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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Slab-Pro & Invisible Comic Back Board Review

Maybe you've already heard of Slab-Pro and some of their products. I agreed to do a review of their latest product, the Invisible Comic Back Board, since I know that displaying comics is becoming more and more desired in the hobby.

You don't have to agree from a comic investing standpoint, but let's face it: Comic covers have some really great art. It would be nice to showcase them around the fan-cave or home instead of hiding them in some dark dungeon we call comic boxes.

While most display frames, holders and protection supplies emphasis just the front cover of the comic book, why not allow the back cover to be seen? For so long, we as collectors have been forced in just seeing the front of the comic even if the cover art does wrap around.

This is the industry's first back board that allows a collector to view both sides of a comic while providing protection and come in Modern and Silver Age sizes. First, the positives. Basically, this is a piece of archival acid free plastic which is good.

As we all know, regular comic backing boards are pretty flimsy for sure. While you can get regular backing boards that are acid free as well, I do admit that their thin and flimsy design can be a bit concerning when it comes to protection.

The Invisible Back Boards are a bit thicker, but do not add much extra space nor weight to a comic box. They are slightly thinner than double backing your comics with regular boards.

They still work well with top loaders too, and if you have one of those plastic photo stands, you can display your comics in that way. It's not overly fancy schmancy, but it still looks nice enough.

It's also a cheaper way than some of the other fancier products to display your comics around the fan-cave. For those that do, I sure hope they know about UV protection and that some light bulbs do emit some UV while some supposedly emit less like LEDs. I have heard claims from some collectors that the home does not have UV or else we would get sun burned.

That is not true. Certain light bulbs do emit UV. Lamp shades do help to dampen them, but light, even artificial light, still emits UV and light degrades art. Some light bulbs emit less and some emit more.

Slab-Pro does have UV protective films for CGC cases, and they can be trimmed down manually to smaller sizes. For example, I could trim it to top loader size. 

They are $4.99 a shot and not including shipping. I suppose one would want to get two to cover front and back if both sides are exposed in the manner of display like my example with the top loader, and these films keep out 99% of UV rays.

If you're interested in how this UV protector film is applied, the folks at Slab-Pro sent me these instructions.

My only beef with the Invisible Back Board vs. regular back boards is the price difference. You can get a 10 pack of these new backing boards for around $10 bucks, not including shipping if you buy online or at the Slab-Pro site.

That's around or slightly over a $1.00 a pop. With the regular backing boards, you can get a pack of 100 for like $12 or $14 bucks on eBay with free shipping, but you obviously can't see the back cover of the comic. 

Still, it's like 12 cents a pop for regular back boards, and if you're concerned about them being too flimsy, you can always double or triple back 'em in one comic bag for extra protection and it would still cost you far less than a buck to go that route.

I'm not a big fan of displaying comics, but some are. Displaying while protecting your comics from harmful elements does add up, but I do understand why some want to display their prized comics. 

The price for this Invisible Back Board makes little cost effective use for storage in a comic box, and it is definitely better served as a display tool. So, if you're intent on getting those comics out of the dungeon and letting them shine, there are products out there specifically created for the comic hobby.

The Invisible Back Board by Slab-Pro can be used as one of them, and if you're interested, they do have many other products that can help you display and protect your comics at their site.


  1. Great idea! Those guys will make a few bucks with it. However, I prefer my white cardboards. After all, 9 out of 10 comics have just commercial ads on the back. Who wants to look at these?

    Max Rebo

  2. I bet most people dont even know which ones even have art on the back. These clear boards are the way to go! I found them at :

  3. The invisible backboard would be awesome with a book such as Venom #3 Dell'Otto which has Spidey on the back cover. It's the best back of a comic I have ever seen! I might look in to some of these

  4. Some of the DC Rebirth comic book stories have front and back cover. In addition, some variants, when put together, create a poster like visual. So, the clear boards would be great for that.


  5. Some of the DC Rebirth comic book stories have front and back cover. In addition, some variants, when put together, create a poster like visual. So, the clear boards would be great for that.