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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hot Key Comic Issues of 2016 Part 16

One of the comics in this Part 16 of hot key comics of 2016 is definitely hot. Mr. Snag brought it to my attention in a comment and wanted to know price increases due to the movie/TV hype.

So this comic will be featured here. The other two on here? Debatable, or at least I debated it. One is sort of steaming up and the other saw a slight increase this year due to a leak of a certain character growing larger instead of shrinking.

Alright, let's take a look at the next 3 hot key issues of 2016 in Part 16 here.

Tales to Astonish #49 1st appearance Giant-Man comic coverTALES TO ASTONISH #49
1st appearance of Giant-Man

Big things happened this year in Captain America Civil War. Well, literally, to say the least.

Rumors started about Ant-Man turning big in a scene in Cap's 3rd installment and it turned out to be true. Actually, it was a pretty cool scene, or, at least, I enjoyed watching it.

So Ant-Man turned giant, and even though the 2nd Ant-Man movie is still going to be called Ant-Man & Wasp, this 1st appearance Silver Age key issue got a bump in demand and value this year. Let's see how this movie hype affected this key issue and 1st appearance of Giant-Man this year.

Not all grades saw an increase this year, and not all grades had sales on eBay this year either. 9.2s did have a sale in May this year. From the low of $859 in December of last year, this grade sold for $1,686 in May. No sales in 2015 for this grade but the highest that year was $1,000. 

9.0s did not have a sale this year on eBay so far, or GoCollect has yet to record one. I did check eBay's sold page and there wasn't any sale for that grade. There is currently one up on eBay, and that's asking for almost the same price as the 9.2 sold for back in May.

2 sales this year for 8.5s and almost a hundred dollar increase in a little more than a month's time span. Slabbed 5.5s also had an increase of about $55 bucks, so nothing overtly major there. 6.5s did see a drop from a high of $400 in 2015 to the $300 range. In 2015, the comic sold in the $400 range twice.

So this comic didn't heat up for most grades concerning slabbed copies. It steamed up pretty briefly this year. Tales to Astonish #49 has the cover date of November, 1963.  

Detective Comics #359 1st Batgirl comic coverDETECTIVE COMICS #359
1st appearance of Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)

So, the most recent rumor has to do with Jenna Malone. Remember when she was caught in photo leaks on the set of Batman v. Superman? People were speculating that she was going to play the Robin from Batman The Dark Knight Returns comic.

Now, it seems that even thought her shots were cut from the film, rumors have now surfaced that she is going to be a pre-Batgirl Barbara Gordon. Snyder has already assured that her character won't be Robin nor Batgirl.

Anyhow, Barbara Gordon as Oracle is now the focus for speculators. Regardless of whatever, the 1st appearance of Batgirl or Barbara Gordon is a key issue comic that's heated up a bit this year.

This comic has seen slight increase this year. Not a whole lot of sales this year and quite a few just seem to be boggling in between value ranges or bouncing back from a cooling off period. 

CGC 9.0s and 8.0s increased during the year and both made about a $100 gain from 2015 record sales. Gonna throw out a lower grad here, and 5.5s have finally nestled into the $200 range. That grade first hit the $200 range on eBay back in 2015.

This comic is heating up. CGC 6.0s did sell in the $500 range twice this year. First time that grade has ever hit that marker. Most recent June sale for 6.0s was $462.

Detective Comics #359 has the cover date of January, 1967.

The Boys #1 comic cover
1st issue of comic series
1st appearance of Butcher and Terror
1st appearance of A-Train and Wee Hughie

Brought up by Mr. Snag, The Boys comic is being shopped around by Seth Rogen. Yes, that Seth Rogen who got the Preacher TV series up and running.

The actor is a comic book fan, and the latest news or rumblings is that The Boys is being developed over at Cinemax. I know little about this comic, I have to admit. Here's something I do know, and that the estimated print run for this comic is around 31,576 according to ComicChron.

Garth Ennis is the creator of this comic, and it has the 1st appearance of Butcher, A-Train, Wee Hughie, Kessler, Butcher's dog Terror, and Susan L Raynor. Team members Mother's Milk, the Frenchman, and the Female were introduced in issue #2 of the comic series.

CGC 9.8s have had quite a jump in price this year from the $100 range to the $300 range. However, there are sales that GoCollect did not record at the time I looked at the data.

There were sales after May 18th and they dropped in the upper $200 range.  However, the most recent June 4th sale on eBay sold again in the $300 range.

CGC 9.6s jumped up into the upper $100 range by April. A May 23rd sale this year saw a copy at this grade hit the $200 range, but I think it'll drop back into the $100 range since there is a copy at that grade currently on eBay that's for $150 with a Best Offer option.

So is The Boys #1 a hot comic key issue this year? Very much so. The Boys #1 has the cover date of October, 2006.

eBay | mycomicshop | Amazon | ComicConnect

So, there they are. Boys #1 is definitely a hot comic currently. The other two? We'll have to see how they continue to perform throughout the year. 

A little recap here. So in Part 3, Malignant Man #1 was featured and it seems it hit a high $25 for the regular cover on the 20th of this month. Not bad, comic lots are still available.

Daredevil #131 and the first appearance of Bullseye is still kickin' around the $300 range for CGC 9.2s. So that grade is at least sustaining currently.

Deadpool 2 is slated to start filming next year. No surprise there. Gotta keep hittin' it while it's hot!

Alright, Part 17 is ready. See ya there.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Hot Key Comic Issues of 2016 Part 15

Jeez, Part 15 to this hot key comic issues of 2016, and we've got one comic I've never mentioned on this site before. It's been a comic that has been sought out for a while now due to movie hype, which started out as rumor and was confirmed by the actor.

The last featured key is one I mentioned in the previous part to this series but yet to feature or talk about. I'll cover the regular and variant issues to the comic.

1st appearance of Old Man Logan
1st Hulk gang
1st appearance of Maureen, Scotty, & Jade Logan
1st appearance of Earth-807128

The rumor of the next Wolverine movie having an older Logan or Old Man Logan has been running around the net for awhile now. Hugh Jackman has even confirmed that the Logan in Wolverine 3 will be an aged version of the character.

Latest news is that the 3rd installment could be titled Wolverine: Weapon X. Anyway, this comic has been hot for quite a while now, but this variant has seen the nice growths in 2016.

Out of the regular cover and the other variant, this sketch one is doing the best so far this year. CGC 9.8s had a record of $700 this year, and even though the most recent 9.6 sale fell under 2015 and 2016's high, there was a record sale of $460 in February. 

Not sure if 9.8s will stay in the $700 range. Seems like a pretty odd buy, but we'll have to see. Wolverine #66 Michael Turner sketch variant is a 1:100 deal, and some place it with a 1,000 estimated print run.

The regular copy has an estimated 97,989 print run, so this sketch variant should be around that number give or take.

Wolverine #66 volume 3 has the cover date of August, 2008.

eBay | mycomicshop | ComicLink | ComicConnect

Avengers #9 comic cover image
1st appearance of Wonder Man

This year saw that Nathan Fillion was cast as Simon Williams, also known as Wonder Man. I remember Wonder Man and was first introduced to the character in the West Coast Avengers comic series.

Not really a big fan of the dude, but he does have connections to the Vision, in which his brain patterns were recorded and used to help create the Vision. It seems that Simon Williams will be a movie star like he is in the comics.

Kinda weird, Wonder Man will debut or at least have an Easter Egg in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, but I'm thinking at the end of Civil War are there going to be two Avengers teams? It does seem that Cap's side did split off from Tony Stark's side, and Tony Stark will lead the Avengers.

Wonder Man was a team member of the West Coast Avengers, but then again, so was Iron Man Tony Stark. In the comics, Cap still lead the Avengers on the East Coast. Still, got me wondering if they're gonna do a switch-a-roo and have Cap lead a West Coast version.

Might be or might not. Who knows? Scott Lang and Hope Pym are from North Cali in the movie.

Just speculating here. Back to the comic at hand.

Due to Nathan Fillion being cast, this comic has heated up since. There were only a few sales in 2016, but 8.5s had three.

Some strange sales patterns here. In February, this grade hit the $800 mark and then fell back to the $500 zone.

By April, however, it shot up again and reached a record $900. Not to say that this comic did poorly in 2013 and 2014, because there were definitely milestone marks in value this comic worked into during the previous years.

Let's take a look at a few other grades and how they did in 2016. We'll go with a grade lower and check out slabbed 8.0s, all CGCs.

Once again, in April, this comic almost sold at the $800 mark. 2015 did see a $775 sale. 

Whoever got that $500 Best Offer copy back in March may have lucked out. Only mid way through the year, so we'll have to see how this grade does during the rest of 2016.

Should we do one more? Alright, we'll take a peep at one more grade for this comic.

Let's go with a lower grade like a 5.5 and see what we come up with here. Once again, April was the magic month for this comic and it hit the $200 range for the first time ever. 

Well, at least, on eBay it did. It's even threatening the $300 range.

However, as you can see from the data, there's cooling off periods for most comics that have been featured in this hot key issues of 2016. This one may or may not do so.

If Nathan Fillion actually gets his Wonder Man on in a future flick, the heat for this comic just might sustain or go up even more when news of that drops. October, 1964 is the cover date for Avengers #9.

Regular Cover & Ming Doyle 1:13 variant
1st appearance of Kath, Raven, & Angie

As reviews have stated, this is a flip on the mob genre of comics. Instead of the dominant male-driven mob story, this series focuses on three mob wives in Hell's Kitchen whose husbands go to prison.

In order to survive and to keep the power their husband's retain, the wives take it upon themselves to conduct business as usual. This comic series is in development and scriptwriter Andrea Berloff has been snagged to pen an adaptation.

Right now, there 's been one sale this year for CGC 9.8s concerning the regular cover on eBay, and it hit a penny less than the $70 mark. So, this one is steaming up a bit. Raw copies are still pretty affordable if you find the right the deal on eBay at the time of this writing. 

Estimated print run for the regular cover is 12,787. The Ming Doyle variant is a 1:13, so that puts it around 983. Well, that's if I got the stats correct or not.

So the Ming Doyle variant most likely is a rare comic. No CGC sales just yet, but here's the three most recent eBay sales of this comic.

Steaming up somewhat for the Ming Doyle 1:13 variant and just recently as well. The Kitchen #1 was released November, 2014. Cover date is January, 2015.

eBay | Amazon | ComicLink | ComicConnect

In terms of The Kitchen comic, I posted stats about that in the Total Comic Mayhem community before publishing this post. Recent news concerning comic book movies, it looks like FOX and Marvel/Disney are now somewhat considering working together for possible comic movie team ups.

With Sony/Disney collaborating on Spidey, this is, of course, a no-brainer step. Nothing's been confirmed and the rumblings are just rumblings, but, hey, you know what happens when sharks smell blood.

Speaking of Sony, rumblings about a Silver Sable movie is trying to get off the ground and considerations have been revealed ever since the Sony hacks. If this project progresses further, Amazing Spider-Man #265 has a good chance of heating up. We'll have to see how that project progresses in the near future though. News about it has resurfaced recently. Have a good weekend all!

Click the link below to continue onto Part 16 for more hot key comic issues of 2016.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hot Key Comic Issues of 2016 Part 14

Two of the comics in Part 14 of this hot key issues of 2016 have bounced back for some grades after a cooling off period. They aren't any surprise for sure.

Well, maybe except for the 2nd one featured here, and the connection to the character has an odd place of popping up in a Marvel television show. Still, rumors surround both of these.

Actually, TV or movie rumors surround all three of these to some extent. The last comic I've never talked about before either. It is a key issue, but it's also a variant as well.

So, on with the show!

Tomb of Dracula #10 cover 1st appearance of Blade
1st appearance of Blade

This one actually kind of makes me laugh. Every now and then rumors still pop up about Netflix and Marvel wanting to expand their comic live-action shows or Wesley Snipes pushing for another Blade movie.

Now, I don't doubt that's true. I'm sure they do. They've been huge successes so far on the Netflix and movie end of things.

Lot's are hoping for some Midnight Sons type of thing, and, hey, I'm completely down with that. I'd love to see Blade, Ghost Rider, Werewolf by Night, and some horror/supernatural end of things happen live-action.

Would be cool. With the Punisher already getting a spin-off series, it does seem like Netflix has a more than a full plate in front of them.

Not saying it isn't possible. Anything's possible.

However, Blade is always brought up again and again. It cools off and then some news report reignites it again. Fine with me actually, but I'd rather have a confirmation. Pretty sure I'm not the only one when it comes to that.

CGC 9.8s don't have that many sales for this one on eBay per year. They actually did better in 2015 but 2016's only sale in April was an improvement compared to 2012 through 2014.

CGC 9.6s did have a record sale on eBay though, and outperformed 2015. There was a sale over at Heritage for a CGC 9.6 and it sold for $1434 in March of this year, so that grade is on the up and up so far.

9.4 slabbers jumped into the $900 range, and most recent was via bidding auction. Always a good sign.

9.2s hit the $600 range this year and for the first time. The grades spotlighted here aren't the only grades doing well for Tomb of Dracula #10. Most are on the up and up currently.

Tomb of Dracula #10 has the cover date of July, 1973. 

Marvel Spotlight #5 comic cover 1st appearance Ghost Rider
1st appearance of Ghost Rider
1st appearance of Crash & Roxanne Simpson

Another character that keeps being recycled in the rumor mill is Ghost Rider. Latest rumblings is that Ghost Rider may appear in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. due to a promo posted on the show's Twitter feed that had a fiery chain on it.

Hellfire or J.T. James did show up in season seven of the show, and as far I know, Hellfire wields a fiery chain as well. Still, the connection to Ghost Rider seems to have reignited demand for this book a bit more.

Norman Reedus has also said he'd love to take on the Ghost Rider role. I can see that.

While other grades are doing well, the only two that outperformed 2015 sales on eBay were 9.4s and 9.2s. CGC 9.4 sold in the $2,000 range after more than a year of no sales, and 9.2s beat 2015's highest sale by only $20 bucks.

Other grades for this comic are bouncing back upwards after some cooling off periods here and there. Some were still hot but didn't make any movements past record sales of previous years.

Still, Ghost Rider does seem like he's inching back into live-action status, or, at least, that's the hope. The 1st appearance of Ghost Rider in Marvel Spotlight #5 has the cover date of August, 1972.

Ultimate Fallout #4 variant cover 1st appearance Miles Morales
1st appearance of Miles Morales
1st appearance Reed Richards as the Maker
Death of Ultimate Spider-Man

    Miles Morales has become a popular character in Marvel Comics. Created by Brian Michael Bendis and artist Sara Pichelli, Miles Morales is from the Ultimate universe and the character was created with President Obama and actor Donald Glover as inspirations.

    Donald Glover was also recently cast in Spider-Man Homecoming also. Miles debuts and takes on the identity of Spider-Man in this issue and history was made.

    He is the 1st Black character to take on the mantle of Spider-Man, but the 2nd Latino to do so. Miguel O'Hara is the 1st from the Spider-Man 2099 series. Both characters are half latino.

    This is the Marko Djurdjevic 1:25 variant. The regular cover has an estimated print run of 73,764.

    The print run for this variant just may be around 2,950 copies. So CGC had two record sales that beat the highs from 2015.

    Latest sale in May was $750 and the previous sale in April was higher at $840. Highest sale in 2015 was just 5 cents shy of the $700 mark.

    This grade started off weak, but heated back up. Not sure if the speculation about Donald Glover being secretly cast as Miles Morales had anything to do with this one, but it could've.

    CGC 9.6s are still bouncing around the $100 range and $200 range, but if the values do sustain in the $700 to $800 range for 9.8s, 9.6s may increase into the $300 range at least.

    So far there's only thirty-seven 9.8s and sixty-two 9.6s in the CGC Census currently. Who knows, though, and we shall have to see how this variant performs throughout the rest of 2016. Cover date for Ultimate Fallout #4 is October, 2011.
    eBay | Amazon | ComicLink | ComicConnect

    Gerry wrote up a piece with information about the regular cover to Ultimate Fallout #4. Just click the link to go and read that up if interested.

    Recap from yesterday. At the end of Part 13, I ended the post with Jim Carrey and Eli Roth adapting the Aleister Arcane comic to the big screen. That comic did heat up pretty quick.

    One even sold for $49.99 and considering that complete lots were selling for $4.99 only two days ago. Gonna be really interesting to watch how that one progresses or fizzles. Most recent sale was $19.99.

    I've already posted this on the Total Comic Mayhem community page, but The Kitchen #1 is another comic that is seeing a bit of heat. Not a huge print run either, and it does have a 1:13 variant that is rare. So click the link to join up and check it out and share some comics in your vault while you're there.