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Sunday, July 30, 2017

SDCC 2017 Recap 'N Stuff Final!

I had to rush the end of Part 2 of this recap as time is an issue lately as I've mentioned over and over. Although I have not had time to respond to prior comments, I did get a chance to read them.

Seems Nate is excited about the Skrulls being confirmed to be in the MCU and who can blame him, right? Well, actually, I think James Gunn teased it.

Before, it was widely believed that FOX had rights to the Skrulls since those bastids hold the movie rights to do Marvel's first family - The Fantastic Four. I believe James Gunn recently came out and revealed that FOX owns rights to certain Skrull characters but Marvel/Disney still owns the rights to the Skrulls as a race of aliens in the Marvel Universe.

Then Kevin Feige recently confirmed this as well, so the Skrulls will most likely be in the Captain Marvel movie. I agree it is exciting news, but I guess one shouldn't expect any specific Skrull characters?

What I'm wondering is if we'll eventually get a Kree-Skrull War like in the comics and Brie Larsen's Captain Marvel may bring this to light since the original Mar-Vell was a Kree alien in the comics. Well, that movie franchise has a good chance of an eventual Kree-Skrull conflict some where down the line since it was confirmed that the Skrulls will be the big bad in the anticipated Captain Marvel flick.

Actually, Kevin Feige has recently confirmed that Captain Marvel will feature the mythology of the Kree-Skrull War. Cool, and the actual comic story line is considered a classic by quite a few critics and comic historians.

The Kree-Skrull story line was played out in issues #89 – 97 of the Avengers volume one titled comic series. Even though the Captain Marvel movie will focus on Carol Danvers as the titular character and was not the Captain Marvel of those comic issues, that has no bearing on writers possibly taking from that comic story in the world of movies.

We already saw the Kree in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Ronan the Accuser, and since he's dead in the movie-verse, we probably won't see him be the one to restart hostility between the two alien races like in that very comic story line. After all, it was revealed at SDCC that Captain Marvel would be a period piece set in the 90s and we'll see Danvers as an Air Force pilot and most likely how she gets her super powers in her titular film.

So with the news of the Skrulls being in the MCU, speculator rumors are pretty rampant. Some are speculating that Avengers 4 may have the title of Secret Invasion and that we may very well find out that the ranks of the Avengers has been compromised by some shape-shifting aliens.

Despite the newer comic series possibly bearing the same name of the movie or the movie possibly borrowing more elements from Secret Invasion if the rumor is true, that comic series was not the first to introduce the concept of the Skrulls infiltrating Earth and impersonating a few of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. 

Once again, I'm talking about comic roots here, and Avengers #89 - #97 was all about this way back when and some Avengers in that story line ended up being Skrull imposters. I believe Avengers #93 revealed that the Captain America, Iron Man and Thor in issue #92 were actually Skrulls or imposters.

As it goes down at the end of issue #92, Cap, Thor and Iron Man show up before Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Goliath (Clint Barton) and the Vision and disband the group after accusing the four of disgracing the name of the Avengers. The beginning of issue #93 is back at the Avengers mansion when the Vision tumbles into the room that Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor are in.

In dire straights, they call upon Ant-Man who shrinks down and enters the android's internal systems. After fixing what was wrong and saving Vision, Ant-Man takes off and Cap, Thor are surprised when the Vision tells them that they had disbanded the group and shunned the other Avengers.

It's then that Iron Man reveals to the others why he had summoned the emergency meeting, and it's discovered that the earlier Cap, Iron Man and Thor who had disbanded the group at the end of issue #92 had been Skrull imposters. 

But let's go even further back in the comic world when it comes to Kree-Skrull hostility. Since FOX may own rights to specific Skrulls, it's more than likely that we won't be seeing the Super Skrull in the MCU.

Heck, let's talk about some first appearances anyway. So the Skrulls first debuted in Fantastic Four #2 from the first Silver Age series, and their 2nd appearance would be in Fantastic Four #18.

Like Fantastic Four #2, there is more goodness to Fantastic Four #18 than just being a 2nd appearance of the Skrulls. With that 2nd appearance in that very issue we also see the debut of Super Skrull.

More debuts in issue #18 of Fantastic Four? Sure, we have the debut of Tarnax IV, the first Skrull Throneworld or base of operations we comic readers associate with this alien shape-shifters. In the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #10,  Tarnax IV was identified as the Skrull homeworld. The issue also debuts Dorrek VII, once ruler of the Skrulls and father of Princess Anelle.

I'm assuming rights to both characters belong to FOX for the movies, but in the good ole comics, I believe Dorrek VII was the first Skrull ruler us comic fans was introduced to. Despite movie rights or whatever, there are comics to definitely be aware or take note of when it comes to the Kree-Skrull War or tensions that set this up.

I believe the Fantastic Four Annual #3 has the first meeting of Thor and Super Skrull, so it has the first time that Thor met or dealt with a Skrull before Avengers #89 through #97. Here's how this plays out in the comics.

The two would have a 2nd run-in in Thor #142 not too long after Fantastic Four Annual #3. Yes, the third annual is the wedding issue for Reed and Sue, and we shall now get to Captain Marvel #2, and why this comic is an important one concerning the Kree-Skrull rivalry in comics. So what's the deal, eh? Come on, now, spill it, why don't cha? Captain Marvel #2 establishes that there is a long standing beef between the Kree and the Skrulls and definitely kicks off the set up for this to play out in the panels and pages of Marvel Comics. Important when it concerns this? Yes but it is not the only issue and we shall get to that soon enough!

In Captain Marvel #2, the Skrulls sense that there is a Kree presence on Earth, and they send the Super Skrull to investigate what their long time enemy is up to. Captain Marvel #3 continues Super Skrulls investigation and both issues lead or set up the Kree-Skrull War soon told in the Avengers comics. Once again, both of these issues establish that there is a long-standing beef between Kree and Skrulls and set up the first Kree-Skrull War that we readers see in Marvel Comics.


By this time, you should have already seen this trailer. You probably already know all the Easter Eggs and what not as well. 

So here's a really lightning fast recap. There is a totem pole type thing in this flick, and is seen at the beginning of this trailer. Whether it's just a nod or ends up being more is so far up in the air.

Some faces on this totem are Beta Ray Bill, Ares, Bi-Beast, and Man-Thing and some sites are already pumping this hint as characters that are coming to the MCU. Maybe so but I'm wondering to what degree? Are we talking about Howard the Duck degree or something a bit more substantial?

We also see a brief glimpse of what looks to be Korg in this new trailer as well. Makes sense since Korg was a character in the Planet Hulk comics by Greg Pak and Carlo Pagulayan.

Make no mistake that Greg Pak and Carlo Pagulayan created the character and Korg officially debuted in Incredible Hulk #93 volume 2. His origin is revealed in the next issue of Incredible Hulk #94 volume 2.

Korg's character was later retconned to be an unidentified rock creature that Thor had fought in Journey into Mystery #83. This retcon was revealed to happen in the origin story of Korg told in Incredible Hulk #94 volume 2.

Journey into Mystery #83
Incredible Hulk #93 V2
Incredible Hulk #94 V2

We also see Hulk leaping at a Surtur at the end of the trailer as well, so we do get our first glimpse of Surtur and we know that Hulk will not just battle Thor but will supposedly do battle with the demon Surtur as well. Rumors had been running around concerning Surtur appearing in Thor: Ragnarok for a long time. Not sure if that SDCC trailer confirmed Surtur's appearance in the movie or if that confirmation leaked before hand.

Anyway, cool stuff for sure. I've already talked about all the comics involved with Hela, Surtur, Valkyrie, Skurge the Executioner.

Other than that, this trailer doesn't really offer anything new from what we saw in the trailer before it. The end does have some type of Odin-Force Thor? We saw Cate Blanchett as Hela in the first trailer, and she looks amazing as the character. She seems to have the whole sexy wicked down pat.

We saw Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie in the first trailer, and I've liked her since seeing her in Creed. Have to admit that I do love the scene in this 2nd trailer where she struts down the Rainbow Bridge all sexy and cool and ready to kick some bad guy butt.

Skurge, Grandmaster, blah, blah blah. Already yapped about those after the first trailer dropped. If you haven't read that post and want to just click this Thor Trailer Has Dropped link.

Already talked about the Grandmaster in the Elders of the Universe key comics series. Once again, I'm just talking about comics that are tied to the trailers or announcements or characters, races, whatever in comics.

If you wanna speculate on them, it's your decision, but if speculation or comic investing is in your ball park, you may wanna check out some G+ groups that deal with the subject. Two honest ones I know about so far are SIC Comics and Comic Book Speculation and Market Trends, or just known as SIC and Trends. 

They aren't all just about speculation and do talk about collecting in a pure fan sense as well. Actually, I think they're more along the lines of actual comic investing and collecting. Either way, lots of helpful knowledge in those two groups.

Anyway, hope this little SDCC 2017 recap may be helpful to you. Other than that, enjoy the weekend and stay safe. See ya when I see ya but hopefully sooner than later.

Monday, July 24, 2017

SDCC 2017 Recap 'N Stuff Part 2!

We are back with Part 2 of this post that recaps some of the goings on that happened at San Diego Comic Con 2017. Although a lot of stuff was shown, it seems that the Marvel movie section of the event was a bit skimpy when it came to actually releasing some trailers online shortly after their big unveiling.

Their trailer for Infinity War was the same one they showed at Disney D23 and any leakage online was quickly and swiftly removed. Epic is understatement concerning the scale the trailer revealed this movie is going to be.

Black Panther also seemingly had new footage or an extended trailer too, and Marvel and Disney so far has kept that under wraps for now.

No biggie as we all know they'll release it soon enough. Despite keeping some things under wraps, they did announce some pretty big things this year.

Ant-Man and Wasp? Well, those who speculated about Bill Foster were right. Laurence Fishburne was confirmed to be a Dr. Bill Foster for the flick.

In the comics, Bill Foster was created by Stan Lee and Don Heck and made his first civilian appearance in Avengers #32. The comic character is a brilliant biochemist and was the lab assistant to Henry Pym

I am thinking he will have that same connection in the film and will probably have worked for Michael Douglas' Henry Pym in the past.

The character does have quite a bit of debuts as various superhero personas. His first superhero persona was that of Black Goliath and not really any surprise that he would someday acquire and use Pym's Pym particles.

Black Goliath was created by Tony Isabella and George Tuska. Black Goliath first debuted in Power Man #24 or Luke Cage, Power Man #24.

Foster then became the 2nd Giant-Man in Marvel Two-In-One #55 and then Goliath in Thing #1 volume 2.

Power Man #24

Marvel Two-In-One #55

Thing #1 Vol 2

However, will we actually see Bill Foster as Black Goliath or Giant-Man or Goliath or any superhero in the movie with Fishburne playing the character? That is the question I'm wondering, and I'm thinking will the movie-verse may actually go with a certain nephew of Bill Foster to eventually become Goliath, if they intend to use him on the big screen at some point.

Yes, Bill Foster's nephew in the comics is Tom Foster and the character does become the fifth person to take up the mantle of Goliath like his uncle. Much like his uncle, this guy has a bunch of first appearances as well.

Apparently, Tom Foster's first unnamed appearance is in Black Panther #23 volume 4 and his first named appearance is in Incredible Hulk #107 volume 2 that began in 2000. Now that we got his civilian debuts out of the way, Tom Foster debuts as Black Goliath in World War Hulk Aftersmash: Damage Control #1 and then appears as simply Goliath in World War Hulk Aftersmash: Damage Control #2.

Incredible Hulk #107 Volume 2

WWH Aftersmash: Damage Control #1

WWH Aftersmash: Damage Control #2

I'm thinking Laurence Fishburne may be a link for Tom Foster and them Pym Particles, maybe for the films but maybe for TV too. Who knows, and there is obviously a connection in the comics.

I do believe there is a Damage Control show coming? Spider-Man: Homecoming already depicted the organization, and Tom Foster in the comics does become a member of Damage Control.

Now that's just a bit of speculating. Who knows, maybe they will show Bill Foster in a flashback as Goliath like they did with Henry Pym and Janet van Dyne in the first Ant-Man flick?

Speaking of flashbacks, it's finally been revealed who is playing the legendary Janet van Dyne in the film and that is the still gorgeous Michelle Pfeiffer. The former Catwoman alum is surely a surprise but a good surprise. I never would've called that one.

We also finally learned who some of the more recent casting confirmations prior to the event are such as Hannah John-Kamen. Looks like she'll be playing the 80s Iron Man villain of Ghost.

Ghost is typically depicted as a male character in the actual comics and the dude...I mean, villainess will be cool to see on the big screen. Relevant? Well, the character is basically a super computer hacker.

Furthermore, the character has a suit with stealth capabilities. Pretty cool, but the suit goes even further than that.

Turning himself stealth or invisible is cool enough, but the character can turn any object he can invisible and intangible as well. What movie did we see the technology of making things intangible?

Give ya a hint: The movie is still in theaters now.

Ghost debuted in Iron Man #219. Yes, the villain is typically an Iron Man villain but we'll be seeing her in the Ant-Man and Wasp movie.

The comic character Jimmy Woo has been cast and confirmed as well, and Randall Park will be playing one of the oldest Asian good guys in comics. Back in the 50s when the communist scare was heating up and less than favorable American views on Asians was pretty much the norm, Woo was the good guy of a espionage comic called Yellow Claw, in which the baddie did perpetuate the "yellow peril" stereotype.

Back then he was an FBI agent hot on the heels to apprehend the Yellow Claw. This would make sense for two reasons.

Back in the day, J. Edgar Hoover was pissed that the Supreme Court limited the Justice Department's powers to prosecute people for their political beliefs, because he really wanted to go after them commies. So, Jimmy Woo going after a commie Yellow Peril hardcore? Reasonable.

After all, we are talking about the FBI and Hoover, and even though he hated commies, they weren't the biggest national threat to him. The biggest national threat to J. Edgar was the Civil Rights movement and them black leaders were supposedly the greatest threats to the stability of American government. Most likely why they were systematically dismantled.

Anyway, back to the character of Jimmy Woo, the book did not find an audience (surprise) and the characters were shelved until the Silver Age revitalized the super-hero genre of comics. Dug up from the archives, Woo and other characters from the Yellow Claw title were plopped into the world of Marvel superheroes beginning with Strange Tales #160 (1st Silver Age appearance of the Woo).

Woo would join S.H.I.E.L.D. in Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #2, and I'm pretty sure that the character just may be an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. in Ant-Man and Wasp too. Pretty much a no-brainer and can't really see him being anything but.

You know those crazy writers in La La Land, though. Who knows? Oh, yes, character debuted in Yellow Claw #1.

Yellow Claw #1
Strange Tales #160
Nick Fury #2


Supergirl is still going and has been renewed for a 3rd season. I am glad, but I still haven't finished up season 2 just yet.

I believe it's available on Netflix now, and sometime soon I'm gonna have to hunker down and binge the shiz outta that. Wow, this trailer looks dark and serious, and I am intrigued about what the heck is going on.

Wow, cool! Adrian Pasdar is gonna be on season 3 of Supergirl and playing a villain. Looks like he'll be Morgan Edge, the infamous mob boss of Intergang

Created by Jack "The King" Kirby, the character of Morgan Edge debuted in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #133, but he was a clone created under the orders of Darkseid. With that being said, I'm wondering since Morgan and Intergang is known for also having New God technology from none other than Apokolips, will there be an eventual Darkseid connection in the show.

Not saying in season 3, but eventually? Would be pretty cool. One thing I do like about all the DC shows is that they don't skimp out on the special effects concerning characters with super powers.

Intergang also debuted in Jimmy Olsen #133. Boy, do I need to catch up on season 2...


Still a fan of this show, but my initial excitement for it has waned. This trailer doesn't really get me overly excited for anything really.


I wasn't initially interested in Black Lightning at first. To be honest, I didn't really know the character.

I'm always willing to try a show from Bertlanti though. After seeing the first trailer, my interest spiked a bit.

However, this Where Heroes Are Born trailer that was dropped at SDCC this year is just freaking awesome. I am definitely interested in Black Lightning now, and I will surely give it a try.

Although I don't know much about the character, I have a gut feeling I'll probably like the show. Trailer sold me on Black Lightning.


Yep, I saved the best trailer for last. That was a joke. I admit that this is a pretty janky trailer.

I still have hopes that this will end up being a cool show and will still give it a try. Marvel, spend some dough on your TV special effects. 

Alright, that's all I've decided to do for now. Anything you're super excited about that dropped at San Diego Comic Con this year? 

<< PART 1

Sunday, July 23, 2017

SDCC 2017 Recap 'N Stuff Part 1!

Another year and another San Diego Comic Con has come and gone. As usual, there were quite a few announcements, trailers specifically made for SDCC, and basically an overload of pop culture craze.

We know the drill by now. So, as usual, let's recap some things that went on there.

I already have posted a lot of these things in the G+ community, but here I can give a little better run down of some things.


Okay, I'm admittedly a big fan of this show. Like Luficer, it's one of the shows I can't wait to watch week to week.

Seems like more attention is going to be given to Candice Patton's character of Iris West and that makes a whole lot of sense considering the way season three ended. Looks like Iris West is gonna be in a more take charge kind of role and can't wait to see how this transpires or unfolds.

For me, I've really liked Candice's portrayal of Iris West and think she's gotten some really undeserved flack because of the role. She recently won her first ever Saturn Award for best supporting actress, and you can bet that I was rooting for her. Once again, congrats Candice Patton!

With Barry caught in the Speed Force, many are wondering if Keiynan Lonsdale's Kid Flash will take center stage as the main speedster for at least a few episodes. I'm all for that as well and hope Kid Flash gets a bit more of the spotlight that I thought was going to happen a bit longer in season three. 

News of the Thinker has already been slung out there prior to San Diego Comic Con 2017 and it seems that Neil Sandilands has been cast in the role of the Golden Age villain.

I think moving away from another speedster as the main baddie is needed, but am scratching my head as to how this villain can carry the season. As usual on Total Comic Mayhem, I'll throw down the debut of this villain, and the character has various versions.

The Golden Age version is Clifford DeVoe, and he was an enemy of Jay Garrick, the original Flash. DeVoe as the Thinker debuted in All-Flash #12 back in 1943.

Other news about Flash season 4? Let's see: Looks like Thinker may have an assistant, and word is that this villain will be the Mechanic and played by Kim Engelbrecht. Not sure if this character is actually based on the originally male and different versions of the character in DC Comics or if just made up for the TV show.

A big announcement (for me) is that Danny Trejo will be joining the series as the bounty hunter Breacher, or Quell Mordeth, who is the father of Gypsy that appeared in season three of the show. He is the father of Gypsy in the New 52 comics as well and first appeared in Justice League of America's Vibe #3 volume 1.

Breacher's pretty much a newer character, as his debut was in 2013. He doesn't really have all that many appearances so far, but is connected to Vibe in the comics.

In the comics, Breacher is the enemy of Vibe's villainous brother Rupture, also known as Armando Ramon, who is not the one who has appeared on the show. That is Dante and the one who turned into a baddie can breach barriers into other dimensions. Actually, Dante ended up being Rupture from Earth-2 on the Flash show.

Like Gypsy, Quell or Breacher is obviously from Paridill. Since I already mentioned him and his brother and Dante has already shown up on the show, both of Vibe's brothers of Dante and Armando that the show based them off of debuted in Justice League of America's Vibe #1. There is an Armando Ramone of the New-Earth timeline and was brother of Paco Ramone, the original Vibe.

Armando's first appearance as Rupture is in Justice League of America Vibe #6. Breacher connected to Cisco Ramon in the comics? For sure, but as usual, I still do wonder how much will be connected from the actual comics to the actual show.

May as well throw in the cover to issue #6 of the comic series as well since I mentioned it.

For those fans who groaned at the show's version of Gypsy and saying it was far from the actual source material, that isn't totally true. The Flash show's version of Gypsy is definitely more based on the version from the New 52.

In that timeline, Gypsy is Cynnthia Mordeth and daughter of Breacher. She is literally a trans-dimensional gypsy. 

The New 52 version of Gypsy does have the same illusion casting powers like in the original comic version, and this Gypsy also first debuted in Justice League of America Vibe #1.

Not saying those are great specs, not saying they're good specs, and not even saying they are specs. Just some fun knowledge to know for those who have become fans of the character that Carlos Valdes plays on the show.

And it does happen. At Colossus Con this year, I saw a mother and daughter ask a dealer if they had any Archie comics and stating they were both fans of the Riverdale show.

I think that's kind of cool. Justice League of America's Vibe series was a 10 issue series.

So far, no word yet on who will play Elongated Man but expect some casting news real soon! Other Flash news? In the DCEU, the name of the Flash movie was announced but not sure if that was at SDCC or not. Name of the Flash movie is The Flash: Flashpoint!

We already saw Barry Allen's pops behind bars in an early Justice League trailer, so it does look like the solo Flash film just may be based on the Flashpoint comic.

Not surprised since that event is shaping up to be a classic Modern Age story for the Flash. The TV show already did their version of the story line based on the 2011 Flashpoint mini-series written by Geoff Johns, and the show is still resonating from the aftereffects of Barry's mistake.

I wonder how important that story line will be to the over-all DCEU or if at all.

The SDCC wraparound cover has already had a slight bump in demand since the news, so I do not feel any conflict of interest talking about it since this happened before I even mentioned the news. I actually really like that cover, and to be honest, I really like the regular cover as well even though I do not own one just yet.

Flashpoint #1 REG

Flashpoint #1 1:25

Flashpoint #1 Var

Flashpoint #1 2nd Print

Flashpoint #1 3rd Print

Flashpoint #1 Fan Expo

Flashpoint #1 SDCC


I love this show. Like the Flash, I love how the entire cast gels.

Whoever did the casting for Lucifer is definitely a master at their profession, because the cast is stellar.

Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar definitely captures that certain devilish charm. While the premise of the show deviates a bit from the actual comics, the essence is more or less the same.

Like in the actual comics, Lucifer abandons his lordship over hell and has become bored with the stereotypes and prejudices against him that comes with the role. It is in essence the ultimate act of rebellion and the problem of "free will" is also brought from panel to screen.

As most of us  comic geeks know, the Lucifer created by Neil Gaiman, in which the show is based on, debuted in The Sandman #4 back in 1989. There was not any character of Chloe Decker in the Sandman comic series nor in Lucifer's self-titled and on-going series, but the character is great and perfectly played by the beautiful Lauren German.

Decker is the straight man or woman in the duot of Lucifer and Decker, and I think the dynamic between the two is a great and needed addition to the character. Perhaps, this would not have worked in the actual comics, but the relationship does work well for the show.

While Chloe Decker was made up for the show, the character of Mazikeen was not and actually did appear in the comics. Mazikeen first debuted in The Sandman #22 volume 2, and like the comics, she is depicted as female and a great ally of Lucifer Morningstar.

Unlike the comics, the TV show character is not the lover of Lucifer. I am not sure if they have made any reference to her being the war leader of the Lilim in the show like she is in the comics. I dunno, maybe I missed that.

What can I say about Lesley-Ann Brandt? I love how she plays the aggressively sexy yet mischievous character and I loved her in Spartacus also.

Ever since first seeing him in Romeo Must Die and then later discovering him in the Temptations movie playing Melvin "Blue" Franklin, I've liked D.B. Woodside. As Amenadiel, he's got great chemistry with Tom Ellis' Lucifer and the character is a known adversary of Lucifer in the actual comics.

The Sandman Presents: Lucifer #1 is the character's first appearance. Like the Flash, I can't wait 'till season three of this show is back on.


Honestly, this show reminds me of the same very aspect of the show Heroes and the character of the Cheerleader and that whole family deal. Remember that back when? Admittedly, I was not all that excited about this show when first hearing of it, even though the X-Men comics are my favorite.

I also do have to admit that this extended trailer that dropped at SDCC this year has piqued my interest a lot more than before. Most of the main characters are made specifically for the show.

There are three known characters from the actual comics and Polaris or Lorna Dane is a very well-known X-Men character. I'm not sure if the show is going to go the route of the Magneto connection as Lorna is Magneto's daughter in the comics.

The character first appeared in X-Men #49 and fully revealed her powers in X-Men #50. She has the same powers of magnetism as her infamous father, and Lorna long suspected that she was the biological daughter of Master of Magnetism.

That was finally confirmed in Uncanny X-Men #431. A definite recurring hitch about the character is that she struggles with mental instability, and I wonder if actor Emma Dumont as Polaris in The Gifted will depict any of that.

For some reason, I have always loved the character of Thunderbird, even though he did not last very long after his debut in Giant-Size X-Men #1. I always thought it sucked that they killed him off so early in the comics with Uncanny X-Men #95.

It was like the team's 2nd mission. However, the character was suppose to be a flunk out like Sunfire and used only once, but apparently creators Len Wein and Dave Cockrum liked the character.

Still, they found out that keeping him on as a regular was supposedly problematic. With enhanced strength and athletic ability, John Proudstar was written be a cocky loudmouth.

Unfortunately, there was also a cocky loudmouth on the 2nd Genesis X-Men team: Wolverine! For supposedly shock value, Wein had the character killed off.

I am glad that Blink is returning. I loved her action scenes at the beginning of Days of Future Past.

That was one of the stand out moments in the movie. Being a long-time X-Men fan, I also loved seeing Iceman's ice slide as well. Yeah, the same one you saw over and over in the comics and in the animated Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends.

For the Gifted show, Blink will be played by Jamie Chung, and I'm glad this character has a better chance of being more than a cardboard cut-out. Although I know them special effects are expensive, I'm anticipating seeing her teleportation powers again.

X-Men #49

Giant-Size X-Men #1

Uncanny X-Men #317

I really hope they do some trippy stuff with Blink. In comics, Clarice Ferguson first debuted in Uncanny X-Men #317. Oh, actor Blair Redford will be portraying John Proudstar also known as Thunderbird!


Much like Lucifer, Preacher was a TV series that diverted from the superhero genre. No doubt that this TV series, divulged into the more weirder side of comics. 

Well, as you can see from the still image that kicks off the actual trailer, it looks like Herr Starr will finally be introduced in season 2 of Preacher. Yep, that Herr Starr who the whole speculation community yapped about since Preacher became TV news prior to airing.

Already mentioned Herr Starr's comic debut in the Preacher key issues series, and I won't get into it all that much in this post. If don't know it, you can click the blue link above to find out what miraculous issue that is in.

The actor playing the twisted villain of Herr Starr is Pip Torrens. If you haven't seen season one, want to give it a try and have Hulu, I do believe season one is now ready to be streamed there.

I most likely will have to since time has been quite limited for me in the last few months.


These guys are finally gonna come together and it looks like a rough start already. The critically panned Iron Fist put a smear on Netflix's run of hits and left some to worry about that show being a catalyst for even more fumbles from Marvel and Netflix.

Then again, there was criticism of Luke Cage as well, and I'm not going to get into some of the super ignant comments that show received. I do like this trailer, and I'm glad they didn't show Danny Rand saying that he's the Immortal Iron Fist for the umpteenth time.

What more is there to say? I believe the Punisher will be joining the show at some point too.


I'm not the only one who has been critical of the DCEU. I did like Wonder Woman, but I have not done a review of that movie just yet. I will, though, when I get the chance.

Still, one major success still has not curbed my skepticism of Warner Bros. or the general consensus that they haven't a clue of what to do with their library of super-heroes on the big screen. My pops is not a comic book fan, and even he made the statement after walking out of Wonder Woman that the movie reminded him of the first Captain America flick.

Regardless, this trailer is not half bad, and it does look pretty epic to me. Also, I hope the speculators are true and the trailer is teasing an eventual debut of the Green Lantern Corps. Could be the return of Superman from the grave also.

We also finally get to see Steppenwolf, and he looks pretty cool. Even though I still have issues with the Flash's costume on the big screen, he seems to be the comedic relief out of the outfit. Cyborg looks pretty awesome and Wonder Woman is still definitely the stand out so far.

If you don't know the debut of Steppenwolf in comics, just click the link and it shall reveal such to you. I've got my fingers crossed for this flick. 

Alright, out of time, but there will most likely be a Part 2 to this recap during the week hopefully. Until then, hope you have a great rest of the weekend.