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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Blue Beetle Modern Age Key Issues Part 3

We are at the last of the Modern Age Blue Beetle key issues for now. We are still on the Jaime Reyes version and covering a bit of his mythos.

What's clear is that this version definitely has a main supporting cast that has been carried over into every series he's been in to date. Prominent villains carried over into most series involving Jaime Reyes is La Dama, and the Reach. 

The Posse show up in the Rebirth series as villains, and I think it's a new group than the ones shown in the 2006 series. Many of these keys aren't exactly the most desired currently, and a lot of them are still cheap buys for fans.

If you missed Part 2, that link will bring ya back. Otherwise, let's get this one over with.

1st appearance of Danielle Garrett
1st appearance of Nadia & Hector 

Jaime Reyes does have a support team. Enter Nadia and Hector, and they are somewhat important characters to Jaime's mythos.

Both are brother and sister and operate the "Beetle Cave" and provide Jaime with information. Nadia would die at the hands of the Reach and Hector would blame Jamie for her death.

In Booster Gold #24, Black Beetle would claim that he is Hector, but whether it was a ruse to catch Jaime off gaurd is unclear.  He would later state in the next issue that he is his future self.

So Black Beetle is somewhat a mystery character. I'm not sure if they revealed who he is yet.

Danielle Garrett is the daughter of Dan Garrett, and while she claims the scarab is her birthright, she lets it go since the scarab has bonded onto Jaime's spine.

She is a minor nuisance so far and hasn't appeared in the comics much as of yet. Blue Beetle #8 has an estimated print run of around 25,859 with the cover date of December, 2006.

1st appearance of the Reach

Dan Garrett's mystical Scarab was once thought to be purely a magical item, but as it turns out, it is indeed alien technology. Those aliens are called The Reach and have a history with the Green Lantern Corps.

Actually the two had a war that ended up being a stalemate. Making a truce, The Reach developed another way to conquer worlds in a more subtle manner.

An infiltrator scarab was sent that would bond to one of the natives from a world they were targeting. This scarab would then corrupt the individual and pose as an ambassador of sorts that helped this world while at the same time gathering info and intel on a targeted world's defenses.

Once it knew the weaknesses of this world, the scarab's tech would then have it's host turn on the targeted world. As it turns out, the scarab did have magical properties as well and it was infused with magic from an ancient Egyptian sorcerer who tried to revive a dead Pharaoh.

This magic tainted the scarab's technology, and by the time Dan Garrett found it, the scarab only half-activated. It granted all the powers but failed to fully corrupt the host.

When Reyes found the scarab, it gained it's own sentience and worked with Jaime instead of controlling him as intended by the Reach.

Estimated print run for this issue is only around 18,551, Blue Beetle #12 has the cover date of April, 2007.

1st meeting of Jaime Reyes & Traci 13

Traci 13 is or was the love of Jaime Reyes. I am not sure if their relationship is carried over into the New 52 or DC Rebirth.

She is a badass member of DC's Homo Magi and the daughter of Doctor Thirteen and sorceress Mei-hui Lan. Her mother died early in her life due to some magical accident.

Although debuting in Superman #189 back in 2003, it is established in this issue that she was raised and trained by Ralph (Elongated Man) and his wife Sue Dibny sometime after her mother's death. 

Traci Thirteen 1st meets and recruits Jaime in this issue to prevent Eclipso from using Alina, the newborn baby of Damper and Bonita of the Posse, as a new more powerful host than Jean Loring. The two hit it off and are known as a couple. 

When Jaime became a full member of the Teen Titans, Traci 13 declined to join the group feeling that being on the team with her boyfriend would be distracting and weird. Her magic specialty is urban magic and being able to tap into the knowledge and power of cities.

She also has a pet iguana named Leroy that she turns into a fierce dragon to help aid her in battle. With the cover date of August, 2007, Blue Beetle #16 has a pretty low print run of around 17,005.

1st cameo appearance Black Beetle?

Black Beetle does show up in Booster Gold #4, but he is barely visible or blurred when he meets Dan Garrett in that issue. He only shows up in a panel.

In this issue, he is fully visible and shows up on the very last page which is a full page. Overstreet doesn't note it yet and not sure if CGC has yet or not. I have no idea whether or not they consider a full page good enough for a 1st full appearance.

In this issue, Booster Gold goes back in time to the events of The Killing Joke when Joker shoots and paralyzes Barbara Gordon. Trying to stop the event from happening, both him and Rip Hunter realize that it's an event that cannot be undone and Booster would only die if he continues to try to do so.

Cover by Dan Jurgens, Brian Miller, and Norm Rapmund is pretty damn awesome for this issue as well. Estimated print run for Booster Gold #5 volume 2 is around 38,206 with the cover date of February, 2008.

1st full appearance of Black Beetle?
Return of Ted Kord Blue Beetle

Black Beetle posing as Blue Beetle from the future rounds up Jaime Reyes, Dan Garrett, and Booster Gold in a scheme to save Ted Kord. The plan is to go back in time and stop Maxwell Lord from killing Kord as depicted in the issue Countdown to Infinite Crisis #1.

This issue definitely sees Black Beetle in more of the story, so I'm noting it a 1st full appearance as opposed to the previous issue's one full page cameo. This issue would start the events of the Blue & Gold story line in the comic series.

Of course, changing the events of the past changes the timeline, and with Ted Kord's existence, he and Booster discover that many of their friends are dying from him just being alive. In issue #10, Ted Kord sacrifices himself and decides to go back to the point in time where Max kills him to set the timeline straight.

We also discover that Black Beetle is in fact Jaime's "greatest enemy" and tries to stop Ted from going back. He must survive, and in doing so, Reyes will never become the Blue Beetle. It is implied in this issue and in the next issue, Booster Gold #1,000,000 that Kord is once again dead.

However, at the end of the million issue, a shadowy figure enters the Bug ship and gives off Ted Kord's famous laugh. Black Beetle is a well-noted villain, but he is more known as a Blue Beetle villain in the Young Justice animated series

They are two separate characters. Not the same as the cartoon version is a member of the Reach. 

Although Black Beetle has self-proclaimed to be Blue Beetle's greatest foe, he isn't often seen causing mischief for the hero, but issue #5 and #6 should be on fan's radar regardless.

I also believe the Blue & Gold story line in this comic series reveals that Rip Hunter is Booster Gold's son. Cover dated March, 2008, Booster Gold #6 volume 2 has the estimated print run of only 36,263.

Blue Beetle joins Teen Titans

While Jaime Reyes showed up in this series prior and teamed up with the Teen Titans earlier, he was not officially asked to join until this issue. Of course, he agrees.

Reyes is more known as a Teen Titan than a Justice League International member, which he did join the team for a brief minute before it disbanded. I think that issue was in Justice League International Annual #1 volume 3 in 2012.

As a Teen Titan, Jaime would become close friends with Kid Devil or Eddie Bloomberg.  

Teen Titans #61 is cover dated September, 2008 with an estimated print run of 44,657.

Death of Nadia
Last issue to 1st Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle series

So this issue sees the death of Nadia, Hector's sister. Apparently, Hector blames Jaime for her death and leaves. I don't think the character ever shows up again unless he does turn out to be Hector.

This is the last issue to the 1st comic series starring Jaime Reyes as Blue Beetle. He would have another volume and his own title in the new Rebirth stuff.

I think he floats around between the Teen Titans and Booster Gold comics. In issue #21 of Booster Gold, he stars in a back up feature and in quite a few of series' main stories.

Might not be an easy find for this low print run comic at and around only 10,620, and the cover date is April, 2009 for Blue Beetle #36.

1st Blue Beetle & Black Beetle battle

Although Jaime Reyes was present when Black Beetle, Booster Gold, Dan Garrett and himself went back to save Ted Kord in Booster Gold #6 of the same comic series, this issue has Jaime Reyes and Black Beetle duke it out for the first time.

Strangely enough, Jaime Reyes doesn't even know who Black Beetle is, but Black Beetle has come to end Reyes.

When Black Beetle hurts Jaime's sister, the battle begins.

In issue #25, he states that he is his future self which doesn't make all that much sense. Future self trying to kill his past self would just erase him completely, wouldn't it?

I guess he really has a mad hate for himself. Anyway, first battle between Blue Beetle and Black Beetle.  

This story is part one of the BLACK & BLUE story line, and is a Blue Beetle back up feature. 21,713 is the estimated print run for Booster Gold #24 volume 2, and it's cover-dated November, 2009.

1st New 52 or Prime-Earth Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle
1st appearance of New 52 Brotherhood of Evil

After Flashpoint, Jaime Reyes origin was changed again. This series mostly uses characters and villains already established in the 2006 series. La Dama and the Reach are still major villains for the character.

The Prime-Earth version of the Brotherhood of Evil are also recurring villains in the series, but this series only lasted 17 issues before all the Rebirth stuff happened. Jaime's family and core friends of Paco and Brenda are still around in this series as well.

Here's how his origin plays out in the Prime-Earth continuity. Apparently La Dama and her goons get into a brawl with the Brotherhood of Evil as both want the Blue Beetle Scarab.

It is contained in a red backpack, and while one of the Brotherhood members tries to escape and gets hit by Bonecrusher, the backpack flies into the car of Jaime and his friend who just happened to be driving by.


Different origin, but sort of the same. The scarab still attaches itself to Jaime and we see him become Blue Beetle.

There is a 2nd print variant of this issue with a red cover, and the regular cover has an estimated print run of 40,003. Not sure of the print run for the 2nd printing variant.

If this issue is considered a 1st cameo of New 52 Blue Beetle, then the next issue should be considered a 1st full. Issue #2 has a estimated print run of around 35,456.

Blue Beetle #1 from the New 52 series was released in September with the cover date of November, 2011.

In the new Rebirth series, Ted Kord is the mentor of Jaime Reyes. He was brought back in the 2014 Forever Evil cross-over event. 

Forever Evil #7 saw Ted Kord resurface in the New 52 for the 1st time. It is apparently his 1st Prime-Earth appearance, and it came with a boat load of variants.

The regular cover has an estimated print run of around 96,098, and there is the Combo edition that came with a digital download code and was originally polybagged. Title is red.

Regular cover and Combo Pack Edition

On top of that, there are two 1:25 retailer incentive variants. One is the Robot Chicken variant and the other done by Ethan Van Sciver. Both should be around 3,800 to 4,000.

1:25 Robot Chicken variant cover | 1:25 variant cover by Ethan Van Sciver

Then you have the 1:50 cover by Ethan Van Sciver, and the 1:100 cover by Gary Frank. 1:50 should be around 2,000 and the 1:100 should be around 1,000 copies or less.

1:50 variant by Ethan Van Sciver | 1:100 variant by Gary Frank

I think the Rebirth stuff is still happening on Prime-Earth, but it's merging that continuity with a lot of stuff and concepts that happened prior to Flashpoint that was left out in the New 52. Although not shown, Ted Kord did have a career as Blue Beetle before Jaime Reyes tracks him down to learn more about the Blue Beetle scarab.

Sounds confusing and I don't know exactly what's changed and what hasn't concerning DC's Rebirth. Blue Beetle did get his own Rebirth #1 issue and then the series followed. I have no idea about the variants or how limited or what their deal is.

The Blue Beetle Rebirth #1 comic has an estimated print run of 72,993. The #1 issue to the 2016 on-going series has an estimated print run of around 52,231.

Blue Beetle Rebirth #1 cover and variant

Blue Beetle #1 2016 on-going series cover and variant

I'm gonna end Blue Beetle's Modern Age keys list with this Part 3.


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