Doom and her as Valeria Richards, Fantastic Four #49 from the 1998 series has the cover date of January, 2002.

Birth of Valeria Richards
Origin of name

Yeah, I know most can't stand baby debuts for a character but this one is pretty unavoidable since her character was changed and revamped before Chris Claremont and Salvador Larroca could resolve the initial and original story line for the character. The character was reset in issue #49 and this obviously carries it out even further.

Valeria is born in the mainstream continuity with this issue, and does have her 1st full as Valeria Richards. Well, in the issue of Fantastic Four #50, those creatives did give us a sneak peek of Valeria in the womb of Sue Richards.

Yeah, they did go there and here are the panels of her in that issue before she is even born.

Panels from Fantastic Four #50 1998 series

I am not sure how they explain Sue Richards ever becoming the Baroness Doom and being married to him. Actually, I'm not sure if they ever explained that yet so far.

I dunno, I don't wanna get into the whole mind twist of it all. Fantastic Four #54 volume 3 does have the FF reluctantly call in a favor from none other than Doctor Doom himself to help Sue with giving birth.

Using a combination of science and magic, Doom is able to deliver the baby safely with a condition of course. This condition of Doom's was being able to name the child.

What does he name Reed and Sue's daughter? Valeria, of course. I believe Fantastic Four #54 is her first appearance as Valeria Richards. Well, unless you want to count the scene in Fantastic Four #50 where she is a baby in Sue's womb as shown prior.

Here's her full debut as a Richards in issue #54 after she is born. 

Dooma! That made me laugh. I would've done it so I guess I'm crass and without style.

Alright, did my best in trying to explain this character and the comics that reveal all these changes and resets to her. It is revealed in the Unthinkable story line that Doom did cast a spell on Valeria and made her his "familiar spirit" and could see from her eyes.

So the future character of Valeria as Marvel Girl from the future is still connected to Valeria Richards in the present timeline. I am not sure if they ever explained how she became a von Doom or why she claimed she was the child of Doom and Sue Richards.

Don't think I really care. March, 1999 is the cover date for Fantastic Four #15 volume 3.

Death of Valeria
New mystical armor

John Byrne did humanzie Victor von Doom more, but the truth of the matter is Doctor Doom is still an all-out villain. You can try to make him have a lost love, a ward he takes in, but in the end, Doom doesn't want to share in ruling the world. He wants to rule it himself.

A man with this kind of ambition has to be ruthless in order to gain that amount of power in order to achieve such a feat. There is a reason why this story line is called Unthinkable too.

Here we go: Remember, Dr. Doom's childhood love Valeria? Well, at the end of this story Victor von Doom reclaims his villainy and told the only woman he ever really loved that he made a pact with powerful demons in order to gain immense power.

 What was the bargain or sacrifice? I think you know.

Badass! Valeria's flesh is turned into a new mystical armor for Doom. This issue also expands on the story of Valeria and Doom.

In Fantastic Four Annual #2, a representative of the university sought out Victor for a scholarship. This comic changes that and it was a representative of the U.S. military instead.

Ruthless villainy welcomes ye back Dr. Doom and who doesn't love a ruthless comic villain? Fantastic Four #67 volume 3 has the cover date of May, 2003.

Extended origin of Doom
Origin of Cynthia von Doom 

Books of Doom #1
Books of Doom #2
Books of Doom #3
Books of Doom #4
Books of Doom #5
Books of Doom #6

Gonna change the format up a bit, and I'm going to start this off by saying this over-looked limited series is for Dr. Doom fans. I mean, fans who love the character and want to know more about the extended back story to him, his mother, father, his childhood love, and the rivalry with the royal Fortunov family.

I do not know how spec worthy this comic series is and don't really care. It's a really good read that sheds a lot of light on the character and was written by Ed Brubaker.

If you like extended origins with a lot more detail and are a fan of Dr. Doom, this series just may be one to get for the pure enjoyment of reading. Speculating? Not so sure.

Cover dates are through January, 2006 to June, 2006 for Books of Doom #1-6.

1st cameo of Caroline le Fay (issue #1 in 2 panels)
1st full Carolina le Fay (issue #2)

Here it is and why I even added Iron Man #150 as minor key in this series. Created by Cullen Bunn and Will Sliney, this is Doctor Doom and Morgana le Fay's daughter and Caroline le Fay debuts in this little known comic series that stars Misty Knight and Valkyrie in a group called the Fearless Defenders.

No surprise that Caroline le Fay takes after mommy and daddy and is a villain in the Fearless Defenders comic series. 

Fearless Defenders #1 also has the debuts of Annabelle Riggs and Mr. Raven, who are main supporting characters for the comic series. I believe the series was cancelled with issue #12 and the new team of Valkyrior was first assembled by Valkyrie in Fearless Defenders #3.

It is a fun comic series. I am becoming a fan of Cullen Bunn's work in comics.

A bit about Caroline le Fay? Okay, here's the freeze-dried version of the character. As mentioned before, she is the child of Victor von Doom and Morgana le Fay.

The notations beside the cover states that she has a 2 panel cameo on a single page in issue #1 and she is called by her last name. Here's how her cameo debut or intro goes down in issue #1 of Fearless Defenders.

Issue #2 of the series has her full appearance in 9 panels on two pages. Caroline is fully named in issue #2 as well and here's how the character appears in Fearless Defenders #2 below. 

I know I did not mention this comic above in the listing's title, but I might as well since I'm already here with the character. I always try to give a little information for those who may not know yet.

The character's origin is told in Fearless Defenders #4AU and explains that Doom and Morgana got it on sometime during his many travels to the past. Morgana sent the child to the future (present) and she was raised by her followers.

Bam! We've got mommy and daddy issues with this one.

Am I saying this is a major Doom key or should be one? Nope! All I am saying is that these comics hold the debut of Dr. Doom's child who does end up being a villain in the main Marvel universe. Caroline le Fay is Doom kin.

Issue #1 has two 1:50 variant covers by Mike Deodato Jr. and Milo Manara. There is also a Skottie Young cover.

Deodato variant
Manara variant
Young variant

Issue #2 has this 1:50 variant cover by Marcos Martin. Pretty cool retro-looking cover. Actually, I like both the regular and variant covers for issue #2.

The Deodato and Manara covers for issue #1 are pretty cool as well. As most know, I'm not a big variant fan. Doesn't mean that I don't make exceptions, but I put throw them on here in case some do like them.

April, 2013 is the cover for Fearless Defenders #1 and was on sale in February. Fearless Defenders #2 has the cover date of May, 2013 and was on sale in March of the same year according to information gathered by Mike's Amazing World.


Most of these comics were going to be talked briefly about in the outro of Part 2. Obviously, I decided to "expand" it to a 3rd part.

Many of these are bargain bins. Many aren't on the radars of most collectors and I think most don't even know about these comics or even that Valeria Richards is connected to her future self of Valeria von Doom or Marvel Girl. What about Doom naming Reed and Sue's 2nd child?

Valeria Richards does have a pretty close relationship with Doom. He genuinely has affections for her, but then again, we saw what he did the woman he named the child after.

I am going to stop here with the request, but as always, I am open to suggestions if you think a "key" relating to Doom should be on here. Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #12?


  1. I'm gonna wait for Part 2 before I weigh in on suggestions of books that I think should be included.
    On another note. I know your a Werewolf by Night fan Mr. Mayhem. I just got a VF/NM copy of Werewolf by Night #15 with the classic Ploog Werewolf vs Dracula cover.


  2. Good evening gents,

    just ordered the 2nd appearance of Groot
    for 30 in 6.5. The first appearance is far
    to rare, so Hulk King Size Annual 5 was
    my choice. Mayhem, Nate, your comments


    1. It's a good book to have if your a Groot fan. His 1st appearance is way out of range for most collectors. To be honest, I think you overpaid though. I was able to get a 9.2 copy for $40 just last year. I would also try to pickup Where Monsters Dwell #6 which reprints his 1st appearance.


    2. Weird Wonder Tales 19 also reprints 1st Groot and is more affordable than Where Monsters Dwell. It has the 1st app of Doctor Druid also.

    3. Depends if the price was a BIN or Auction. I am certain in auction format could be founder lower, but Buy It Now and asking prices tend to be around that range.

  3. Hey Nate,

    you are right. According to the new Overstreet
    Guide this book is around 20 bucks in 6.5. But
    I see great potential for the future. Don' t think
    Marvel/Disney are going to damage that character.
    And since I don't collect reprints, that issue was
    my first choice.


    1. Groot is actually my favorite character in the Guardians of the Galaxy flicks so far. Funny how even non-comic book fans know who Groot is now. Actually, funny how even some comic fans are aware of the character of Groot, or should I say speculators?

  4. I would also recommend these DR. Doom stories:
    FF#17 - continues story from FF#16
    FF#39-#40 FF lose there powers. Dr. Doom seizes control of Baxter Building. Daredevil helps the FF get back there headquarters. CLASSIC STORY
    Hero for Hire Vol.1 #8-#9 Dr. Doom stiffs Luke Cage out of $200. Luke Cage travels to Latveria in a stolen plane to get his money. CLASSIC STORY
    Marvel Super-Villain Team-up Vol.1 series - Dr. Doom headlines
    Emperor Doom Marvel Graphic Novel - Dr. Doom uses mind control from another villain to bring the world under his control.
    There are probably some other good ones. These are the main ones that came to mind.