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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Modern Age Spider-Man Key Comics Part 2

    Continuing with this Modern Age Spider-Man key issues section, and we have finally hit Part 2. Part 1 dealt with some Carnage keys or debut, but during this particular time, David Michelinie would step down from the Amazing Spider-Man title and J.M. DeMatteis would take over.

    Previously, DeMatteis took over the Spectacular Spider-Man title after Gerry Conway. Speaking of Gerry Conway, it seems that a particular story he had done earlier in the Amazing Spider-Man title would be further extended upon and continued.

    Alright, if you just newly stumbled upon this, that navigation menu over the right will take you to any part of this Modern Age section of Spider-Man key issues you wanna go to. Navigation links will also swing you to different sections or "ages" to this Spider-Man key comics series like Silver Age, Bronze Age and Copper Age. 

    If you're good to continue, here's the next batch and hope you enjoy.

    1st appearance Spider-Man 2099 (preview)

    I remember when Miles Morales was just starting to get a lot of hype. Heck the character only debuted in 2011, so it wasn't that long ago.

    Anyway, I remember Miles was trying to be hyped up for a few reasons - first black Spider-Man and also first Latino Spider-Man. 1st Latino Spider-Man?

    I do remember scratching my head and then pondering, What about Miguel O'Hara? Well, he is of Irish and Mexican descent, so I would think that would count.

    Whatever! Some were fans of Miguel O'Hara as Spider-Man 2099 and some were like, What the f--k? Then again, it was pretty much the same for Miles Morales as well. 

    Either way, I like the character and Miguel O'Hara and the whole Spider-Man 2099 thing was created by Peter David and Rick Leonardi.

    This 1st of Spider-Man 2099 is in a 5 page preview contained in this comic as noted conveniently on the cover. This is sneak preview of the 1st issue, so if that is a problem for ya like it is for me, you may consider Spider-Man 2099 #1 as the 1st full appearance of Spider-Man 2099.

    Another great thing about this particular issue of Amazing Spider-Man #365 is that it is the 30th anniversary issue of the Amazing Spider-Man. Holy gimmick hologram cover too.

    Some say that there are error copies of this comic and wouldn't doubt it. Seems like everything is being pimped as an "error" of some kind, and once again, in a hobby that has grading standards that scrutinize "defects", I think "error copies" based on printing/manufacture defects basically move the goal posts.

    Just my opinion, though, and there sure seems to be a collector's niche for them. Don't know much about error copies for this particular issue if there are any, so not gonna bother talking about them. 

    Amazing Spider-Man #365 has the cover date of August, 1992.

    SPIDER-MAN 2099 #1
    Origin of Spider Man 2099 begins
    1st Lyla, Tyler Stone & Alchemax
    1st 2099 Marvel Comics series

    Just my opinion but I don't agree with previews that basically "preview" the contents of a 1st issue. The main purpose of those pages and panels were created and intended for this comic issue, not necessarily the preview.

    In logical fairness, the only function of the "preview" was to promote this 1st issue. Despite that arguable debut consideration, this issue is full of comic goodness.

    In a historical sense, Spider-Man 2099 is the first comic to kick off the whole 2099 line of comics that Marvel put out during the 90s. That's right, the re-imagining of only a few Marvel characters such as Doctor Doom, Punisher, and Ravage happened at first before the imprint expanded it's line to Fantastic Four 2099, Ghost Rider 2099, Hulk 2099, X-Men 2099, and X-Nation 2099 just to name a few.

    Officially, this 2099 universe in Marvel Comics was designated as  Earth-928 but this world was actually revealed in the Superior Spider-Man Goblin Nation arc and Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #14 to be in the distant future of Earth-616. Therefore, it is part of mainstream now according to this retcon.

    Like mentioned before, Spider-Man 2099 kicks off this universe, and the series does have its own supporting characters and villains that surround the character of Miguel O'Hara and this world of Future Marvel. 

    The origin of Miguel O'Hara concludes with issue #3 of this comic series and begins with this issue. Cover to this comic is a gimmick red foil stamped thing.

    Word has it that these foil and chrome gimmick covers were not easy to manufacture or produce and had quite a bit of errors during printing production back in the day. Have yet to seen one for this issue, and I'm pretty sure the print run over-all was pretty large for this issue back when.

    While I was originally going to include Spider-Man 2099 key issues in this series, I have declined to do so and figure it would be best served with it's own key issue series. After all, Spider-Man 2099 does have his own mythos with its own cast of characters and villains.

    Although sharing the name "Spider-Man", I don't think they are necessarily all that important to Peter Parker as Spidey. Could be wrong but that's that.

    Do not get me wrong here: I will revisit the Spider-Man 2099 key comics later on in its own key issues series for sure, but until then, only Amazing Spider-Man #365 and this issue go on here.

    Spider-Man #2099 #1 has the cover date of November, 1992.

    1st appearance of Ann Weying

    The first appearance of Ann Weying, and if you don't know much about the character of Venom, you may just think, Who? Ann Weying is the ex wife of Eddie Brock, who left him after the whole news report scandal. Talk about a girl who stands by her man.

    This character would later become the first She-Venom. I wrote about this issue back in the Venom key issues series in 2014 and it does have the gimmicky foil cover that seemed to wow comic fans during the 90s.

    The comic has seen a little bit of heat since 2014, and like I figured, the character of Ann Weying will reportedly be in the Venom flick starring Tom Hardy. Many are already speculating that Ann may Venom-out and become She-Venom.

    Dunno about that, but her debut as She-Venom has already seen heat as well. Once again, this character popped up in a Spider-Man title, and I won't be rehashing the Venom key comics series in this beast.

    If you're curious to what else is on there, you can click that blue link in the paragraph above. So, no Lethal Protector or Venom's other titled series comics here.

    Same with Carnage. Anyway, here's how the CGC Census looks for this issue at the time of this writing. I have no idea which error printing the CGC Census is referring to.

    March, 1993 is the cover date of Amazing Spider-Man #375, and there is apparently a foil manufacturing error for this issue. Just for shits 'n giggles, I'll show ya what's being error-fied when it comes to these comics that should've went straight back to pulp.

    Error-Copy Off-Register

    Regular Cover Non-Error

    So, basically, the noticeable printing mess up is the the top headline "Giant Sized 30th blah blah blah", the Marvel Comics and Amazing Spider-Man logo and even the gold foil around both Venom and Spidey. 

    I think the degree of error varies. There are some covers that look more messed up than others, and the key word to that sentence is "messed up" as some just look ugly as...

    Just for reference, here's another example pertaining to this very issue. CGC supposedly puts some into the "Qualified" realm of grading.

    The Off-Register example is a Qualified slab, but the cover error without the foil is a Universal label. Confusing and wonky to me.

    Seriously, though, up to you and it is for certain that these are much more rare than the regular direct or newsstand copies. Might be fun to look for. Might not be to your liking as well, but this story ties in with Venom: Lethal Protector.

    4th appearance of Carnage 
    Part 1 to Maximum Carnage x-over event 
    1st appearance of Shriek
    New Spidey comic series

    This bad boy already appeared on the Carnage key issues list not done too long ago. Well, back in 2014 to be precise.

    Carnage does appear in flashback in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #26, but it is only a one panel cameo and not in the main story of that comic's tale. Therefore and most likely CGC, CBCS, or Overstreet will note this as the 4th appearance of Carnage if they ever care to since he does show up in the main story.

    The Maximum Carnage x-over event was a highly anticipated fan favorite at the time. It was 14 parts that ran through the first two issues of Unlimited Spider-Man, Web of Spider-Man #101 to #103, Amazing Spider-Man #378 to #380, Spider-Man #35 to #37, and the Spectacular Spider-Man #201 to #203.

    This issue is Part 1 to the x-over event, and first introduces Shriek. She is a villainess who has the power to manipulate sound in various ways and a definite foe of Spider-Man.

    Doppleganger, Shriek, Demogoblin and Carrion would team up with Carnage to cause, well...Maximum Carnage. Shriek, Carnage and Doppleganger would team up a few times after this x-over event also.

    Venom, Ben Reilly Spider-Man, and a few other heroes like Captain America would team up in the series to try to combat Carnage and his super villain alliance. Shriek is pretty much linked to Carnage and the two are lovers or were.

    How's this issue on the CGC front according to its census?

    So CGC actually recognizes the first appearance of Shriek in this issue. Overstreet so far does not.

    Well, okay, to be fair, I am looking at the 46th Edition, not the newest one. That reminds me that I need to scrounge up some time to get one before the next comic con, but no confusing whether Shriek makes a full appearance or not in this issue 'cause she does. Here's how she debuts and first meets Carnage in this issue:

    Anyway, doesn't seem to be debut that most are looking for currently or in a big bad way. Considering that Venom is happening, I am wondering how many  characters linked to Venom or Carnage, symbiotes or non-symbiotes, will make it to the big screen if the franchise ends up being successful.

    Spider-Man Unlimited #1 has the cover date of May, 1993.

    Begins the 2nd Spider-Clone Saga


    As the cover states, this issue sure rocked something, and even though issue #116 sees the return of Ben Reilly as an unnamed clone, this issue of #117 officially begins the 2nd Clone Saga. The two actually meet up again in this issue and have a weird go-around.

    This issue definitely references and states that this dude who looks like Peter Parker is the clone created by Jackal that Spidey faced in Amazing Spider-Man #149. Here's the panels that reference them below.

    Once again, a pretty over-looked key issue in the Saga of Ben Reilly and Scarlet Spider. Ben's debut as Scarlet Spider in Web of Spider-Man #118 is no longer under the radar or over-looked.

    The comics that were part of the Power and Responsibility story arc had flip books that extended or told in better detail the origin of the Spider-Clone. This issue should have that flip book.

    I'm not sure what the different covers to this issue are exactly. Some are calling the foil covers direct markets and the regular non-foil ones newsstands.

    I'm scratching my head at this because the UPC for the non-foil covers or "Orange" covers state that they are "Direct Market". So, no clue when it comes to these, but if you know be sure to educate me in the comments section.

    I'm not even sure if the "Orange" non-foil cover copies have the flip book or not. CGC designates them as "Collectors Editions" and not newsstands as some sites label them.

    Here's the screenshots of what I'm assuming are the regular copies and the "Collectors Editions" in the census so far.

    Once again, if you know for a fact what's up with these, be sure to educate us all in the comments section. Web of Spider-Man #117 has the cover date of October, 1994.

    SPIDER-MAN #51
    Name of Ben Reilly revealed
    1st appearance as Ben Reilly

    Furthering the return of Peter Parker's clone and setting up the eventual debut of Ben Reilly as Scarlet Spider, I think giving the clone an actual identity would be a good idea, no? Well, the creatives of this story arc thought so too.

    I believe this is the actual issue where Parker's clone actually refers to himself as Ben Reilly. Yes, that is Ben as in "Uncle Ben" and Aunt May's maiden name of Reilly.

    How do readers find out about this? Well, it's all done through talking and basically the poor clone is talking to an unconscious and very ill Aunt May.

    Definitely has some issues being a clone an all. So we find out that he named himself Ben Reilly, and I think it's an important issue.

    Not saying it's a huge or major key but important enough for the character. He does suit up to go help Spider-Man against the Traveller but I think that takes place in Part 4 of the Power and Responsibility story that was told in Spectacular Spider-Man #217.

    Same thing for this issue, and it came with a regular cover and then a special collector's edition with a gimmicky foil cover. For this listing, I put the non-foil cover next to the comic title and notations, and I shall put the foil cover image right here after all the CGC Census screen shots.

    Anyone know if the regular copies also came with the flipbook or just the "Collector's Edition"? Just wondering and would appreciate it if someone who did know saved us from this suspense.

    Fan of the character? Definitely a comic to think about getting while it's still cheap and under the radar. October, 1994 is the cover date of Spider-Man #51.

    Not gonna feature these bad boys in the above section but I am going to mention them. Amazing Spider-Man Annual #27 is the debut of Annex, a pretty minor character associated with Spider-Man, and that issue also reveals his origin too.

    He started off as a villain and then became an ally, but he doesn't have that many appearances over-all. I believe his 2nd appearance is in Spider-Man Unlimited #3 but not entirely sure.

    Created by Jack Harris and Tom Lyle, Annex is a technologically based character and has an exo-skeleton suit of armor. This gives the character the usual hum-drum enhancements of increased strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, reaction time, coordination, agility, dexterity, balance, and endurance.

    His civilian identity is Alex Ellis and he was a U.S. Army soldier who fought in Desert Storm and lost his leg during the war. Back home, he volunteered to test out the Annex unit as a potential weapon.

    I am tightening up on the minor debuts of characters to be featured, However, I already featured the debut of Leila Davis and said I would bring up her debut as Hardshell.

    So the character debuts as Hardshell in The Lethal Foes of Spider-Man #1 limited series, and this limited series was a sequel to The Deadly Foes of Spider-Man limited comic series. Even though a Spidey fan, I don't personally consider that a huge deal but who knows? Some just might who love collecting Spider-Man comics.

    Hardshell does have a technological suit of armor and joined the Sinister Syndicate along with Rhino, Boomerang, and Vulture in The Lethal Foes of Spider-Man #1. Since I mentioned Spider-Man Unlimited #1 already and featured it above and that issue does kick off the Maximum Carnage cross-over story line, I might as well feature the other issues to this story arc.

    Just remember that the series starts off with Spider-Man Unlimited #1. The 2nd Part is in Web of Spider-Man #101.

    Web of Spider-Man #101 ASM #378
    Spider-Man #35

    SSM #201
    Web of Spider-Man #102
    ASM #379

    Spider-Man #36 SSM #202

    Web of Spider-Man #103

    ASM #380 Spider-Man #37
    SSM #203

    Spider-Man Unlimited #2

    And since I mentioned it already, here's the cover image to What If? #30. Yeah, I actually think this issue should've been featured in the Bronze Age section of this Spider-Man key issues series also.

    However, here it goes and will be mentioned again for the 2nd time in this post. This is one of the What If tales for Spidey that obviously happened in mainstream continuity.

    It's not the last one either. As mentioned before, Reilly does assume the mantle of Spider-Man and that tale was also told in a What If issue before it actually happened in later mainstream Spider-Man titles.

    Just some fun knowledge to see how this character has progressed throughout the decades or, more appropriately, the "ages". Some grew up on this stuff, while others sneered at it during the time.

    Alright, that concludes Part 2 of this Modern Age Spider-Man key comics section. Yes, this will continue with a Part 3 and most likely a Part 4, 5, and 6.

    This is not finished and Part 3 will be coming as soon as possible. Thanks for tuning in, appreciate the comments, the shares, the likes and for droppin' by.

    See ya soon for more Spidey key issues in the Modern Age. Have a good one all, stay safe, and have fun huntin' or dumpin'.

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    1. I've seen some of those foil errors go for big bucks on ebay. I haven't seen a foil error for Spider-Man 2099 #1 but there is a manufacturing error for that issue with the interior bound upside down and backwards.


      1. True, Nate. There is surely a niche for them errors. I'm on the fence about 'em...some are cool and some are pretty darn ugly. I'll talk about 'em as long as I know about 'em.

        Thanks for commenting, bro...Thanks for sharing the pics of recent snags! Really cool stuff and inspired a few things to look for on my own hunt.

      2. No problem man. I know your an X-Men fan. So what do ya think about people trying to promote FOOM #10 as predating Giant Size X-Men #1 as the first cover and article of the new X-Men. The book has tripled in value in the Overstreet guide over the last few years. I did some research and it looks like another error by Overstreet. All sources point to Giant Size X-Men #1 being released first. It still can be a good one to pick up for the right price for serious X-Men fans and collectors.


      3. I'm not big on FOOM #10, another attempt for the shoddy and shady part of the spec market to pimp another "preview" or fanzine as a 1st something.

        Those are insider magazines to help fans get the scoop on creatives working on certain projects and happenings in the comic industry, in this case Marvel. They are NOT actual comics that produce a fictional story or story arc in Marvel or DC's world of characters and universes told in sequential art format to "entertain" readers or an audience.

        Those two publications serve two completely different purposes. Giant-Size X-Men #1 is a comic book with a story in comic book "format" meant to entertain readers who follow the stories of the X-Men characters. X-Men #94 is a comic with a story that also furthers the over-all X-Men story or mythos in the fictional world of Earth-616.

        These previews and fanzines aren't even set in any continuity in the fictional worlds of Marvel. Once again, they are purely to talk about what's going on with Marvel Comics as an industry or to preview upcoming titles for readers to get.

        You don't call the entire newspaper the funnies just because it has a funnies section that contains comic strips. It's still a newspaper with articles that serve a completely different function than the funnies section. Previews are previews, fanzines are fanzines and comic books are comic books.

        That's just my opinion on the matter. I don't care if people want FOOM #10 out of fandom or the cool cover and it is a cool cover for sure. I just don't buy into 'em on an actual "comic book" level and I think it's sad that Overstreet and CGC are so willing and eager to jump on board and miss-label these without getting solid info beforehand.

      4. I completely agree with ya. I wouldn't buy those type of books or mags unless I could buy them cheap for pure fandom only. It's just sellers trying to take advantage of people in the spec market. Thanks for the response.


    2. Hi Mayhem,

      thanks for reportin'! Yes, those were the
      days & comics I grew up with. Not the
      best days for Spiderman, mind me, but
      a few interesting copies definitely exist.
      I bet you will feature Venom 2099 in your
      next part...

      So long, buddy

      Max Rebo

      1. How's it going, Rebo. No, no Venom 2099. Said I would save that for a separate Spider-Man 2099 list. Take it easy, bro!

    3. Hi y' all !!!

      You know, I don' t like to brag but
      collectors like to brag, so here I go:

      Just got my Batman 1 New 52 in,
      what I would say is a 9.8, raw. Payed
      35 $ plus shipping for this one!!!
      9.8 editions are around 180 bucks on go
      collect but prices are fallin. Anyone
      know why? Plus, the cover from Nov
      2011 is the first print, right? Gotta watch
      out for numerous second prints in various
      colours for this one...


    4. The sales for that series have been in decline for a while. Maybe it's because of Rebirth, but not sure. Having the Court of Owls appearing in the Gotham TV series didn't seem to help to much either. I remember when a NM 1st print #1 issue was selling for $75 raw. Also issues #2-9 in NM selling for $10-$20 each. Those days seem to be long gone. The 1st print and 2nd print have a cover date of Nov. 2011 with the 2nd print having a red background and the other three printings where released in 2012.


    5. The Spider-Clone returns in Web #114, where May Parker gets a phone call from a mysterious shadowed figure wearing what's eventually revealed to be Peter Parker's class ring. May had a health crisis in ASM which prompted Reilly making the hospital visit shown in Web #116.

      Web #114 is also the death of Lance Bannon, a long-time supporting cast member.

      1. Thanks for that info...i was wondering if that was him in those 2 panels or not