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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Copper Age Spider-Man Key Comics Part 5

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It's been a while but we are finally at the 5th part to this Copper Age Spider-Man key issues section and we are getting pretty close to wrapping up Spider-Man keys from the Copper Age. As predicted earlier, this one may actually be shorter than the Bronze Age Spider-Man key issues section.

Then again, minor and some semi keys do end up popping up here and there. I am trying to be more selective and omitting some super, super minor 1st appearances.

Unfortunately, it's a double edged sword. Omit a highly obscure character like Paragon (Ayesha), and if they're used in a movie or TV show, you get criticized. Put a highly obscure debut in a key issues series that never makes it to prime time or the big screen and you still get criticized for adding a "worthless" key to a "key issues" list.

So, here's the deal: I feel no obligation to how you take this information or whether you use it to "spec" or to straight-up collect out of pure fandom. For the record, I am not speculating. These are not my picks, although I do admit that there are some in Part 5 that have made my want list out of fandom.

Click this Part 4 link if you missed the previous part to this Copper Age Spider-Man key comics series. More key comics are listed below.

Demogoblin merges with Hobgoblin II
1st brief new Hobgoblin II & origin

To be honest, I'm not really sure about this stuff when it comes to the Demogoblin or what should even be considered his debut. This issue does see the demon that would eventually become Demogoblin merge with Jason Macendale as Hobgoblin.

I know he doesn't fully show up in his true form for sure in this issue. He doesn't really show his face just yet, and I do mean underneath the Hobgoblin mask.

When it comes to the character of Jason Macendale and the Demogoblin this issue is important since Demogoblin is brought into the world of Marvel Comics and is connected to the Jason Macendale Hobgoblin.

Here's how it goes down in case one is interested.

And then at the end of the issue, we sort of find out what N'Astirh has done to Macendale as Hobgoblin.

So, basically, Macendale is tired of losing to Spidey and wishes for the Green Goblin's enhanced strength. He failed to achieve it in prior issues and finally makes a deal with N'Astirh in this one to gain powers.

Of course, N'Astirh infects the fool with a demon who ends up becoming the Demogoblin after Macendale and the demon fight over his physical body in later issues. However, Macendale does get his enhanced strength but it is one of those classic cases of beware what you wish for.

CGC notes this as the 1st appearance of the demonic Hobgoblin. Overstreet notes it as a brief appearance, in which I think is a bit more correct.

The next issue that continues the story definitely sees this new demonic Hobgoblin in a full appearance but I don't agree with either Overstreet nor what CGC labels it. You'll see what I mean soon enough and February, 1989 is the cover date for Spectacular Spider-Man #147.

 1st full new Hobgoblin II
Origin of Hobgoblin II continues

As shown in the panels above in Spectacular Spider-Man #147, his origin of how he becomes the demonically possessed Hobgoblin or a new super-enhanced Hobgoblin is actually told in that issue and basically continues in this one. I do actually think this issue should count as the first full appearance of the new and demonically enhanced Jason Macendale Hobgoblin.

After all, we do get a look at how this affects his appearance and his new powers in action.

So Hobby's off to find Spidey and test out his new demonic powers. As you can see, Hobby with the new demonic shtick is seen a lot more in this issue than in the last two pages of the previous issue.

Another reason I'm claiming a 1st full for this issue is because this issue definitely shows and depicts this new Hobgoblin has new enhanced speed and agility and shows how it physically deforms Macendale's appearance. The end of Spectacular Spider-Man #147 doesn't really do that but shows how all this transpires as shown beforehand.

I think this is definitely an over-looked Hobby key issue, at least for Macendale's version of the Spidey villain. CGC is a bit lacking currently as shown in the screen shot below.

Over-all, this key comic is currently over-looked, and I don't really understand the "origin" notation. This issue just recaps what happened in Spectacular Spider-Man #147 and fills in a few slight gaps. 

A 1st full appearance of demonic Hobgoblin I'll buy concerning this issue. There are newsstand copies of this comic key, and Web of Spider-Man #48 has the cover date of March, 1989. 

1st Malcom McBride as Carrion

Just when you thought all the clone stuff was done! Nope, not in the least.

So Petey finds out a twist about the clone of himself and the one of Gwen Stacy. This information is revealed in Miles Warren's supposed journal.

This origin revealed that Warren had not indeed developed cloning but instead created a replicator virus. Alright, let's see how this revamped origin plays out in this very comic.

So Petey is still troubled by all this clone and Carrion mess. Miles Warren first debuted as Carrion in Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #25, and Petey stumbles across Warren's journal.

After people leaves we are introduced to Malcolm McBride, and it is his first debut as Malcolm. He finds some strange substance and we are left wondering what happened to him after the panel that shows him in distress.

Meanwhile, we are back to Peter Parker, and upon reading this newly discovered journal, Petey and us readers learn some interesting things about Miles Warren and the whole clone bit. Take a gander.

We learn that Joyce Delany was supposedly the Gwen Stacy clone and that his assistant Serba became the Peter Parker clone. Apparently, Warren created a "replicator virus" that turned people into clones of others.

Finally, we get the debut of Malcolm as the new Carrion.

And there it is, a bit of somewhat important reading for those who are fans of the Clone Sagas or the complete story line. This issue or story isn't part of the 2nd Clone Saga, but is considered reading in-between the original Clone Saga and the 2nd Clone Saga.

Also, it's later revealed that the High Evolutionary fabricated the journal and all this is untrue. Miles Warren did achieve good ole fashion cloning.

Didn't expect this issue to be in-demand. McBride as Clarrion appears here and there in Spidey comics. Wouldn't say he's a huge part of the mythos, but is quite a strange part of the whole Clone story line that greatly confuses and contradicts itself as it further evolves from the minds of later writers.

April, 1989 is the cover date to Spectacular Spider-Man #149.

2nd full appearance of Venom
3rd appearance in comics
1st Venom cover

This comic recently heated up a few years ago and was not that well-known before. Amazing Spider-Man #315 is the 2nd appearance of Venom, which plainly has his mug on the cover over there and is the first cover appearance of the popular symbiote also.

Much like the 2nd appearance of Deadpool though, it seems that quite a few are and looking to snag this as a comic investment. Unlike Deadpool though, this issue has Todd McFarlane's art, and that may give it a bit more appeal since his run on this series is a fan-favorite. 

Newsstand editions of this comic do exist out there and is most likely already muddled in with direct editions in the current CGC Census. I do believe this will change in the near future and newsstands and direct editions will be separated.

Thought this comic would have a higher census, but CGC nor Overstreet notes this comic as a 2nd appearance or a 2nd full appearance. Doesn't note it as a first cover appearance of Venom either.

Technically, this is the 3rd appearance of Eddie Brock as Venom ever in comics if you discount all the Venom as a costume or Venom behind the scenes that only show an arm or some crap. So, I'll play along and note this as a 2nd "full", even though industry may just consider it a 2nd appearance if they ever decide to note it.

They may be hesitant to and I don't blame 'em. Venom does not meet Spidey again in this issue so there is no battle between the two, and the most recent CGC 9.8 of this comic sold for only $147.77 buck-a-roos June 27 of 2017 or the year of this writing.

Pretty interesting. This comic at slabbed 9.8s sell lower than the next issue of #316 at the same grade for some reason. Amazing Spider-Man #315 was published May, 1989.

3rd appearance of Venom (4th ever)
2nd cover (Classic Cover)

Here we are with more Venom and Todd McFarlane goodness. Amazing Spider-Man #316 is the 3rd appearance of Venom but is technically the 4th ever appearance of the character. Eddie Brock as Venom did show up at the end of Amazing Spider-Man #299, and that issue so far being labeled a "brief" appearance.

Not sure if if many collectors know this is the 3rd appearance of Venom or that it's the 2nd Venom on a comic cover, but since it is an issue in the fan favorite Todd McFarlane Spidey run and considered a "classic" cover, Amazing Spider-Man #316 isn't cheap for a Copper Age comic.

Speaking of the classic cover deal, I actually do prefer covers that fully depict a character instead of just their face as shown on the cover of Amazing Spider-Man #315. I almost want to label Amazing Spider-Man #316 a 1st full cover, but I think that's going a bit too far. 

When I first wrote about this issue in the Venom key issues, CGC 9.8s are dropping on eBay already above the $100 mark. That was back in 2014, and it does appear that this comic has not fizzled out since. 

Most recent CGC 9.8 sold on eBay for $263 and looks like it has finally nestled into the $200 range this year of 2017. It has sporadically hit the $200 range last year and in 2015 here and there.

Back in 2014, however, this comic was still in the $100 range for CGC 9.8s and below the $150 mark. It is currently more desirable than Venom's 2nd appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #315, despite that issue having the 1st Venom cover and supposedly the 2nd appearance of the fan-favorite symbiote.

I think the cover of this issue has a bit to do with the reason why it's more sought out, but, wow, compare the value of this comic and the CGC Census with #315 and this one is definitely and currently favored in the market. 

Some other things about this comic that isn't all that spoken about out there in collector-land (trademark) currently? Well, this issue has the first meeting between Venom and Black Cat as shown in the page below.

Pretty cool, eh? Anything else cool about this issue?

Well, if we're counting Spidey's first meeting and battle with Venom in issue #300, this may be their 2nd meeting and battle in comics. 

Wait, don't Spidey and Venom have two confrontations in #300?

Sorta. Venom does knock out Spidey in issue #300 and then webs up Spidey inside the church bell, right? Sure, but isn't that basically a continuation of the same confrontation?

Concerning ASM #300, I consider that issue basically having one battle, but if you agree or disagree then here's the beginning of either the 2nd or 3rd battle between the two in this issue of #316.

When it comes to 2nd or 3rd battle, I doubt industry will make a big deal of it in the future anyway, but whether they do or not, it is indisputable that this issue has a very, very early battle between the Spider-Man and Venom. It is or should be considered their 2nd meeting.

Odd about this issue being more sought-out currently than issue #315 but it is what it is. Amazing Spider-Man #316 comic was published June, 1989.

4th appearance of Venom
3rd Venom cover

Eh, I might as well talk about the 4th appearance of Venom but I swear that will mostly be it for the Venom keys as I already did a series on that. I really don't want to rehash stuff I've already wrote about as much as possible, but I actually haven't talked about this comic.

Go figure. Definitely one of the more interesting Venom covers on a comic and pretty much just shows the symbiote as a sticky gloop and tangling poor Spidey up.

Not considered a classic cover but it is one of my more favorite McFarlane Venom covers. Even this comic is currently selling for more than issue #315 when it comes to CGC 9.8s. Most recent June 28th sales was for $177.69 on eBay.

Things that make you go hmmm. CGC Census is around the same submission total as Amazing Spider-Man #315. Well, the number is closer to it than issue #316.

Other than the 4th appearance of Venom (technically 5th ever) and the 3rd cover appearance of Venom, there isn't much else to this issue or is there?

Let's talk about some things this comic has going for it that isn't discussed all that much out there in collector-land. Okay, well, Spidey and Venom do meet up again and have another early confrontation. 

It is either their 3rd or 4th battle, and I think it's the 3rd time these two meet in separate comic issues. The battle is in a total different local and time and for a very different reason the confrontation ends up happening also.

Since I love early Venom and Todd McFarlane artwork, here's a teaser of the battle between the two that happens in this issue:


Ah, any excuse to throw up some McFarlane art that got me into Spider-Man comics to begin with. Just some fun stuff and July, 1989 is the cover date to Amazing Spider-Man #317.

1st Cosmic Spidey

Remember Captain Universe? Yeah, the Captain Universe from the Micronauts key comics series done really recently that Ace requested?

Well, when people talk about Cosmic Spidey in Spectacular Spider-Man #158, they are supposedly talking about Captain Universe and how Spidey gains his powers. Well, supposedly to online sources, the Uni Power possesses Spidey during this story arc.

I explained that the entity of Captain Universe had merged with quite a few Marvel characters and the wall-crawler is just one of them. I guess this was revealed after the story arc, because I can't find any mention of Captain Universe in this story arc.

Here's how Spidey gains cosmic powers in this issue.

Later we get to see the first of his cosmic powers and these little energy blasts from his finger tips. In later issues, he is able to fly.

Have to admit that this wasn't my most favorite of concepts back in the day, and it's one of the reasons why I stopped reading the "newer" Spider-Man comics at the time and started going backwards and diggin' into them older issues.

Spectacular Spider-Man #158 has the cover date of December, 1989.

I just watched Spider-Man: Homecoming yesterday, and I will not be doing a review for that film. I have no idea why critics have showered that flick with so many positive reviews, and will only summarize how I feel about that flick in one sentence: Not my Spider-Man or any version of Spidey that I grew up with. 

With that said, I greatly worry about the Venom movie starring Tom Hardy. I mean, I worried about the new Spidey reboot ever since the first bit of news came rolling out and all the proposed spin-offs, but after watching Homecoming, I've added "greatly" to that sentiment.

Concerning the goings-on with the actual Spidey comics, Todd McFarlane left the Amazing Spider-Man title with issue #328. Erik Larsen replaced McFarlane with issue #329.

However, Erik Larsen did pencil Amazing Spider-Man #287, which might be his first work on the titled series. Not sure if it's his first Spidey work but could be.

Amazing Spider-Man #287

Amazing Spider-Man #328 

Amazing Spider-Man #329 



Web of Spider-Man #31

Amazing Spider-Man #293

Spectacular Spider-Man #131

Web of Spider-Man #32

Amazing Spider-Man #294

Spectacular Spider-Man #132

Yes, I am putting Kraven's Last Hunt in here as a classic story that has been considered by many fans as the quintessential Kraven the Hunter story line in comics and was voted one of the greatest Spider-Man stories in a Comic Book Resources poll. 

Like many others and for quite a few comic critics, it is one of my favorite Spidey stories as well and I attribute Kraven's Last Hunt as one of top five reasons that helped to snare me in the Spider-Man web of fandom.

This story was written by J.M. DeMatteis with art by Mike Zeck, and I remember seeing the cover of Web of Spider-Man #32 and was filled with awe and intrigue. Had to know what the hell was going on, so I got that one and issue #31.

From there, I was hooked and I still look back on that series with fondness. It's also one of the reasons why I still like the character of Vermin.

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  1. I believe 1st actual Demogoblin is Web of Spider-Man 86. The demon possessing Hobgoblin separates itself from Hobgoblin because it didn't like something about Macendale or some weird thing like that.

    1. I think you be correct, brutha. Demogoblin ended up being incompatible with Macendale and completely severs himself from his host. 1st Demogoblin actually and fully appears in Web of Spider-Man #86, but Spectacular Spidey #147 and Web of #48 does explain how Macendale gets possessed by the demon that "eventually" and completely severs himself from Hobgoblin to become Hobgoblin. U right about it being weird

    2. Crap meant to say, "completely severs himself from Hobgoblin to become "DEMOGOBLIN". Damn heat!

  2. I also love the Kraven's Last Hunt story line. I wish it would get a movie treatment in a Spidey flick. It would definitely be a nice change up. I just don't see Marvel Studios ever doing that story on screen though.
    I will always take ASM #316 over ASM #315 any day. Just love that classic Venom cover by McFarlane. I actually have a NM raw newsstand copy with a Mark Jewelers Insert. I rarely see any for sale with the insert. So maybe a tough one, but not sure.


  3. Hey Mayhem.
    What do you think of the rumors that Steve Rogers will be Nomad in Infinity War?


    1. Hi, Nate, I am for it if they get Evans to wear Nomad's original costume that he wore in Captain America #180 haha!

      Seriously, I think it's a logical step. Evans has expressed interest in bowing out the role. I'm wondering if Sebastian Stan takes up the role of Cap or Mackie as Sam Wilson and an interesting story line to throw in there would be John Walker taking over the role and becoming Cap. Rogers did the same in the comics and questioned being Cap solely for the U.S. government. He quit, they hired Walker who became a terrible Cap, and chaos ensued.

      Since Rogers is doing the same thing in the movies: Questioning Captain America's role, would be interesting to see if they go that route or not. I'm just wondering is all.

    2. Yeah right... I seriously doubt he would wear that god awful original Nomad costume. LOL We'll still need to see proof that it's happening, but I guess it does make sense like you mentioned. I would rather see Sebastian Stan take up the role as Cap and Mackie stay as Falcon.


  4. And another one to comment on: Batman 553 was recently declared as "rare" by an ebay seller and got quite a few bids. I saw this on lyria comics and was wondering if the cataclysm storyline could be significant in any way...

    PS.: Hope your brother is doing all right and family matters are on the upswing.

    Max Rebo

    1. Batman 553 is not rare or a key issue. Now I did look at the listing and it was a CGC 9.8. There are only 3 graded copies on the census. So that's probably the reason for the rare notation in the listing.


    2. Heya Major Rebo, Batman #553 has an estimated print run of 52,867 according to Comicchron. Not exactly rare but not a whopper of a print run either. As far as I know the Cataclysm story line is sort of important.

      As the title suggests, it is an event that establishes the set up for quite a bit of stories like No Man's Land. Gotham is hit with a devastating earthquake, so you can see how this would lead into drama or chaos. Damage from a massive earthquake would also be something that didn't quickly go away either, setting up a back ground or back drop for quite a bit of other stories.

      Not hugely important and not sure why the market would go crazy for that issue. Quakemaster is the main villain.

    3. Thanks for the well wishes also, Rebo. Much appreciated, sir. Hope all is well with you n yours too.