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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Jack Kesy Cast For Deadpool 2! Black Tom Cassidy?

This is the latest rumbling concerning the highly anticipated Deadpool 2. So let's get this bit of recent news out of the way: Jack Kesy has been cast in a villainous role in Deadpool 2. 

Some sources are saying the actor is set to play Black Tom Cassidy although nothing has been confirmed except that Kesy has been cast and as a villain. Jack Kesy is known for his work in The Strain, and most recently, Baywatch.

So far word is that Josh Brolin will play the main antagonist, Cable, but not sure exactly how accurate that reporting is concerning the "main villain" part. So much garbage out there who knows what is what.

Anyway, onto Black Tom Cassidy. If you notice the last name, this villain is a relative of Sean Cassidy other wise known as the X-Men Banshee. Tom is his cousin and also an Irish mutant.

Tom Cassidy first had the power of generating concussive blasts by using wood as a conduit, and this wooden object of choice was usually a shillelagh. This X-Men villain was created by Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum and had a cameo debut (in shadow) in X-Men #99 and a first full appearance in X-Men #101, the comic that also has the famous debut of Jean Grey as Phoenix.

X-Men #99
June 1976
X-Men #101
October 1976
Classic X-Men #16 
December 1987

Here's Tom Cassidy's cameo debut in shadow in X-Men #99.

A bit more about the villain? Alright, Tom Cassidy and his cousin Banshee have a mad hate for each other. This started because both liked the same woman - Maeve Rourke - and unfortunately for Tom, she liked Sean better and became his wife instead. That origin of sorts was revealed in the 2nd story called "Dearest Friend" in Classic X-Men #16.

Even her death didn't quell the hatred between Tom and his cousin Sean, and somehow Tom secretly raised Sean's daughter, Theresa, whom would grow up to be Siryn. Black Tom Cassidy has mostly been affiliated with the Juggernaut.

He underwent a second mutation after Cable seriously wounded him. Doctors grafted wood-like substances to his wounds that healed him.

This procedure also gave him the ability to release his bio-blasts directly through his fists (seen or revealed in Deadpool Circle Chase #1) but in later comics, some strange plant growth started to spread throughout his body occurred as a result. In order to combat this strange kind of illness, Black Tom Cassidy needs Deadpool's DNA in order to gain access to his healing factor to destroy the viral growth.

The story line involving Tom's hunt for Deadpool played out in the Deadpool: Sins of the Past four issue limited comic series. So, basically, that's just a short run down of how Deadpool and Black Tom are mostly connected to each other in the comics.

Cable and Black Tom Cassidy have had several run-ins with each other in comics. Black Tom was an early villain in the early issues of the first X-Force comic series, and Cable and Tom Cassidy's first meeting in comics was in issue #3.

Below is the page in issue #3 where this momentous event happens.

Since we're on the subject of X-Force and Tom Cassidy's first meeting with Cable, I suppose I should add that the X-Force series also saw the first meeting between the villain and Deadpool. So below is the page to X-Force #4, and this is the event I was talking about earlier that saw Cable severely injure Tom Cassidy.

So issue #3 has the first meeting between Cable and Tom Cassidy and X-Force #4 has the first meeting between Deadpool and Tom Cassidy. Issue #4 is also the 3rd appearance of Deadpool as well. Here are covers below for reference.

X-Force #3
October 1991
X-Force #4
November 1991
X-Force #8 
March 1992

Just for review in case some of you didn't know, Zazie Beetz has been cast as Domino for Deadpool 2, and that news of Neena Thurman getting her live-action debut hit the world back in March. First true appearance is noted as being in X-Force #8.

Other than that, I believe that Morena Baccarin will return as Vanessa Carlysle, better known as Copycat in the comics.  Ryan Reynolds, of course, as the Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool.

Brianna Hildebrand as Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Leslie Uggams as Blind Al, and the voice of Stefan Kapicic as Colossus will all return for the sequel.


  1. Lame choice. When will they finally bring the Taskmaster to the screen? He would make the perfect Deadpool villain.


    1. Agree with ya on that Ace. Hopefully, the Black Tom Cassidy bit is a rumor and he's playing a different villain.

  2. I would also like to see Taskmaster as well, but I thought FOX no longer owns the rights to him. I think he's owned by Marvel Studios now. So probably no Deadpool vs Taskmaster. A good villain to be used in a future project somewhere.

  3. Nice to know. Thanks. Guess that means we will probably see him somewhere else. Typhoid Mary would be cool too, but I heard she' s getting her own tv show. Crazy!


  4. Since I have the 1st appearance comics of both Taskmaster and Typhoid Mary. It won't bother me to see either of them on screen or TV. I would prefer she be a villain on the Daredevil Netflix series.