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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Modern Age Spider-Man Key Issues Part 3


Okay, so in Part 2, there was a comment by a Joe Gualtieri that corrected me concerning that Web of Spider-Man #116 was the return of Ben Reilly or the Spider Clone. He said it was Web of Spider-Man #114 and he seems to be correct: the clone does show up in shadow but is not fully identifiable in that issue.

He is in 2 panels and then shows up in Spider-Man #48 very briefly again. He is not identifiable in that issue either and is not identifiable in the 4 panels that he appears next in Web of Spider-Man #115.

To make a long story short, he's pretty much not identifiable until Spectacular Spider-Man  #216. In the outro and for anyone who are fans of the Clone Saga, I'll have the issues that deal with the big lead up and return of the Spider-Clone.

Fulfilling this request has been quite a challenge so far. Here are some more Modern Age Spider-Man key issues, and I'm pretty sure you all saw the first one that kicks off Part 3 comin'! Regardless, hope you all enjoy.

1st Ben Reilly as Scarlet Spider
 1st solo Scarlet Spider story

Not really sure why Overstreet and any of the third party grading companies are neglecting to note this as Ben Reilly's debut as Scarlet Spider. They do note it as the 1st Scarlet Spider solo story.

Are they considering the Spider-Clone as simply Scarlet Spider or something? I do know that Ben Reilly does help Peter out in Spider-Man #51 and Spectacular Spider-Man #217.

He does don a pseudo costume look in those two issues, but it surely isn't Scarlet Spider. For reference, here's his get up in those two issues and panel references are from Spider-Man #51.

From Spider-Man #51

Spidey mask and gloves in street clothing? Hardly a costume that's associated with the Scarlet Spider. Web of Spider-Man #118 clearly sees Ben Reilly make the choice of becoming a hero (something he was wrestling with in the story arc) and even adopting a more official look.

He is not named Scarlet Spider in this comic, and this appearance actually reminds me of Hobgoblin's first appearance where you see him dressing up and then a big ole splash page at the end.

And there it is. Is that really enough for a 1st full? Dunno, but this isn't even being noted as an "Intro" of Ben Reilly as Scarlet Spider either. He does appear on the cover also.

He does not meet Venom just yet and is not given his superhero code name just yet either. As the bottom of the page says, that all happens in Spider-Man #52.

In case you didn't know, the reprint version is the one with the blank UPC. Cover will be shown for your reference, and it is the comic that came with the Toy Biz Marvel Legends action figure - "Scarlet Spider".

Mycomicshop pegs that action figure as a KB Toys exclusive if anyone cares. 

Newsstand Edition no "Direct Market" type | Cover of reprint on the right

There are newsstand copies of this comic issue as well. Like there wouldn't be, right? 

I mean, newsstand editions are so well-known now. Just being a smart ass and cover is also shown next to the reprint for reference. Actually, it is the first cover of that image.

Above image is for the direct market and most likely newsstand copies. Not a key issue debut that's a high submission priority for most in the comic speculation, comic investing or comic collecting realms of the hobby.

There were two extra entries added in the census so the total is 222. Could've been updated with even more by the time this is published.

Might as well mention the CGC Census for the reprint, and it's pretty easy since there's only one currently in the census and it's a 9.4 NM. Forgot to add that the reprint came out in 2001.

So, debut of Ben Reilly as Scarlet Spider, and this is Part 1 of Return of the Exile story line which is still part of the 2nd Clone Saga, Web of Spider-Man #118 has the cover date of November, 1994.


2nd Ben Reilly as Scarlet Spider
1st time Scarlet Spider named
1st Scarlet Spider & Venom meeting & battle

It is clear that Ben Reilly suits up in Scarlet Spider's original duds in Web of Spider-Man #118, and it does debut the character as Scarlet Spider. This issue does see Ben Reilly as Scarlet Spider a hell of a lot more in his 2nd appearance than in his 1st appearance in Web of Spider-Man #118.

To be on the safe side, I'm just going to note this issue of Spider-Man #52 as Scarlet Spider's 2nd appearance. Just saying this issue being a 1st full may be an arguable possibility also, but I'm not exactly pushing for it.

This issue also does see the character named for the first time, and it is a reporter who bestows Reilly's superhero name upon him. Here's how it goes down.

As the cover stated in Web of Spider-Man #118, Scarlet Spider's first super baddie he takes on in comics is none other than Venom. In that regard, this is the first meeting and battle between Scarlet Spider and Venom and this issue is not that well-known for it.

Actually, not even that well-known for being his 2nd appearance and the first time he is named Scarlet Spider.

Scarlet Spider would next show up fully in Spider-Man Unlimited #7 and have a cameo in Spectacular Spider-Man #218. Both issues have same cover date and on sale date.

Spider-Man #52 also has the cover date of November, 1994 but came out a week earlier than the two comics mentioned above this paragraph. Okay, Spider-Man #52 was released September 20th, 1994 according to Previews vol 4 #7 (#67).

Spider-Man Unlimited #7 and Spectacular Spider-Man #218 came out the 27th.

1st appearance of Kaine

Oh, the Jackal and his damn clones. Crazy story line, and just when you thought there was only one clone, us readers get slapped in the face with another.

One is a lonely number after all, and what would be a clone without a first prototype that somehow survived? Pretty darn boring and adding a third to this love triangle of self-love and loathing made the Spidey titles a weekly soap opera fans surely didn't want to miss back in ole 1994.

Then again, it may have made some fans throw up their hands and completely drop the character. Hey, you never know, you know? Remember when Dan Slott killed off Peter Parker and the whole Superior Spider-Man thing-a-ma-bob? Some fans threw death threats Dan's way.

Okay, so Kaine is the first prototype Peter Parker clone that didn't turn out so great in the eyes of Jackal. Much like Venom and even the Ben Reilly Spider Clone, Kaine starts off as an adversary and super villain and then becomes sort of a goodie guy.

He does not show up that much in this comic. Here's how much Kaine shows up and not sure if it's good enough for a simple 1st appearance or if we need to have a 1st full for the next time he shows up.

So, Kaine only shows up on one page and he is in shadow and never fully shown. Not sure if that's enough to constitute a first full appearance, but, then again, they did change Fantastic Four #67 to a 1st appearance of HIM even though he's only in 3 panels.

CGC does note this issue as the 1st appearance of Kaine, however. Overstreet doesn't note it as the debut of Kaine. I wonder if this debut will be challenged in the future since there really isn't much of the character on one page.

Anyway, Kaine does end up becoming the 2nd Scarlet Spider in the newer stuff and this is his first appearance in comics. Definitely a more easy debut to acknowledge than the clone that would become Spidercide, and here's how he debuts in this very issue.

Getting ahead of ourselves here, Kaine was the Jackal's first attempt at cloning Peter Parker and was discarded when he started showing early signs of degeneration. Feelings of rejection? A bit of bitterness toward Ben Reilly?

Sure thing. That's just how it goes.

Web of Spider-Man #119 has the cover date of December, 1994 with the release date of October 4th. I can see this one being challenged in the near future and the next appearance of Kaine being argued and considered as a 1st full. 

2nd or 1st full appearance of Kaine?

It's an action-packed issue as Ben Reilly and Venom have yet another fight in this comic. Seems Venom and Scarlet Spider sure do like playing with one another.

Alright, since I wasn't so sure about Web of Spider-Man #119 as a full appearance of Kaine, let's take a look at how this issue reveals him.

Then his noggin' shows up on the last page of this issue also, making that a total of 4 pages and more than enough panel appearances. Dunno, but according to other comic examples from the past and recently, this may be a great candidate for a 1st full.

Well, he is definitely not in shadow and the character is clearly visible or identifiable. He's also in the issue a hell of lot more than 4 shadowy figures and a hand. Ooooo!

Didn't really expect this comic to be heavy in the CGC Census as it's definitely a sleeper. Heck, Web of Spider-Man #118 as the current 1st appearance of Kaine isn't all that poppin' in the census either.

We shall see how this one develops in the near future. I do love the cover by Tom Stanford Lyle.

I was able to locate a cover of a newsstand edition of this issue. Very top cover image to this listing is a direct market edition.

UPC has "Direct Edition" in the UPC box. Newsstand doesn't have it in the UPC if you did not know. October 18th is the release date for Spider-Man #53 and the cover date is December, 1994.

Return of Jackal (Miles Warren)

And this bastard returns. No Punisher though.

So Miles Warren as the Jackal makes his comeback and on the very last page of this comic of course. This would also begin the highly confusing story arc of which is the real Peter Parker.

Seriously and no kidding, the Jackal comes back and messes with Parker, his clones, and the readers in a game that makes everyone question who is the original Peter Parker. Jackal even throws down a hint that the current Spidey in this issue just may be one of his clones.

As most comic villains who are impressed by their own genius, Miles Warren explains how he cheated death.

The suspense and intrigue begins and a whole story arc of who is the real Peter Parker will play out in the Clone Saga. CGC? This issue is pretty much a sleeper but it did supposedly bring back Miles Warren as the Jackal and it's safe to say he is a major baddie of the Clone Saga.

Shall we even bother to look at the CGC Census for this issue? It's pretty much a sleeper and most probably don't see this as a big key in the world of Spidey. Don't blame either.

Census was actually better than I thought it would be when it came to this issue. Thought it would be even less than it already is.

Some may argue if this is a key at all, but like it or not, quite a few things happened in the Clone Saga that defined the 90s age of Marvel Spider-Man and even beyond. Some characters and returns even stuck.

Newsstand Edition image to left over there for reference. By 1995, newsstand distribution for Marvel was apparently only 10% of the market.

According to Previews vol. 4 #7 (#71), this comic was released or hit the comic shops January 10th and March, 1995 is the cover date to Amazing Spider-Man #399.

1st appearance 3rd Peter Parker clone (Spidercide)

What to label or note this bastid is a tricky one. The 3rd Peter Parker clone, the one that Jackal tried to confuse Spidey and Scarlet Spider as being the real Peter Parker in suspended animation for all those years, first debuted as another clone.

He was definitely a red herring character and introduced to cause confusion and get readers to want to know how this all was going to play out and who was the real Peter Parker and Spider-Man. I was not among them at the time.

So the clone that would eventually become Spidercide emerges from a pod that has kept him in stasis for quite while. He does not remember who he is at first, but would later believe himself to be the real Peter Parker.

That is until his genetic programing comes forth and wrecks all sorts of havoc by shape shifting and stuff. That happened in Spectacular Spider-Man #224, and, no, I'm not going to feature that one.

Spidercide was created by Tom DeFalco and Sal Buscema. He shows up in 4 panels and that full page shown above. The last three panels he is in this comic is on the last page of the story as shown below.

Newsstands are out there for this issue also if you're into those. This Parker clone's next appearance would be in Web of Spider-Man #123.

Spectacular Spider-Man #222 has the cover date of March, 1995. The issue was released January 24th of the same year.

Death of Aunt May
Aunt May reveals she knows Peter is Spider-Man
Ben Reilly 1st meets Mary Jane

This comic has sorta seen price increases in recent years in the OPG. I'm really not all that much for deaths of important characters anymore unless it actually impacted how comic publishers and/or writers approached the subject.

Not to say that ASM #121 and #122 aren't important. The death of Gwen Stacy during the time was a game changer as I've said many of times.

No longer were important supporting characters off limits when it came to dying in the pages of comics. At the time, it was unheard of to pull such a move. That death made comic history.

This death in this issue? I dunno about it being historical in that sense but some are saying that this is a classic Spidey story..

It is a J.M. DeMatteis story, full of emotion and hits heavy, but I don't think Aunt May's death really changed the landscape of comics in terms of what or what wasn't off limits. In short, it didn't really push the envelope any more or less.

Besides, we all know that the character ended up coming back later, but this comic has seen a bit more interest for Spidey fans and collectors. It should be noted and not neglected that this issue also has Aunt May reveal to Peter that she's known he is Spider-Man for quite a while.

And I might as well show the supposed death of Aunt May.

Overstreet acknowledges three versions of this comic and they are the newsstands, embossed grey covers and the collectors edition (white embossed cover) that had a print run of around 10,000. Covers are below for reference.

2.95 cover price
Grey embossed
White embossed

Back Image
Grey embossed
Back Image
White embossed

If you luckily received the white embossed collector's edition in a comic lot without knowing, congrats on that and it does happen. Here's how the CGC Census looks so and it is confusing.

I have no idea what CGC is doing here when it comes to labeling their census, but the first example states that it is an "embossed wrap around cover". I have no idea if they intend that to be the newsstand edition, although the newsstand cover does not wrap around. The newsstand is not die-cut either, and that is the only CGC Census listing that doesn't refer to any cover being die-cut.

I could be wrong, but I only know of 3 versions of this issue so far.

I'm assuming the "die-cut" is the grey embossed cover and the "die-cut variant" is the white embossed cover. Confusing as all fuddah muck, so if you know what's up with this, please edu-ma-cate me on this!

Also, I have no idea why they're labeling the $2.95 cover the "newsstand edition" when the UPC says "Direct Edition"? I'm no expert but I'm guessing the grey embossed cover's "die-cut" were the direct market edition?

There are UPCs on the back of the grey embossed covers that state "Direct Edition" on them. The back of the white embossed variants simply state "1 of 10,000".

No offense to anyone but the grey and white embossed covers are pretty darn ugly. Just an opinion comment there.

Ben Reilly 1st meets Mary Jane at the end of the first story, and The Parker Legacy back up story begins in this issue and explains what happened to Ben Reilly while he exiled himself for 5 years. Amazing Spider-Man #400 has the cover date of April 1995.

1st appearance Phil Urich as Green Goblin 

No key issue list is complete without showcasing the debut of the 4th baddie to take up the mantle of arguably the most iconic Spidey foe. Yep, Bart Hamilton was after ole Harry Osborn and then it was Phil Urich took up the mantle after ole Bart.

Yes, he is the nephew of Ben Urich from the Daily Bugle, but he does not show up as the Green Goblin just yet in this issue. Here's the debut of this new Green Goblin.

There is a hologram 3-D Live Action Holodisk Cover. It has that weird gimmicky hologram disk on the cover, and that cover image is shown up at the top of this listing.

Once again, I have no idea why the other variant cover is being called the newsstand edition when it says Direct Edition in the UPC. No clue when it comes to that but it does have a different price of $2.95 while the gimmicky cover has a $3.95 cover price.

Gotta love the 90s, eh? It is what it is, and it seems some of the market may be confused concerning the two copies out there.

CGC Census screen shot just for shits 'n giggles. Maybe different by the time you read this, depending on when you read this. I have no idea which one either are referring to.

Is the first one the holodisk or is the holodisk the variant? I tried checking the actual labels but can't find any examples of the $2.95 slabs and whether they say "variant" on them or what.

Just to make things clear that Phil Urich as Green Goblin does appear more in the issue than just that page reference above.

Web of Spider-Man #125 has the cover date of June, 1995 and the release date of April 4th. Phil Urich's 2nd appearance as the Green Goblin would be in Spectacular Spider-Man #225.

Peter Parker revealed to be clone
Ben Reilly revealed to be original

Will the real Peter Parker please stand up, please stand up?

Back in ole 1995, this shocking move and reveal was received about as well as when DC decided to depower Wonder Woman, giving her a pretty bland white costume and making her a master of Kung Fu instead. Because this was such a blunder of a move, it deserves to be here.

A key issue? Sure, a key issue of what not to do or to never do again, but is that really all that true? I mean, Ben being the real Peter Parker and the clone running around as Peter Parker since Amazing Spider-Man #149 is a whole lot of "What you talking about, Willis?", but it was reversed not long after.

The reversal even led to the return of one Norman Osborn to explain how all this wonderful confusion really came about and by whom. Oh, snap, did I just spoil that?

So, top key issue blunder for Spider-Man during the 90s, but this move did yield some results that we are stuck with currently. I'll let you decide whether they were good or bad results.

With the release date of May 23rd, Spectacular Spider-Man #226 has the cover date of July, 1995.

  • 1st appearance as Spidercide
  • Prologue to Maximum Clonage

In Spectacular Spider-Man #226, Jackal breaks out a costume and teases that yet another Peter Parker clone will be suiting up to do his personal bidding. It's not yet known who this new clone is.

Spidercide debuts in this issue but is not named either. The character does show up fully here, however.

This issue apparently is the prologue to the Maximum Clonage story line. Spidercide was created by J.M. Dematteis and Mark Bagley.

I think I'm gonna keep this listing short. Not that it's not a great debut or key issue or anything.

Just that this post is getting mighty long. Pretty much a sleeper for sure at the time of this writing, and I could not even find this issue in the CGC Census.

The New Warriors #61 has the cover date of July, 1995 and it was released May 30th.

Part 1 to Maximum Clonage story
1st appearance of Helix (New Warriors)
2nd appearance Spidercide
Spidercide name revealed

Maximum Clonage is a story event that has gotten a lot of flack over the years. I wouldn't say it's all that highly regarded and it's often referred to as the pseudo finale to the Clone Saga.

This comic also has the first battle between Ben Reilly as Scarlet Spider and Spidercide. During the battle it is revealed that Spidercide is indeed the Parker clone that genetically went haywire in Spectacular Spider-Man #224, as Reilly called the monstrosity "Freakface" and Spidercide recalled the insult.

Spidercide's name is revealed for the first time in comics as well. How he gets that name is told in his origin story of sorts in a comic that came out shortly after. Released June 13th, Spider-Man: Maximum Clonage Alpha has the cover date of August, 1995 and the cover and pencils are done by Ron Lim.

1st chronological appearance of Spidercide
Origin of Spidercide

This one here is an interesting key when it comes to the Spidercide clone. This issue came out after New Warriors #61 and Spider-Man Maximum Clonage Alpha, but it does have an origin of Spidercide.

So the Jackal is downloading more information into the Spidercide clone's head. It is revealed that this clone is the same clone in Spectacular Spider-Man #224 and that he was resurrected.

The first splash page references that the events in this issue takes place between Spectacular Spider-Man #226 and New Warriors #61 (debut of Spidercide).

Like the above page says, Jackal is gonna download some information into this clone. Most of this comic is pin ups with information about quite a few characters like the Scarlet Spider, Spider-Man, Kaine, Jackal, Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane, etc, and the bios are narrated by the Jackal himself complete with instructions on how to handle each character.

Jackal also downloaded a program into the Spidercide clone, and when he end ups "initiating" it at the end, this clone will be ready to wreck havoc with all the new information and objectives it's acquired. Spectacular Spider-Man #226 showed Jackal bust out a costume for the clone but we didn't get to see him in his costume in that issue.

We do see him in his duds in this issue though.  Spidercide then appears chronologically in New Warriors #61.

Spidercide's 2nd appearance is in Spider-Man: Maximum Clonage Alpha (released June 13th) and that issue has the first time he reveals him name of Spidercide and that Jackal (Dad) came up with it. Obviously this issue shows how Jackal came up with the name.

Can't believe I actually found a listing over at the CGC Census for this sleeper. Don't think this issue is all that well-known.

Spider-Man: The Jackal Files was released June 27th and has the cover date of August, 1995.

  • Death of Jackal
  • Death of Spidercide
  • Finale to Maximum Clonage

Okay, so we have the death of the Jackal and Spidercide in this issue. Not really a big deal, me thinks.

However, before this issue, Peter Parker is moping around because he thinks he's the clone, and at the end of this issue, he believes Ben deserves to take back the Spider-Man legacy.

As shown in the panels above. Ben is unsure just yet and the tale continues in Web of Spider-Man #128.

So let's recap here. Mary Jane revealed to Peter that she was pregnant with his child in Spectacular Spider-Man #220. That revelation would later spawn it's own mystery story arc (one I've talked abut here before but pretty briefly in one of the comments on another post) and would lead to the creation of another Spidey character in an alternate universe.

We'll get to her in a bit. So, I believe Peter ends up hanging up the Spider-Man gig pretty soon after, because Mary Jane is pregnant with his baby and he wants to concentrate on being a father.

Yeah, right? As if anyone was really buying that reason. Too really-world for comics, yo! I'm totally kiddin'.

So, I'm gonna spoil things like I normally do. Web of Spider-Man #128 has Ben refuse Peter's offer of reclaiming the Spider-Man legacy for the meantime. As we all know, Ben does end up becoming Spider-Man for a while until they, they as in those at Marvel, figured out that was yet another horrible idea.

I figure I'll present all the books in the Maximum Clonage event. There's the covers below.

Spider-Man Maximum Clonage Alpha

Spider-Man Maximum Clonage Alpha
Gold Variant est. 2000
Web of Spider-Man #127

The Amazing Spider-Man #404

Spider-Man #61

The Spectacular Spider-Man #227

Spider-Man Maximum Clonage Omega

Spectacular Spider-Man #227 is the death of Kaine, but whoopty doo. We all know he returns later on.

Concerning the Spider-Man Maximum Clonage Omega issue, there are apparently error copies distributed with the cover for Double Edge Alpha Punisher #1.

Dunno, first I've ever heard about it and that tid-bit came from mycomicshop. Guess the image is what it looks like on the inside of the cover.

I could not find any information about Spider-Man Maximum Carnage Omega over at the CGC Census at the time of this writing. Same thing with Alpha

August, 1995 is the cover date for Spider-Man: Maximum Clonage Omega and it was released July 4th.

Holy moly, this one took a long ass time to complete. This is not the time when I was still reading Spidey comics.

Funny how during the time I completely rejected all this and refused to read them only to have to read them 22 years later.

As promised, these are the issues that hint at the return of Ben Reilly and precede the issues where he is finally revealed, as in visible, in Spectacular Spider-Man #216 and then finally verified.

Web of Spider-Man #114

Spider-Man #48

Web of Spider-Man #115

Spider-Man #49

Spectacular Spider-Man #215

Web of Spider-Man #116

Amazing Spider-Man #393

Spider-Man #50
1st as Grim Hunter
Spectacular Spider-Man #216
Ben Reilly finally shown

Okay, so Spider-Man #50 that has the 1st as Grim Hunter notation means it's the 1st time Vladimir Kravinoff appears as Grim Hunter. Vladimir has a 1st brief appearance in Spider-Man #47 in 3 panels. Spider-Man #50 should be his 1st full appearance and his first as Grim Hunter.

One note here: Even though, I am not a big fan of Spidey comics during this time, the third Amazing Spider-Man flick was supposed to be based off the Clone Saga. All I am saying is that if it was on the table once over in Hollyweird, chances are the concept has more than a good chance of being revisited and considered.

See you back here for more comic fun and hopefully soon. I do believe Ace requested a Sin Eater Special?

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  1. Did anyone say "Sin Eater Special"?
    Yeah! Bring it on.... As Nate said, this
    one' s gonna pick on your brain, Mayhem
    By the way, remember that talkin' Venom
    toy from waay back in the 90' s? It said
    cool things like "I wanna eat your brain"
    A remake would be nice.


  2. Web of Spider-Man #118 & #119 have both been seeing heat lately in the market. Not sure why. I see many sellers selling both issues together in the same listing.
    Okay Mayhem. Here are my latest snags:
    Marvel Spotlight #2 1st Werewolf by Night VG/FN
    Our Army at War #128 Sgt. Rock origin FN/VF
    G.I. Combat #75 Grey tone cover VG/FN
    Incredible Hulk #228 1st Moonstone NM-
    Justice League of America #217 So Much Fun Variant NM
    Inhumans Vol. 2 #1 Newsstand Edition NM


    1. Wow, really nice haul there, Nate. Speaking of G.I. Combat, always wanted the first Haunted Tank in iss #87. Haunted Tank covers are my favorites, really bad ass. Still want a high grade Marvel Spotlight #2 1st Werewolf by Night...Damn comic hits a sore spot with me. How hard of a find was the Our Army at War #128 SGT. Rock origin? Love the cover to that issue also!

      What's next in your sights?

    2. Thanks Mayhem.
      I'm not sure man. Whatever key issues come up that I don't have for a good price. I'm starting to cut down a little on purchases unless it's a can't pass up deal. I also like the GI Combat Haunted Tank books. I already have #88, #91 and #114. The OAAW #128 is not hard to find but I wanted that one because it was a nice graded raw copy. I would prefer a higher grade Marvel Spotlight #2 but I got a good deal on this one. So I went for it. It's been climbing in price in all grades lately.


  3. Hey Nate,

    nice snaglist. Mine is a little shorter:

    Web of Spiderman 36 (1. Tombstone) raw
    for 2,40
    Legionnaires 16 Adam Hughes cover for
    15 raw - unfortunately it is not the variant
    so I probably paid to much...

    Max Rebo

    1. Thanks Mr. Rebo
      I'm actually not a big fan of the early Adam Hughes stuff and would not buy the Legionnaires 16 unless it was the DCU variant. Not a bad buy on the Web of Spider-Man 36 if it's VF or better.


    2. Yo, Rebo, just a suggestion, but I'd also look into Spectacular Spider-Man #137 and #138 too. If you can find those cheap, get 'em just in case a first full challenge happens in the near or distant future.

  4. Hey Nate,

    you' re welcome. I can ad Mister
    Miracle 1 (2017) plus the Variant to
    my list! For 11 bucks I' m pretty happy
    about that, cause the regular issue
    made 20 bucks on ebay, and I stepped
    out of bidding. I heard the new series
    is a very good read, so 15 $ would
    have been ok for me.

    Max Rebo

    1. I'm hoping the new series will make his 1st appearance more popular since I have a VF copy of it. I've been watching the sells lately and it looks like they are increasing. Maybe a good time to put mine on the market.


  5. That Spiderman 400 is non embossed cover is NOT newsstand...ALL say direct on them..greyish embossed cover is the one that has rare newsstand versions...Cgc will figure it out...eventually...