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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Justice League Trailer Review! Sort of!

I was going to be a rebel and not do a review of The Justice League trailer like all the other sites were doing. I was a bit surprised that Warner was making a big deal by advertising the crap out of the 1st trailer coming out on Youtube.

I must of saw the ad for the Justice League trailer at least 5 times the day before "the trailer" was to be released. I got a good chuckle and then a laugh from it.

Wasn't trying to be mean. Never seen anything like that before. A movie company making a huge deal out of a trailer being released? First thought was it seemed kinda desperate to me.

However, despite my snot-nosed attitude about it, I was kinda glad they did make a big deal about it. With family medical problems looming ahead, I probably just would've forgotten entirely about the Justice League trailer. I dunno if this is exactly a review or not, but I guess it's a refresher.

From my standpoint, I don't really know if we learn anything really new about the flick from this trailer that we haven't pieced together before from other news here and there. The most common sense thing we know is that some of the members are going to come together to battle an epic threat.

Wait, let me rephrase: A massive threat. We learned either last year or the year before last that Steppenwolf or Darkseid's brother and general was on the cutting room floor of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

That meant the general of Darkseid's army is pretty much in the picture just like Thanos is with the Infinity stuff going on. We have seen Thanos, though, but I'm pretty sure Justice League will finally have a reveal of Steppenwolf on the big screen. Would be awfully strange if that didn't happen.

And we do see a bunch of Parademons, and they seem to be getting whomped on by our main heroes during the trailer. Darkseid is around behind the scenes somewhere, though we have yet to meet him.

That is Dr. Silas Stone, Cyborg's pops and we already saw him in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice I believe. His son Victor Stone as Cyborg is plenty in the trailer, and I do have admit that he looks pretty bad ass.

Looks like we'll be getting to see some Atlantis in this movie. We get a trailer scene where Amber Heard as Mera looks like she about to address her subjects or a council about some kind of impending threat or an important matter to discuss. 

Is she already Queen of Atlantis in the flick?

As we can gather from the trailer, it's going to be an epic threat that spans well beyond just New York City like in the first Avengers. The trailer is showing multiple worlds or civilizations getting involved in this war. As shown above, we can expect an alliance with the Atlanteans and also...Ta-DAH!...those beautiful female Amazonian warriors too!

So whatever Steppenwolf and Darkseid are cookin' up for our fragile lil planet and it's heroes, it seems like there's gonna be some alliances going on, and I'd go as far as to say some uneasy alliances and big battle scenes. It also seems that Aquaman has a more gruff funny approach and will have a scene where Bats and him sort of bond.

"Dressed like a bat? I dig it!"

Then there's the other attempted funny in trailer with the Flash and Batman.

"What are your superpowers again?"

"I'm rich."

Oh, lawdie.

Oh, yes, did you catch it? Two words: Billy Crudup. First movie I ever saw him in was in Sleepers as Tommy Marcano. Then it was Watchmen. Looks like he'll be playing Henry Allen, and big poppa is in prison.

What story line has Flash's pops in prison for the murder of his wife, Nora Allen? Yep, it's Flashpoint! Okay, Flashpoint from the 2011 series before the New 52 unfolded.

So just like the TV series, we do see an element from the Flashpoint comics creep into the movie-verse of DC/Warner. 

Mother Boxes? Darkseid? Steppenwolf? Parademons?

If you don't know yet, that world was created by Jack Kirby after he fled from the probably stingy Marvel Comics when it came to character rights and possibly royalties. Who knows?

Kirby went to DC and created his Fourth World epic which included the New Gods and Forever People titles. Mother Boxes can do a multitude of things but I'll keep it simple so it makes sense with the trailer.

A Mother Box can also open a Boom-tube or a point-to-point travel portal. Basically, it can open a portal that can teleport one from place to place.

Pretty obvious that's how these darned Parademons are able to show up here on Earth. Mother Boxes and Boom-tubes first appeared in Forever People #1, the same comic that sees the first full appearance of Darkseid.

For an extremely popular DC Comics villain of pretty epic proportions, his first full appearance in that comic is pretty darned under-valued if you compare it Thano's first. Okay, that's a different story entirely.

What about those blasted Parademons? That might be New Gods #1 concerning these uglies' debut in comics.

They are the soldiers for Darkseid's army on Apokolips. Since there's obviously going to be Apokolips in DCEU, I wonder if New Genesis will be in play in the future or just neglected since it seems like there's already a lot going on already.

As mentioned quite a few times already on this site, the actual source material debut for Steppenwolf is New Gods #7.

Alright, for those who have yet to see the Justice League trailer, there it is below for you to enjoy or to deeply worry about even more how Warner and DC are handling their cinematic world. Hell, if you love the trailer, watch it again if you desire.

Well, we got five of the seven. We know Superman is comin' back from the dead like in the comic books. 

All we need now is a Green Lantern! What you guys 'n gals think about the first Justice League trailer?


  1. I think this one was a classic trailer trailer. A few jokes, a few action scenes, a little spooky dialogue. Nothing to really give me goosebumps. I' m a comic geek, all right, but I have to admit: I had more fun watching the Baywatch trailer :-)


    1. I was thinking about the trailer more, Ace, and realized that if I wasn't a comic fan whatsoever, I'd have no idea what the trailer or movie was even about really except that there's an invasion by "unknown" whatever for "unknown" purpose that gets comic heroes in fight. It's pretty thin and like you said a pretty cookie cutter trailer. From just this trailer and basing it off of Warner's last two attempts, I think this movie is gonna suck.

  2. Hey yo Mayhem,

    I'm thinkin' about investin' in the original Men in black comic, you know, the small indie one. What do you think? Dead property or undead property?

    Mr. Rib

    1. I don't think the Men in Black comics are that well known over-all to be honest. If so they were widely over-looked because the movie franchise was huge. I'd go for the #1 1st prints by Aircel for the 1st series.