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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Undervalued and Sleeper Comics Part 14

Welcome to Part 14 of this undervalued comics and sleeper comics journey.  I think most of these are sleepers at the moment or not that well-known. First two are pretty recent comics and are recognized mainly due to movie hype concerning a certain Thanos and the Infinity Wars flicks.

The others have been around for a time, but still go unnoticed by the market or in the speculation niche or comic investing realms. Remember that even if these aren't that well known yet, they may remain so or speculators and even those investing in comics just may never care for them.

Sometimes an undervalued comic is just not all that known. Sometimes it is and the market just don't care for them on a large scale. If you missed Part 13, the link will bring you back.

1st appearance of Corvus Glaive

So recently, it was announced that Terry Notary has been cast as Thanos' "right-hand man", and this has sparked rumors that the character could be Corvus Glaive, who is a loyal servant to the Mad Titan in the actual comics.

His debut is noted as the Free Comic Book Day: Infinity back in 2013, and he is a pretty recent character. Sellers have already begun raising the prices so it's not a sleeper in that regard. Maybe collectors or buyers aren't that in-tune with this one since the latest sale only sold for $5 bucks. 

New development and a character I've yet to mention on here just yet. Like Ace recently commented on and I've said before on this site, this comic could be a hard speculation choice, and that means it could be hot really quick and fizzle out really quick.

It may or may not since the news of Terry Notary playing an unspecified minion to Thanos is still pretty recent. This free comic either has the cover date of May, 2013 or came out around then.

1st appearance of Black Order
1st Black Dwarf, Proxima Midnight
1st Ebony Maw

Might as well throw this one in here as well since Corvus Glaive is part of Thanos' Black Order. Corvus would later on establish his own Black Order as well.

This comic has already seen the price raise by sellers, but so far no one is really biting at these prices. I'm not sure if collectors or speculators know about this one or are just turned off by the quick price hikes.

If you're not into promotional comics like Free Comic Day ones and disregard them, this comic may have the 1st full appearance of Corvus Glaive. It is his next appearance after Free Day Comic Book Day: Infinity.

New Avengers #8 does have the first appearance of the Black Order, however, and the debuts of Ebony Maw, Black Dwarf and Proxima Midnight. These minions of Thanos just may be cast in the upcoming Infinity War flicks in near future as well.

Corvus is the husband of Proxima Midnight, so if Notary is Corvus, may be a good chance of seeing Proxima as well somewhere down the line. New Avengers #8 volume 3 has an estimated print run of 58,600 and the cover date of September, 2013.

1st appearance of Time Gem
1st appearance of Power Gem?
1st appearance of Gardner

Despite all the fuss and hype over the Infinity Stones and the Infinity Gauntlet when it comes to the market, this issue that sees the introduction of the Time Gem has been merely swept under the rug by Silver Surfer #44 and the 1st debut of the Infinity Gauntlet. 

We've already seen the Time Gem in the Doctor Strange movie, and all that's left in the MCU is the Soul Gem held by the one and only Adam Warlock in the comics. Who knows if Marvel Studios plans on twisting that around or what.

In the sense of the Infinity Gems in actual comics, this is a pretty important issue and it apparently has the debut of the Power Gem as well, but I'm not so sure about that. This issue does have the debut of the Time Gem.

For now, it's greatly overlooked by the market, but slowly steaming up. 9.6s haven't even broke the $100 mark. 9.8s just hit the upper $300 mark this February.

CGC Census is still quite low, so I'm once again assuming that this key issue has yet persuaded most owners to get it graded. Maybe they don't know of it's key issue goodness. 

CGC does not note this as the debuts of the Time Gem or Power Gem. CBCS notes this as the 1st appearance of the both Gems.

CGC and Overstreet do recognize the debut of the Gardner. Overstreet has yet to recognize the Time and Power Gem debut also, so that may be the cause of this lack luster performance. Silver Surfer #44 has hit the $400 range four times back in 2016 or last year.

This comic has pretty much puttered a long and never reached to that range. I'm calling undervalued and maybe not that well-known concerning this book, though I've mentioned it several times here. Maybe not grossly undervalued, but undervalued compared to Silver Surfer #44.

Is it not just that known or is it undervalued? I'm looking at eBay listings and most are just noting it as "1st Gardner". I think this one may still be a sleeper as well or sellers would be noting 1st Time Gem in their listings a lot more. 

Champions #12 also has the same cover date as Marvel Team-Up #55, and even has a slightly earlier on sale date and copyright date. However, Champions #12 flashes back to the events of Marvel Team-Up #55 and references that the events of MTU #55 took place before Champions #12.

From Champions #12

Champions #12 has a newsstand date of December, 14th according to Mike's Amazing World and a Library of Congress copyright date of November, 16th. 

Marvel Team-Up #55 has a newsstand date of December, 21st and a Library of Congress copyright date of November 23, 1976. Despite continuity or which issue took place before the other, Champions #12 just may have hit the racks before Marvel Team-Up #55, and if so, Champions #12 issue might or could be seen as the 1st appearance of the Power Gem. 

Regardless, both issues are pretty over-looked currently. Champions #12 is definitely a sleeper and MTU #55 can be considered one as well.

March, 1977 is the cover date for Marvel Team-Up #55.

From Hell begins by Alan Moore

Many of you probably remember this movie starring Johnny Depp investigating the most infamous cold case serial murders committed by a person sensationalized as Jack the Ripper. Even if you didn't watch the flick, most have heard of the mysterious and legendary Jack the Ripper.

If you did not know already, the movie was based on the stories "From Hell" contained in the Taboo graphic novel series that started with issue #2 and ended with #7. From Hell was written by Alan Moore with art by Eddie Campbell.

Most site the actual titled From Hell graphic novel series as the ones to get, but the stories were first printed and published in this Taboo graphic novel series before they were collected into it's own self-titled series. Therefore, I think this one may be a sleeper and overlooked as well.

If you're a fan of horror/mystery and intrigued by the Jack the Ripper stories, this one just may be a diamond in the rough for Alan Moore fans or fans of the movie even, which I did like.

I don't see a whole boat load of copies online currently, so not sure just how rare or not Taboo #2 is. Cover date is January, 1989.

2nd appearance of Hobgoblin
1st meeting and battle between Spider-Man & Hobgoblin

Since I just featured this in the Bronze Age section of the recently finished expanded Spider-Man key issues, I did not want to list this one right away. I already stated in that series that it was undervalued and possibly overlooked, as well as a great Hobgoblin key issue.

Since I already wrote a bit about it just recently, I'll keep it short. 9.8s are still around the $130 to $150 range on ole eBay for this one. 

Newsstands and Canadian Editions do exist for this issue as mentioned in the Bronze Age Spider-Man key issues section. Amazing Spider-Man #239 cover date: April, 1983.

R.I.P.D. #1
1st appearance of Nick Walker
1st appearance of Roy Pulsipher

I think the R.I.P.D. movie just got swept under the rug of other comic movies. The flick flew way under the radar and so did it's connection to the actual comic the film was based off of.

It did not get much hype before release, and only did so when the seemingly unanimous bad reviews poured out. However, the movie was based off the actual comic published by Dark Horse, and if you're into low print comics, this one is it with an estimated print run of around 6,843.

Not sure if that print run is widely known for those hunting down lower print run comics. R.I.P.D. the movie gets more heat than the actual comic, and that is in a negative way. The comic may actually be a better read than the movie.

Who knows? The movie could become a cult classic in the future as some movies like Highlander that were widely panned by critics as well.

Cover Date is October, 1999 for R.I.P.D #1, and it still remains a sleeper.

I figure there are mostly sleepers in this post. As most know already, I think Amazing Spider-Man #239 is undervalued for a Spider-Man villain who is pretty darned popular and a fan-favorite.

I do like Taboo #2 and think it's still a sleeper for the most part. For those who like horror based on a real life horror tale and are fans of Alan Moore, that's a comic/graphic novel to consider. It's definitely a sleeper of as this writing and not an expensive buy.

All the Corvus Glaive and Black Order stuff are still sleepers for buyers for the most part. Just wanted you to know if you haven't heard of those yet. 

They could be flippers, so if you already have those, you might want to check and watch eBay to see if FCBD: Infinity and New Avengers #8 volume 3 heat up slightly or a lot in the next few weeks. Amazon may have cheaper copies at the time of this writing.

Have a good one comic peoples and thanks for reading and sharing. Much appreciated.


  1. I have a feeling Mayhem that Taboo #2 has a pretty low print run number. Even the 1st printing of From Hell #1 is only 5000 copies. So its a safe bet that its similar or lower than that.
    A good pick on the Marvel Team-Up #55. You pretty much said it. Its overlooked because many probably don't know the importance of it or don't care. I went ahead and got a copy a few years back when I found out about it. High Grade copies are tough to come by because of the dark cover.

    1. I was thinking the same thing about Taboo #2 but wasn't entirely sure about print run as I couldn't find any info. I think you may be right that it has a lower or closely similar print run than the From Hell #1 graphic novel. I think Taboo #2 is definitely not a widely known graphic novel where the From Hell stories first appeared.

      I do like all the conspiracy theory documentaries surrounding Jack the Ripper and watch them whenever they pop up or stumble across them, and I do like the movie and comic story.

      MTU #55 is a strange one to me as mentioned in the article. All this hoopla and hype about where are the Infinity Stones in the Marvel movies? Don't know why that question isn't as popular when it pertains to their actual debuts in the source material.

      Oh, well, it is what it is.

  2. Wow! Some sleepers here! What do you think of Star Wars 49? People are starting to buy it up cause it' s titled "The last Jedi" just like Episode 8. I' m cautious here cause I allready invested in some wrong Star Wars books. For me, Marvel/Disney/Hollywood is clearly doing its own thing here.

    Speculation Jones

    1. Interesting topic. When George Lucas let Marvel first started publishing the Star Wars comics, he pretty much disregarded the comics. Now that Marvel and more importantly Disney owns Star Wars, the comics and movies might be a little more connected.

      But you're right. I haven't had too much luck with Star Wars comics as investments. I think that one may heat up and then fizzle out. If it's just because of a title sharing Episode 8's title but has little to do with the comic, I would surely be shocked if that one sustained after Episode 8 was pulled from theaters.

  3. HAHAHA! Welcome to the club Mayhem. I thought I had a winner with the Star Wars Rescues series from Dark Horse, cause it focused on Han Solos an Lukes offspring. But I guess with the Marvel-Disney connection, Dark Horse Star Wars books are a dead property.

    Speculation Jones