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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Meet The New Warriors So Far

Not to beat around the bush but Squirrel Girl has been cast and this odd-ball character who has recently become a sensation in the comic book world will be played by This is Us actor, Milana Vayntrub. Also, it's recently been reported that Derek Theler will play Craig Hollis, better known as Mister or Mr. Immortal.

As I've mentioned before on this site, Doreen Green (Squirrel Girl) and Craig Hollis were not members of the New Warriors in comics before this show was ever even considered to hit prime time. I don't even think those two characters are New Warriors in current comics, but not to say that Marvel won't try to capitalize on the show and introduce this team lineup in a new "New Warriors" titled comic series.

So Craig Hollis in the comics is actually more known as a Great Lakes Avenger and was created by John Byrne. His superhero code name is Mr. Immortal, and as his name states, Hollis is immortal and can resurrect and heal from whatever death he may be subjected to.

He first appeared along with the Great Lakes Avengers in West Coast Avengers #46 volume 2 and is the leader of that group. Whether he will assume the same position in the New Warriors TV show is beyond me since Night Thrasher is traditionally known as the founder and leader of the New Warriors in the actual comics.

Night Thrasher is Dwayne Taylor and has no super powers, but like Batman, he is a highly skilled and trained fighter that can kick a lot of ass. He's not all brawn though. Taylor has brains and is a technological genius that can build various tech including battle suits like his very own.

This cool suit that every little and big kid would love to have is bullet proof from conventional firearms and cannot be penetrated by knives as well as fire. Yep, his battle suit is fire proof also, and it is composed of a wafer-thin L.E.D. casing that allows Night Thrasher to camouflage himself within his surroundings.

I guess that's needed when he's riding on his skateboard that has retractable blades and can be used as a shield too. Micro surface-to-surface missiles and a hidden compartment for a micro Uzi submachine pistol?

Let's not forget all the wonderful toys that his gauntlets have as well. I'm expecting to see some cool tech and gadgets with this character, and I'm thinking that Jeremy Tardy who is playing the character just might be getting excited at the cool toys he'll get to pretend to create and use for the show. 

The character of Night Thrasher was created by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz and first debuted in Thor #411 a long with the debut of the New Warriors in that issue as well. Double the goodness there.

Well, actually, there's two other characters in the New Warriors mythos that appears in Thor #411 too. Think Tai and Andrew Chord are going to be in the New Warriors TV show? I do believe they are instrumental characters of how Dwayne Taylor becomes Night Thrasher.

Dwayne's first origin as Night Thrasher was in New Warriors #2 from the 1st series. It is not an origin that reveals how he became the superhero character but it details his first outings as Night Thrasher and meets and begins to work with Silhouette and Midnight's Fire. 

In a mission gone bad, Silhouette ended up badly injured which sparked the ire of Midnight's Fire who swore vengeance on Night Thrasher. Silhouette and Midnight Fire do make their debuts in that issue.

His origin was again told in New Warriors Annual #1 and added a bit more details, but it basically recaps quite a bit of stuff from after the New Warriors were formed.

Panels from New Warriors Annual #1

Kinda wonder if Midnight's Fire is gonna be a big bad for Night Thrasher in the show? Then again, they haven't announced any villains yet so anything's possible.

Then again, this is TV and anything could surely be twisted around to something completely different from the actual comics. Even the origin of this TV-verse New Warriors could be completely different.

This TV universe does have Mister Immortal and Squirrel Girl in the team line up after all. 'Nuff said.

What is going to be interesting is how different the origin of the New Warriors will be from panel to screen. If all you thought about New Warriors #1 was that it was just a 1st issue to an on-going titled series, you're at least half-right.

New Warriors #1 is indeed the first issue to their very first on-going series but it's also the origin issue of how the New Warriors came to be. Here's a brief recap:

So Night Thrasher meets Nova and Marvel Boy and Nova and Marvel Boy meet Tai and Andrew Chord (Night Thrasher's "guardians"). It then shows that they are scoping out a certain Firestar.

In the meantime, Terrax happens to show up where Namorita is. Of course, he is up to no good and the reason why the New Warriors ban together eventually.

Before, however, the boys gotta go see about a girl before they all help Namorita with Terrax.

During the fray, ole Speedball shows up with his perpetual bouncing. Although the team was doing pretty good for the first time working together, Cap, Quasar, and She-Hulk pull the old "let the adults handle it from here" attitude.

Thus a team is formed. So, New Warriors #1 is the origin key.

So Night Thrasher is actually a New Warrior in the comics from the get-go and so is Speedball or Robbie Baldwin. The character of Speedball did appear in the team's debut contained in Thor #411 but his debut was actually earlier.

Speedball debuted in an Amazing Spider-Man comic and the exact issue was Amazing Spider-Man Annual #22. I am actually interested in seeing this character on-screen as I did read some of his adventures when he first came out.

Okay, the two issues I read were Speedball #1 and #2 from his first self-titled comic series and immediately thought, lame! Needless to say, I didn't end up following the character afterwards but I am interested in seeing the character live-action and bouncing around like a rubber ball that keeps gaining momentum from whatever he touches and maybe thinking something different than before like, cool!

Hey, you never know as things change, and I just might enjoy seeing this character live-action. Highly doubtful, but I might even become a fan of this character and maybe even Squirrel Girl.

Okay, I'm going a bit too far there, and even though I am a fan of Ditko, I don't certainly don't like every character the legend has created. Both Robbie Baldwin and Doreen Green were created by Steve Ditko, and Speedball had Tom DeFalco as a co-creator.  

The lucky actor cast to play Speedball is Calum Worthy. Another thing about Speedball #1 is that the issue reveals the origin of Speedball and how Robbie Baldwin turns into the kinetic, bouncing hero that would later join the New Warriors.

This hero was featured in the New Warriors key comics series done not long ago on here, and I do believe Debrii and Microbe were also mentioned as well in there. I will not get into depth into those characters and they were pretty minor New Warriors characters before this show.

New Warriors #1 vol 3
1st Microbe
New Warriors #4 vol 3
1st Debrii
Marvel Super-Heroes #8
1st Squirrel Girl

Microbe does not have that many appearances so far in comics and Debrii also fits in that category. She doesn't get along with her other team members and often picks on Microbe as being "useless".

Debrii has Telekinesis powers and Microbe has the power to to communicate with micro-organisms in his general area. Microbe is Zachary Smith and it looks like this character will be race swapped in the name of diversity as Matthew Moy will be playing the character.

The character of Debrii will be played by Kate Comer. The comic's civilian identity is Deborah Fields.

I am not going to get into Squirrel Girl here. I've already talked about this character more than I want to, and you can read up on her in the New Warriors key comics section if you're that interested.

Once again, I wonder who some of the big bads are going to be for this show, and if they're going to go the zany route, I do hope that the Great Lakes Avengers pop up in the TV series. Heck, maybe even a version of the West Coast Avengers.

That's definitely me hoping and nothing remotely confirmed concerning that.


  1. Hey,

    thanks for covering that! West Coast Avengers and Thor 411 seem to have the most speculation value for me, at least in NM. Not sure about New Warriors 1. I bet the print run is huge. By the way, what do you think about the Tick live action footage? Not sure if it is corny or cool...


    1. I think the only books worth having are Thor 411 & 412, Marvel Super-Heroes Winter Special #8 and ASM Annual #22. JMHO

    2. I thought Tick was suppose to be corny? Ain't he a riff on comic book superheroes? Haha!

  2. Interesting to see how this show and Cloak & Dagger will do on Freeform.

    OK Mayhem. Here are my latest snags within the last month.
    Jungle Action #6 1st Killmonger
    Blackhawk #108 1st DC issue
    Original Sin #4 1:50 Dell'Otto Variant
    Venom #22 1:30 Del Mundo Variant
    Archie's Pals N Gals #23 1st Josie, Pepper & Melody
    Teen Titans #1 1st titled issue
    Whiz Comics #154 1st Dr. Death (scarce late issue)
    Shazam #25 1st Isis

    Nate (no longer completely anonymous)

  3. Hi Nate,

    impressive list. Shazam 25 also came to my attention. Any information on why Isis could
    be a good investment? Never heard of that character before...


    1. Ace, buddy, wrote about her in the Shazam key issues. She is Black Adam's love interest.

    2. Thanks Ace. Some of the books I was surprised to get them for the prices I got them at.


    3. Sorry, Nate. I'm currently at my bro's rehab therapy and their internet is slow as Christmas. Great snag-a-roos. Is that Teen Titans #1 Silver Age? Where'd ya find the debut of Josie and was Archie's Pals 'N Gals a hard find?

      Congrats! Wish I could see those thought...

    4. Yes. Teen Titans #1 is the silver age 1st issue. Won the Archie's Pals n Gals #23 on Ebay. It's usually a tough book to win in most grades and doesn't come up for auction very often. I've bid several times in the past and have never won until this time. I'm just glad to finally get one. It seems like Archie keys have been on the rise the last few years.


    5. Awesome...I think the Silver Age Teen Titans #1 is pretty over-looked from 8.0 an down. Just my humble opinion here so take with a grain of salt, but Josie's debut and the first Josie and the Pussycats are two of the only Archie keys I'd personally consider getting. You are correct, interest in Archie as definitely risen in recent years.

      I heard good things about Riverdale show but haven't given it a try. Have you and how is it if so?

      Once again, great snags, Nate!

  4. Thanks Mayhem. I haven't seen it. The Pals N Gals 23 was the only other major Archie key that I needed that wasn't Golden Age. I already have 1st Pussycats, 1st Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and 1st Cheryl Blossom. Same with the Teen Titans 1. It's the only major Teen Titans key issue that I still needed or have never had before.