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Friday, June 2, 2017

Frank Miller's Sin City Coming to TV!

Whoa! Hey, what can I say?

I'm a fan of the Sin City comics. Well, okay, let's be honest here. I'm a fan of the first story line that ran through Dark Horse Comics Presents. Yep, the first one with Marv in the yarn called, "The Hard Goodbye".

Okay, I do like the yarns, "That Yellow Bastard" as well and "The Big Fat Kill". I'll be blunt, I like the stories in the first movie better than the ones in the 2nd film.

Back in the day, the Sin City story that ran through Dark Horse Presents 5th Anniversary Special and then in Dark Horse Presents #51 through #62 was a jaw dropper. I remember some dude in high-school kept telling about it and how I needed to check it out.

I was like, Sure! Yeah, okay! I will asap...

Finally, I did and was hooked. I try to pick of DHP 5th Anniversary Special whenever I see a copy. Gotta admit, they're not hard finds online, but I rarely see them around my stompin' grounds.

Movies? Loved the first one, didn't care for the second one. Sin City becoming a TV show?

Makes sense. Think about it for a second. Sin City is all about all these yarns and how they somehow connect to each other either loosely or quite directly. I think it would be a perfect TV show, almost like the noir version of Tales from the Crypt or Tales from the Darkside but with the same main cast of characters.

Do I expect Marv and Wendy or Gail or Nancy to be the main cast? Well, so far the word is that the show is being "rebooted" by TWC/Dimension and that it will closely follow the fan-favorite graphic novels. Then again, reports have stated that the plan is to introduce original characters into the Sin City world.

So, when it comes to that last bit of info, I have no idea where the word "reboot" comes into it all? There are only a few yarns in the actual comics that involve characters we've yet to see live action. Not to say that these stories have been reported to be included or anything.

One of these stories or yarns yet to see live action is "Daddy's Little Girl" which was first published in A Decade of Dark Horse #1. Blue Eyes and Rats have main characters that have yet to see live action and both stories first saw publication in Sin City: Lost, Lonely & Lethal.

Delia, from the story Blue Eyes, also appears in the Sin City yarns Wrong Turn and Wrong Track published in Sin City: Sex & Violence. The characters of Wallace and Esther in the Sin City: Hell and Back comic series might be a good one to finally adapt live action as well for the show.

Actually, I'd be surprised if Hell and Back was not adapted for the show. Who knows, though? Reports are still fresh when it comes to this new Sin City TV show development, and I have no idea if those yarns will be included or not. 

I wouldn't even doubt if a few actors from the film did cameos in the show. Rosario Dawson? Okay, I am getting ahead of myself here.

Although highly doubtful, a network might not even pick this show up or who is to say if this show ends up in limbo or for how long also. I actually hope that does not happen.

Further details to surface so far is that the Sin City show's show runner is Glen Mazzara, executive producer and writer of several Walking Dead episodes. Also involved in this project is co-creator of the Underworld movie series, Len Wiseman, who is reported to direct.

Producer of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, Stephen L’Heureux, will co-produce the TV series with Frank Miller, Wiseman and Bob & Harvey Weinstein. Word is that networks smell money...I mean, blood in the water, and some are beginning to circle. 

As a fan, I'd just like to see this one happen, so bring it on!

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  1. Yeah! DHP 5. Anniversary is the one to get! I was really surprised that mine was signed by F.M. inside. Hope it' s a real signature. It' s a red thick liner. Anyone out there who has a similar edition?

    Speculation Jones