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Friday, June 16, 2017

Micronauts 1st appearances & Key Comics Part 2

They came from inner space! Here we are with Part 2 of this Micronauts 1st appearances and some key comics in that comic series.

Part 2 has quite a bit of origins of planets. Even the origin of the Microverse.

Not to beat around the bush any more than I have to, click this Part 1 link if you so happened to have stumbled upon this post before seeing that one. Well, that's if you want, of course. If you're ready for Part 2, please proceed.

Origin of Acroyears & Spartak
1st cameo of Kaliklak

Looks like Baron Karza is defeated and Acroyear has regained his rightful place on the throne. Everyone is happy over the victory except for poor Shaitan, who is now captured by his fellow people.

While judging his brother, Acroyear goes on about the history of their people and how they found the planet of Spartak. Pretty much a first origin story in comics dealing with the Acroyears and here's how it plays out below:

Shaitan then challenges Acroyear to a blood fued, basically a battle, and the baddie loses. Next issue sees Bug returning to his home world and having an adventure there.

The planet of Kaliklak makes a 2 panel cameo at the end of this issue. We see Bug falling down to his home planet.  

Should be noted that Jasmine is shown in a double page splash in Micronauts Annual #1 and named but that is more like a pin up gallery than part of the actual story. Probably a cameo.

December, 1979 is the cover date, and Micronauts #12 hit the stands around September 11th.

1st appearance of Jasmine
1st full Kaliklak

Welcome to the homeworld of Bug. This issue sees the Micronauts travel back to Bug's homeworld of Kaliklak and it seems they're still having some trouble of their own.

Although Karza is defeated, Bug's planet is still under the tyrannical control of Karza's colonial administration. After a run in with his old gang of cutthroat thieves and finding out that his own father sold him out to Karza, he meets up with his honey Jasmine once again and announces that he plans to overthrow the colonial administration.

Despite what the Marvel wiki says, I don't see a Queen Esmera in this issue. Maybe I'm missing her somewhere in there, but I don't see her in the next issue of #14 either.

I am certain that this is the first appearance of Jasmine and Bug's homeworld of Kaliklak. No origin story, and the colonial administration is brought down in issue #14.

January, 1980 is the cover date and Micronauts #13 probably hit newsstands around October 9th of 1979.

Microverse series begins

Okay, what in the hell does "Microvers series begins" mean? Well, this issue starts the "Tales from the Microverse" back up feature, and that's basically what it is.

The Time Traveler is your host of that back up feature which expands on various planets and back stories for various planets like Spartak and characters like Slug in the next issue. Good stuff all around for fans of the comic series.

Err...Plantman is in this comic and this very minor villain debuted in Strange Tales #113 back in 1963. A bit about Plantman just for the fun of it?

Sure, why not? So Samuel Smithers was an apprentice to a botanist who was working on an invention that could make plant life smart enough to communicate with humans. Long story short: Botanist died and Smithers carried on the work.

A lightning bolt ended up hitting Smither's plant ray-gun and gave it the ability to control or animate vegetation. Armed with a vege-gun, it was time to take revenge on the scientific community who laughed him out of it.

Later, it was revealed that the freak lightning was in fact the doing of the plant-like race H'ylthri from the mystical city of K'un-Lun. Anyway, Scott Lang as Ant-Man appeared in issues #19 and #20, but he did not go into the Microverse. The adventure in that story was in the regular Earth dimension.

Also, Scott Lang only meets Biotron and none of the other Micronauts, so didn't feature that here. However, I do think that the Quantum Realm is going to be explored more in the upcoming Ant-Man flicks. Would make sense since Pym still needs to find out what happened to his wife Janet.

So "Tales of the Microverse" back up stories begin with this issue. Wouldn't say that makes it a huge key, and the cover date for Micronauts #20 is September, 1980.

1st appearance of Prince Pharoid
1st Margrace

Comic Vine says Micronauts Annual #1, but I don't see Prince Pharoid in there. If he is, he's an unnamed character in the back ground somewhere.

Anyway, Prince Pharoid is the prince and ruler of Aegyptia. This Aegyptia is not a planet but a desert region on Homeworld. 

A Micronauts ally and had a thing for Lady Slug, Prince Pharoid and Margrace, Captain of the Desert Demons faithful to Pharoid make their debut in the backup feature of this comic.

Might be a cameo since they only show up in three panels and only one close up for Prince Pharoid and two for Margrace. Anyway, they might fully appear in Micronauts #24.

Not gonna feature that issue, and Micronauts #23 has the cover date of November, 1980. Haven't been making a big deal of it in this series, but there are direct market editions and newsstands of this comic.

Origin of Baron Karza
Return of Baron Karza 

By this time, the Micronauts have met several heroes in the Marvel Universe of comics such as Man-Thing, Fantastic Four, Ant-Man, etc. Even some villains begin to creep into the pages of this comic series.

In this issue, the Micronauts go up against the Fixer. Yes, that Fixer who first appeared in Strange Tales #141. Even Mentallo is in on the action in this issue.

In the back up feature of Tales of the Microverse, Baron Karza's origin story is finally revealed. It's kind of a bland origin and told by Prince Pharoid.

At the end of the Tales of the Microverse story, it's revealed that Argon was made into more than just a man-beast by Karza in the Body Banks. He is to be a host for a resurrected Karza, and thus this big bad makes his triumphant return.

Cover-dated January, 1981, Micronauts #25 reveals the treacherous origin of Baron Karza, and like many comics in this series, it is still a sleeper pretty much.

  • 1st appearance of Nanotron
  • 1st appearance of Aquon
  • 1st appearance of Lady Coral, Ryak & Tybalt
Microtron bit the dust in issue #15 but was rebuilt. Biotron got in in issue #27 but wasn't rebuilt by this issue.

Needing a companion for Microtron, we see the debut of Nanotron. Yep, she is a roboid and a female one at that. She does become a member of the team for a while, but like every good roboid, she ends up giving her life for the team later on.

Further exploring the vast scape of Homeworld, we come across the region of the Sea Zone. In this zone, Lady Coral and her people reside in the floating city of Oceania.

And there it is - the floating city of Oceania. Pretty cool. 

So, since the Micronauts first meet Lady Coral, it's only fitting that she tell them a bit about her people and herself, right? I mean, just because their sub-atomic doesn't mean they don't have manners.


Coral is the daughter of Tybalt who is the official ruler of this Sea Zone, but due to a tragedy concerning her brother Aquon, Coral ended up assuming rule over the Sea Zone due to her father not being able to effectively lead. 

When Karza returned to threaten the Microverse yet again, Lady Coral would become a trusted ally of the Micronauts. 

With the cover date of June, 1981, Micronauts #30 debuts this world of the Sea Zone, provides an origin while seeing the debut of Lady Coral and revealing her origin at the same time. Pretty nifty and Lady Coral was created by Bill Mantlo and Pat Broderick.

1st appearance of Fireflyte
1st appearance of Devil

Enter two more characters who would become members of the Micronauts. I'm not sure these two are based off the toy or not. Could not find any information on that.

So Devil and Fireflyte are from the region of Tropica or the Jungle Zone in Homeworld. In this Jungle Zone, there are only two stages of lifeforms in this region.

Gets a bit funky but the two characters have something to with "chrysalis birthing", and when one dies, another is re-birthed from the other. In short, Fireflyte and the Devils of Jungle Zone are connected to each other in life and death and therefore companions.

Furthermore, Devil could go off into violent tirades and Fireflyte was the only one who could calm him. The original Fireflyte would die, and when Devil himself died, a 2nd Fireflyte arose from him.

Alrighty then! Confusing as hell and not even gonna try to explain those two further. Cover date is September, 1981 for this comic. 

Origin of the Microverse
Intro of Death Squad

When it comes to the origin of the Microverse, it's important to go over a character that Bill Mantlo connected to this Micronaut world later. First, this character is the Time Traveler that debuted in issue #1.

However, the character was someone else before he became a Time Traveler in the Micronauts mythos. Oh, the Time Travelers are actually from the Mego Micronauts toy, but Bill Mantlo definitely put a different spin of them or him.

The connection was to the character of Prince Wayfinder. Who?

Who is this the Prince Wayfinder? Well, he showed up in Marvel Preview#4, the same issue that also has the debut of Peter Quill/Star-Lord, but in a different story.

Prince Wayfinder debuted in the 2nd story of that issue entitled, "The Sword in the Star!: Stave 1: Alas, the Seeds of Man!" Okay, Marvel Preview #4 also has the debut of the Sword in the Star that Prince Wayfinder found and eventually ended up creating the Microverse.

In the process of this creation, Wayfinder ended up becoming one with the Enigma Force. Important character to the humble beginnings of the Microverse for sure.

Here's his connection to the Microverse as revealed in this origin story:

Okay, this issue also holds the "Intro" of the Death Squad, as noted by Overstreet. This Squad that doesn't appear all that much consists of Ampzilla, Battleaxe, Centauria, Lobros, An Antron, A Repto, and Galactic Destroyer.

No idea if any of them is based off the toy line. Creative credit of the Death Squad goes to Bill Mantlo and Val Mayerick.  

Other than that, Doctor Strange guest stars in this comic and Arcturus Rann and Doctor Strange do merge into Captain Universe. 

I think Dr. Strange appeared in this series starting with issue #30. Cover date for this one is November, 1981.

Quite a bit of origins in these comics in Part 2. This comic series did kind of just dive right in with the action and then explains and expands on quite a few things as it goes a long.

Still a pretty fun read so far. I'm gonna keep this outro short for the most part, but I'm gonna showcase a page about the Time Travelers.

Hmmm...maybe that didn't really explain much. I'm still a bit confused about to what the Time Travelers are or what.

So I understand that Prince Wayfinder is one of them, and from what I get so far, he's the main Time Traveler in the Marvel Micronauts saga. Anyway, Part 3 is ready so just the link below and see ya there.


  1. Hello Mayhem,

    just received my copy of Superman 246, which was brought to my attention cause of the fine folks at If it is true, the copy holds the first appearance of S.T.A.R. Labs, which might be compared to Marvels Shield. Just wanted to ask you if the first appearance is true or if this is another one to DEBUNK. Overstreet for instance doesn' t note Supes 246 as the first appearance of S.T.A.R. Labs. The issue does name the institution and it' s function plus it does show two representatives, so for me it' s a numero uno...

    Speculation Jones

    1. This issue clearly shows Superman visiting a Dr. Farr at S.T.A.R. labs or a laboratory at S.T.A.R.

      It again shows another scene at S.T.A.R. labs in the issue involving some mutating algae. So far there hasn't been an earlier comic with S.T.A.R. labs in it uncovered. CGC doesn't note it either.

  2. Cool! Then this one is gonna stay in my collection. Thanks for your quick response!

    Speculation Jones