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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Nightwing Key Issues Part 3

This is Part 3 to this Nightwing key issues series, and I'm pretty sure that most of these keys of 1st appearances are over-looked or not all that cared about in the market currently. Pretty much means you can still them cheap if you're a huge fan and looking for Nightwing key comics.

Whether they get more recognized in the future is a different story. Don't have a crystal ball, but many of these villains are known by fans of the character and the Nightwing comics. Click this Part 2 link if you missed it.

1st Tad Ryerstad as Nite-Wing

Tad Ryerstad makes his debut as Nite-Wing in this issue and his vigilante exploits as a costumed crime fighter doesn't quite go so well. In patrolling the streets looking for baddies to stomp, he ends up getting shot up by a street gang.

Being a masked vigilante sometimes isn't as easy as it looks, and these folks do it for free? That in itself is a bit nuts to begin with.

I actually found that scene funny. Tad was rushed to the hospital, and even though he barely survives, this would not deter the misguided youth. Nightwing would eventually train Tad, but this would later prove to be a mistake.

As Nite-Wing, Tad would go on a murderous rampage against corrupt cops and even members of Blockbuster's  organization. Eventually, he would be brought to justice by Nightwing or Dick Grayson. 

With an estimated print run of 46,339, Nightwing #21 volume 2 has the cover date of June, 1998.

1st appearance of Brutale

Another hired gun for Blockbuster is Brutale and he was a former top-level interrogator for a secret police organization in the purely made up Latin American country of Hasaragua. His civilian identity is Guillermo Barrera.

As Brutale, the villain has been a formidable foe of Nightwing and even crossed paths with Red Robin and Jaime Reyes as Blue Beetle. Over-all, however, he really hasn't been put to much use nor became an overly popular villain in DC Comics currently, but being a former interrogator for a secret police, he is an expert at torture and skilled with a number of sharp weapons

The character was in Arrow's 1st season and was played by George Tchortov. Cover date is July, 1998 for Nightwing #28 and estimated print run is 45,317.

1st Dudley Soames as Torque

Blockbuster did a number on the inspector and twisted his head 180 degrees. This being comics 'n all, Soames actually survived the ordeal.

With comic book medical science, Soames was able to move again but his head was stuck turned around. Adding special mirrors in his glasses, Soames was able to see forward and went all psycho. 

He first shows up in the beginning of the book in shadow and then later he finally revealed or shown in full on the last page of the story.

Forming his own gang, Soames as Torque would attempt to take over Blüdhaven and challenge Blockbuster as the reigning king of crime in the city.

Torque would later be killed by Tad Ryerstad or Nite-Wing. Soames is definitely a major heavy in this comic series and fans do talk about this character as a notable Nightwing villain.

43,777 is the estimated print run for Nightwing #27 and this issue is cover-dated January, 1999.

1st appearance of Double Dare

Nothing like a villainous duo of sisters with acrobatic skills and a penchant for thievery. It's probably at least within the top ten fantasies for male hetero superheroes. 

Joking aside, sisters Aliki & Margot Marceau are star performers for the Cirque Sensationnel who use their talents and skills for more than just family entertainment. They are top-notch thieves on their spare time and seem to be somewhat infatuated with Nightwing.

Lucky dog! They even upset Blockbuster with their thieving in Blüdhaven. You'd be pissed too if you owned all illegal activities in a city and didn't get your cut.

In a hand-to-hand match, the duo beat Deadshot in a later comic and went on to join the Secret Society of Super-Villains and the Injustice League. 

Double Dare would make their 2nd appearance in Nightwing #33 and also have their 1st cover appearance in the next issue after this one. They do not appear in DC Comics all that much. 

44,405 is the estimated print run for Nightwing #32, and this comic is cover-dated June, 1999.

1st appearance of Boone

When it comes to this character, most sources say that Shrike makes his debut in Nightwing Secret Files & Origins #1, and he does. Shrike appears in a bio page, but not in an actual story or even in sequential art.

If you're down with that, then Nightwing Secret Files & Origins #1 is your comic for a 1st appearance of this villain. If not, then Boone actually has his 1st full appearance in this here issue, and he is actually in this story.

Actually, he is in a lot of this issue and is named "Boone" by his band of misfits who just dress up like ninjas and cause a bit of mayhem. The character would be revealed as a once teenage friend of Dick Grayson.

Boone is not Shrike in this issue. He meets a man called Shrike who recruits him and a bunch of other teens in order to train them in becoming top-notch and world class assassins. Boone as Shrike would appear fully suited up in Nightwing #54.

Estimated print run is not very high at around 25,529, and January, 2001 is the date for Robin: Year One #4.

1st appearance of Boone as Shrike

Boone makes his debut as Shrike in this issue. He shows up in a panel as a shadowy figure and then is revealed in the next full page at the very end of this issue.

Character is named as well. Overstreet just notes this as a Shrike appearance. CGC doesn't note it as anything significant.

Anyway, Shrike is a notable villain for Nightwing according to fans, and here's his first look as the costumed villain. Kind of reminds me of Wolverine.

So, as revealed in issue #58 of this comic series, Boone as Shrike is hell-bent on revenge against Nightwing. He believes Dick is responsible for the death of his sensei and the prior Shrike who taught him how to be a master assassin. 

Not a very high print run for this key issue, and it's around 37,706. I do not think there are any cover variants for this comic, but there are newsstand copies. April, 2001 marks the date on the cover of Nightwing #54 volume 2.

1st full or 2nd appearance as Shrike
1st Shrike cover

I still think this issue should be considered a 1st full appearance of Boone as Shrike. He is definitely in this comic for most of the story and goes up against Blockbuster's minions such as Lady Vic, Brutale, and others.

Actually, the only minion to give Shrike a run for his money is Lady Vic. Nightwing would finally meet Shrike in the next issue of #56. They do not really battle in the next issue, but do finally have their first battle in issue #57 of the 2nd Nightwing comic series.

So 1st cover of Boone as Shrike, and maybe a 1st full or 2nd for the villain in this here issue. Aside from the Nightwing comics, Shrike has also appeared on occasion in the Batgirl on-going series as well.

37,582 is the estimated print run and I am not sure about variants or 2nd printings of this comic other than newsstand copies. Could not find any info regarding variant covers. May, 2001.

1st appearance of Catalina Flores

John Law was the first Tarantula from the Golden Age and first appeared in Star Spangled Comics #1. Yeah, that's how far the character goes back.

Catalina Flores is the 2nd to take up the mantle of Tarantula, and this character first makes her civilian debut in this issue. She would become Tarantula II a few issues after this one.

This character grew up in Blüdhaven and knows just how corrupt the city is. After leaving the FBI, Catalina comes back to her hometown. 

Once again, the character of John Law would have an influence on yet another citizen of Blüdhaven to become a masked vigilante. Like Tad as Nite-Wing, Catalina had more extreme methods of dispensing vigilante justice.

The character would eventually be responsible for the demise of Blockbuster, in which Nightwing did nothing to stop it. This would haunt Dick for a long time and even to the point of being catatonic.

Issue #93 of the comic series, there was controversy among comic fans when Tarantula took advantage of Nightwing's emotional trauma and had sext with him. The debate was about consent and some fans argued that Tarantula had raped him.

Writer Devin Grayson gave a contradictory statement about the controversy and stated, "For the record, I’ve never used the word 'rape', I just said it was non-consensual."

Lordie! Anyway, estimated print run is around 37,202 and cover date for Nightwing #71 volume 2 is September, 2002.

JLA #69
Nightwing joins Justice League
1st appearance of Faith

Yes, Dick as Nightwing did join the ranks of the JLA, but for a very, very brief time. I mean in a span of a few issues but Nightwing is chosen as their leader until the original JLA are found.

Wouldn't really call it a big deal since Nightwing isn't really associated with the Justice League of America by comic fans. Teen Titans, yes. JLA, not really.

After this brief tenure in the League, Dick would disband the Teen Titans after the death of Donna Troy. He would be recruited into a new version of The Outsiders shortly after.

66,801 is the estimated print run for JLA #69 and it is cover-dated October, 2002.

For now, these keys are over-looked or just not all that sought out currently. Whether this changes in the future or not, it depends. 

Some are noted well by fans without a doubt and some of these don't have all that high of print runs for sure if that does concern you. Overstreet nor CGC really don't see fit to even note most of these Nightwing keys just yet either.

Nightwing does have some interesting villains in his 1st on-going comic series. They may be major villains in his on-going title, but I really wouldn't say they are major villains over-all or at least yet.

There will be a Part 4 to this, and I do apologize that this series is not going as fast I had expected. Click the link below to continue.

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