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Friday, April 7, 2017

Joss Whedon in Talks for A Batgirl Flick!

The barrage of comic book movie and TV news continues well into early 2017, which is quickly reaching mid-2017. So far most of it has been humdrum comic movie news stuff that we either already know (figured out) or that most could care less about watching or even knowing about to be honest.

Once again, over-saturation doesn't seem to be on anyone's mind in Hollyweird. Milk that sucker until the cow dries up or people get burnt out on it.  Who cares? It's money in the bank.

However, the recent news of Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Avengers 1 & 2) planning on or in talks with Warner to tackle a Batgirl flick is a pretty cool and an interesting prospect. I'm pretty clueless to where they're gonna take that idea to but it does spark my curiosity.

Here, I thought they were going to go straight into the Oracle route with the DCeU, but, hey, more female super-heroes kickin' butt on the big or small screen is fine by me and a good thing. I'm down with it.

It's definitely not the only interesting bit of comic book movie news, but it gives me a bit more confidence on the DC side of things with Whedon behind such a project. Personally, I think it's about time that Barbara Gordon made her big screen debut in the DCeU, and, yes, I still think that her eventual transformation to Oracle is pretty inevitable on the big screen as well.

Hey, I admit that I like to see sexy ladies kickin' ass in movies. Call it perverted or sexist or whatever, because I have no explanation nor reasoning for why I think it's pretty cool. 

But don't get me wrong here. Just like the dudes, there has to be substance with female heroines. I think Babs is a character that has looks, substance and a high degree of intelligence which is just my type of gal.

Anyway, the character of Barbara Gordon does have the possibility of weaving quite a bit of yarns within the Bat-mythos concerning the live-action world. Not really all that surprising since she is part of the Batman Family, right?

Possible romantic relationship with Dick Grayson on the big screen like in the comics? Maybe! More than likely there will be a connection with the Birds of Prey that Gotham City Sirens reportedly has going on.

Will Whedon do more of an origin story that leads up to Barbara Gordon getting blasted by the Joker like portrayed in The Killing Joke? Now, that would be cool but who knows?

Batgirl joining the DCeU with her own flick can also add more classic Batman villains to the fray. While Bats is fighting whoever in his solo flick, Batgirl could take on Two Face or Black Mask or Riddler or Poison Ivy or whoever in her solo outing. Be a good way to spread out the villainous love in the Batman cinematic world, and we've yet to see Batgirl take on villains that we've already seen Bats take down.

I'm down for it and would love to see it. Lots of possibilities to muster up.

Also, if this goes through, it would add more to the creative talent pool in the DCeU who are successful in the genre such as Whedon. He'd be a pretty darn good veteran to have for Warner/DC right about now.

I have to admit that what Warner/DC has been doing so far in their extended movie-verse is not making me much of a fan. I am not even the least bit excited about the Justice League movie after seeing the bland cookie-cutter trailer.

I know this is way out of left field, but I couldn't help but think of an Anarky and Riddler villainous team up for a Bat-flick. I mean, a child genius who has a radical penchant for overthrowing governments teamed with a criminal mastermind with a fetish for dangerous riddles and puzzles just to showcase his superior intellect sounds like an interesting match up that could cause quite a bit of national turmoil.

Anarky and Riddler both depicted more like hackers in this flick? Could have some potential there, and it could be highly bad ass if they went that route. 

Think about it: Who isn't plugged in? Very few don't have their paychecks go straight to their bank accounts or plugged in their electric and heating or water directly into their checking accounts so they can pay bills automatically.

Hell, these two could get into almost anything. Just need a reason why (motive or endgame) and to weave a story round the characters so it makes sense.

Might even be a good set up for a rivalry between the three when Babs turns into Oracle - the computer hacking bit. Hey, if they're gonna do Batgirl, I'd like to see villains that bring out Bab's intelligence and a villainous scheme that's a bit smarter and more relevant than what Warner is currently cooking up. It would have to be pretty big and not just some cookie-cutter villainous crap like out to steal some monies.

Hold the nation ransom or some shit like that. Then again, I wouldn't mind just some plain out-and-out psycho-killer shit like a Victor Zsasz character could bring, making a Batgirl flick more of a possible thriller. Alright, there's my ideas! Gonna get Joss Whedon on the phone.

Back to reality. So, Joss Whedon more than likely taking the helm of a Batgirl flick and that's about all the news there is for that one. It's not really any surprise since the character has been pretty darned popular since her debut in Detective Comics #359.

Once again, her 2nd appearance in comics is in Detective Comics #363. Not her first live-action outing either and the character has been portrayed by Yvonne Craig in the 1960s Batman TV show. Alicia Silverstone played a version loosely based on Barbara Gordon but was renamed Barbara Wilson and was Alfred's niece instead of James Gordon's daughter like in the comics. Still, she was Batgirl in the Batman & Robin flick.

Dina Meyer took up the cowl in 2002's short-lived Birds of Prey show. Sources say that this cinematic version of Barbara Gordon will be based on Gail Simone's New 52 Batgirl to start the film off.

No surprise there either. Now, personally, I'd say that Barbara Gordon's first full appearance is in Batgirl #1 of the New 52 stuff. 

Yes, she has a cameo in Flashpoint #5 volume 2 and she is in the preview DC Comics: The New 52 #1. Actually, her comic Batgirl #1 is advertised in that preview and no sequential story involving our favorite female crime fighter from Gotham in that free "preview".

Birds of Prey #1? They do have the same cover date after all.

Batgirl #1 was on sale September 7th and Birds of Prey #1 was on sale September 21st during 2011. Batgirl it is for her 1st full Prime Earth appearance if you care about that stuff.

Interested in who they're gonna cast for this iconic role. Don't know why but the comic book image below made me think of Britt Robertson.

I've heard names like Elle Fanning, Saoirse Ronan, Hailee Steinfeld, Jane Levy, Emma Stone, and Evan Rachel Wood being tossed around to play one of DC Comics' iconic female superheroes. Any suggestions for the Warner camp? Who do you think should play Barbara Gordon as Batgirl?

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