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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Recent DC Comics Movie & TV News

What are things looking like over on the DC side of things concerning movies and TV news. We already know that Marvel is gearing up for Black Panther, Ant-Man and Wasp are scheduled to start filming this year, Thor Ragnarok is coming out soon with a marvelous team-up with the Hulk, and Iron Fist is ready to drop but getting bad reviews so far.

On the DC front, we already know that a Gotham City Sirens flick will be spun-off from the Suicide Squad movie and David Ayers and Margo Robbie are on board. Still no casting confirmations for Poison Ivy or Catwoman but rumors have it that Megan Fox maybe linked to or considered for the role of Poison Ivy.

Rumors also have tied actor Haley Benett to the role of Catwoman. Ayers has also mentioned that the Birds of Prey could be in the film as well.

Actually, when the Harley Quinn spin-off was first announced, it was called a Birds of Prey movie before it was quickly revealed to be Gotham City Sirens.

The first appearance of Birds of Prey in the comic Birds of Prey: Black Canary/Oracle is warming up and starting to get recognized in the comic market. The series was created by Jordan B. Gorfinkel and originally written by Chuck Dixon and Gary Frank and originally starred the team-up of Black Canary and Oracle.

Members of the Birds of Prey have included Catwoman, Huntress, Katanna, Batgirl, and even Poison Ivy just to name a few more of the popular ones. Oracle has been a well-known member and has yet to appear in the DCeU. With Nightwing also announced to join DC's big screen cinematic universe, I think Barbara Gordon as Oracle is pretty inevitable.

Other notable mentions for the film, or hinted at, is Black Mask as the film's villain. David Ayers tweeted a pic of the Batman villain, and the internet is doing what it does best - speculating that it may mean something.

And it just could mean something. Don't be surprised if the first appearance of Black Mask in Batman #386 heats up for a tick if it already hasn't. Fans of the villain might be excited to hear the news which has yet to be confirmed.

Regardless of movie hype, Black Mask is fast becoming a fan-favorite Batman villain in the comics, and his look and personality could be a great alternative for a less than impressive Jared Leto as the Joker

In Flash TV news, it seems that the villain of Abra Kadabra and will be played by David Dastmalchian. No stranger to the comic book cinematic world, Dastmalchian has played in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight, Gotham and Ant-Man.

As for the Flash TV comic book role in actual comics, Abra Kadabra first appeared in The Flash #128. As his name suggests, he is a sorcerer type character in the world of DC Comics. I think the show will change this up and have him be a villain from the future with some mad tech that makes him appear magical or something.

Speaking of Gotham, it looks like Ra's Al Ghul will be coming to the show, but a different version from the Arrow TV series. In early March of this year, Alexander Siddig was cast to play the popular Batman villain for Gotham. 

I wonder how this version will be portrayed in that show and just how much different he'll be in Gotham as opposed to Arrow?


  1. Cool! I bought that Black Canary / Oracle One Shot when it came out! I remember it had nice art! There' s a Barbara Gordan / Killing Joke storyline in the first Suicide Squad series which might benefit as well. It' s allready expensive... you might want to highlight it here.

    Max Rebo

  2. Hi again,

    meant Barbara Gordon of course, plus I' m
    talkin' about Suicide Squad 48. Some people demand 50 $ for this one in NM, which I consider a bit to high.

    Max Rebo

    1. I got what ya meant Major Rebo. I did recently feature that in the Nightwing key issues. I think I'll change the link from the Suicide Squad key issues to Nightwing key issues since the latter digs a bit deeper into Oracle's debuts.

  3. It might be about time to put my NM Newsstand copy of Batman #386 on the market.