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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Undervalued and Sleeper Comics Part 16

While some of these aren't necessarily in the bargain bins, they are sleepers for the most part or in some aspect or another. What I mean is that they 're not widely-known for their key issue goodness.

Okay, well, one of them is actually and already known as a key but there is more than meets the eye of that issue except for a 2nd appearance. You'll find out soon enough what I mean by that.

The others are pretty much unknown keys and I will present some aspect to them that isn't that well-known. Hey, you could be like Max Rebo and like them low print regular covers instead of variants. There's two on here with low print runs and both hold first appearances.

For those who like 1st meetings in comics, especially if they pertain to 1st meetings that are going to happen on the big screen soon, there are a couple that involve a few Avengers' members and the team as well.

Alright, enough beating around the bush. You can go back to Part 15 if you missed it by clicking the link, or you can venture further into the cosmos for more undervalued and sleeper comics that you may or may not know of.

1st full appearance mainstream Yondu
1st appearance of Ravagers

No joke here. Most of us comic fans know that Yondu was an original member of the Guardians of the Galaxy and that team was from an alternate universe or timeline from the future on Earth-691.

Did that futuristic team cross over into mainstream continuity at times back in the day? Sure they did.

The original Guardians were in the Defenders comics like Giant-Size Defenders #5 and Defenders #26 through #29 as well as Avengers #167 through #177. Once again, the character of Yondu back then is not from Marvel's mainstream continuity of Earth-616 even though he travels and appears in the mainstream world of Marvel.

Here's how the actual movies do effect comics. By the time this comic came out in late 2015 (it has a cover date in 2016), we all know the 1st Guardians of the Galaxy flick had come out.

We also know that the MCU twisted things around a bit and will continue to do so. So, Yondu so far is not an original member of the Guardians like in the early comics when it concerns the cinematic world. Instead, he is a Ravager which are space pirates.

However, this actually does happen in the comics. Well, we can all safely say that this iteration definitely took the character of Yondu from the movie world and plopped him recently into Marvel's mainstream continuity officially.

So, officially, this issue holds the 1st full appearance of Yondu of Earth-616 (Marvel's mainstream continuity) and Marvel's comic book version of the Ravagers. Yes, pretty much all from the movies.

Not to confuse anyone or anything, but the character of Yondu...mainstream continuity or not...first debuted in Marvel Super-Heroes #18, a long with the rest of the original Guardians of the Galaxy from the alternate future timeline of Earth-691.

Just a little wackiness for some Guardians of the Galaxy comic book fans and how actual movies sometimes influence the actual comics. Not sure if too many people know about this one, and it is flying under the radar currently.

Then again, not really sure how many comic fans really care all that much, but the regular cover does have a lower print run.

Estimated print run of this comic is around 26,348 units sold to North American comic shops. There is a limited 1: 25 incentive retailer cover by Koi Carreon. Estimated print run for the incentive variant might be around 1,000 copies. February, 2016 is the cover date for Star-Lord #2.

1st appearance of Drusilla

Let's have some fun here and bring back a blast from the past. Who is Drusilla?

Well, she is an Amazonian character from the actual comics (obviously) that debuted at the very tail end of the Silver Age back in 1969. In her debut, she is an Amazonian messenger who was sent by Queen Hippolyta to bring Diana back to Themyscira and help them battle Ares.

Yes, this key issue debut was during the Wonder Woman era where she was depowered and learned how to become a master of martial arts from I-Ching. Still, doesn't mean it wasn't significant or had an influential impact.

Okay, so what's the big deal? No, I don't think her character is in the new Wonder Woman flick or the character hasn't been confirmed. However, the character of Drusilla was actually on the Wonder Woman TV series starring Lynda Carter.

If you're a young buck, you probably have little idea of what I'm talking about. No worries, but if you grew up during the 80s, you might probably remember reruns of the Wonder Woman TV show.

You might also remember this actress as well. Look familiar? 

She should. Before Richard Gere whisked her away from the drudgery of a small town factory life in An Officer and A Gentleman, Debra Winger was the TV version of Wonder Girl. Instead of Donna Troy, Wonder Girl on the  iconic show was named Drusilla.

Slightly influenced from the comics but definitely not the same character. In the show, Drusilla was twisted around to be the younger sister of Princess Diana.

Once again, not sure if the new Wonder Woman movie has this character somewhere on Paradise Island or what. With the Justice League trailer showing Amazonians getting into the fray with Parademons, there's obvious going to be quite a few of Amazonians in that cinematic world, and we will surely be introduced to some of them in this year's Wonder Woman movie.

Even if this character is dismissed by Hollyweird currently, it's still a bit of fun knowledge to have for a comic fan or even a Wonder Woman fan. I always thought Debra Winger was a hottie anyway but did not remember she was Drusilla in the Wonder Woman TV show.

Apparently, a Wonder Girl TV series was in the works back in the day, but Debra Winger apparently broke her contract and left the series. Might of been a wise choice for her, but she has carried the memory of that role with grace since.

In 1993, she did a cool interview with David Letterman about her early role on the Wonder Woman TV series.

 I think she took the walk down memory lane with grace and was cool enough to even suit up again as the character 17 years after.

Anyway, fun stuff. If you're looking for a not-so-well-known 1st appearance Wonder Woman key that's definitely under the radar and from the Silver Age, Wonder Woman #182 is still a sleeper and with the cover date of June, 1969.

1st appearance of 2nd Doctor Poison

Well, who was that mystery woman in the Wonder Woman trailer wearing that odd mask over her face? In November of last year (2016), it was finally revealed the masked woman is Doctor Poison.

Many speculated that it may have been Paula von Gunther, and even I was so unsure about it, I just shrugged my shoulders and said, "F--k it!" So, Doctor Poison is a Golden Age villain for Wonder Woman like Paula von Gunther and debuted in Sensation Comics #2.

The Golden Age version of Doctor Poison is Princess Maru, and she disguised her gender behind a bulky robe and mask as shown in the panel from Sensation Comics #2 volume 1. She was the leader of a Nazi spy ring, but we all know that the era for the Wonder Woman flick was pushed back to World War I.

Princess Maru had less than or around a handful of appearances during the good ole Golden Age of comic books. Now, it seems apparent that the Doctor Poison version in the upcoming Wonder Woman movie could be based more off the Golden Age version since the story takes place in World War I, but that's not to say that's entirely true or the film might not borrow elements from the second version of this Wonder Woman villain also.

The second version of this villainous DC Comics' character debuted during the New-Earth era and is apparently the unnamed grand-daughter of Princess Maru. This version definitely looks more sadistic and loonier than the goofier Golden Age version, and may have had more appearances than her predecessor in comics but not that many more. 

However, it does seem that the movie is kind of going with a different look of sorts for Doctor Poison as seen in the screen shot below. Who knows, though? Maybe they'll go with the baggy scrubs look like the Golden Age character has in other scenes when the villain is conducting poisonous experiments on whomever?

The 2nd Doctor Poison and unnamed grand-daughter of the original was created by Eric Luke and Mathew Clark. The original Princess Maru was created by Wonder Woman architects and comic book legends William Moulton Marston and Harry G. Peter.

So, once again and if you're a Wonder Woman fan and end up becoming a fan of Doctor Poison from the flick but can't afford a Sensation Comics #2, there is the 2nd version of the character that debuts in this issue here of Wonder Woman #151 volume 3. 

Yo, Max Rebo, you like regular keys with lower print runs, right? This one has an estimated print run of around 24,991 and there are also newsstand editions for this comic as shown to the left of this paragraph here.

The NS edition has no "Direct Market" type in the UPC box. 1st image to this listing is the direct market edition.

Newsstands during the very late 90s should have been distributed around 5% of the market. Newsstands might be roughly estimated around 1,200 to 1,300 for this issue. 

Adam Hughes cover keeps this issue out of most bargain bins, but it's not a 1st debut that's overtly on the radar of most fans or those investing in comics. Wonder Woman #151 volume 3 has the cover date of December, 1999.

1st meeting Captain America & Guardians of the Galaxy
1st Thing & Guardians of the Galaxy meeting
1st Yondu & Captain America meeting
2nd appearance of Guadians of the Galaxy

This one is already known for being the 2nd appearance of the Guardians of the Galaxy. It's not a sleeper in that regard but it still is not widely known for the other key issue goodness that this issue contains.

Those who have been keeping up with Marvel's comic movie news already know that the Guardians of the Galaxy are slated to appear in the mega anticipated movie, Avengers: Infinity War. Sure, it's not exactly the same team that Captain America will meet on the big screen in this comic issue, but it is the first time the Sentinel of Liberty met a Guardians comic book team ever in comics.

Even if it is not the same Guardians of the Galaxy team, the comic lore has to start somewhere, and it's not just Cap's first meeting ever with members of the Guardians of the Galaxy but the Thing is also first introduced to this team.


Not like the Thing is going to pop up in Infinity Wars but we also have the 1st time the character of Yondu who meets Captain America as well. Perhaps Yondu is less likely to meet the Avengers or Captain America, but it is certain that Cap will most likely meet the Guardians of the Galaxy in Infinity Wars or the flick after. 

Pretty much a sleeper and no idea if this one still deserves to stay that way or not. I suppose I'll let the Guardians of the Galaxy comic fans make that call themselves. Marvel Two-In-One #5 has the cover date of November, 1974.

1st Thor & Guardians of the Galaxy meeting
1st appearance of Brahl
Origin of Korvac

Continuing with 1st meetings between Avengers members and the 1st ever Guardians of the Galaxy team is Thor Annual #6, which the Thunder God himself meets the famous time traveling, space group. As mentioned before with Cap's intro to the team, sure, Goldilocks doesn't meet the Guardians team as in the one from the movies, but it is a historical 1st meeting between the two regardless.

Also mentioned before, there's a good chance Thor is gonna meet the Guardians on the big screen, and like we've already figured out, the comics and the flicks often differ. So, in the comics, Thor first met this iteration of the Guardians team and thus came to know of them via this issue here.

Here's how the Thunder God meets Yondu and the team.

So the very first time the Guardians of the Galaxy are introduced to Thor and vice versa in comics. Marvel Two-In-One #5 is referenced in this comic, and Avengers #167 will reference both of the books as you'll soon see in the next listing. Actually, the events in this issue is recapped in that Avengers issue.

The first ever meeting between Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy team in Thor Annual #6 has the cover date of December, 1977.

1st ever meeting Avengers & Guardians of the Galaxy
1st appearance of Corina Tivan

The 1st part of the Korvac Saga has the first time the Avengers team and the Guardians of the Galaxy team ever meet in comics. Once again, this is both teams.

Captain America already met the Guardians in Marvel Two-In-One #5, and Thor already met the team in Thor Annual #6. 

Just to throw out further 1st meeting information, both the Hulk & Doctor Strange first met the Guardians in Giant-Size Defenders #5. In this comic, Beast doesn't know who the Guardians are they have no idea who Hank McCoy is either.

Two of the members actually refer to him as a monkey which doesn't go over quite well. The strange thing is that Iron Man seems to know who the Guardians of the Galaxy are, but he doesn't seem to have met any of the members in another comic prior to this one.

I do think it's the first time Shell Head meets the futuristic super-hero team despite what he says to ole Beast. Cap does introduce Starhawk to Iron Man as shown in the panels below.

Well-known comic? I don't think so and think this is still a sleeper.

Undervalued? Might or might not be, depending on whether comic fans care about the first ever meeting between the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy team. 

Corina Tivan is the daughter of the Collector. She ended up marrying Michael Korvac in the comics.

We shall see, and the date of January, 1978 marks the cover of Avengers #167 but this issue most likely hit the stands in late 1977.

So we have some 1st meetings between Avengers members like Thor and Captain America with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Even though I didn't spotlight it, the Hulk and Doctor Strange's first ever meeting with the team of heroes from space and time are also mentioned in this post.

If you happened to read over it or by passed it by accident, the Hulk and Doctor Strange first met the Guardians of the Galaxy team ever in comics in Giant-Size Defenders #5. As mentioned before, Avengers: Infinity Wars will have the Guardians of the Galaxy cross-over into the flick.

Again, it's finally been confirmed that the mysterious masked lady in the Wonder Woman trailer is Doctor Poison and there are three known versions of the character. Since Sensation Comics #2 is a pretty valuable comic and most likely not a sleeper anymore, I went with the 2nd incarnation of the character.

The 2nd Doctor Poison's debut is definitely more affordable than the 1st appearance of the Golden Age original, but as mentioned before, Doctor Poison's debut is a low print comic, even more so if we're talking about newsstand editions that you may wanna have some fun and hunt down at locals or comic cons. Adam Hughes Wonder Woman cover makes the issue even more enticing in my opinion. 

Alright, whether you already have 'em or wanna hunt 'em, have fun and be safe out there. Will see ya at Part 17 if you're ready for more sleeper and possible under-valued comics or key comics.


  1. Just some extra key notations for ya Mayhem.
    Thor Annual #6 is also the 1st appearance of Brahl
    Avengers #167 is also the 1st appearance of Carina

    1. Cool Mo Dee...thanks for de heads up on those!

  2. Hey Mayhem,

    thanks for bringing my personal love to the table! Really enjoyed the Wonder Woman / Wonder Girl tv show video - boy, those scences still have sex appeal and entertain more than most modern comic tv series. I think I won' t invest in any of the comics you mentioned. Gunned for Avengers 257 instead (first Nebula), but that probably won' t make me rich either ;-)

    Max Rebo

  3. Hi. Mayhem, what' s up. I' m having a little problem right now. It' s givin' me sleepnes nights. It' s that GOD COUNTRY Comic. Don' t know if to invest or not. Number 1 will cost me 30 at least. What do you think? Is it a one day fly or a longtime seller?


    1. Dunno about no God Country or even what's all the hype about that comic concerning it's great reviews or whether speculators are behind the price hike or actual fans (who read them) of the comic series.

      I'd actually look at the American Gods comic series...already based on an award winning novel by Neil Gaiman and an upcoming TV show on Starz. Honestly, not sure about God Country.