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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Kaecilius, Thor & Doctor Strange

When Mads Mikkelsen was finally confirmed as Kaecilius recently this year, the character's 1st appearance became not surprisingly hot as speculators jumped all over that comic as speculators do. I even think a good majority of them probably have little idea about the character.

And I wouldn't blame them. The character is not one of the most fleshed out, recurring or even important of Doctor Strange villains in the actual comics.

Since most everyone knows that this character will appear in the movie and is actually quite different from the actual comics, I'm not worried about spoilers since there really isn't much to spoil concerning this very minor villain.

Sure, he is a minion and disciple of Baron Mordo, but his early appearances in the Doctor Strange comics is few and pretty uneventful. When it comes to talking about the actual comic character, there really isn't much to say. 

He has little over a handful of Silver Age appearances and then fades out of comics until a single appearance in the 80s and most recently in the Doctor Strange Prelude digital comics. Even in the very few Silver Age appearances he makes, Kaecilius is basically a nameless minion of Mordo who has little personality and no major purpose.

Strange Tales #130 | Strange Tales #131 | Strange Tales #135

I do mean little. Pretty much a wooden lackey who is often berated a long with the other nameless followers of Baron Mordo. The character seemingly debuts in Strange Tales #130 but is pretty much not really identifiable except for his trademark mustache. Baron Mordo and his two followers are pretty much dressed in the same green colored jumpsuits or whatever they are.

In the character's 2nd appearance in Strange Tales #131, he seems to be one of the only minions in comic books that has the sense to change clothes, but he might as well be a mindless drone. Even other shady and nasty characters pay the goon little respect until Mordo's astral self pops up and demonstrates that he is not to be trifled with.

Kaecilius just stands there like a dolt pretty much. Mordo just should of done the whole astral thing with these goons instead of send his apparently useless and still nameless minion. 

By Strange Tales #135 and the character's 3rd appearance, Kaecilius once again has the common sense to change his drawers into another outfit. In this appearance, he's pretty much a flesh puppet for Baron Mordo and the evil sorcerer just speaks through him.

The character's last Silver Age appearance is in Strange Tales #143 back in 1966.

Kaecilius is seen again with Baron Mordo's former minions Adria and Demonicus well over a decade later in Doctor Strange #56 volume 2 in 1982. Adria first debuted in Strange Tales #141 and Demonicus debuted in Strange Tales #128

Strange Tales #128 1st Demonicus | Strange Tales #141 1st Adria | Doctor Strange #56 volume 2

It's in Doctor Strange #56 from the 2nd series that Kaecilius is finally named. The trio again battle Doctor Strange, but Kaecilius seems to drop out of comics all together after that issue.

Since we already have a Baron Mordo minion on the big screen, could we see these other two pop up somewhere in the Doctor Strange franchise? Who knows, but it's definitely some hard speculation there.

Okay, here's where the spoilers begin. If you've yet to watch the movie and don't wanna hear nothing about the mid or end credits then stop reading here.

It seems that Thor and Doctor Strange do meet in the mid-credits scene. Yep, Chris Hemsworth and Benedict Cumberbatch meet as the Thundergod and Sorcerer Supreme in the film.

When it comes to the actual comics, it's not quite so casual or normal. In fact, Doctor Strange actually met Thor's evil brother Loki before actually meeting the Thundergod in the comics.

This first meeting between Strange and Loki occurred in Strange Tales #123, and when it comes to the 1st meeting of Thor and Doctor Strange there are two comics that need to be discussed:

So, in Strange Tales #123, Loki sets out to steal his brother's mystical hammer and tricks Doc Strange to do it.

Strange has little idea about Thor and thinks he's suppose to be a good guy, but Loki gets him to believe that his brother is evil and has locked him in chains. Here's how it plays out in the actual comic.

So Doctor Strange casts a spell that steals Thor's hammer away from him.

Of course, Doctor Strange realizes that Loki is the evil one who tricked him and the two have their first battle in this issue as well.

Despite just showing you the beginnings of the battle between Loki and Doctor Strange, it does run for quite a bit in the story and there's about 4 pages of magical action. Once he realizes his mistake, Strange does find a way to return Thor's hammer to him, but the Thundergod is out of the action in this fight.

Thor and Doctor Strange do not meet in the flesh in that comic. Thor is seen flying by outside the window to Strange's place after Loki escapes, but neither interact. Actually, Thor has no idea what exactly happened.

However, Doctor Strange and Thor do meet for the first time in the flesh in Journey Into Mystery #108.  The two issues are released pretty near each other, and Strange Tales #123 has the cover date of August, 1964. Journey Into Mystery #108 has the cover date of September, 1964.

Doctor Strange telepathically reaches out to Thor in distress at the beginning of the story in Journey Into Mystery #108.

Strange is saved by Donald Blake, but the threat isn't over. The two do share their first published team up in this comic as well, but since Strange is injured and recovering from surgery performed by Donald Blake, this is done in his astral form and basically it's to help Blake find his walking stick so he can transform into Thor.

Not the most action-packed of team-ups as comics go, and Blake transforms into Thor after Strange's astral form fades. It is what it is.

I'm not sure if a first meeting was later retconned by a later writer concerning these two. I'm pretty sure it's been retold, but Journey Into Mystery #108 is their first published in-the-flesh meeting in comics. Once again, Loki is the culprit and at the end of the comic, Thor battles his mischievous adopted brother.

So just some fun stuff when it comes to early Marvel Silver Age comics, and even though the cinematic universe definitely plays out much different than in the pages and panels of comics, the ideas did come from somewhere. Have a good weekend everyone.


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