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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Total Comic Mayhem Year In Review 2016

Another year came and thus another year has gone. It's been another great year for comic movies and shows although I must admit that over-saturation is starting to happen.

There's also been some strange announcements as well like a New Warriors TV series starring Squirrel Girl or the Powerless show finally filming on the DC side of things. There hasn't been a huge reaction in terms of those shows as well as a reported Black Lightning show. 

Currently Marvel has a total of four shows released or currently airing and most are on the Netflix side of things. I think Agents of Shield is the only one left standing and still running on an actual TV channel. 

Robbie Reyes as Ghost Rider finally debuted on the show and introduced the Darkhold. While cool for a few episodes and despite the addition of Ghost Rider, the show's ratings have reported to be in decline and the character became less impressive as the season progressed.

Three more shows were reported to be in the works such as Cloak & Dagger, New Warriors, and Netflix's new addition The Punisher. Latest news for Cloak & Dagger is that the planned show was pushed back to 2018.

Daredevil season two was released in early 2016 and we got to see the newest live-action version of both Elektra and Frank Castle as the Punisher. Not long after, it was confirmed that Jon Bernthal as the character would receive his own series for at least one season, and not long after that, casting confirmations and reports of filming commenced. 

Ben Barnes being cast in the new Netflix show came out during the 2016 year, and the actor will be playing Billy Russo whom comic fans know is Jigsaw in Marvel Comics. Another character from the Punisher comics was teased in Daredevil season two, and that is none other than Microchip, in which Ebon Moss-Bachrach was cast to play the role in 2016. 

Netflix's Luke Cage was ready for streaming in 2016 and received well. I enjoyed it a lot, and it seems like The Defenders began filming last year as well. Sigourney Weaver was cast in an unspecified and mysterious role of a villain for the show that has so far been kept under lock and key.

Rumors or speculation has claimed that Mephisto or Satana Hellstrom might be the villain that Weaver may be playing. I'm at a loss when it comes to guessing who the Defenders will face, but I think more than one villain will show up during season one. After all, Elodie Yung as Elektra was confirmed to appear in The Defenders show a little bit back in early November of last year.

Misty Knight and Colleen Wing were also reported to show up in the Defenders, though the Iron Fist show has yet to be seen. Jessica Henwick was cast for the role and filming for that show began shooting during the previous year also.

The newest Iron Fist trailer dropped on the net as well in recent months.


On the DC side of things on the small screen, I am still a fan of the Flash, and Teddy Sears (Zoom) has recently come out and said that there is interest from head writer of the Flash TV series, Andrew Kreisberg, in bringing back Zoom as the Black Flash. Rumors of the Black Flash also began early last year with the end of season two.

Dr. Alchemy wasn't all that impressive in the show and Savitar so far has just been okay. Kid Flash is finally getting his super-hero on in the show, and I do hope that Jesse Quick returns. I have a feeling she will since Savitar is proving to be a badass speedster handing both the Flash and Kid Flash their asses so far.

So far there are four CW comic related shows airing currently. As mentioned before Powerless is coming soon in 2017.  

Gotham and Lucifer are other DC related shows but air on FOX. I am liking the Lucifer TV series. It's one of the DC-related shows I definitely watch religiously besides the Flash.

Krypton show to air on Syfy, casted it's main cast during 2016 and marks yet another DC-related comic show. Also mentioned before is the Black Lightning show in the works and under the guidance of Greg Berlanti.

Speaking of Greg Berlanti and besides the Black Lightning TV show, he is also spear-heading a Booster Gold film that was announced as well. First reports said that it was to be a bromance type of movie like Lethal Weapon but set in the superhero genre.

So far new reports for this Booster Gold flick during late 2016 is that it won't be part of the DCeU. Zack Stentz is working on the script. 
The Invasion cross-over between Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow shows was fun, and that event garnered the highest episode ratings for Supergirl so far. Pretty safe to say that fans want epic cross-overs much like they still do with comic books, and Supergirl is still a show I watch but here and there now.
Comics I've never heard of like Aleister Arcane, The Kitchen, and Plutona were announced to be in the works for the big screen during 2016. As a result Aleister Arcane #1 got a huge bump in demand quickly at first, but once more copies were thrown into the market, it fizzled out pretty quickly even with a low print run of around 7,130.

A comic that I have heard of from the 90s called Painkiller Jane was recently reported to be in the works for a live-action flick and to star Jessica Chastain. Movie hype has barely affected her first appearance in 22 Brides #1 this year so far.

News of Jeff Goldblum cast as the Grandmaster for Thor Ragnarok came out by in the summer of 2016. Star Trek's Karl Urban will once again play a comic character and this time it's Skurge the Executioner for the third film starring the Thunder God. 

Mark Ruffalo leaked that Cate Blanchet was in talks with Marvel to play an unspecified villainous role in Thor Ragnarok earlier last year around January. Confirmation that Blanchet will play Hela also surfaced shortly after. 

Of course, Mark Ruffalo dishing out that news meant that the Hulk and Thor will most likely be teaming up in the anticipated 2017 film this year

Preacher is a 2016 show that has become quite a hit. AMC has ordered season two for 2017, but the once very hot Preacher #1 comic has been in decline in demand and value in recent months.

Although X-Men Apocalypse generally got positive reviews from critics, this X-Men fan was pretty disappointed. Apocalypse wasn't really what I'd call a great comic book movie villain, or wasn't translated from panel to screen all that great. Didn't even know exactly what powers he was suppose to have or to what extent in the film.

While I did enjoy the new casting of Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Nightcrawler, I thought Apocalypse's four-horsemen were pretty wooden. Sure, it was nice to see Olivia Munn in the classic ninja Psylocke outfit, but her role ended up being a cardboard cut-out with very little lines and zero depth character-wise.

Even Archangel was disappointing, and I was looking forward to seeing him on the big screen. Best things about the movie despite Psylocke being eye candy was Wolverine finally being shown in an acceptable beserker rage scene and Quicksilver. Yes, Quicksilver stole the show for me once again.

Other disappointments for me was both of the big DC movies this year - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. Both films started off pretty okay, but then just spiraled downward to where the characters were written so thin that I didn't feel invested in any of them nor whatever plot that was driving them.

For the record, I'm not a die-hard fan of either the Marvel nor DC camp when it comes to movies. What I mean by that is I'm not going to like a flick just because I'm a fan of that comic hero or particular publisher. 

Like most of you, I don't get paid to review movies. I just want to see and enjoy superhero movies and not feel like I wasted good money and a few hours of my life that I'll never get back. Plain and simple.

But that's just my opinion and it's subjective. Some really liked and enjoyed those movies and some didn't. 

For instance, I'm not a huge Doctor Strange fan, but I really enjoyed the movie. It appears the Doctor Strange flick introduced the Time Gem in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I think it was the surprise hit this year concerning comic movies, much like the first Guardians of the Galaxy. It grossed $657,217,341 so far world wide with a production budget of $165 million.

The film is still playing in some theaters and has been out there for 57 days so far. We'll see if it still continues to make money for theaters since Captain America Civil War was playing on the big screens for a whopping 145 days this year.

Suicide Squad was out in theaters for 98 days and grossed $745,600,054 world wide. Production budget for Suicide Squad was $175 million. 

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was out 84 days and grossed some pretty big coin of $873,260,194 world wide with a production budget of $250 million. Despite what I thought or whatever critics thought, those two DC/Warner Bros. blockbusters were highly successful.

Not a huge fan of the Avengers comics, but I really enjoyed the first movie and didn't care for the 2nd all that much. Am a fan of Spider-Man and didn't care much for Spider-Man 3 nor the Amazing Spider-Man sequel.

I am also a fan of the X-Men and Wolverine and not all those movies I liked either. Actually, I still don't care much for a single solo Wolverine movie yet, but I still hope to like Logan. Gotta admit that the trailer definitely piqued my interest more.

Although X-23's first appearance in NYX #3 got a bump in demand in late 2015, it heated up again in 2016 when it was confirmed that the female clone of Wolverine would debut in this flick. With Jackman bowing out of the role, it's highly speculated on that X-23 will take up the mantle for the franchise just like she has in the comics.

Just like I'm still rooting to enjoy Logan, I still have my fingers crossed for Wonder Woman coming out this year. 

First and 2nd trailers for the Amazonian princess dropped in 2016. 2nd is the UK trailer.


Speaking more about cross-overs, Captain America Civil War was a pretty epic event and we got three first looks in that film which were Black Panther, Giant-Man, and the new Spider-Man played by Tom Holland.

I loved seeing all that jazz in that film. Tic-tac blowing up to giant-size and grabbing War Machine definitely appealed to my geek side, and Black Panther in action was impressive.

Actually, a lot of the action scenes in the film were top-notch and wonderfully choreographed.

Since I'm working on a massive Spider-Man key issues list, I'll give you a little preview of what's to appear on that. So in Civil War, Spider-Man and Iron Man first meet in the cinematic universe, and in the actual comics, I think the first Avenger that Spidey ever meets is Iron Man in Avengers #3.

We learned in 2016 that Iron Man will also be in Spider-Man Homecoming and it looks like there will be a team-up of sorts from the trailer. We'll get back to that in a minute.

Very brief scene and Iron Man stops to ask Spidey if he's seen the Hulk in Avengers issue #3. It's definitely not a team up or anything, but the first time the two meet or interact on-panel.

Although a scene that had Giant-Man and Spidey duke it out already played out in Captain America Civil War, the first time that Spidey meets and battles Giant-Man is in Tales to Astonish #57. 

The Wasp also fights Spidey in that issue as well and those two meet for the first time in comics. I wonder if we'll see that meeting play out on the big screen ever

Michael Keaton's role in Spider-Man Homecoming was officially revealed this year, and he'll be playing iconic villain, the Vulture. The character that Bookem Woodbine is playing in the film was finally revealed to be the Shocker in 2016.

Amazing Spider-man #2 and Amazing Spider-Man #46 are the first appearances of the Vulture and the Shocker in Spidey comics. Both comics saw heat in the 2016 year, although ASM #2 has pretty much been a sought-out comic for a long time despite any movie hype.

So far, Spidey hasn't been confirmed to show up in the Avengers Infinity Wars flicks yet.

The casting roll call has been leaked online for the film and it seems everyone's favorite wall crawler is left out so far. I guess Disney/Marvel's deal with Sony is on a per film basis.

Back to Iron Man and Spidey's team up. In comics, it appears that their first team up of just them together in an adventure occurred in the pages of Marvel Team Up #9.

Shell-Head and Web-Head join forces to save the Avengers who are held prisoner by Kang the Conqueror.

Sinister Six movie? Just a lot of hoopla stating that Sony is still interested in the flick and it isn't dead. We shall have to see about that, but the official international Spider-Man trailer recently came out. You can see it below if you missed it.

Moon Knight is still on the "where are they" files concerning live-action. Seems like every now and then a site comes up with a new speculation about the character's live-action status, and how they'll likely appear on Netflix or the most recent speculation: The upcoming Black Panther movie. 

Some are still beating the same horse of why Moon Knight would be perfect for Netflix. Not arguing either way, but until something's actually confirmed, I'd rather not waste my time.

His 1st appearance in Werewolf by Night #32 still goes through periods of spikes in interest and then downtrends. High-grade 9.6 and 9.8s are still quite rare in the CGC Census. 

Brie Larson was cast as Captain Marvel during 2016 also, and Chris Evans gave his blessing on the casting choice. I'm also not disappointed with the decision as the actor has wowed me in movies like Short Term 12 and Room.

Deadpool hit theaters in 2016 to glowing reviews by both critics and fans. I believe some have even called it a "game changer" for it's R rating, but Punisher War Zone was R rated as well. Not the first Marvel movie with an R rating folks and came out well before Deadpool.

Then again, Punisher War Zone wasn't entirely successful. However, Kick Ass was also a comic book movie with an R rating and that was pretty successful with an international, world wide box office gross of $96,188,903 and a production budget of only $30 million.

Not a monster success but it wasn't a box office flop that lost money like Punisher War Zone. It still made money and the comic was printed by Marvel Comics under their Icon imprint.

So Deadpool isn't the first Marvel R rated flick nor the first successful R rated comic movie based on a comic book published by Marvel Comics. I will give it up to the fact that it's the first R rated movie based on a Marvel character to be a monster hit. 

Production budget was only $58 million and it had an world wide box office gross of a whopping
$783,112,979, making it the most successful X-Men related comic movie to date world wide.

Perhaps, that's what is meant by a game changer, Marvel movies rated R that can become monster blockbusters with a low ass production budget? We shall see if Logan comes close, and I'm sure most are interested in seeing what X-23's gonna be about.

However, my question is this? If X-23 will take up the mantle as Wolverine on the big screen, how will she tie into the rest of the X-Verse since the Logan movie takes place in the future? Just something that's sizzlin' on my mind.

The Aquaman flick got some recent casting news during the later months of 2016 year, meaning recently, and Patrick Wilson has been confirmed to play Arthur Curry's half-brother and well-known Aquaman villain, Ocean Master or also known as Orm. Amber Heard joining the cast of Justice League was announced as well and we also got our first look of her as Mera in the upcoming flick.

There was so much news for comic movies and TV shows that it's starting to get very overwhelming. For Guardians of the Galaxy 2 news that dropped during 2016, Kurt Russel was confirmed as playing Ego the Living Planet, although his unspecified casting news came out in late 2015. 

The character of Ayesha or Her or Paragon or Kismet was confirmed and Elizabeth Debicki was cast. The 1st appearance of this pretty obscure comic character as Paragon in The Incredible Hulk Annual #6 got a pretty nice boost in demand and in value this year.

The other subsequent appearances of this character under different names haven't really seen a decent boost except for Marvel Two-in-One #61, first appearance as Her. Demand has somewhat fizzled for this comic though.

The character's first appearance as Ayesha in Fantastic Four #11 of 1998 series has very little heat so far.

Other characters confirmed this year for the anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy sequel was Pom Klementieff as Mantis, and even though news of the actor being cast in the film happened in 2015 and speculation guessed right, her role wasn't officially confirmed until 2016, and we did get our first look of her as the character in the recent Guardians of the Galaxy 2 trailer.

Even her 1st appearance which is still noted as Avengers #112 has been on the decline in value for slabbed copies if compared to early 2016 sales on eBay to later graded sales during the year. It does seem like this comic boom is starting to grow numb to movie hype with a few exceptions.

Harley Quinn? Most of her comics this recently passing year were hot, including the new Rebirth stuff and those limited Michael Turner variants. Adams Hughes variant cover blew up in 2015 but still saw heat in 2016 as well. It may have peaked at a $999.99 sale for a CGC 9.8 during the summer, though.

Then again, as recently announced, Margot Robbie and David Ayer's Gotham City Sirens movie has lit a hot burner under issue #1 of the titled comic. The J.G. Jones variant is still hot as of this writing, but who knows how long that will last.

Another bit of DC comic movie news is that Steppenwolf was confirmed in Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice but was cut out of the film. Recently, like last month, actor Cirian Hinds was cast to play the villain for the Justice League film.

Just when you thought the Inhumans live-action anything was dead, it appears that the property will now be a TV show instead of a big screen project. Well, sort of! So far, I think the first two episodes will be shown in IMAX theaters before the actual show airs on ABC.

Not so sure why or how this is cool. I am glad that the Inhumans show is not a spin-off of the Agents of Shield show and what they're doing with the whole Inhumans thing.

So another big year for comic movies and the boob tube, but I'm not quite so certain of the same when it comes to the comic market in the last few months ending this year. As for myself, I've taken quite a step back from speculating and reverted back to plain ole fandom when purchasing comics.

We shall see how the comic market is in 2017 of this year. Happy New Year everyone, and I hope all is well with you and yours! 


  1. A NICE 2017 TO ALL OF YOU!!!

    Great Recap, Mayhem. Finally that first Squirrel Girl snag of mine might make sense. I think she could become the next Rocket Racoon. I also got the first issue of Plutona, but I can' t say it has left a lasting effect on me. Now, that Gotham Sirens thing took me totally by suprise. Bought Nr. 1 a few years ago just because I liked the ladies and the art... Never did I think this would become more than a 20 dollar book!


    1. Well, Harley is hot and with all the new DCeU stuff, I think it will push most Harley related stuff. Only makes sense to get a new Catwoman and Poison Ivy on the big screen again. Never saw it comin' either. I think they should do a "Under the Red Hood" based story line for one of the Batman flicks. Would be a cool way to get a villainous team up for some classic Batman villains including Deathstroke, Black Mask and Red Hood.

  2. HNY to all.

    Agree, great recap and when Mayhem says 'massive Spider-Man key issues' its gonna be just that, am beyond myself with anticipation and also to say have the best partner in the universe as she snagged me a 9.0 ASM 13 and a 9.4 ASM 121 for Christmas. Only 10 books to complete the run.

    Any tips or sellers out there for me?


    1. Well, massive on my end. Lots of researching, writing, double, triple and quadruple checking, screen shots, cutting screen shots, etc. I don't know how massive it will be in actual reading. I did write some new stuff for 98% of the listings in just the Silver Age section alone and that had about 77 key issues just for S.A.

      I am dreading the Copper Age and Modern Age. Oi, is that gonna be a cluster of madness.

  3. Great breakdown as always - also really nice to see a comprehensive recap to help recalibrate my own speculation goals. I too have been noticing, as you mentioned, a decline in books blowing up due to film news. I'm more inclined to sell off a majority of my current spec books in my PC related to film news while the getting is good and buy comics like FF48 - love me some silver surfer! Cheers and good luck to everyone in 2017!

  4. Happy New Year Mayhem. Always so much news and rumors to keep up with. Keep up the good work. I should have jumped on some those silver age Aquaman keys before they got hot. Still hope Marvel does a Moon Knight project and glad there still doing an Inhumans one. The Gotham City Sirens books have exploded since the announcement with Detective Comics 850 and Gotham City Sirens 1 being the comics selling for the most.

    1. I believe James Gunn said he'd love to do a Moon Knight film recently and pitched it to Marvel. He also said he didn't have time to do one. Why is Detective Comics #850 blowing up? No clue about that one, but I am assuming they're saying it's the first appearance of Gotham City Sirens?

    2. Yes. People are claiming Det. 850 is the 1st app of Gotham City Sirens. Not sure about it since I've never read the issue. Maybe there is a hint at a team-up maybe. If there is, probably a cameo at best. I already have a high grade raw copy GCS 1 so not very interested in Det. 850 unless I can find a copy for cheap.