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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Comic TV Shows Still in the Works or Coming Soon!

Anyone hear about the seemingly negative responses to the Inhuman's costumes for the TV show? You know, the first look photo of the Inhumans that Marvel threw out there online to help create buzz and excitement for the show that's currently filming.

Reactions on Twitter about the "first look" photo for the Inhumans had 39% neutral, 35% negative, and 25% positive. Of course, some are making a big deal about this, claiming that the Inhumans are going to be yet another TV stumble for Marvel since Iron Fist got the smack down recently.

Now, I ain't saying the possibility of the Inhumans bombing on prime time isn't possible. I'm not really all that sure if the Inhumans have enough of a fan base for the actual comics to merit even a TV show much less a movie.

But you never know which will be the surprise break out show or not. Inhumans is coming and that's a for sure.

Sometimes I think that Hollyweird currently is just throwing whatever on the wall to see if it sticks. Lots of obscure characters and comics getting consideration for TV shows and even movies. 

Over-Saturation? It happens continually, especially in a capitalist market.

Milk that sucker until everyone gets bored or tired of it. Happens with music all the time. There's a trend that becomes over-played and then a backlash.

So let's take a look at some of the comic book based TV saturation. These may be old news or new recent ones or perhaps ones most have yet to hear about. A few are in the "What Happened to Them?" files.


Probably the most recent and hottest TV property to be yapped about on the net is the Locke 'N Key TV news. Not, really since it's been around a while now.

The proposed show will seemingly now air or stream on Hulu, and it is based off the comic series that began in 2008 by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez.

The comic story centers around the Locke family and their ancestral home of Keyhouse in Lovecraft, Massachusetts. I don't want to spoil things but this story involves other dimensions and demons and magical keys. 

The comic book story involving the main Locke cast are divided into six limited comic book series, the first being the six issue "Welcome to Lovecraft" which first introduces the main cast of Tyler, Bode, Kinsley and Nina Locke.

That series is followed by the six issue "Head Games" and then by the limited series "Crown of Shadows" and "Keys to the Kingdom". The final series involving these Locke characters is the comic series "Alpha & Omega".

"Omega" has five issues and "Alpha" has two. There are also one shot comics like Grindhouse and Small World which tell different stories connected to the Locke 'N Key world.

Over-all the Locke & Key mythos spans centuries. Doubt they'll run out of stories and this project has been around for quite a while as Universal picked up the property in 2013 in hopes of turning it into a feature film. Looks like that fell through.

A pilot was shot and screened at Comic Con back back in 2011. The show was once picked up by FOX and then dropped and has been kicking around since 2010.

Now, Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson is directing the pilot and is signed onto direct more episodes as well. Perhaps, this will finally take off.


Ho hum. Go figure that this comic boom will see a renewed interest in rebooting the Witchblade TV series. Hey, the first TV series was only two seasons so why not a second go?

Personally, with all these indie horror comics getting shows, it would be cool to see something new like a Lady Death TV show or movie. Hell, even Cry for Dawn and make that one a Netflix anthology series.

Might as well bring back Tales from the Crypt as well. Carol Mendelsohn and Caroline Dries are writing and producing the pilot. Marc Silvestri and Matt Hawkins of Top Cow are executive producers and NBC has optioned the show.

Like the TNT series, this new series will follow police officer Sara Pezzini and her adventures after coming into contact with the mysterious Witchblade gauntlet passed down through female hosts that holds tremendous supernatural power. Word is that the reboot will take place in San Francisco instead of the comic's original setting of New York City.

If this goes through, Witchblade is connected to the Darkness in the actual comics, so I wonder if the Darkness will be incorporated into the show as well. So to elaborate on this Top Cow world, the Witchblade is spawned from the opposing forces of the Darkness and the Angelus.

They are basically Top Cow's version of the Universe's Darkness and Chaos and Light and Order. Of course, the two forces have been at odds or war with each other for God knows how long. We'll just leave it at a long, long time.

So the Witchblade is a sentient being and is male that must have a female wielder in order to attempt to balance the Darkness and Angelus. Alright, so Witchblade or Sara Pezzini first debuted in Cyblade/Shi #1: The Battle For Independents back in 1995 and was created by Marc Silvestri, Michael Turner, David Wohl, and Brian Haberlin.

Even though Jackie Estacado did not appear in the 1st Witchblade TV series that starred the very lovely and talented Yancy Butler, I think it would be a shame if the new reboot disregarded the character and did not have the comic's popular wielder of the Darkness in the show. So, I'm gonna throw in Jackie Estacado's first comic debut, and not surprisingly, it is still noted as being in Witchblade #10

Witchblade #10A Witchblade #10B    Witchblade #10B Gold

Witchblade #10DF Witchblade #10DF Signed    Darkness #1A

Jackie Estacado debuted as the Darkness in Darkness #1 or that's the issue that's being noted currently. Not sure when the Angelus first debuted. 

Some sources say The Darkness #1 and others say The Darkness Wizard 1/2. The Angelus Warriors are present in Darkness #1, though.

No idea and not 100% sure on either of those, but the Darkness Wizard 1/2 was only available through an offer in Wizard Magazine issue #64 and that specific Wizard issue has a cover date of December, 1996.

The actual magazine was most likely on racks prior to its cover date, but no telling when those 1/2s were shipped out. Don't have a clue, sorry, but here's the cover gallery for both issue #1 and the Wizard 1/2.

Darkness #1A DF-Signed Darkness #1B Black Variant    Darkness #1C Con Exc.

The Dynamic Forces signed edition is limited to 750 copies and the Convention Exclusive is apparently numbered to 100 although the cover says limited to 500.

Darkness #1D Darkness #1 Platinum    Darkness Wizard 1/2A

I believe there is even a variant to the Darkness Wizard 1/2 cover and it's a X-Mas Special cover done by Billy Tan. I'll post that one just in case and for reference. I'm not sure about this one or when it was released, how it was distributed or what the deal is with the variant cover. 

No clue. Anyway, last word or news about the Witchblade reboot surfaced in January of this year.

Yeah, it's been awhile since then. I suppose we shall have to await more news about the development of this property hopefully to come sooner rather than later.


Bring on more horror comics that see fit to be turned into TV shows. Anyone heard of this one? Good for you. This series was toted as one of the best horror comics of 2015.

This Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook series published by Dark Horse comics was in development over at Syfy over a year ago or around 2015. Any recent news of this one?

Who cares? Well, actually, it's had recent news like the once in-development Clone comic being adapted into a Syfy TV series and then later a motion picture. News of that property bouncing around happened in 2014 and then in 2015 and nothing really since.

Much like Harrow County. If you feel the need to do some hardcore speculating on this one, you can try Harrow County #1 which is the issue that kicks off this comic series, technically, in comic book form.

Estimated print run for issue #1 is only estimated at 11,759, so it is a low print comic and debuts the main character of Emmy. Well, as far we know so far the comic debuts Emmy. Who knows what preview comic, if any, Harrow County might have been in or not.


Of more recent TV news for comic adaptations is the concept of Judge Dredd's world and Mega City One being the center of an on-going TV series. Ah, hell, why not!

Apparently 2000 AD or Rebellion has said screw it when it comes to letting others handle their property live-action. Two movies have already hit the big screen starring two pretty big and well-known actors.

Sylvester Stallone and Karl Urban both took up the hard-nosed, futuristic cop but both failed to really make a dent with general audiences. Rebellion, who bought the comic property in 2000, will now take matters into their own hands. 

Please make this one happen. Rebellion promises that comic fans will get the Judge Dredd we deserve and the character's satirical nature will be on point.

Pretty fresh news and pretty much in the works but IM Global Television have partnered with Rebellion to make this happen. As for the comic character of Judge Dredd, he first debuted in 2000 AD #2 or 2000 AD prog 2 back in 1977 and was created by John Wagner, Pat Mills and Carlos Ezquerra.

Dredd is the Dirty Harry cop taken to the ultimate extreme and the comic is a bit political steeped in satirical humor that discusses concepts of police states and authoritarianism. After all, Dredd is a "street judge" and given the power of  'judge, jury and executioner' all rolled into one.


Things that have to do with Marvel television seemingly like to skimp out on actual costumes. I think this is a trend here for any TV series that Marvel has their finger imprint on with the exception of Daredevil so far.

Like Wolverine, I highly doubt we'll be seeing any of the characters in their actual X-Men costumes. Maybe not even in the generic original X-costumes.

Yep, this one smells like a bunch of mutants running around in regular street clothes, and it kinda does make sense since the premise of the show has to do with a a suburban couple whose ordinary lives are rocked by the sudden discovery that their children possess mutant powers. On top of that, they must align with a mutant resistance that fights against an organization that rounds up and neutralizes mutants. 

Sounds pretty much like the X-Men world there. As for the main cast, they are mostly made up for the show. The only three characters that are actually from the comics are Blink played by Jamie Chung, Polaris played by Emma Dumont, and Blair Redford who reportedly is playing Thunderbird.

Blink has already appeared in movie theaters in the hit movie X-Men: Days of Future Past. The character was a special effects stealer and a highlight in the beginning action sequence. Blink was originally played by Fan Bingbing. 

It should be noted that Jamie Chung is no newbie when it comes to playing comic characters on screen either. She replaced Devon Aoki as the character of "deadly little" Miho in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

In the comics, Blink is Clarice Ferguson and was created by Scott Lobdell and artist Joe Madureira. She first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #317 back in 1994, and her debut really hasn't done much since.

Lorna Dane is known as Polaris and fans of the comics know this character as the daughter of Magneto. For a while in comics, Polaris was the half-sister of both Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch for a while but this was retconned in 2014 and Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch weren't even mutants but experiments of the High Evolutionary.

I don't think FOX got the memo on that just yet or they are disregarding the retcon for now. So, up in the air as to whether Polaris will remain the sister of Quicksilver in the X-Men cinematic universe.

Anyway, as most comic fans and X-Men fans already know, Lorna Dane debuted in X-Men #49. Having the ability to also control magnetism, Lorna suspected she was the daughter of the villainous Magneto and this was eventually confirmed in Uncanny X-Men #431.

However, like Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, you never know what new writer will retcon stuff like that. Onto the next character that's actually from the comics and that is Thunderbird.

Prior, this character was referred to only as "Sam" when it concerned cast news. It was later revealed that Blair Redford will be playing Thunderbird.

In the comics, Thunderbird is John Proudstar and first debuted in the iconic Giant-Size X-Men #1 that introduced a new diverse team that not only revived the X-Men comics but made the title one of the most popular and fan-favorite Marvel super-hero teams.

X-Men #49 Giant-Size X-Men #1    Uncanny X-Men #417

Although I already posted the trailer to the facebook page and Google+ community, here it is in case you missed it. Then again, I think this is a newer one that FOX dropped the 14th.

Might as well as put this one up here in case someone missed it as well. Marvel dropped a Cloak & Dagger trailer recently as well. Knock yourself out and enjoy.

Alright, need to sign off. Be safe out there and see ya next time.

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