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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Official Netflix Defenders Trailer Has Dropped!

More like has exploded on the internet. This trailer dropped online early yesterday and it has already reached 4 million views and still climbing on just Netflix's YouTube channel alone! When I first saw it yesterday, there were only half-a-million views.

Not bad, not bad! Alright, in case you happened to miss it. Here it is all nice and embedded for ya below:

Once again, the great thing about Marvel is that they understand superheroes and the egos they must be packing. This does go all the way back to when Stan Lee wanted to appeal more to teenagers when Atlas decided to revive their super-hero line of comics under what is now known as Marvel Comics.

First team of conflicting egos was the Fantastic Four, and tensions didn't stop there either. The Avengers members also had their share of internal conflicts as well.

No surprise that the Defenders show would continue this Marvel Comics tradition, right? I like the tension between Luke Cage and Iron Fist and we'll finally get to see the Heroes for Hire meet up in the show.

I am expecting the duo to grow closer together as the shows progress. "Shows" as in all of what Netflix has got going with Marvel, and Iron Fist and Luke Cage are best of buds in the comics. Would be a bit weird and a let down if their friendship didn't unfold on the small screen.

Unfortunately, I'm starting to see what the critics were talking about concerning the character of Danny Rand. He does seem like the most immature out of the group, and Stick does refer to Danny Rand as the "Kid with the glowing fist.".

"I'm the Immortal Iron Fist!"

And I love Cage's reaction like he's suppose to know what the hell that is.

As much as I love the Hand, I really do wish they'd bring in Kingpin again. Mix up the baddie goodness a bit there, but then again, it does make sense since Elektra will be back to kick some ass.

Since Elektra is or was a member of the Hand in her early comic career, I believe she's comin' back as a weapon for that iconic order of ninjas in Marvel Comics. Yes, I do believe that is her training to become the assassin we all know her to be in the trailer and it does make sense since the Hand also tried to resurrect this femme fatale in the comics, more specifically Daredevil #190.

While she might be giving the team of Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist some needed mischief on the small screen, I surely hope Elektra is not the only cretin besides a clan of ninja that the Defenders will encounter action-wise. I don't think Sigourney Weaver's villainous role will get in down and dirty combat but I could be wrong.

If the Hand is training Elektra to be an assassin, I think it would only make sense to reference or give a nod to another famous assassin in the Daredevil comics. Even more to ponder is that since the Hand is in play and may be for quite a while, will Lady Bullseye or Maki Matsumoto make her way into what Netflix has going on in the near future

After all, nobody said that they had to use the male version of the character. Lady Bullseye first appeared in Daredevil #111 volume 2. I dunno just a thought and could White Tiger be thrown in the Netflix mix as well?

Hector Ayala was a member of the Defenders in the comics, but not like that really matters since none of the characters in the show were really known as Defenders in the good ole comics.  Then again, they could go with his niece Angela del Toro since she is also connected to the Hand and had partnerships with both Daredevil and Iron Fist.

Angela del Toro first appeared in Daredevil #58 volume 2 as Special Agent Angela del Toro. Angela debuted as the White Tiger in Daredevil #69 volume 2.

Not saying this is happening or those characters have any kind of rumors of them joining the Marvel Netflix stuff. Guess I just think it would be cool since they are also street heroes and tied to Daredevil, the Hand, Iron Fist, whatever.

Anyway, what you guys think? Excited to see these four finally assemble?


  1. Great analysis as always Mayhem - I'm excited to see the show - looks like a lot of fun - wasn't terribly impressed with the iron fist show but ended up watching it all the way through - hope king pin makes it back and I wouldnt be surprised to see an appearance from the punisher as well. On another marvel note just saw guardians tonight and I have to say marvel is killing it compared to D.C. - I'm only really holding out hope for Aquaman at this point only because of the director - of course warner brothers have been known to hamper good directors work - anyway short of the long is guardians was great - cheers

  2. Your post reminded me of my hyposthesis that the personalities of any group of 4 individuals can be mapped to the Fantastic Four's.

    It works well in this case. Matt = Reed, Jessica = Sue, Luke = Ben and Danny = Johnny