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Friday, December 16, 2016

Gotham City Sirens Movie News

I can't get that excited about the DC comic movie news much anymore after watching Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad this year. I don't like wasting my time writing negative reviews, but when I heard about a solo Harley Quinn flick, it really didn't phase me.

Not saying that I groaned, but more like a shoulder shrug. Gerry reminded me about this flick in a comment on the previous Recent Comic Movie News Round Up post.

I had posted that Margot Robbie will star and produce a Harley Quinn solo flick to the Total Comic Mayhem google+ community prior, but haven't been keeping track of any other news. Read first paragraph of this post. 

Rumor has it that Megan Fox might play Poison Ivy but nothing's been confirmed when it comes to that. Comic sites are already doing the "Who Should Play Catwoman" bit in this just confirmed movie full of femme fatales that is seemingly titled Gotham City Sirens after the actual comic series. I'm thinking Felicity Jones for either Poison Ivy or Catwoman, but leaning more towards Catwoman for that call. 

Perhaps, Olivia Wilde? She could look like an amazing Catwoman and she can surely act. Dunno.

Director and writer of Suicide Squad, David Ayer, will be teaming up with Margot Robbie again for the project. Not much really to report yet besides speculation concerning the movie.

Speaking of speculation, comic speculators are already jumping on Gotham City Sirens #1 which isn't surprising. So, if you got it, might be a good time to sling it out in the market after the hype fizzles or the movie comes out. If you can snag cheap raw copies that will come back high grade 9.8s or 9.6s after getting them graded, you know what to do.

Gotham City Sirens #1 regular cover | Issue #1 1:25 variant cover

Gotham City Sirens #1 has an estimated print run of around 52,419, so it isn't terribly high or low. There is the 1:25 variant cover by JG Jones. This variant should be around 2,000 estimated copies, and I gotta admit that it's a beautifully done and striking cover.

A while back, Erol asked me in what issues did Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn first meet. After digging around the results, I found nothing really new concerning their first meet n greet in comics.

So Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn first met in actual comic books in Batman Adventures #12, which also holds Harley Quinn's first appearance in comic book format ever. Catwoman is also in the comic as well, and it's the first time all three of them meet in comic books ever.

However, Batman Adventures #12 isn't actual mainstream continuity. The stories in that series isn't recognized by what's going on with the characters in the regular DC titles. Here's the pages where these characters meet in this issue.

So when it comes to mainstream continuity it's simple for Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, but not so much for Catwoman and Harley Quinn or Catwoman and Poison Ivy first interacting in a panel in the same story. In actual canon or continuity, Harley and Poison Ivy do meet for the first time in Batman: Harley Quinn #1, which holds Quinn's 1st mainstream continuity appearance.

As for Poison Ivy and Catwoman, Poison Ivy only had two appearances in the Silver Age that's known of so far. Since Catwoman didn't appear in the 1st appearance of Poison Ivy in Batman #181 or her 2nd appearance in Batman #183, the two would have to have met during the Bronze Age.

Batman #181 1st Poison Ivy | Batman #183 2nd Poison Ivy

Batman #291 might very well be the first comic that has these two are in the same story and somewhat interact. It's not like a formal meeting with handshakes or making introductions, but they both acknowledge the presence of one another. 

Actually, Poison Ivy calls out Catwoman on her B.S. story. Here's the panel from Batman #291 back in 1977.

It's an odd story about how news that Batman supposedly dies reaches the criminal underworld. Since there's a lot of different versions and stories as to who killed the Bat, a court of sorts is held and most of Batman's villains go to tell their story to claim and prove whether they're the baddest of the bad that ended the Dark Knight. Apparently Catwoman's story didn't convince.

Catwoman and Poison Ivy's first team up was against Batgirl and Huntress in the pages of The Batman Family #17. That issues also has the first appearance of the minor character of Madame Zodiac, and she is part of the 2nd story called Horoscope of Crime! that features this team up between Catwoman and Poison Ivy.

Yes, Catwoman and Ivy go to a fortune teller, Madame Zodiac, and she informs the duo that their next criminal caper will be thwarted by Batgirl and Huntress. Of course, they don't listen and this team up fails.

When it comes to Harley Quinn and Catwoman meeting in comics or interacting in the same panel in mainstream continuity, that issue has a high chance of being Catwoman #82 from the 1993 series but came out in 2000. Both issues have a somewhat low print run with #82 estimated at 28,663 and #83 estimated at 28,456.

At the end of issue #82, one of the cops reveals herself to be none other than Harley Quinn.

Catwoman 82
Although she states that they've met prior and she was also Catwoman's next door neighbor and shrink, they were not in any of the same comics prior to this except for Batman Shadow of the Bat #93, but they were in different locations in that story and did not interact or acknowledge one another in any way. I am assuming they met off-panel, but this should be the first published time the two actually meet on-panel in mainstream continuity.

Okay, there is the Joker/Mask #2. That comic is obviously not considered part of mainstream continuity and it does have both Harley Quinn and Catwoman in it. The Mask latches onto Joker and the wild and zany springs off from there.

Catwoman 83
In that issue Catwoman is shown being spanked by Joker/Mask while Harley Quinn is filming the ordeal. They are not in any panels, but you know they're in the exact same location.

Catwoman #82 is in mainstream continuity, however. The pair's first team up is most likely in the next issues of Catwoman #83 and carries over into #84 where they kidnap Commissioner Gordon as a sexy villainess duo. Pages are the last two of the story in Catwoman #83 from the 1993 series.

Since the movie is called Gotham City Sirens, it's expected that the trio of Harley Quinn, Catwoman and Poison Ivy will be in the flick. Who they will cast for Poison Ivy and the new Catwoman is highly anticipated. 

I'm still crossing my fingers that Wonder Woman will be a good flick. Alright, ladies 'n gents, enjoy the weekend, and be sure to check out Gerry's site Graded Key Comics if ya haven't yet!


  1. Been a while Vic. Hope things are good on your end. BA 12 9.6 or 9.8 which I cannot afford and Batman 181 are the real winner. Gotham city sirens #1 will drop eventually. That's my only take about this movie.


    1. I agree, but some 1st meetings or team up comics do get a slight or crazy bump for a tick. If any of them do, I'm not saying to hold onto them long for sure. If you have any of the issues besides 1st Harley and 1st and 2nd Poison Ivy, might want to watch them closely to see if a peak happens and sling 'em back into the market.

  2. Yeah your right (as always :D). I think another good one is Detective 850. I could be wrong dont quote me on this but I feel it's their first team appearance or something?


  3. Hey fellow collectors & collectorettes,

    got a question on my mind. Most of us have a few signed copies in their collection. I asked myself, if it actually hurts the grading if an artist or writer adresses the collector next to his signature (like "for Michael" or "to Sean" etc.). Would be cool to know if this hurts the overall collectibility.

    Max Rebo

    1. I have one personalized signature from Darick Robertson on an issue of the Dark Horse Conan series. This is just me, but depending on the comic, I wouldn't want a personalized signature addressed to someone else on the cover for most comics. I don't think I'd mind so much if it were like a Captain America Comics #1 with a personalized signature addressed to someone else from Joe Simon or Jack Kirby or AF #15 signed by Ditko or Stan Lee that had the same thing going on.

      Regardless, if it isn't a verified signature, it goes to the Qualified label and who knows whether the siggy is authentic or not. Just my opinion on that which doesn't mean that other people would make a big deal about it. I think it does depend more on the actual comic and the artist sig personalized or not.