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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Recent Comic Movie News Round Up

Taking a break from the Blue Beetle key issues series, because there's been some rumblings in the past recent weeks in comic movie news. Not to mention a few trailers have dropped as well.

First and foremost is the anticipated Spider-Man: Homecoming.

I've been skeptical of this film for a variety of reasons. First, Sony dropped the ball big time with the 2nd Amazing Spider-Man flick.

Now I admit that it was great to see Spidey in Captain America Civil War, and I thought things were going to turn around for our favorite Web Head. It was great to see Spidey as the wise-cracker he is, but Andrew Garfield's Spidey was also.

After the cast was confirmed and then watching this trailer, I can't help but think of the Fantastic Four reboot and how they wanted to greatly twist and shake things up for that franchise. Well, their shake and twist didn't work out so great, and what were they even thinking with the route they took with Doctor Doom? 

We will have to see though. I've been wrong about trailers plenty of times, and hopefully Sony gets this one right. Perhaps, Iron Man and Spidey teaming up in the flick will give it that extra sauce to make this flick a real tasty treat.

After all, I think Iron Man was the first Avenger that the Webslinger first met in comics. If that is the case, then Avengers #3 is where the Shell Head and the Wall Crawler had their first published on-panel interaction, and there's a whole lot of other key issue goodness in that issue as well, like Namor and the Hulk 1st teaming up and taking on the Avengers.

In the comics, Peter met both Betty Brant and Ned Leeds at the Daily Bugle. In the movie, it looks like they'll be classmates with Parker in high-school.

Leeds and Parker did have a competition over the affections of Betty Brant. Parker did date Brant in the comics for a while, but she called it off due to Peter's inability to commit with all his Spidey activities.

Betty Brant was portrayed by gorgeous Elizabeth Banks in the Sam Rami franchise and probably the first time I saw the actress without even realizing it. The character of Betty Brant is now being portrayed by Angourie Rice

Amazing Spider-Man #4 Cover. 1st appearance of Sandman
Betty Brant first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #4 which also debuted the villainous and iconic Spidey villain of Sandman. Don't have to say that is a pretty well-known or desired comic book, but it actually has a retconned 1st appearance of Jessica Jones in it also.

Apparently she was one of the students who saw him battle the Sandman in high-school, and this story was revealed in Amazing Spider-Man #601. There's the page that retcons this.

The character of Ned Leeds made his debut in Amazing Spider-Man #18 and will be played by Jacob Batalon in Spider-Man: Homecoming. In the comics, he is a reporter and this was hinted at in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 flick though the character didn't show up.

Highly doubt if Ned Leeds will be mistaken or framed for being the Hobgoblin in this new franchise. They still could introduce Roderick Kingsley since he ended up being the realy Hobby anyway.

I am excited to see Michael Keaton as the Vulture. He does look pretty bad ass in the trailer. 


I'm mildly interested in seeing the Shocker. Not really a favorite Spidey villain of mine.
Shocker debuted in Amazing Spider-Man #46. His character onscreen will be played by actor Bokeem Woodbine.

As for the Tinkerer, I don't really care whether he's in the movie or any movie. Might be interesting to see how much of a role he plays though and where he fits in all of this. 

I'm thinking he just might be the brains behind Vulture's suit or tech, or maybe the Shockers. Hell, maybe both.

Both the Vulture and Tinkerer make their debut in comics in the same issue of Amazing Spider-Man #2. Tinkerer appeared int he 2nd story of that issue, and it was later retconned that Quentin Beck was part of the Tinkerer's gang in that story.

Of course, he is some unnamed guy in a panel that a later writer connected the character to from that issue. Quentin Beck is also more commonly known as the villain Mysterio. Not sure if he'll be in the flick or even hinted at, but there is a connection between Mysterio and Tinkerer in pages of Marvel Comics at least.

The other recent trailer to drop is another anticipated Marvel feature and it's the sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy. The first film was a surprising hit.

Once again, Marvel scores with the humor in this trailer. I actually got a pretty good laugh from this teaser trailer. 

I am a lot more excited in seeing this one, and it looks like Groot as Baby Groot just might steal the show for me again. He was my favorite out of the characters in the first one, even though he only said three words.

I have to admit that Mantis looks a bit freaky, but the end scene for the trailer gave me a pretty good chuckle. Mantis is played by actor Pom Klementieff.

She first debuted in the pages of the Avengers, and Avengers #112 is noted as her first appearance. However, she does only show up in 3 panels, two of which are identifiable. 

Even in her 2nd appearance, Mantis only shows up in three panels in Avengers #113. In Avengers #114, she shows up more fully in that issue, and it's also her 1st cover appearance.

Everyone still notes Avengers #112 as her 1st appearance, despite contradicting quite a few other appearances that have the same amount of panels or slightly more and being labeled a cameo such as Incredible Hulk #182. But, it is what it is.

Alright, I already posted this to the Total Comic Mayhem google community, but Jessica Chastain is on board to star and produce the comic-based movie Painkiller Jane. Yep, that Painkiller Jane from the 90s.

Now, I am a fan of Jessica Chastain. I think she's a tremendous talent and have liked her since I saw first her in the film The Help. She was also great in A Most Violent Year and The Martian.

So I'm on board seeing Jessica play a bad ass vigilante by the name of Painkiller Jane. The character was created by Jimmy Palmiotti and Joe Quesada and first debuted in 22 Brides #1.

I am not sure if that's just a cameo or how much the character shows up in that comic or in issue #2 of 22 Brides. However, the character's origin was quickly changed.

In the 22 Brides comic series, Jane Vasco is an undercover cop that successfully infiltrates the ' Fonti Mob' and gains the trust of its leader Joe Fonti.  She is sent to give a message to a rival gang leader, Adam, but is unaware that Fonti planted a bomb on her.

The bomb backfired, and instead of killing it's intended target, gravely injured Vasco instead. Adam revives Jane and is mysteriously endowed with healing powers which she ends her career as a special under cover police officer and becomes a vigilante.

In in issue #0 of her 1st self-titled series, Jane's 2nd origin is told. She graduates from the police academy with her friend Maureen Quinn and becomes a highly decorated officer. Tasked with taking down the Blanco Brothers, Maureen ends up abandoning Jane which allows her to be captured.

She is given a lethal cocktail of drugs by the Blanco Brothers that put her in coma, in which a Dr. Seth Hiller cared for her for about a year. After she wakes up, Maureen and her made amends.

Maureen then trains her back to physical peak. During the process, Jane discovers that she gains extraordinary healing abilities due to the side effects of the drugs. 

Her 1st self-titled series did begin with issue #1 which has a bit of variants. I am not sure how limited they are or not since there isn't any info I could find about that.

Cover 1A & Cover 1B

Cover 1C & Exclusive American Entertainment Joe Quesada signed

There's also a red foil variant that's limited and comes with a COA from Event Comics.

There are Dynamite Entertainment versions of the red foil variants, but they are not the original variants that came out in 1997 with the Event Comics COA. The originals do not have the Dynamite logo on the cover at the left hand corner and are not easy finds at all online currently. 

Maybe you'll have better luck in your local stomping grounds. Might be quite a hunt, but the reprint Dynamite variants are pretty limited as well.

And finally the DC camp and the latest rumblings on their side of things. Last month saw the confirmation of the villainous Steppenwolf finally being cast and actor Ciaran Hinds will step into the role.

Yep, the Game of Thrones actor will play the character of Darkseid's brother and feared general of the armies of Apokolips. Well, that's if the creatives over at Warner Bros. stay true to the comics.

As reported earlier this year, Steppenwolf debuted in The New Gods #7. He was supposed to show up in Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice but was on the cut.

Looks like we shall be seeing him though, and that's not all for the DC/Warner Bros. camp.

All this cosmic stuff in the movies, it's time to take it to the watery depths. Yep, we finally got some villainous news from Atlantis as well, and as expected, Aquaman's half-brother Orm or better known as Ocean Master has been cast.

Patrick Wilson will be the treacherous and scheming Orm. I liked him in the Conjuring movies. Well, actually, I liked those two movies even though I'm not a big horror fan.

Anyway, Ocean Master's 1st appearance is in Aquaman #29 from the good ole Silver Age. I'm expecting him to be a major supporting character for the film and scheming behind Aquaman's back to steal away the throne. Well, we shall see.

Have a good one guys 'n gals and see ya back here for more comic goodness. 


  1. Hi M.,

    still have to get used to the looks of Spideys new costume & the Mantis makeover. Hope they don' t ruin the Guardians franchise. I know many no-comic fans who look forward to this flick!

    So long


    1. I hope they don't ruin any franchise. Just want to see good comic book movies and not feel like I wasted $20 bucks and over an hour or two of my life that I won't get back. Could definitely use that extra $20 to snag comics with.

  2. Let's mention the new Gotham City Sirens (stupid name) movie that was just announced. We'll be getting the all female movie that we've been hearing about for a while now. Margot Robbie will be reprising her role as Harley Quinn and it seems that Megan Fox is being talked about for the role of Poison Ivy. I haven't heard anything on who might be playing Catwoman yet.

    1. Thanks for reminding me, Gerry. Am on it, but not much to report yet.

  3. Cool! I hope they get the looks right. The movie appearance of Harley was not exactly what I had in mind. Anyway. Still sad that I don' t have the first Ocean Master appearance. HAVE TO OWN THIS ONE!!!


    1. I really didn't care much for Suicide Squad. I wanted to, and even gave the movie three tries. Sometimes I end up liking movies the 2nd time around like the Usual Suspects which I couldn't even get through the first time, but the 2nd time, I really found the movie to be brilliant. Not the case withe Suicide Squad.

      Movie felt rushed and the characters written thin with little depth or reason to root for them as characters. Purely plot driven and the plot was elementary and muddled. Didn't care for Harley and thug Joker look either or even their characterizations. I really hope Wonder Woman is good.

  4. What about Thor annual #6 as an investment for Guardians of the Galaxy part 2?