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Monday, January 16, 2017

Impulse Key Comics Part 3

When it comes to Impulse key comics, or more accurately Bart Allen key issues, there really much to expect. Many of these are over-looked, cheap buys, and probably just not all that sought-out in the current market by most.

If you're a fan, doesn't mean you should neglect them. Some of these still can be snagged in comic lots for decent prices.

So continuing with the evolution of the character of Bart Allen, we shall see him take the mantle of Kid Flash and ultimately the Flash, the latter for a very brief time before he is once again de-aged back to a teenager in some kind of major DC event.

Go figure. Alright, let's finish this key issues series, but if you missed Part 2, you can click the link to speed on back!

1st appearance as Kid Flash

Much like there were different Robins in the Batman mythos, it's not so strange that Bart Allen takes up the mantle of Kid Flash. Actually, I thought Impulse was just fine for the character.

Guess they thought bringing back an iconic character would help sales. Dunno, but in the next issue of number 5, his reasoning is that he's looking towards the future of when he'll take up the legacy of the Flash and that he's sick of everyone thinking he's an impulsive goof.

So, Bart went from having his own super-hero identity to taking up Wally West's old identity? Uh, okay.

Anyway, this is the first appearance of Bart Allen as Kid Flash on the very last page of this issue. Might be a cameo or not, but if you're concerned about that, he shows up in full in the next issue of the comic series.

Cover date is December, 2003 with an estimated print run of 69,087 for the two 1st print covers of Teen Titans #4 volume 3. They were a 50/50 split according to mycomicshop so just divide the total estimated print number in two.

There are 2nd and 3rd printings for this issue. Have no idea how low the print run was, but it's normal for those to be lower than than 1st printings if you're concerned about rarity.

Dynamic Forces edition signed by Geoff Johns and limited to 255 copies also exist for those who like signed copies. Cover is the 1B variant or the 2nd cover to Teen Titans #4 volume 3.

1st full appearance of Owen Mercer 

We've got more relatives of Bart Allen, and this time it is his half-brother Owen Mercer. Owen would become the 2nd Captain Boomerang, and his biological father is Digger Harkness.

Somehow Digger and Meloni Thawne hooked up after Don Allen was killed, and I'm not sure how he ended up being raised by Lisa Snart, otherwise known as Golden Glider.

In Flash #224, it is revealed that Digger Harkness was trapped in the 30th Century and first meets Meloni Thawne in that issue. Not entirely sure, but I don't if it was explained whether Bart is the older or younger brother of Owen with all the time traveling going around for the Allen family.

Seems like Owen got the type of deal that Barry's twin brother Malcom got. Although Bart's half-brother, I don't think he becomes a major villain for Bart Allen or the Flash family.

Although Owen Mercer is said to have 1st appeared in Identity Crisis #3, it is a cameo. He only appears in 4 panels on one page, and his hair is darker than in this issue if that is him in issue #3.

First images are the panels supposedly of him in issue #3.

Here's how he 1st appears in Identity Crisis #4.

Owen appears in 11 panels on 3 pages in issue #4 of this titled comic series which should be enough for a 1st full appearance. He is not named though, but he is impressed with his father's legacy as villain.

Word in collectordom is that this 2nd and final print of Identity Crisis #4 has an estimated print run of around 13,522. The cover example is to the left of this 2nd print variant, and not 100% sure of the source that has that estimate print run for this variant

The regular cover has a pretty big print run estimate of 128,830 give or take, and cover date is November, 2004 for Identity Crisis #4.

1st appearance of Bart as Flash
1st full appearance of Titans Tomorrow

Before Bart Allen ever takes up the mantle of the Flash in regular continuity, his future self as the Scarlet Speedster made an appearance in this very issue. The story is in a future timeline in which th Teen Titans landed on an Earth 10 years ahead from their normal present day.

In this alternate reality, the Teen Titans are adults and have assumed their adult counterpart's mantles. For instance, Tim Drake is now Batman, Conner Kent is now Superman, and Bart Allen is the Flash.

Of course, the two teams meet, and this issue would mark the first appearance of Titans Tomorrow. They did have a one panel cameo at the end of The Teen Titans/Legion of Super-Heroes Special one-shot, in which only shows the chests of Titans Tomorrow's Superman and a character named Aquawoman.

So this is technically the 1st appearance of Bart Allen as the Flash, even though in an alternate reality or timeline and the suit isn't the iconic Flash costume. This story line would end with issue #19, but there was a sequel to this story in Teen Titans #51-54.

With an estimate print run of 63,094, Teen Titans #17 volume 3 has the first full appearance of the Titans Tomorrow and the cover date of December, 2004.

Bart Allen becomes Flash
1st appearance of Valerie Perez

Like Wally West, Bart Allen did take up the mantle as the Flash. This issue is where Bart takes up the mantle of the Flash.

As mentioned before, he did appear as the Flash from the future in Teen Titans #17 volume 3. Here, however, Bart stars in this series as the Scarlet Speedster, and the comic series lasted 13 issues. He did not appear as the Flash in issue #1 though.

So after the events of Infinite Crisis, Wally West is no longer the Flash and Bart Allen ages into adulthood and takes up the mantle. He finally takes up the legacy in actual continuity, and I suppose it could be his first true appearance as the Flash even if he did appear as the hero in an alternate reality of sorts in Teen Titans. 

Valerie Perez makes her debut in this issue. No, not that gorgeous Valerie Perez who does an awesome cosplay of Wonder Woman, Scarlet Witch and Vampirella.

This character is Bart's love interest in this series and an expert on the Speed Force. Valerie does work for S.T.A.R. Labs.

Here is Bart at the end of issue #2 donning the iconic Flash suit.

Reg cover is by Ken Lashley and has an estimated print run of about 120,410. Variant cover is by Andy and Joe Kubert and is supposedly a 1:10 retailer incentive variant. Estimated print run for the Kubert variant might be around 12,000. 

There's also the Dynamic Forces signed edition limited to 1,000 copies and signed by Ken Lashley. It is just a signed copy of the regular cover. The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #2 is cover dated September, 2006.

  • Death of Bart Allen
  • Last issue

Not really that important of a death, but I'll include it here anyway. Bart doesn't last long as the Flash, and this is the last issue to this series. Black Flash does appear in this issue and on the cover of one of the variants.

Wouldn't doubt it if some fans were in an uproar about the switching of the guard when the 1st issue of the series came out. Inertia would manipulate the Rogues into joining his cause to gain control of a machine that stopped time, but it was really a machine that would steal Bart's Speed Force and transfer it to him.

So Inertia is responsible for Bart's death in this issue although the Rogues gun him down. Even the Rogues wouldn't be happy about this once they found out about his betrayal, but Inertia escaped only to face the wrath of a returned Wally West. 

In Final Crisis: Rogues Revenge #3, the Rogues would get their revenge and kill Inertia, who briefly appears as Kid Zoom.

As we all know, deaths are fleeting in the world of comics unless they're iconic and ultimately shocking game changers. Don't really see this death as a game changer in the history of comics. With an estimate print run for the regular cover of 76,813, I am not sure about the print runs for the other variants.

Both covers to this issue were done by Tony S. Daniel. Not sure if they were a 50/50 split or what. The other is the SDCC promotional variant, and the death of Bart Allen in Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #13 has the cover date of August, 2007.

  • Resurrection of Bart Allen
  • Reveals more origin information

Welcome back the the land of the living Bart Allen. Like most comic book deaths, Bart Allen is resurrected and comes back from death by his cousin XS in this issue. 

Uhmm...yeah, so a tie-in to the Final Crisis event, this issue also reveals some different information about Meloni Thawne, XS and even Bart Allen. As Bart Allen, his mother and his cousin were known to be from the 30th Century since their debuts and after, it seems this is no longer the case according to this issue here.

So it is revealed that Meloni, XS and Bart Allen were originally from New-Earth. Apparently, Reverse-Flash tried to the destroy the relationship between Don Allen and Meloni Thawne and their family, so Don and Dawn used the Cosmic Treadmill to hide them and themselves on Earth-247 (Zero Hour).

Okie dokey and all righty then. So Bar Allen as Kid Flash is back from the dead, and this issue is what sees this event happen.

Both covers are by George Perez and total estimate is at 61,347. Mycomicshop says these two covers were shipped together in a 50/50 ratio, so I am assuming that each cover has an estimated print run of 30,673. Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #3 has the cover date of April, 2009.

  • 1st Prime-Earth Bart Allen
  • 1st Prime-Earth Red Robin
  • 1st Prime-Earth Cassie Sandsmark

1st appearance of the New 52 Bart Allen as Kid Flash. This Prime-Earth version would end up very different from the New-Earth Bart Allen.

I'll get into that in the next and final listing of this tour. I believe this is the 1st appearances of Prime-Earth Tim Drake as Red Robin and Cassie Sandsmark as Wonder Girl as well.

They do not form the Teen Titans in this issue, and I believe it is the 4th issue where they officially assemble the super-hero team in the New 52 continuity. If you're new to this site and are confused about Prime-Earth, it's basically the Earth that DC's New 52 takes place on.

So, being that this is a 1st issue to a completely rebooted universe from ole New-Earth, there's definitely no surprise when it comes to variants for this issue, yeah?

73,675 is the estimated print run for the regular cover, but there's only one 2nd printing variant to this cover. No idea what that print run is for 2nd printing.

Cover date for Teen Titans #1 volume 4 is November, 2011.

  • Origin of Prime-Earth Bart Allen

A few things were changed to the character of Bart Allen in the New 52 or Prime-Earth continuity. In this reboot, Bart Allen's real name is revealed to be Bar Torr and an inmate from the future who lost his memories.

In this continuity, Bart is not the son of Don and Meloni Thawne but is a reactionary from the 30th Century in a witness protection program that sent him to the 21st Century to await trial for his brutal crimes. He has a sister named Shira who first debuts in flashback in this issue.

¡Ay, caramba! Masterminds behind this revamp are none other than Scott Lobdel and Scott McDaniel. The previous issue does hint or mention who Bar Torr really is, but it is definitely explained in this issue.

Estimated print run for the regular cover is a low 29,149, and there is a sketch cover variant that I have no idea what the print estimates are. Given that the regular cover is pretty low to begin with, the variant should be pretty low as well. 

So origin of Bar Torr, otherwise known as the Prime-Earth Bart Allen, in Teen Titans #26 volume 4 and this issue is cover-dated February, 2014.

Alright that concludes this look into Bart Allen key issues. Bart is a legacy character so he pretty much shares villains that Barry Allen and Wally West have.

In the New 52, his love interest is Solstice, also a member of the Teen Titans who debuted in Teen Titans #89 of the volume 3 series. Other than that, I'm gonna call it on this one, so happy huntin' or dumpin'.


  1. Hey-o Mayhem-o!

    Got the first appearance of Impulse and I guess that' s enough for me. Since you're through with the series I wanted to bring another character to the table. It' s the Ghost who first appeared in ole Ironshell 219. I' ve heard a few investors ramble about this one cause he had appearances in a cartoon series. What do you think? Does that guy have potential? Any other issues he appeared in?

    Hope to hear from ya


    1. I remember that character and yes he's appeared quite a bit. Potential? Maybe if speculators keep ramblin' about him. He'd be a cool villain for an Iron Man movie or even Agents of Shield since he's got like Predator stealth mode or invisibility.

      I wonder if me still has that issue, right about the time I was collecting and reading Iron Man. White cover might make it harder to find cleaner copies, but with cleaning n pressin', I doubt it would be too hard since it's not on the radar like ASM #301.

      Definitely a cool villain.