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Friday, December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas from Total Comic Mayhem 2016

Wow, time sure does fly! Another Christmas has come upon us and I hope you took advantage of some of the deals that happened this seasons in terms of gifts.

Star Wars Rogue One is definitely the Christmas blockbuster movie this year and generally has positive reviews. Have yet to see it, but I aim to.

Star Wars #1 1977 comic seems like it got a very slight boost so far but nowhere near the 2k mark it had been selling at for most of 2015. 35 cent variants that sold this year still seem to be doing much better, but they do sell less frequently than the regular 30 cent. A lot less frequently, and I think there were only two sales of that price variant on eBay at least.

Still a hot comic though. Around 500 slabbed sales for the regular Star Wars #1 on eBay alone this year.

Gotham City Sirens #1 is definitely the new break out comic during the silly season of this year. Then again, most Harley Quinn stuff has been hot this year for sure. The J.G. variant has hit the $500 mark in this Christmas month for CGC 9.8s.

Tons of cool stuff other than actual comics to hopefully get under the tree this year or to gift a fellow comic fan. Since this is a comic site, I'll stick to comic-related stuff.

Lots of very cool apparel to show off your comic fandom. I've seen quite a few awesome comic related shirts for both guys 'n gals out there.

I'm pretty boring when it comes to comic t-shirts and prefer the ones with just the logos. Not sure what it is about that. Perhaps it has something to do with being schooled in graphic design and how I was taught K.I.S.S., Keep It Simple Stupid.

A rule that I could never follow myself, so who knows? It's a lot harder than you think and I seriously marvel at some of the logos that have become iconic, especially comic character logos.

Look at the Batman logo. It's simple and looks simple, but I most likely would never dream of being able to create a logo like that. Comic fan or not, most everyone knows what that logo stands for.

Green Lantern's logo is extremely simple as well. A circle with two lines above and below it, but extremely effective. It's a symbol that could easily have been the logo for some tech company than a comic character, and it would still stand out.

The weird thing about this particular Green Lantern shirt is that it's the only comic shirt I've ever gotten compliments from by women. Same compliment also, "Cool shirt!"

I know it doesn't get cold in Nor Cali like it does in some parts of the country or even the world, but I got me a Punisher beanie anyway. Sure, I got it to keep my head and ears warm, but the real reason is to cover up nap head.

Yeah, I go through phases of short and medium, longish hair. That way, if it's cold and I don't feel like messin' with my hair, I just throw that sucker on.

Now, the Punisher skull is a pretty simple logo as well, and pretty much of one my favs.

Guess it might be because it's the closest comic logo to hard rock and metal music, which have quite a bit of album covers that have skulls on them. Guns 'N Roses Appetite for Destruction, Megadeth's Killing Is My Business and Business Is Good, Slayer's South of Heaven, and L.A. Guns 1st album are a few I grew up eyeballing. I listened to those bands as well.

It's weird but whenever I wear anything Punisher related I get stranger looks from those I come across. It brings me back to when I wore metal shirts a lot, and I'd get those same looks.

You know, those looks from people that are most likely thinking, What the hell happened to our youth?

Out of the Spider-Man shirts and logos, my favorite is still the Venom logo. Most likely because I favor the black costume which was actually designed by comic fan Randy Schueller from my birth state of Illinois. 

Marvel purchased the design concept for $220.00 after Jim Shooter gave it a good gawking at and obviously liked it. Comic artist Mike Zeck did give the design it's final polishing.

As we all know, this costume would be the look for Venom, a character that I did grow up on during Todd McFarlane's run on Amazing Spider-Man. 
Even Spider-Woman of the era got a similar costume change. Julia Carpenter as Spider-Woman wore a black and white costume as well. She fully debuted in Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #7, an issue before the origin of the Venom symbiote in issue #8, and I believe she is the second character to take on that code-name in Marvel Comics. 

This version joined the West Coast Avengers. Here's her first appearance in Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #7. In issue #6, she was only seen in shadow in the very last panel of the comic.

If they ever do a Spidey-Woman show or movie, I'd much rather see that look than the original, and for some reason, I see Kate Mara donning that costume.

I think the Wonder Woman logo is pretty ingenious. It looks simple but I wouldn't have been able to come up with that.

Two Ws stacked on top of each other, but who thought of extending the serifs out to resemble wings? It's clean and compact and a good example of making letters work together to form an image that actually represents the eagle wings on her costume from the Golden & Silver Age.

Sure, Supes' "S" is another iconic logo but it's encased by a shield. Having the letters "S" and "M" actually form a cool image would've been a bit more impressive at least to me. Not saying it would be better, but I'd wow at it more if someone had done it and actually made it look cool.

For me, Wonder Woman is one of the only characters that used two beginning letters to actually form a cool image that resembles something. Daredevil's logo is cool and iconic, but doesn't form any recognizable image of something else. They just kind of overlap each other with one D higher and the other lower.

Not saying that isn't cool nor looks cool. It surely does, but from a graphic design viewpoint, it isn't all that subtly intricate. I'm not all that great with logos anyhow, especially with just letters/

While we geek out and marvel at the cool characters and costume designs that comic creatives and artists have produced over the years, it's easy to forget that they were actually really great logo and graphic designers as well.

Other cool gifts to get or gift a comic geek? Posters?

Lots of cool comic-related comic posters out there, and if you've got a man or woman cave or plan on having one in the future, comic posters have some great art to throw up on walls. 

DVD box sets of the Daredevil show or the Flash or Supergirl or whatever show you favor would be really cool to find under the tree. Gotta get my Flash season one box set signed by Candice Patton and Danielle Panabaker and hopefully they'll come around at some of the bay area cons this year.

As for cheap keys, I guess I'll throw in yet another one since I've already discussed this one on the facebook and google+ pages. With all the talk or speculation about Tigra popping up in the Marvel cinematic world and since her first appearance already has seen heat, might as well throw out Avengers #211.

So far this book is greatly flying under the radar, and it's the issue where Tigra joins the Avengers. It is also most likely the first time Moon Knight meets the Avengers as a team, and where Black Panther and Moon Knight are in the same comic and panels. Possibly their first meeting as well. 

Not saying it's a keeper for the long-term, but if the Tigra or even Moon Knight rumors do end up panning out, this one might have a boost in demand and value. I believe there are both direct market and newsstand editions for that issue.

Well, I hope you all get something great under the tree this year. Doesn't have to be comic-related, but most of all, I hope you and your family have a safe and great time spending the holidays with each other.

Merry Christmas all!   


  1. And a Merry Christmas to you too. I did get some comics for the holiday, but I did buy them for myself. There was a nice run of Bronze Age ASM comics with lots of keys in it that I couldn't pass up.

    1. Sounds like you scored a pretty awesome lot from what you recently told me at the ok.

  2. Merry Christmas Mayhem!

    All the best to you and your family from Speculation Jones. Got a little research present for you, sorry! Recently I found a copy of Doc Strange 15 on ebay which said: "rare recalled Amy Grant Lawsuit issue". Have I missed something here? Never heard of this one. Maybe you know a thing or two...

    Speculation Jones

    1. You can read more about that comic on in there rumored recalled section.

  3. Merry Christmas to you too brother. Hopefully Santa brings you all the comic goodness you want!

    1. You too bro...didn't get no comics but that's alright. I will surely make up for that, but hopefully Santa brought you some comic goodness.

  4. Merry Christmas Mayhem! I was living in Hollywood when Appetite For Destruction came out. I met Axl and He was very cool to me. I also was there the New Years Eve Party when LA Guns got signed and they were Amazing! I used to go to the Whiskey Jam every monday and followed Love/Hate right up until they got signed. Those were the days!! ROCK ON MAYHEM!!! L.K.

    1. Dang LK, you lived in Hollywood at a really cool time. Bet you've got some tales to tell about your experience there and at that time on the strip. I still like LA Guns 1st album and it's one of the few albums where I could listen to it straight through without having to fast forward a song. Great memories! Keep on rockin' LK and Zen Kura!

  5. Hi, it' s your pal Ace again. Hope you enjoyed the holidays, Mayhem. I' ve been staying with my family and everything went smooth. Brought a fun fact back: Batman 92 has the first appearance of "Ace" the Bat-Hound! Kinda like Krypto the superdog! Crazy. Do you now what happened to the bow-wow of Bats? Just curious.


    1. During the time around 1964, interest in Batman was fading. Julius Schwartz was tasked in reviving the comic title and character. Broome and Infantino under Schwartz's direction did away with the sillier aspects like Bat-Mite and Bat-Hound.


    I am trying to bag the first appearance of Amadeus Cho and Birds of Prey 8 for starters. Comicwise 2016 was a good year for me and I hope 2017 can compete with that. Unfortunately, the longer I collect (almost 23 years now) the harder it is to find the raisins in the cake...

    Max Rebo

    1. That has a very good chance of changing in 2017. I think it's on its way to becoming a buyer's market instead of a seller's market.