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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Micronauts 1st Appearances & Key Comics Part 3

Inner space or Microverse or Sub-Atomica or whatever, we are continuing the Micronauts 1st appearances and key comics and have arrived at Part 3. Once again, this isn't the most sought-out dense key comics list for sure.

Many, if not all, of these are pretty much sleepers and currently not that high in demand. Whether that changes or not is so far a good question.

Just talkin' comics here, no specin'. I leave that up to you to think for yourself and decide. 

So 2nd verse same as the first: Click this Part 2 link if you missed it, but if you're ready to go, here's more Micronauts 1st appearances and key issues or comics.

1st appearance of Huntarr
X-Men appearance

Look who makes a guest appearance in this issue! It's everyone's favorite mutant team - the X-Men. Oh, how does this even happen?

Well, blame it on a creature named Huntarr, and yes this issue has the debut of him. The poor fellow was once human and known as Iann-23. Whoa, there's a connection to X-23 there. I'm 100% totally kidding.

Anyway, Iann-23 was brutally subjected to Karza's experiments in the Body Tanks and his body mutated into some kind of monstrous creature. King Argon sent Huntarr to eliminate the Micronauts, but Mari convinced him to switch sides and join the team.

He did and carried out adventures in this series and in the Micronauts The New Voyages comic series that followed this. Huntarr was created by Bill Mantlo and Keith Giffen. Hey, it's reunion of the creators of Rocket Raccoon, and Keith penciled this issue and the previous issue of #36. 

So Huntarr seeks out the Micronauts who are on Earth and ends up damaging the Endeavor. Ship goes down and where does it crash? It crashes in the ole Danger Room at Professor X's mansion.

Boom! X-Men and Micronauts meet for the first time, and they would eventually have a limited series called X-Men and the Micronauts in 1984.

Bearing the cover date of January, 1982, Micronauts #37 was released in late 1981 during winter and this issue would be the last to be distributed via newsstand for the comic series.

First Direct Sale in title
3rd title direct market only

Okay, the OPG notes this as the "first direct sale". Let me explain a bit about this if you're not sure what the hell this means.

This does not mean that this is the first Micronauts comic that was distributed via direct market. It means that this issue begins the comic series being exclusively distributed via direct market or comic shops.

Apparently, the titles of Micronauts, Ka-Zar The Savage and Moon Knight were the first titles to exclusively be distributed in the direct market channel. Just a bit of historical relevance there and Overstreet does recognize it, or, at least, I hope this is what they mean by it.

If you weren't sure what the heck that meant. Now you do, and it's all good. However, among those three titles, I am interested in which of these titles to first go exlusive.

So Ka-Zar The Savage #10 was the issue that first began the sole direct market distribution for the titled series. It is also the first Marvel title to be exclusively distributed via direct market or to comic shops. No newsstands beginning with this issue in the comic series. 

Moon Knight #15 is the 2nd Marvel title to exclusively be sold through comic shops, and Micronauts #38 is the 3rd title to go direct market exclusive. So, I hope Overstreet doesn't mean that Micronauts is the 1st ever to go direct sale only. 

Here's how it breaks down. Source is from Mike's Amazing World:

Ka-Zar The Savage #10 | Moon Knight #15 | The Micronauts #38

I checked the OPG and Moon Knight #15 and Ka-Zar The Savage #10 have no mention of "First Direct Sale" next to them.

Big deal? I leave it up to you. Historically, the comic publishers were testing out these new channels because newsstand distribution was extremely faulted at the time. 

Jim Shooter even went to imply that it was "corrupted". Just wanted to talk about this one in case some out there didn't know. Cover date for Micronauts #38 is February, 1982.

Death of Argon or Force Commander
Karza reborn

Did I mention that Baron Karza basically possessed Argon or Force Commander? Yep, for a while, Argon was a main baddie of Homeworld and made quite a few enemies, including those Micronauts he fought a long side in the early issues of this series.

So a little bit of a recap. Argon switched the bodies of Duchess Belladonna and Lady Slug courtesy of the Body Banks. Yep, Slug is stuck in Belladonna's body, and the Duchess in Slug's body.

Being the tyrannical putz that he is, Argon also treats Belladonna in Slug's body like crap. Sometimes he lays the smack down on her as well.

Belladonna and Slug would form an alliance of sorts, and in this issue, Belladonna as Slug takes off Argon's helmet and this somehow reveals who is really underneath. In some strange way, this also kills Force Commander?

I dunno what that's about, but enter the rebirth of Baron Karza! No more hiding behind a host any longer. He fully makes a full return as himself.

Don't think this is a major key issue by any means, and January, 1983 is the cover date for Micronauts #49.

Death of Devil
1st appearance of Fireflyte
Death of Prince Pharoid & Lady Slug
Death of Ampzilla, Battle Axe & Centauria
Death of Lobros & Duchess Belladonna

Usually, I don't care all that much about deaths, since most usually come back anyway. There are a lot of deaths in this issue, and Baron Karza is back and ready to kick ass.

Before, he was possessing Force Commander or King Argon. Lady Slug's mind had been transferred into the body of Duchess Belladonna and vice versa.

Needless to say this series gets a bit whacky. So I really wanted to talk about this issue because Devil bites the dust, and from his death arises a 2nd Fireflyte. The original died in Micronauts #35, same issue that has the origin of the Microverse.

Here's how that resurrection of Fireflyte plays out.

So a new Fireflyte is reborn from Devil, and that Fireflyte would die and rebirth a new Devil in a later issue. Not sure if I'm gonna feature that issue, but if you're wondering, it's issue #58.

Baron Karza returns and clips some fools. He offs Lady Slug and Belladonna, offs Prince Pharoid. This mamba jamba wrecks shit up!

Don't really make big deals out of most comic deaths, but there's a boat load of characters that die in this issue. Cover date for Micronauts #50 is February, 1983.

1st appearance of Biotron II
1st appearance of Microtron II
Death of Fireflyte
Cameo of new Devil

Wasn't really going to put this one on here, but suppose I will since a 2nd Biotron and Microtron is introduced in this issue and these characters carry over into the New Voyages or Micronauts volume 2 comic series.

Apparently, Biotron II has a different personality than the original Biotron. Not sure if this is the same for Microtron II as well.

I do have to remind that this is the Marvel Comics series and IDW is considered the Hasbro Universe. In terms of the death of Fireflyte and a new Devil, this Devil carries over into the New Voyages also, but he does die in issue #17 of that series and a new Fireflyte is reborn. Not gonna list that one and just mention it here in this listing.

So in this issue, Fireflyte dies and cocoons herself. Devil emerges from it as shown below:

This is the last issue that Bill Mantlo writes of this series. The next issue would feature a new writer, although #59 is the last one.

Cover date: May, 1984 for Micronauts #58.

Last issue
Peter Gillis begins

Okay, I said I wasn't going to put this one in here either but this is the last issue. No, I don't consider last issues keys, but there is a debut in this issue also.

Nope not a comic character. This debut has to do with a creative. 

This last issue sees writer Peter Gillis take over Marvel's Micronauts comics. Bill Mantle steps down, and although the last issue of this series, Gillas would write The New Voyages until the last issue of #20. 

It's apparent that the series was cancelled with a reboot series in mind as it is referenced at that very end of this story. Not so sure about low print run when it comes to this last issue or not. 

June, 1984 is the cover date to this last issue of Micronauts #50.

1st appearance of Solitaire
Origin Children of the Dreaming Star

I have elected not to put the 1st issue to this comic series on here, even though it does kick off volume 2. Nothing really happens in that issue nor does anyone significant make a debut.

In this issue, Solitaire does make her comic book debut. Once again, this comic series did not last all that long so I don't think Solitaire had that many comic appearances over-all.

When it comes to spec, I wouldn't bet on it since the movie stuff will be based on what rights Hasbro owns, not Marvel. Highly doubtful that these Micronauts Marvel characters make it into a Micronauts movie, but who know about a Disney movie.

James Gunn already claimed they could not use Bug because of copyright stuff. Don't know what's up with that or the legality of it all.

Anyway, Solitaire does become a member of the Micronauts team in the Marvel Universe of comics. It should be noted that the Makers and who or what they are is a pretty big part of this volume 2 series.

While the Children of the Dreaming Star are believed to be made by the Makers, they are not the same as the children of the Makers. Solitaire is a child of the Makers, and the Makers are supposedly powerful on the level of the Beyonders or even Celestials.

The Makers supposedly also had a hand in creating the Microverse, which confuses a lot of stuff and conflicts with the origin of the Microverse presented in issue #35 of the volume 1 series. Anyway, Solitaire can shape-shift and she does so in her debut to impress Bug.

Yeah, she turns herself into some kind of hybrid of an Insectivorid and Marionette in order to get Bug's attention or affection. His honey Jasmine did die in Micronauts #17 of the 1st series, and I didn't feature that comic in Part 2.

This issue marks the first time Solitaire is seen. She is named in the next issue of #6 and was created by Peter Gillis and Kelley Jones.

Micronauts: The New Voyages #5 has the cover date of February, 1985. Team members of this series are Microtron and Biotron II, Arcturus Rann, Mariionette, Bug, Huntarr, Devil, Fireflyte, Scion, and Solitaire.

1st brief & full appearance of Scion

As far as I could find, I don't think Scion was based on a Mego Micronaut toy but I could be wrong. I couldn't find any information regardin that. 

The character reminds me of a hybrid of Colossus and Angel. He was created by Peter Gillis and Kelley Jones.
Okay, so Scion does appear as a Hatchling in issue #8. He appears as Scion in this issue though and here's his brief yet named debut below. 

Like Solitaire, Scion is a child of the Makers. His first full appearance is in the next issue of Micronauts #12.

Scion is a confusing character. He leads the team in a few issues and then all sudden sorta goes the bad route. Basically, he comes to odds with the Micronauts and ends up having another transformation at the end of issue #16. 

His last and final fight would be in issue #19 with Solitaire. Micronauts #11 has the cover date of August, 1985. Cover date is September, 1985 for Micronauts #12. Both have newsstand and direct market editions if interested.


As for the X-Men and the Micronauts limited series, I really have no idea if there's anything really important that goes on in those stories. Could be wrong though but I couldn't see anything.

So the Death Squad character of Lobros that debuted in Micronauts #35 of the first series is actually based on the Mego toy as well. I don't think the character has shown up in the IDW Hasbro Universe just yet, but I do believe the character is owned by Hasbro currently. 

Here's the vintage packaging of Lobros and action figures of Pharoid. 

Okay, the Prince Pharoid character that I thought wasn't really a big deal or anything is actually based on the Mego Micronauts toy also. Well, the toy is called Pharoid, and a Pharoid is also in the new IDW Micronauts series.

However, IDW's Pharoid is a different character just to be upfront and clear. I don't think he's the prince of Aegyptia like in Marvel Comics, or there hasn't been any connective glue revealed. I don't see why there would be to be honest.

If you really want to get technical, though, Micronauts #23 & #24 does have the first brief and full appearances of the Pharoid character based on the Micronauts toy in comics. Even if it isn't the same character that winds up in a film or whatever, I don't think Micronauts #23 & #24 should be sneered at or ignored entirely.

Other debuts of characters based directly off the toy was also Repto and Centuria. The Mego toy that Centuria was based off of was called Centaurus, and an Antron, a Repto and Ampzilla were also based off the Mego action figures. They also appeared as part of the Death Squad in Micronauts #35 so that is technically those character's "1st in comic books".

I am going to skip the Image and Devil Due's comics, but I will mention two here. I don't have access to read them so these are not claims but big maybes.

If you really do know the answer, feel free to clarify. So Micronauts #8 of the Image 2002 series may have the first appearance of Red Falcon "in comics". 

Once again, I'm not sure if that's a brief or if the character shows up fully in the next issue. Red Falcon does show up in the new IDW series and he is based on the vintage toy line.

The other debut I'm not 100% certain on is the Green Baron in the Devil's Due Mironauts #2. Character is based on the toy as well but has yet to show up in the new IDW series.

Green Baron's brother King Atlas (Devil's Due) is also based on the toy and may have his first appearance in issue #1 of the Devil's Due 3 issue series. Once again, not sure to what extend that is and I don't think he shows up in the IDW series as well.

The series only had three issues, and as far as I can see currently, the Devil's Due and Image series are still pretty cheap, including the entire series in comic lots. Here's some print estimates:


Micronauts #1 - 55,854
Micronauts #2 - 37,946
Micronauts #3 - 27,443
Micronauts #4 - 26,821
Micronauts #5 - 18,480
Micronauts #6 - 16,196
Micronauts #7 - 14,726
Micronatus #8 - 13,020
Micronauts #9 - 12,264
Micronauts #10 - 11,461
Micronauts #11 - 10,894


Micronauts #1 - 11,789
Micronauts #2 - 9,014
Micronauts #3 - 8,538

On that note, next ahead in Innerspace is the IDW Micronauts series.  We will get into the Pharoid character in that series as well as the newly connected Hasbro Universe stuff. Should be quite a bit fun.

See ya there soon. 


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