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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Green Lantern #87 Values

Wonder Woman was both a critical and box office success for the DC extended universe in film. However, in terms of actual interest in key issues over-all, I think DC Comics lags a bit behind when  compared to Marvel keys in general.

Of course, the Wonder Woman flick has generated more interest in the character's keys and the Flash TV show definitely put Flash keys on the radar of many. Green Lantern keys, however?

For the most part, I think they're pretty over-looked but it's pretty much a toss up. Not talking about movie buzz or hype or whatever, because there hasn't been much news or hype concerning the proposed "Green Lantern Corps" flick.

We all know he or they are on the way, but there seems to be a lot of skepticism when it concerns DC's cinematic world. Now, I'm not saying that all Green Lantern keys are over-looked.

No, and most definitely not. Some have gotten a pretty big boost in the last few years. Green Lantern #7 and the debut of Sinestro is still on the radar of most and Green Lantern #87 and the debut of John Stewart is one that has taken off a bit more in recent years as well.

This comic seemingly heated up not too long ago, but was it just pure speculation? Hard to say.

Another popular Green Lantern character created by legends Dennis O'Neil and Neal Adams, John Stewart is a well-known and popular character in the Green Lantern comics for sure. He was the Green Lantern for the animated Justice League cartoon and is very much expected to be in the Green Lantern Corps movie coming to a theater near you soon.

Well, that's if Warner Bros. doesn't change their mind. Here's how Overstreet Guide has reported how this key has done for the past few decades.


Mint $14
Fine $7
Good $2.50


Near Mint $9
Fine $4.50
Good $1.50

NM $55
VF/NM $45
VF $34
FN $15
VG $10
GD $5


NM- $210
VF/NM $138
VF $66
FN $30
VG $20
GD $10


NM- $275
VF/NM $179
VF $82
FN $36
VG $24
GD $12


NM- $350
VF/NM $227
VF $103
FN $45
VG $30
GD $15

Eh, it doesn't really tell us much about how this comic has heated up, but I think GoCollect might give us an insight to how slabbers have performed within the last four years on eBay concerning this comic.

I dunno, but to me it looks like this comic was pretty sought out prior. I mean, it definitely was no slouch before and around 2012 to 2014.

It seemed to be a bit sluggish during those years, dropping in-between the $500 and $600 range for the most part. However, it seemed that 2015 was the magic year for this book.

From February of 2015, this book at 9.6 NM+ has been on the up and up, finally crossing over into the $1,000 range this June. This magic  during that year doesn't appear to be solely limited to this grade of 9.6 either. It does appear that other high grade copies of Green Lantern #87 heated up around 2015 as we see from the other GoCollect screen shots.

Does appear that 9.4s have simmered down from the prices that this grade were selling at back in 2015 and 2016. Will 9.4s continue on the upward trend? We'll have to see when it comes to that.

9.2s also show an upward trend starting with 2015 also. Looks like there's more than a hundred dollar dip with the most recent recorded sale concerning this grade on eBay. Whether this one reheats again at the same intensity it was at before will be interesting to watch or discover.

I think this key has simmered down over-all. If you check out eBay, it's not like there's a ton of 9.6 to 9.0 copies on eBay currently. 

Then again, this comic has been affected so far with little movie hype. Will be interesting to see how large or little a casting confirmation will affect the debut of John Stewart in Green Lantern #87. We shall see.



  1. Hi! I could have sworn I've been to this website before but after checking through some of
    the post I realized it's new to me. Anyhow, I'm definitely happy I
    found it and I'll be book-marking and checking back often!

  2. This comic is super undervalued if you ask me. John Stewart may be a huge part of the DCEU. We don't know for sure. But, if I had to make a speculative play this would be a darn good one.

    1. I think it's a good assumption. He will at least be part of the Green Lantern Corps film. Most have been speculating on that for a while. It's the reason this book has been on the rise lately and will probably continue to rise. It also doesn't hurt to have Neal Adams & Denny O'Neil attached to the book either. I was finally able to find a mid-grade copy the other day at a decent price.


  3. Definitely a book on the rise the last few years. It's way undervalued in Overstreet. Always sells for more than guide in all grades. I've never been able to get a copy yet. I've tried bidding on auctions here and there but never win.
    I think a part of this is due to some people preferring more diverse characters in the market.

  4. I walked into a store this afternoon...after reading this article last night and saw this same book on the shelf for 100 bucks mint! LOL SMASH AND GRAB....WAY UNDERVALUED!

  5. Yes, but only if you follow my safe rules above.

  6. Hey M.,

    this just came in: there is a New Warriors cast for screen! Very promising: Milana Vayntrub is going to be Squirrel Girl! She' s gorgeous & cute. Perfect choice in my opinion.


    1. Looks like a mix of original and newer members with a dash of Great Lakes Avengers to me. They just put Squirrel Girl in there to somehow utilize the character to get more viewership. As far as I know she has never been a member of the New Warriors. I do like the casting choice of Milana Vayntrub though.

  7. Excellent analysis as usual Vic. Great post.