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Friday, September 15, 2017

Marvel Canadian Newsstand Key Comics & More Part D-F

We are back with Part D and E to these Canadian Newsstands from the good ole 80s, and some refer to them as Canadian price variants. Despite the title stating "key comics", there will be some minor keys and some issues that aren't even considered keys. I will try to limit those as much as possible.

If you missed Part B & C click the link for a quick detour. If not, let's get to it since I haven't posted much recently.


Daredevil #179
Death of Elektra
Daredevil #187
New Black Widow costume
1st Chaste (in shadow)
Daredevil #189 
Death of Stick

Daredevil #188
1st full Chaste
1st full Stone, Shaft & Claw

Daredevil #190
Return of Elektra/resurrection of
Daredevil #191
Classic Russian Roulette story
Daredevil #196 
1st  Lord Dark Wind (Kenji Oyama)

Daredevil #197
1st Yuriko Oyama
Daredevil #198
Bullseye gets Adamantium bones
Daredevil #202
1st appearance Micah Synn

Daredevil #203
1st appearance the Trump
Daredevil #204
1st appearance Crossbow
Daredevil #205
1st Gael (IRA)

Daredevil #227
Begins classic Born Again story arc
Daredevil #229
1st Maggie Murdock
Origin new facts
Daredevil #230
1st full appearance of Maggie Murdock

Daredevil #232
1st Nuke
Daredevil #233
Origin of Nuke

As far as I am aware, Daredevil Canadian Newsstands ran from #187-233, and I am not sure if there are any Daredevil annuls. If so, lemme know.


Dazzler #20
1st Dr. Sax & Johnny Guitar
Barbara London revealed as mom
Dazzler #21
1st appearance of Lois London & Nick Brown in flashback
Dazzler 22
Cameo of Lois London & 1st meeting between her and Dazzler

Alright, when it comes to Dazzler "key comics", is there really that many if at all except for issue #1 perhaps? Sure, this series debuted a bunch of very minor characters and even villains, and I surely wouldn't say they're anything major in the least.

However, there are a few to be aware of concerning Alison Blaire as a character with her own mythos. Issue #20 and #21 introduces Alison Blaire's half sister Lois London, who would become the super villain Mortis later on, but more important is the fact that issue #21 sees an expanding origin for Alison Blaire that explains her past family life.

So in issue #21, we also see Nick Brown in flashback and is the father of Lois London and the guy who eventually seduced Alison's mother, Katherine, away from Dazzler's real father, Carter Blaire. Nick Brown is shown as highly abusive in flashback.

Alright, Lois London is shown in flashback in the story to issue #21 and first debuts as a child in 5 panels on one page. She would then make a 2 panel cameo in the present timeline of the story in issue #22 at the very last page and then fully appear in issue #23. 

Issue #20 sees Lois London and Nick Brown in photos only, but that comic reveals that Katherine Blaire a.k.a Barbara London is Dazzler's mother. I think Dazzler's mom as Barbara London first appeared in Dazzler #19, but was shown in a photo in Dazzler #1 of the comic series.

Dazzler #23
1st Flame
Dazzler #27
Bill Sienkiewicz covers begin
Dazzler #33
Michael Jackson's Thriller swipe

Anyone growing up during this time remembers that Michael Jackson's Thriller album was huge. Not mention that Michael Jackson came out with one of the most remembered and influential music videos of all time for the song Thriller.

Even though I was beginning down the road of rock and metal fandom, I still have an enormous amount of respect for Michael Jackson to this day simply because of that album and music video. The Dazzler #33 cover homage or swipe is comic's way of capturing how huge that album and video was.

The Thriller music video was released December 2nd, 1983 and Dazzler #33 has the cover date of August, 1984 so the comic probably hit the stands in June.

Dazzler #38
1st iconic 80s costume
Dazzler #40
1st Outriders
Dazzler #42
Last iss. 80s run

Remember Dazzler's classic blue costume, the one that most fans remembered her wearing during the 80s and part of the 90s, the blue costume with the gold star on her left chest? Well, her showing off her new threads seems to have happened in Dazzler #38, and the issue also guest stars Wolverine and Colossus.

I normally don't consider last issues as keys, and I still don't consider this one a key either. Some are interested in last issues because it's widely believed that they had lower print runs. I just put that there for the hell of it. 

As far as I know, Dazzler Canadian Newsstand Editions or Price Variants during the 80s started with issue #20 and continued until the series was cancelled with issue #42.



Defenders #112
1st Moonglow (Arcanna)
1st Power Princess
1st Nuke (Albert Gaines)
Defenders #115
Overmind joins

Defenders #122
Son of Satan leaves
Hellcat leaves
1st Sassafras

Defenders #123
1st Cloud & Seraph
Defenders #125
Intro New Defenders
Defenders #130
Cloud joins team

Defenders #133
1st Manslaughter
Defenders #134
1st full Manslaughter
Defenders #138
Candy Southern joins

Defenders #143
1st Runner
1st Andromeda
Defenders #147
1st Interloper

Defenders #150
Origin Cloud

Canadian Newsstands for The Defenders comics during the 80s ran from issue #112 to issue #151. I am not sure if there were any Annuals.



Dr. Strange #59
1st Darkholders
Full re-intro Hannibal King
Dr. Strange #61
Origin Darkholders 
Origin Vampires
Dr. Strange #62
Death of Dracula
Death of Lilith

Okay, concerning Doctor Strange #59 of the volume 2 series, that issue is the full re-intro of Hannibal King. The character may have been last seen in comics in Tomb of Dracula #53 back in 1977.

Doctor Strange Canadian Newsstand variants ran from issue #55 to #81 as far as I know.

When it comes to the letter "E", there's the Ewok comic series. I think the cover price for Canadian variants concerning the Ewok #1-5 limited series all had 75 cent prices. U.S. regular price was 65 cents, I think.


Fantastic Four #247
1st Kristoff Vernard
Fantastic Four #254
1st John Byrne She-Hulk
Fantastic Four #260
1st Norman McArthur

Fantastic Four #265
She-Hulk joins FF
Fantastic Four #269
1st Terminus
Fantastic Four #272
1st Nathanial Richards

Fantastic Four #273
1st full Nathanial Richards
Origin of Warlord
Fantastic Four #286
Return of Jean Grey
Origin Phoenix Force

Once again, Fantastic Four #286 is noted by OPG as the 2nd appearance of X-Factor when the only sight of an X-Men besides Jean Grey is seen in flashback. This issue and the real debut of X-Factor was mentioned and explained in detail in the first post of this Marvel Canadian Newsstand variant series in the A Section.

Just click that link above in case you missed the first post or want to know why the real 1st appearance of X-Factor is actually in X-Factor #1 and not in the issues that they are currently labeled and noted as by Overstreet or possibly the grading companies. 

For the completionist and to my knowledge, 80s Canadian Newsstand variants for Fantastic Four comics began with issue #247 through #293. The Annuals ran from #17-19, and #19 had a $1.50 cover price.


Falcon #1
1st Sgt. Tork
Falcon #2
1st Terminus
Falcon #3
1st Nathanial Richards

Falcon #4

Wow, can we say an over-looked comic book series for a comic character that has recently gotten a lot of love on the big screen. Never mind the very first self-titled comic series starring Sam Wilson as the Falcon?

Well, it is what it is and this was a four issue limited series. I seriously doubt if this series was over-printed back in 1983, but just my assumption.

So who is Sgt. Tork? Well, he helped out the Falcon and Cap take some street gangs. He also was a character that was involved in the Sin-Eater stories in Spectacular Spider-Man.

If you got any suggestions or think something should be added here concerning Marvel Canadian newsstand variants from the 80s, chime in the comments section. There is the comic series The Further Adventure of Indiana Jones that had Canadian Newsstands from issue #1-33.

I dunno about that, but just letting you know. With all the storms popping up, I hope you and yours are okay and doing well.


  1. I noticed that Daredevil #188 was missing. 1st app. of The Chaste w/ a nice dark Daredevil & Black Widow cover. I like some of those Bill S. Dazzler covers.


    1. Thanks for catching that, Nate. Much appreciated.

  2. I have a DC Comics presents #87 1st Superboy-Prime. It's a newsstand with a higher cover price than the others I've noticed. I'm assuming it's also a Canadian newsstand. There is 1 on the cgc census listed as a Canadian Edition. Just an FYI.

  3. That's an awesome detailed article on Canadian Price Variants - fun stuff to read - saw the Falcon series the other day and had the same thought about over looked

    1. Mr. Sean McCall...just having fun doing these. Don't think too many are talking about the Falcon series.

  4. Hey y' all,

    Mr. Rebo has been in a Suicide Squad collectin'
    frenzy lately. First up was the first appearance
    of Oracle in Suicide Squad 23 (NM for 20). Then
    I had to get the Joker issues (Squad 48 & 49)
    for 40 in NM. Not exactly on the rise but who
    knows what the future might bring with a
    Joker movie a coming... Would be glad if
    anyone would like to share his thoughts on
    these 3 comics...

    Ye ole
    Max Rebo

    1. Some good pickups Max. All three are key issues from that series. Those books might rise if they ever do a Killing Joke story in a DCU film. Since they are post Killing Joke related. Joker movie coming. Batgirl movie coming. Maybe there's a chance. If you don't already have them. I would also suggest getting Legends #3, Suicide Squad #1 and Secret Origins #14 if your really into there copper age books. I also like #6 with the close up Deadshot cover.