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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

IDW Micronauts 1st Appearances & Key Comics

Is this the last Part to this Micronauts key comics request by Ace? Might be, but for now.

Probably get back to it later since I think the IDW series is still on-going currently. So, this series does become part of the whole IDW Hasbro Universe, and the funky news was that the Hollyweird was going to try to do the same as the comics and have a Hasbro shared universe.

Well, in the works, and most likely quite a bit of it will be rooted in the comics featured below. Anyway, Part 3 link will bring ya back if that's where ya need to go.

If not, let's wrap up this up for mean time...

1st issue to new series based on Hasbro
1st brief appearance of Shazrella
1st appearance of Phenolo-Phi & Larissa
1st appearance of Oz (Oziron Rael)

So we have a completely different cast of Micronauts, save for a few characters. Acroyear and Microtron are present but they are slightly different than Marvel's version. Still, this issue doesn't hold the 1st appearance of those characters in actual comics, since and like Marvel, the characters are directly based off the toys.

Much like the same reason that Marvel's Micronauts #1 holds the first Baron Karza in comics also. There is a round of new characters made up for the series, so let's take a gander at them.

So the main character is Oz, full name Oziron Rael. He is thought of as the last of the Pharoids, and they are a race in the IDW instead of a prince. Cullen Bunn is writing this series and I am quite enjoying it so far.

Like the original Marvel Micronauts there is a Star Wars like feel to it. The ship is named the Heliopolis instead of the Endeavor and Oz is the captain of it.

We see Oz and Phenolo-Phi early on in this comic issue and they seem to debut around the same time. Phenolo-Phi is the female in green Space Glider armor.

We later are introduced to Larissa and she becomes part of the crew and a main supporting character of this comic series. Here's how she debuts and meets her fellow Micronauts in the scenes below:

Another new character is Shazrella. She is the wife of Baron Karza, but only shows up in the panels of this one page. I'm noting it a brief debut and she definitely shows up more fully in issue #4 of the comic series.

I think I'll drop the character specs for further info since I did that with the Marvel Micronauts in Part 1 of this series. Here's Cullen's character's notes:

And onto variants. If you don't care for 'em, might as well move onto the next listing, but if you do, you may want to check these out or know about them at least.

So 25,673 is estimated print run number for regular cover. I'm just gonna cover the retailer incentive covers and they are shown below.


 John-Paul Bove
est: 1,026

Joana Lafuente
est: 513
Michael Golden
est: 256

There are also them store exclusives as well and a complete box set containing all the covers including a 3D cover with 3D glasses. The 3D cover was available only by purchasing the box set. Here's a photo of the covers that come in it:

Looks like it's the regular cover and the subscription covers plus the 3D cover. I think you can still buy that at the IDW site if that's cheaper. If not, eBay sure has a few of them up for sale.

April 27, 2016 is when IDW's Micronauts #1 hit comic shops and stores.

1st full appearance of Shazrella
1st full appearance of Baron Diagon
1st origin of Pharoids

Baron Diagon did appear in the very last page of  Micronauts #2. It is a full page and he is named.

I'm noting this as the first full appearance of the character, and Baron Diagon is based off the Force Commander Micronauts toy. In Marvel's universe, Force Commander is Argon, and I believe Force Commander first debuted in the world of comics in Marvel's Micronauts #4.

1st full for Baron Diagon, though? Yeah, I'll buy that, so it is noted as such. I guess one could be safe and note the previous issue of Micronauts #2 as the "Intro of Baron Diagon", yeah?

Last page of Micronauts #2

As revealed in the Micronauts #1 listing in this here Part 4 to this Micronauts keys series, the wife of Karza, Shazrella, doesn't really appear all that much in issue #1. She appears more fully in this here issue of #3.

While captured by Daigon, Oz does give a brief origin of what happened to his people, the Pharoids, and a bit about the Time Travelers.

Regular cover print run is estimated around 9,715, so pretty low. Despite that low print number there are retailer incentives and a painted SDCC exclusive cover by Ken Kelly.


 J. K. Woodward
est: 971

Nick Pitarra
est: 388
SDCC Exclusive
Ken Kelly
limited: 250 

Two of the subscription covers are toy-themed. One has an action figure of Acroyear and the other by Adam Riches has an imaginary action figure package cover of Space Glider or Phenolo-Phi.

No idea of print run estimates for the subscription covers or their variants. Micronauts #3 of the 2016 IDW series hit store around June 29th of 2016.

Micronauts officially enter Hasbro Universe
1st cameo of Micronus Prime

When it comes to this, I do apologize and have to play around with semantics. When I mean "Micronauts enters Hasbro Universe", I do mean that in an actual story and where characters actually interact with another Hasbro property or shown acknowledging them at least.

There are lead ups that happen where they are obviously "connected" to the shared Hasbro Universe or hinted at prior to this comic. Micronauts #2 had a back up story that connected G.I. Joe, Transformers and Action Man, but no mention of Micronauts.

You can say the prior material hinted at Micronauts connecting to this Hasbro Universe but never actually saw them do so in any way until this issue. How does this happen?

Well, the Micronauts run across a certain Micronus Prime, a Transformer and one of the 13 Primes in Transformer lore. Here's how this happens on the very last page of the story.

Character first appeared in the Transformers: Robots in Disguise animated episode called "Out of Focus" before supposedly making his comic book debut in this issue.

In the IDW continuity, Micronus Prime is apparently responsible for creating the Microverse. Variants?

Oh, joy, you better believe they got some. Kidding, it's not that crazy. Okay, lets see how the regular cover and it's estimate print run looks first.

Remember, this is just an estimate, not approximate, and Micronauts Revolution #1 is around 10,880. Now, I have no idea about the subscription cover variant or the blank cover variant, but there is supposedly a 1:10 retailer incentive cover by Ken Christiansen.

That one should be around 1,000 or 1,100 copies. Maybe less or maybe more but around that estimate.

September 28th of 2016 is when Micronauts Revolution #1 hit comic shops.

1st meeting Micronauts & G.I. Joe

Furthering the shared universe concept for the Micronauts, this issue does hold the first time the Micronauts meets G.I. Joe. Well, I should say a G.I. Joe character and it's none other than Snake Eyes at the very last page of this story.

They mistake ole Snake Eyes for a giant-sized Karza robot. Pretty cool scene and it gets even hairier for the Micronauts in the next issue of Revolution, but it is apparent that these little guys are getting deeper into this Hasbro Universe.

Okay, the Micronauts only meet a G.I. Joe and not a team per say, but the Joe team is pretty darn big. How many qualify as a team...two, three, four or more?

Micronauts meet G.I. Joe and G.I. Joe meet Micronauts. It starts here between the two with this issue.

Regular cover to this issue has an estimated print run of around 13,486. There are a bunch of subscription variants but not sure about those.

Three retailer incentive variants, however. Here they are below including their ratios and estimated run.

1:10 Ken Christiansen

est: 1,348
1:25 Guido Guidi

est: 539
1:50 Art Baltazar
est: 269

Despite the scene depicted on the regular cover or even the variants, the Micronauts do not meet ROM in this issue. October 12th of 2016 was when Revolution #3 hit the comic shops.

1st meeting Micronauts & ROM
1st meeting Micronauts & M.A.S.K.

A lot of good stuff going on in this issue and it's definitely a time to get social. So in the previous issue of #3, the Micronauts in the Heliopolis run into a certain Snake Eyes.

Their meeting continues in this issue, but it adds a few more players into the mix as seen below:

This issue is the 1st meeting between the Micronauts and ROM as well as the Micronauts and M.A.S.K.

ROM's baddies, the Direwraiths, come to start trouble and a pretty big ass battle ensues. This is where M.A.S.K. comes into play and this is a gorgeous double page splash.

On the bad guy front, Baron Karza bonds with a Direwraith and drops a big fat hello at the end of the issue.

Karzawraith meet everyone...every one meet Karzawraith. Now it's a party!

Regular cover's estimated print run may be around 12,853 for this issue. There are, once again, three retailer incentive variants by the same artists that did the issue #3 retailer incentives.

1:10 Ken Christiansen

est: 1,285
1:25 Guido Guidi

est: 514
1:50 Art Baltazar
est: 257 

Just gonna cover the retailer incentives for this issue. Once again, no clue when it comes to the subscription variants or what their print runs are even estimated at.

Hey, if you know for sure, be sure to leave a comment about it below. Revolution #4 hit the comic shops November 2nd in the year 2016.

1st full appearance of Rhonda Conway

Rhonda Conway had a very brief debut in Revolution #5. She showed up in only one panel near the end of that story and her back was turned towards the reader.

So obviously, the events that take place in this issue are directly after Revolution #5. Welcome to the Hasbro Universe.

Rhonda was a scientist in a laboratory that had captured the Micronauts. They were prepping them to basically be dissected and scientifically examined.

Rhonda is strangely called Dr. Dell in this issue. Not sure why or if that was a mistake or a maiden name or what's going on. However, when the Micronauts escape in this issue, Rhonda helps them to get out of the facility.

In issue #8, they are in Rhonda's car as security are chasing them down some kind of road. Seems like Rhonda will play an important supporting character for the Micronauts, or their human friends in this Hasbro Universe. Should be noted that Rhonda is not named as such in this issue, and that doesn't happen until issue #10.

Anyway, this issue may very well be the first Hasbro Reconstruction issue for the Micronauts following the events of Revolution. This stuff is already being referred to as Post-Revolution for IDW, kinda like DC's Post-Crisis and Pre-Crisis jargon.

Alright, variants, variants, variants! Only gonna over one and that's the retailer incentive. 1:10 variant by Kelley Jones.

Regular cover has an estimated print run of around 5,918. The 1:10 retailer incentive by Kelley Jones should be around 591 then.

In store date for IDW's Micronauts #7 is November 16th with the cover date or month of November.

Reveals Larissa is adopted daughter of Karza

This issue is a bit funky. The Micronauts end up battling their future selves, and these futures have come to ensure that the past Micronauts do not continue the same path they are currently on. That basically means that somewhere in the future, it's realized that they screw things up.

In the story, the individual Micronauts have flashes of the past and flashes of the future, so it reveals a bit of their origins very briefly but also hints at things to come. One of the origins that I could somewhat understand was Phenolo-Phi and it seems she escaped her burning home with a glider suit while her parents perished in it.

Another thing this issue reveals is that Larissa was an artificially created baby and appears to have been raised by Baron Karza and Shazrella. 

Does not reveal why she broke away from them but it shows a future in which she is donning the very armor that her future self is now wearing. Past clues given and future mysteries yet to be unraveled.

January 25, 2017 is when Micronauts Annual #1 was released or was for sale in comic book stores.

1st appearance of Billy & Betty

Well, it appears that Micronauts have put Rhonda in danger, and even worse, they find out that she has a son named Billy. Rhonda's sister also shows up in this issue and her name is Betty.

This family gets attacked by Commander Klain. I think Commander Klain is a mercenary that works for V.E.N.O.M., the baddies of M.A.S.K. Not too sure but he does take orders from Miles Mayhem and that dude is definitely the leader of V.E.N.O.M.

Miles shows up in the comic series as well and tasks Commander Klain to find the scientist who helped the Micronauts escape. Well, he does find this family but the Micronauts arrive to the rescue and tell Rhonda, Billy and Betty what's up and how they're in danger.

So here's how Billy and Betty make their debut in this comic.

And then after Klaine is dealt with, an alliance between the humans and Micronauts is proposed. Looks like Rhonda and Billy are gonna be sticking around in this comic series for a tick.

Regular cover has an estimated print run of around 4,304. Retailer incentive cover by Chris Mercier is a 1:10 variant and may have an estimated run of around 430. 

Bunch of subscription variant covers for this issue as well. Actually, there's only three and one of the subscription covers is a toy package of the Time Traveler by Adam Riches.

Kinda like the subscription variants better than the retailer incentive. April 12th was when Micronauts #11 of the IDW series hit comic shops and the cover date for this 11th issue is March of 2017.

I have to say that I've become a fan of the Micronauts 2016 IDW series. What a really fun read, and I hope they do make a movie based off what's going on in this comic series written by Cullen Bunn.

I really like what's going on so far, and I think I'll continue to follow the series. Well, for those who like low print run comics, IDW's Micronauts have quite a few issues that are pretty low prints and even come with retailer variants as well.

Might come back to this one in the future, depending on how long the comic series lasts. Alright, will get to other comic goodness in a few, so thanks for reading and stay tuned.

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  1. Wow! Learned something new again! Didn' t know there was an IDW series that is actually cool! That gives some extra fire to my movie/tv speculation. Thanx Mayhem. Speculationwise I got another 100 % investment tip. It' s the old TOP TEN Series by Alan Moore. It' s still cheap and the story is designated for a screen appearance. Also get the number 8, which made the numero uno spot of Wizards best comic stories.