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Friday, November 4, 2016

DC Comics Enchantress Key Issues Part 2

We are gonna wrap up this beast with Part 2 of DC Comic's Enchantress. Despite being a pretty popular DC sorceress, she doesn't really have much in the way of keys.

She has had periods of disappearing from comics or not showing up much at all. Anyway, if you missed Part 1, that link will bring you back. Let's wrap up this up with a few more Enchantress key comics.

1st appearance of Land of Nightshades
1st brief appearance of Incubus

Darkness rules in the Land of Nightshades and it is the original home to Nightshade or Eve Eden in DC Comics lore. Eve Eden as Nightshade is actually a Charleton Comics creation. She debuted in Captain Atom comics before being integrated into DC's world of superheroes.

When it comes to the first appearance of the Land of Nightshades, it was first seen in this issue here.

Some sources say that it's Secret Origins #28 from the 1986 series, but this issue came out March 1 and that issue March 22. Secret Origins #28 does have the Post-Crisis origin of Nightshade and Larry as Incubus is shown in cameo in that issue.

Anyway, Nightshade and the Suicide Squad team go back to the Land of Nightshades and find her brother Larry Eden as Incubus, which his whole Incubus thing is revealed in the next issue.

There's a Newsstand Edition of this comic, and I think a Canadian price variant as well. Couldn't find any pics for the Canadian price variant, but I think it might be a 95 cent version.

While definitely a key issue for Nightshade, this whole Incubus thing does tie into Enchantress also. Suicide Squad #14 from the 1st comic series has the cover date of June, 1988.

1st full appearance of Incubus & Succubus
Origin of Incubus & Succubus
Post-Crisis origin of Nightshade
Post-Crisis origin of Dhazmor & Enchantress

Wow, that's a lot of origins there. Like mentioned before, Eve Eden as Nightshade was originally a Charlton comic character. Once bought out by DC Comics, she transitioned into the DC Universe with Crisis on Infinite Earths.

So, we learn that Eve's brother is Larry Eden and that her brother is dead but hosts the entity called Incubus. Suicide Squad goes through the entire origin story of Incubus, Succubus, Dhazmor and Enchantress. Yes, it's the same Dzamor entity that's connected to Enchantress' origin in her debut in Strange Adventures #187, but it's spelled Dhazmor on New-Earth.

Basically, an entity called Azhmodeus created the Incubus and Succubus. Dhazmor captured the Succubus who was originally suppose to possess Eve or Nightshade and fused the entity with a certain June Moone instead.

Therefore the Enchantress persona is actually the Succubus, sister of the Incubus. While Dhazmor intended the melding of the two to be a force for good, the real nature of the Succubus began to quickly come out over time until June found it hard to control this naturally evil entity.

In this issue, the Incubus draws out his sister from June Moone and establishes that the Enchantress persona is separate entity of Moone. While the separate entity thing is still apparent in later and recent comics, I'm not sure exactly how this origin holds up to recent stuff.

I do know that the Enchantress persona is referred to as a succubus in later comics and the Enchantress persona is still considered a separate entity from June Moone even in the New 52. Pretty important comic when it comes to the evolution of the Enchantress character and her whole separate entity thing.

The brother and sister thing plays out in the Suicide Squad movie, and that concept was taken from the actual comics. Actually, it was taken from this comic.

I won't lie, things get pretty confusing for June Moone as Enchantress and even Nightshade who supposedly inherits Succubus in this story and carries the Enchantress persona for a while. Suicide Squad #15 has the cover date of July, 1988.

Return of June Moone Enchantress
1st appearance of Sentinels of Magic

So throughout the 1st Suicide Squad series after issue #15, Nightshade houses the Enchantress persona or succubus. June Moone is seen as kinda losing it in issue #21 of the Suicide Squad series.

I don't think we see the character until this 5 issue limited series. I have no idea what happened to Nightshade and if she loses or still has the persona or what, but this in this issue, June Moone is seen as a patient of Ostrander Mental Institute.

Struggling to not say the word, "Enchantress", she finally gives in. Apparently, the persona or whatever is still connected to June Moone somehow.

Once again, I am not sure how that is possible or whether it was explained somewhere else or what. Well, in issue #4 of this comic series, Faust or Sebastian Faust supposedly kills the Enchantress persona in order to save the world.

Of course, this wouldn't really be the end for the character. Anyway, the split persona or entity is still relevant and this series would set up the character for even more weirdness.

In issue #3, Enchantress does join the Sentinels of Magic. Her character would be quite connected to the members of this team in one way another.

For instance Ragman would help her to form Shadowpact later and Blue Devil would also join that team. Zatanna and Madame Xanadu would face an Enchantress gone insane in the Justice League Dark comic series that happened much later in comics.

1st appearance of Anita Soulfeeda
1st of appearance of Soulsinger (issue#4)

Alright, let me get this straight here, so Faust didn't kill the Enchantress persona. Instead, the succubus is Anita Soulfeeda and part of the Diablos in this issue. The Diablos are like a mafia of demons.

June Moone is in some sort of catatonic state and once again in a sanitarium of sorts, a mental ward or whatever you wanna call it. By issue #3, Faust breaks Moone out of the ward and she meets Anita Soulfeeda.

In issue #4, June Moone finally recognizes who Anita Soulfeeda really is and says the magical word. Thus, Enchantress is reborn!


June Moone and Anita Soulfeeda actually merge to become Soulsinger for a very brief time. When the Soulsinger entity quickly fades away, the Enchantress becomes a separate but benevolent entity. Enter Enchantress being one of the good guys.

Not sure what happens to June Moone, nor is it really explained in this comic series, at least. I am not even sure there's an explanation of how Sebastian Faust didn't kill the Enchantress persona that was clearly shown as having been done in Day of Judgement #4.

JLA: Black Baptism #1 has an estimated print run that's roughly around 41,716. Issue #4 has an estimated print run of around 33,468.

I don't think there any variants and not sure if there was a newsstand edition for this comic. JLA: Black Baptism #1 has the cover date of May, 2001. JLA: Black Baptism #4 has the cover date of August, 2001.

1st appearance of Shadowpact
Enchantress joins team

Well, in this 6 issue limited series, Enchantress gathers a group of magic users to challenge the Spectre when he seems bent on killing all magical beings. Actually, it is him and new the Eclipso. 

The Shadowpact is created by Enchantress, Detective Chimp, and Ragman. Others who join the group are Blue Devil, Nightshade, and Nightmaster.

Their headquarters is at the Oblivion Bar, which also makes its first appearance in this issue. Despite this being a limited series, the Shadowpact was spun off into their own on-going comic series that lasted 25 issues or so.

Day of Vengeance #1 has an estimated print run of around 64,845, and the cover date of June, 2005.

New costume
1st appearance of the Pentacle
1st Bagman, Karnevil, & Jack of Fire
1st Sister Shadow, Strega II & White Rabbit

No more witches hat and the baggy green tunic, this issue marks when the Enchantress starts looking more like a sorceress and even gets a green cape with her more skin tight, green clothing. So Enchantress gets a new look that's also short-lived, and this is the first issue to the self-titled and on-going Shadowpact comic series.

The comic series only lasted 25 issues, but it was a comic title that catered to fans of the more magical side of thing in DC Comics. Shadowpact was created by writer and artist Bill Willingham. He also created The Pentacle, which were a group of magical super villains that were counterparts to the Shadowpact.

All of The Pentacle's members debuted in this issue. Strega is the group's leader and the counterpart to Enchantress. She is a sorceress whose magic is powered by blood, meaning she needs human sacrifices.

Shadowpact #1 has an estimated print run of around 50,260 and is cover dated July, 2006. 

1st Prime-Earth Enchantress
1st Justice League Dark

Once again, this comic here. After the events of Flashpoint, DC Comics rebooted their universe and came up with the New 52 and that earth is known as Prime-Earth. At least that's what I've gathered from it.

So Enchantress make her 1st Prime-Earth appearance in Justice League Dark #1, and she is once again, a villain. Well, actually, the Enchantress entity of June Moone is going insane without her "good" half.

We see June Moone separated from the Enchantress entity and is in hiding, as she wants no part of the Enchantress any longer. However, the Enchantress entity is searching for her and wreaking havoc all over.

Moone seeks the aid of Deadman, and he vows to keep her safe from the evil entity. In issue #5, we learn that it was Madame Xanadu who used a spell to separate Moone from Enchantress.

While June keeps hearing this rhyme but can't repeat it correctly, John Constantine realizes it is a spell and recites it in order to save the world from the insane Enchantress. Deadman is not pleased, but Constantine finishes the spell. June and the Enchantress merge.

In the New 52 to present, I think Enchantress is once again a member of the Suicide Squad. Justice League Dark #1 has an estimated print run of around 62,856 to 74,971and the cover date is November, 2011.

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure if recent comics even have anything about the whole Incubus and Succubus deal concerning Enchantress. I know the movie used the Incubus entity, and Enchantress is still considered a different entity than June Moone. 

She's pretty much an ensemble character. I don't think she's really had a self-titled comic series to date.

Alright, that's all for this Enchantress key issues series. Happy Huntin' or dumpin'. 

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