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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Venomized Variant Comics & Venom Variants

Once again, I usually don't do this, but here's an extension of whatever Venom variants I could find that was requested. These recently came out this year, and like most variants, I think they went a bit over-board.

I think 26 or more Venomized variants were released and I don't have print run information for most of these. Once again, I don't even think Venom is a part of or even in most of the stories to these issues, so most are not technically Venom key issues.

The issues may have first appearances of other characters not really related to Venom though. Whether major or minor, I won't be getting that into the key status of these. It will pretty much be a cover gallery for the most part, and if you missed Part 4 or the previous post, the blue link will get ya back there.

All-New Wolverine #18 A.N. Wolverine #19 1:500
Amazing Spider-Man #25

ASM Renew Your Vows #5 Avengers #5 
Black Panther #12

Captain America #13 Champions #6 
Deadpool #28

Doctor Strange #18 Gamora #4
Ghost Rider #5

Gwenpool #13 Hulk #4
Inhumans Prime #1

Invincible Iron Man #5 Kingpin #2
Man-Thing #1

Mighty Captain Marvel #3 Occupy Avengers #5 
Old Man Logan #19

Spider-Gwen #18 Spider-Man/Deadpool #15
Thanos #5

Totally Awesome Hulk #17
Squirrel Girl #18
X-Men Prime #1

I think that was all for the "Venomized" variant covers so far. Once again, don't know print run or how limited they were or if they are a 1 for whatever.

Clicking the image won't produce a larger version but will take you to eBay to see if the Venomized cover is there or not. Deadpool #28 is seeing slight heat already but nothing huge just yet.

No wonder that All-New Wolverine #19, the 1:500, variant is already priced at craziness. March 15 of this month and year saw a Presale Best Offer $725 sell for less than $725 on eBay. It was a raw copy as well and I think that particular All-New Wolverine #19 variant has yet to be released.

Here's just a few more Venom variants and some that Yohany also brought up in an email.

Superior Spider-Man #24  
1:50 (est. 1,500)
Superior Spider-Man #25
1:50 (est. 1,600 )
Thunderbolts #110
1:20 (est. 3, 200)

I do believe that all three of the issues above do have Venom in them. I think the Thunderbolts #110 has Mac Gargan as Venom who joins the team. I do believe that Superior Spider-Man merges with the Venom symbiote in issue #23 of the Superior Spider-Man comic series.

It is the symbiote that Flash was hosting or known as Agent Venom, and I think issue #23 has the 1st appearance of Superior Venom if that means anything to Venom fans. I figure I'll showcase the regular cover and the 1:50 Scottie Young variant cover outside of an image gallery.

Besides, there's a few more to yap about, though not sure how long that yappin' will be. So the regular cover of Superior Spider-Man #23 has an estimated print run of around 77,100

That's not a small print run for sure. Closest estimate or guess-ti-mate for the 1:50 Scottie Young variant for issue #23 could or might be around 1,500 copies or less.

Alright, that concludes the Venom key comics series and Venom variants for now. Like before, the Carnage key issues are next so click the link to continue with that.

If you missed Part 4, click the PREVIOUS link below to swing on back. Probably my shortest post that showcases more than 20 comics, but it is what it is.


  1. Hey Mayhem,

    thanx for coverin' that variant madness. Ain' t no fan either but it is what it is. Sometimes I really like the normal covers better. Take the Dark Tower - the gunslinger born franchise for instance. Movie hype will boost the black & white variants, but I think the Jae Lee covers are much nicer in colour. Investment recommendation, by the way. What else is cookin' in your kitchen?


  2. Hi TCM,

    I like scarce "normal" books much better than variants. For instance, did you know the ridiculous low print run of Locke & Key 1 and 2? Number one was around 7.000, while number 2 was as low as 6.000 something. Now, throw in the fact that this is a healthy franchise with lots of spin offs and chances of a movie coming, these books are good to own.

    Max Rebo

  3. I don't mind variants, but will not pay hundreds of dollars for them. If I where to choose on the Venom variants I would get some of the variants from Venom titled series or the ones from Superior Spider-Man. Then you get a nice Venom variant cover with a Venom appearance in the book as well.

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