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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

DC Comics Enchantress Key Issues Part 1

Another request somewhat, and the focus is on Enchantress key issues from the DC Comics side of publication. The character already made her big screen debut in the Suicide Squad movie and was played by actress Cara Delevingne. 

Enchantress is a character that debuted in the Silver Age, but did not have many appearances in comics until John Ostrander reinvented the Suicide Squad team and comics in 1987. From there, the Enchantress began to truly develop in the DC Universe.

So this Enchantress key comics series was brought to my attention by Justin, and I had a bit of help from him as well. Another magic-based comic character, here are some Enchantress key issues.

1st appearance of Enchantress
1st Enchantress cover
1st appearance of Dzamor 

Created by Bob Haney and Howard Purcell, the character of Enchantress started out as a heroine as a feature in the anthology comic Strange Adventures. She debuted in this very issue in the story "The Enchantress of Terror".

The story tells the origin of artist June Moone and how she and her boyfriend Alan Dell attend a party at a mysterious place called Terror Castle. When mayhem happens, as if it wouldn't with a name like Terror Castle, June stumbles into a secret chamber and meets Dzamor.

Dzamor tells June that she has a greater destiny and to speak the words, "The Enchantress!" Like "Shazam", these words transforms June into the raven-haired magical sorceress.

So, she tackles the evil presence at that party that's causing all the mayhem and uses a spell to unlock the doors so the guests can escape. There's our introduction to the magical character that would be known as the Enchantress in DC Comics.

While a heroine in her very early appearances, we all know she won't be for long and would switch sides. As for Alan Dell, I don't think the character is used after her third appearance.

Dzamor, although tied to her origin in this issue, is another character that doesn't really hold up in later comics. He only shows up a few more times in the 80s, but less than a handful and mostly in flashbacks.

Very low CGC census all around for this comic. Only one 9.8 so far or at the time of this writing and only 38 total submissions. Highest submission total for a single grade are only seven 7.5 currently. 

Strange Adventures #187 has the cover date of April, 1966.

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2nd appearance of Enchantress
2nd cover appearance

As Justin pointed out to me recently, this comic has the 2nd cover appearance of Enchantress and is the 2nd appearance of the character as well. Once again billed as the "Switcheroo Witcheroo", Enchantress stars in the first story of this issue called, "Beauty vs. the Beast".

Her short-lived boyfriend Alan Dell also appears in this story, but his last name is spelled Dale instead. Actually, it's spelled the same in their 3rd appearance as well.

Dzamor only shows up in a one panel flashback. However, instead of saying, "The Enchantress!" like in her debut story, June Moone just wills herself in becoming the sorceress.

As most heroines, she ends up saving the day from some kind of beast that looks quite like Man-Thing. Even lower census than her debut, and this issue has zero 9.8s currently with only one 9.6 and one 9.4.

Only a total of 14 in the census at the time of this writing. Strange Adventures #191 has the cover date of August, 1966.

3rd appearance of Enchantress
3rd cover appearance 

During the Silver Age, the Enchantress only had 3 known appearances. This is her third a long with Alan Dell/Dale.

This issue has her 3rd cover appearance, but it's really just a banner logo on top of the comic and the same as in issue #191 and #187. She definitely has a more fuller and interesting cover appearance in The Superman Family issues which we'll be getting to shortly.

Strange Adventures #200 is her real last appearance as a straight-up female heroine starring in her own feature. After this, she would be considered more a villain and play with the whole anti-hero business in later comics.

I don't think she would actually be the star of her own stories as well after this. Last Silver Age appearance in a comic story, and Strange Adventures #200 has the cover of May, 1967. CGC census total submissions is at 19 currently with one 9.8 and three 9.6s.

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4th Enchantress cover
4th appearance of Enchantress
1st meeting with Supergirl

Enchantress did not appear in any new stories during the 70s. Her only two appearances during that decade was in Adventure Comics #417 and  #419, both reprints of her first two Strange Adventures tales.

It wouldn't be until the 80s when the character made a comeback into comics. This issue here marks her first turn from hero to minor villainy, and the first superhero Enchantress goes up against is none other than Supergirl.

The story, The Earthquake Enchantment, also recaps Enchantress' origin told in Strange Adventures #187. However, she seeks to obtain some kind of cosmic energy that will make her more powerful so she can battle the forces of evil in the name of Dzamor, and in order to obtain this omnipotent power, the moon and a star have to align perfectly

Kind of a hokey story but the battle and 2nd confrontation between the two would be continued in the next issue of this comic series. Alan Dell is only seen in flashback, and his last name is spelled "Dell" this time.

Still the same duds from her early appearances as well, and The Superman Family #204 has both Direct Market and Newsstand copies.

More of a cover appearance to me than in the covers to the Silver Age issues, but that's just my opinion. Cover date for this comic is December, 1980.

5th Enchantress cover
5th appearance of Enchantress

In this issue, Dzamor actually appears in the actual story and not in flashback. He is displeased with the Enchantress.

Being foiled by Supergirl in the previous issue, Enchantress plans to again to obtain some kind of cosmic power by tricking Supergirl into helping her manually align the moon and star to achieve this.

The issue and story would further push the Enchantress character more toward the villainous side, and when Supergirl foils her plans again, Enchantress vows her revenge on the super heroine. I don't think that revenge on Supergirl ever plays out in later comics but not sure.

Supergirl does learn that June Moone is Enchantress, but the witch casts a spell on the Girl of Steel and erases her memory of that. No big deal on that end.

Enchantress is more misguided than an all-out villain in this story line, but she definitely isn't a good guy despite her good intentions. During the mid-80s, Enchantress would recur in comics a lot more for sure, but during the time of this comic's publication, it seems she's only in this and the previous issue when it comes to appearing in an actual comic story during the very early 80s.

The Superman Family #205 has the cover date of February, 1981.

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1st appearance of Forgotten Villains
Enchantress new costume/look
1st meeting with Superman

Don't let this cover fool you. Although the Enchantress appears in a green costume on this cover, her costume actually looks a different color in the actual story.

She does, however, get a new look and definitely a bit sexier than her original get up. Her costume looks bit more like a sorceress despite the light purple color.

This isn't exactly an iconic costume for her, and her look would actually change quite a bit during the 80s. You'll see what I mean shortly.

Anyway, here's her look in this issue and in issue #78.

This is the 1st appearance of the Forgotten Villains which Enchantress is a part of, but the villainous team doesn't last very long in comics. Well, I mean they don't have that many appearances in comics over-all. 

This issue does have the first meeting between the Enchantress and Superman. She is definitely a villain in this story.

This comic is also the 5th cover appearance of Enchantress. If I am correct, I think this is the 6th appearance of Enchantress, not counting the reprints of her first two Strange Adventures stories reprinted in Adventure Comics #417 and #419.

Enchantress continues her villainous career in comics and this story continues in issue #78. Once again, there are Direct Market and Newsstand copies of this issue, but I am not sure what percentage or how much DC Comics distributed Direct Market copies during this time.

So Enchantress is an original member of the short-lived Forgotten Villains, meets the Man of Steel for the 1st time and has a very brief new costume or look in this issue. DC Comics Presents #77 has the cover date of January, 1985.

Joins Suicide Squad
1st appearance Modern Suicide Squad
2nd full Amanda Waller

Due to the recent Suicide Squad movie, this comic got a bump in demand and value only a few years back. This is the 1st appearance of the Modern Suicide Squad, and the movie definitely based the team and story more from this version.

After all, it did start the whole using villains to do the dirty work of the government, and John Ostrander was the writer and creator of this concept for the new team. Pretty much a no-brainer, and Enchantress joins the Suicide Squad team in this issue.

She gets a semi-different look that looks more like X-Men's Rogue in this issue. She's in green and black below.

Comic has definitely been on a downward spiral, once commanding a peak of $300 to now below $100. Obvious that speculators are pretty much done with this key issue. Good time to buy? Maybe.

CGC 9.8 Direct Editions have hit the eBay market a lot more than Newsstands in the last 2 years. Actually, there's been very few CGC 9.8 Newsstands of this issue sold in the last 2 years, and I mean very few.

Comic is once again cheap, and a key issue for Enchantress as well as many other characters like Deadshot and Captain Boomerang since they also join the Suicide Squad in this issue. I think this is the 2nd full appearance of Amanda Waller since Fury of Firestorm #55 takes place in-between Legends #1 and #3 and she only fully shows up in a one panel cameo in that Fury of Firestorm comic.

January, 1987 is the cover date for Legends #3.

Alright, a little bit of recap here. Enchantress' early appearances in Strange Adventures are not plentiful over-all online. Higher grades get even more difficult to locate.

Highgrade Newsstands concerning Legends #3 are also not overly abundant in the market online either, especially for 9.8 and 9.6s. A very large majority of them are Direct Market copies.

Believe it or not, there will be a Part 2 to this. Enchantress does evolve a bit more in the Suicide Squad comics. 

If you already saw the movie, this aspect of the character is taken from the comics, but, of course, the film deviates a bit from it. Anyway, Part 2 is ready so just click the link below to continue.


  1. A very underrated female DC character. I was able to snag a raw VG+ range copy of her 1st appearance for under $20. I think it still has some potential to become a great investment book.

  2. snagged a cgc 9.8 copy for $50 bucks. Pure speculation but the price was right and should be an easy resell.

  3. Ole Ace here with another BAD GIRL BACK ISSUE RECOMMENDATION in the mold of the Enchantress. Just recieved Action Comics 595 in the postbox. Only payed 1.50 plus shipping. Stellar price! What you get is a first appearance of a cool lookin' villainess and top notch John Byrne art. Had fun readin' that piece although the story was a bit corny, almost like a cartoon tv episode for kids. Still, thumbs up from