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Friday, March 10, 2017

Undervalued and Sleeper Comcs Part 12

I got a question in an email asking if I was returning back to this series, and I realized I haven't done one of these in a long time. I think 2 of these are sleepers, and the other 2 are under-valued and might just be sleepers as well.

Once again, just my opinion there. Alright, so if you're new to this series, you can click this Part 1 link or if you missed the previous part, this Part 11 link will send you that way.

Intro Jessica Cruz

Jessica Cruz is a relatively new character in the Green Lantern mythos, and this female ring bearer is part of the Green Lantern Corps. If the DCeU is worried about expanding their diversity in movies and have some Latina superheroes (which Gerry knows I'd like to see), I think Jessica Cruz could be a good candidate.

Of course, that's just speculation. Is this 1st full appearance of Jessica undervalued? 

That's a bit of a stretch since she's a new character. I don't think she's all that well-known in the market just yet, so she has yet to break out in a big bad way. CGC 9.8s have yet to touch the $100 range or go past it.

I think this key might be a sleeper, but since the regular copy has a print run of around 78,419, the 1:25 variant could be a better option if you're worried about that hefty number above. Comic shops received around 3100 to 3200 copies of the variant by Peter Kuper.

I like the regular cover better to be honest. There's also combo packs of the regular cover and they're supposedly more rare as well.

Sleeper so far, and Justice League #30 volume 2 has the cover date of July, 2014.

1st appearance of Grace and Jim Briggs
1st appearance of Noah, Issac, & Caleb Briggs
1st appearance of Abbie Briggs

This one was recently brought to my attention by Ace in one of the comments, and the creator Brian Wood recently sold the rights to AMC. It could be one to consider.

Right now these aren't too expensive in the market, and I think this comic might not be all that well-known just yet. The comic itself does have a pretty interesting and relevant plot or theme, and with all the stuff happening about Brexit and Calexit, I found this comic to be interesting.

It's basically about a rural area of America that hosts the largest antigovernment secessionist movement. Like mentioned before, I think this show will get some quite a bit of attention.

Grace Briggs is the matriarch of the Briggs family and you can bet that this show will see a strong female lead if it goes to production and happens. Her White supremacist husband Jim Briggs has been incarcerated, and this issue does have the 1st appearances of most of the main supporting cast for this comic.

Issac, Noah, and Caleb Briggs are Grace and Jim's sons. Noah's wife is Abbie. So, when Grace gains control of the movement once headed by her now incarcerated husband, this causes a disturbance within the community and even within the immediate family. Grace also leaves her husband as well.

As these conflicts heat up, too much attention just might threaten to bring the big bad federal government to lay the smack down. I've been reading this story and it's definitely compelling, relevant and pretty scary.

Estimated print run or sales to North American comic shops is around 20,228, so it's not a high print run comic. Not rare or insanely low but still low. 

There is a Yesteryear Comics Edition supposedly limited to only 500 copies. CGC 9.8s are selling around $130 on eBay, so not too crazy just yet. May be a pretty over-looked and not that well-known one currently. 

If the show does happen and it's a hit, Briggs Land #1 might get a nice boost in demand and value. August, 2016 is the cover date for this debut.

2nd appearance of Mister Freeze
1st time named Mister Freeze

I don't think this one is that well-known for being the 2nd appearance of Mister Freeze. It's also the 1st time he is named "Mister Freeze" since he is called and referred to as Mr. Zero in his debut in Batman #121.

This one just may be a sleeper or under-valued since it's not that well-known currently. CGC Census is quite low and they do not note this issue for it's key issue goodness. 

It's not an overly cheap book, but still not crazy expensive either. If you're a Batman fan or Mister Freeze fan, this may be an over-looked key you may want to gun for out in your stompin' grounds or maybe even eBay or online.  

Only one 9.8 and two 9.6s in the CGC Census so far or at the time this post is published. 

Overstreet guide values look like this at the time of this writing:

9.2 - $100
9.0 - $69
8.0 - $38
6.0 - $18
4.0 - $12
2.0 - $6   

March, 1968 is the cover date for Detective Comics #373.

1st appearance of Hellboy

Okay, so I think CGC and Overstreet are now noting this issue as the 1st appearance of Hellboy. John Byrne's Next Men #21 is now considered his 2nd appearance according to Overstreet. 

CGC now notes Next Men #21 as the 1st color appearance of Hellboy. Recalled Comics estimates that San Diego Comic Con Comics #2 has an estimated print run of only around 1500.

Sources say that Next Men #21 has a  low print run as well, but I couldn't find any info on estimates. Still, the two comics are selling around the same price on eBay for CGC 9.8s, which is around the mid to upper $200 range.

I think both issues are pretty under-valued, but that's just my opinion. Dime Press #4 is selling for more than San Diego Comic Con Comics #2 and Next Men #21, and Dime Press is basically seen by some as a Hellboy prototype on the cover.

At the time of this published post date, the CGC Census for this key issue is as it looks in the screen shot below:

Overstreet pegs this comics worth in the 46th Edition as following:

9.2 - $95
9.0 - $66
8.0 - $37
6.0 - $18
4.0 - $12
2.0 - $8

Once again and just my opinion, I think SDCC Comics #2 has pretty good potential as a comic investment in the near future, and it came out around August, 1993.

Those are my four picks. I think three of them have a good chance of heating up soon. One is questionable and that's the first sleeper on this list, but I could be wrong about that. Green Lantern Corps is scheduled for a 2020 release and it will be interesting to see which characters they use since the corps has quite a bit of members.

As for Hellboy, I think another movie has officially been confirmed as not happening. However, forget movie hype. Hellboy is a pretty popular and fan-favorite comic character.

Besides, who to say that they won't reboot or do a remake 10 or 15 years from now (Point Break and Total Recall as just a few examples). I think it's a great key from the 90s.

Mister Freeze's 1st appearance being called the namesake we all know him as and his 2nd appearance ever? Don't really have to say much more than that.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed. Have a great weekend everyone! 


  1. A few good choices here Mayhem. When I found out about Detective Comics #373 being the 2nd app. of Mr. Freeze, I jumped on the cheapest best copy I could find at the time. Ended up getting a 7.0/7.5 range copy for $10.
    Now on the SDCC #2. Yes! Definitely undervalued! With a print run of just 1500 and a popular character like Hellboy. I can't understand why its valued that low. Ended up snagging a NM copy off EBay last year. It's to bad they are not making a Hellboy 3 film.

    1. It is a shame they're not doing Hellboy 3. I liked both movies and both did pretty well at the box office. Recalled Comics estimated SDCC Comics #2 at 1,500 with a question mark after that number so it could be higher, but comparing it to Dime Press #4, I think it's undervalued. Just my opinion though.

  2. Mayhem,
    I've been reading this section frequently to try and pick up some of these sleepers. What do you think about Deadly Class 1 as being a sleeper right now as I hear that it's about to get its own show.

    1. The Russos are behind that I think. A sleeper it might be, but not undervalued. TV show might be dropped before it airs, might be a flop. Might be a hit too.

  3. Hey Mayhem,

    thanks for bringin' Briggs Land to the table! Allthough I' m not a big fan of issues 1 to 3, I think it has the potential for a few tv seasons. However, people have to be cautious. This one can rise sky high or fizzle on the ground like a fire cracker on new years eve. The same can be said for that strange Marvel character who is rumored to be on GOTG 2: Darkwing (or was ist Darkhawk)? Do you have love for this character? Investmentwise I would rather recommend the last issue of Star Wars with Portacio art. Since number 1 could hold some interest, why shouldn' t the scarce last issue of that series gain some more fans?

    So long,


    1. I read 1-6, don't own them, and although I think potential is there like a Sons of Anarchy type show, I have to admit that I can't relate to these characters much so didn't get that into it. I think it is a story that needs to be spotlighted here in the U.S. as people like the Briggs do exist. Right now Briggs Land is a sleeper since it only came out last year. Undervalued? I don't think just getting a TV show merits that.

    2. Stopped buying modern comics a few years ago but still enjoy picking up key issues so your site is a nice tool to have. Just bought Brigg's Land 1 for $5, because, for $5 why not? Also picked up Bloodstone 1-4 since Elsa Bloodstone seems to have gained popularity in recent years and I think that book was really overlooked when it came out 2001. I could see her appearing on Agents of SHIELD or even starring in a monster-themed movie if Marvel ever went that route.

    3. You might be thinking of Starhawk, Ace. There are rumors Sylvester Stallone could be playing the character. No conformation on that yet. Looks like people are buying up his 1st appearances in Defenders #27 and #28.

  4. Enjoyed reading this as always! Great for learning about new developments in the comic world. Also didn't know that Freeze had his 2nd App. in DC #373- already bought! Thanks for writing these!

    - Rebecca

    1. Thanks for reminding me to get back to this series, Rebecca. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for reading.