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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

1st Comic Meetings of Luke Cage & Jessica Jones

This is sort of an extension of the Netflix Defenders From Panel to Screen post recently done. Not entirely because Jessica Jones & Luke Cage already met in season 1 of Jessica Jones.

Their meeting in that show was also based on a comic and a scene was plucked directly from its pages. If you notice the title of this post, it has "Meetings" instead of the singular version. 

How can you have more than one 1st meeting? In comics, I call these either 1st published meetings or 1st historical or canonical meetings.

Often, not always, these canonical debuts or meetings or whatnot are due to retcons. That's often but not always.

Alias 1 -1st appearance of Jessica Jones
So what is the difference between them? Well, a first published meeting is when a comic hit the stands or comic shop and has two characters interact together on panel for the very first time...ever. 

So comic comes out, readers see Jessica Jones and Luke Cage in a scene together for first time...first published meeting. Luke and Jessica's first published meeting is very simple and is in the same comic that debuts the character of Jessica Jones in Alias #1.

Jessica Jones Meets Luke Cage in Alias #1
Panels from Alias #1 - debut of Jessica Jones

That scene already played out in Jessica Jones season one as we all already know. As seen in the panels above, the pair already seem to know each other. This does leave the door open for a writer to tell an earlier tale later on when these two first met in Marvel's own historical or canonical timeline.

Actually, that's exactly what happened concerning the 1st canonical meeting of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, and Brian Michael Bendis decided to reveal this historic event. Yes, it was told in flashback and in a later issue.

What's cool about this issue is that it also tells how Jessica Jones met Iron Fist as well. Alright, the issue is The Pulse #14, and it came out almost 5 years after Alias #1.

So Luke Cage asks Jessica to marry her in the issue and Jessica is overwhelmed and then tells their baby Danielle how she "met daddy". It was during a time when she had a very brief stint as a hero named Knightress and crashed a Maggia meeting that had the Owl in attendance. 

The Pulse #14 scene where Iron Fist and Luke Cage meet Jessica Jones as Knightress
From The Pulse #14

So The Pulse #14 was written long after Alias #1 and tells the story of when Jessica Jones meets both Luke Cage and Iron Fist in a flashback. Alias #1 - 1st published meeting. The Pulse - 1st canonical meeting.

As for Daredevil or Matt Murdock? Well, I know the title of the post says 1st Meetings of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, but I already brought Iron Fist into the fold. Furthermore and since we already brought up the Alias comic series, why not add a little extra more comic goodness in this little piece?

Well, I don't see what the harm would be in that. Alright, that scene in the Defenders where Jessica Jones is in the police interrogation room with Misty Knight and Matt Murdock in his lawyer guise comes in was plucked from the actual comics. Sure, it may have been altered to fit into the show's story line but the comics did have a similar scene as you'll soon see below.

Panels from Alias #3

So, there's the comic version, and those panels are from Alias #3. No Misty Knight in the actual comics, but Matt Murdock does come in and tell Jessica Jones that she no longer needs to talk to them coppers anymore. A similar scene also played out in the Netflix Defenders show.

Defenders scene were Matt Murdock meets Jessica Jones

Yep, from panel to screen and for just a bit of fun. Hope to see you back here soon for more comic goodness.

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