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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Venom & More May Comic Movie & TV News Round Up!

Here's reviewing the latest movie or TV shows based off comics that recently came out in the later weeks of May and I've yet to yap about. First order of business and the news is hot!

Tom Hardy is Venom. Not Flash Thompson Venom, but Eddie Brock Venom.

Yes, the original Venom, the one who debuted the character and kicked the comic world on it's friggin' ass!

But, hell, this is the movies, though, right? Who is to say that they can't switch shit around and have Eddie Brock as Agent Venom in the cinematic world?

You bet they can twist things up like that, and I'm sure there will be a huge fan backlash on that but whatever. Let's talk about this because I'm a Spidey fan.

How else do you all see Venom playing out? Alien symbiote or a biologically engineered symbiote created by military research and development?

Okay, so far, I've yet to hear any news that Eddie Brock is going to be connected to the world of Spidey. I am pretty sure they are in the same cinematic world for sure.

I am not denying that, but so far, reports are saying that the Venom spin-off will be Spidey-less? That kinda doesn't make much sense at all.

If that is true and Venom were to go the Spidey-less route, my feeble mind can only think of Venom being some military biological experiment gone wrong. Well, it's that or Eddie Brock is a Daily Bugle news reporter who somehow comes in contact with a symbiote that mimics Spider-Man.

Where does this symbiote even come from and why does it mimic Spidey's powers? See the concern here?

Or, will Sony try to shake things up and go the horror route? They could still use the science project gone wrong and have Venom take Eddie Brock as a host and run around doing whatever.

Then again, if they went that route, Agent Venom would make less sense unless Carnage was the monster terrifying all the kids in the neighborhood and the government went into this small town to kill all the symbiote spawns that Cletus was creating as Carnage. Bam! There it is and you can make that check out to me pronto, Sony!

Agent Venom has go into this town infected with the symbiote and make sure it doesn't spread out of this town. On top of that, he has to kill it before the air strike nukes this town and all the innocent civilians living...Wait! That was the premise of Outbreak. There it isn't.

Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, though? I'm definitely okay with that, and it actually makes the film a bit more legit. Well, until they announce that Eddie Brock is Agent Venom and a huge fan uproar has Tom Hardy pull out of the role.

Just kidding! Kinda...seriously, who knows where they're going to go with this Venom flick. Expect the worst or hope for the best, right?

Remember that TV show that Greg Berlanti said he was developing. Black Lightening?

Well, apparently, the show based off the DC Comics super-hero is actually happening and a trailer just dropped for it. Seriously, and here it is below in case ya missed it.

I'm 100% sure this TV series will receive a heap load of stupid and ignant comments like the Luke Cage show did such as, "Why is the Luke Cage show so black?" Ask that kind of a question, you may as well ask why the TV show Friends was so white?

Oh, my, God, Becky...Look at her butt. 

Looks like it will be pretty similar to the actual comics. I'll give this one a try and the show stars Cress Williams in the titular role.

The show does feature more characters from the actual comics also. Black Lighting's wife is played by Christine Adams and his two daughters Jennifer and Annisa are played by actors China Ann McClain and Nafessa Williams.

I already did a run down on these character comic debuts in a past announcement for this show. You can click on this Black Lightning link to see these 1st appearance key issues.

In case ya didn't know, "ignant" is worse than ignorant. Ignorant simply means you just don't know any better. Ignant means you know better but choose to be a dumb ass.

More Spider-Man cinematic news or should I say news for his expanding spin-off flicks. Venom ain't the only bad ass to spit more game in the movie-verse. Black Cat and Silver Sable snagged themselves a director and a new title.

Looks like Gina Prince-Bythewood will helm the Spidey spin-off flick now titled Silver and Black and apparently will rewrite the script penned by Chris Yost. No newcomer to the super-hero genre, Gina just finished directing the pilot episode to Marvel and Freeform's Cloak and Dagger TV show. Word has it that this Spidey spin-off will be Spidey-less as well.

Justice League Dark? News of this movie being a live-action anything has been around a long time and it seems they're still having problems. So now Doug Liman has dropped out and the studio is now eyeing director Dami├ín Szifron.  

Sorry, but I lost interest in that movie yesteryear. Next flix!

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