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Monday, November 28, 2016

Carnage Key Issues Part 3

Last and final part to this Carnage key issues list. Lots of Modern stuff, and we will cover some variants of certain issues that I could find any info on. Many of these aren't at ridiculous prices currently and depending on what you may think is expensive or not.

Alright, if you missed Part 2, that link will bring ya back. Otherwise, here's the last keys concerning one of the most creepiest and psychotic of symbiotes from Marvel.

1st cameo Clone Gwen Stacy as Carnage?
1st full Clone Gwen Stacy as Carnage?

The 100th issue sees the first time Gwen Stacy becomes Carnage in the Ultimate reality. It pretty much just might be a cameo and she as Carnage shows up on one full page and a panel in the comic.

Not entirely sure if that's enough for a 1st appearance or just a cameo for Overstreet or CGC, but if not, Gwen Stacy as Carnage does show up more fully in the next issue of #101. However, Overstreet doesn't note or recognize this one just yet.

In fact, they don't recognize most 1st appearances from the Ultimate universe, but do note the intro of Eddie Brock and Blackcat. Not sure why that is or isn't.

Pretty sure that this Gwen replica didn't stay Carnage for long anyway, but in this alternate reality, she was the character for a tick. 

Scenes from Ultimate Spider-Man #100

For issue #100, there is a Dynamic Forces signed edition for those who don't care much for variants. It's signed by Mark Bagley and is limited to 1,000 copies. The DF signed edition comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

There is a 1:10 variant cover for issue #100 as well. Regular cover has an estimated print run of 116,186, so the 1:10 cover might be around 11,600. Not exactly rare.

I don't think issue #101 has any variants, and it's estimated print run is around  78,927.

Ultimate Spider-Man #100 has the cover date of November, 2006, and Ultimate Spider-Man #101 has the cover date of December, 2006.

1st appearance of Tanis Nieves

Tanis Nieves would eventually become the character of Scorn. She is a doctor and the psychiatrist assigned to Shriek in this comic series.

When she loses her arm, she is fitted with an advanced prosthetic arm developed from a piece of the Carnage symbiote but not in this issue. In this issue, she is trying to stop the armored car carrying Shriek, as the villain had been reassigned for unknown purposes that Dr. Nieves wanted to uncover.

Like the other self-titled Carnage series, this one is a limited series that lasted five issues. Estimated print run for the regular cover is around 47,452.

There are a few limited variant covers for issue #1. There's the 1:10 cover by Clayton Crain, the 1:25 cover by Arthur Adams, and the Patrick Zircher variant. Not sure how limited the Zircher variant is, but the 1:25 should be around 1,900 copies.

The 1:10 cover should be around 4,700 to 4,800. Carnage #1 has the cover date of December, 2010.

1st cameo of Tanis Nieves as Carnage

In issue #2, we see that the advanced prosthetic arm merged onto Nieves begins to haunt her with the lust to feed and gets her to smash the tank that the Carnage symbiote is held. The Carnage symbiote does bond with Nieves and she is shown as Carnage at the very end of this issue.

She shows up more fully as Carnage in issue #3, but the Carnage symbiote was just using her to get to Cletus Kasady. Needless to say, Dr. Tanis Nieves doesn't stay Carnage for long and the Carnage symbiote rebonds with Kasady in issue #4 of this Carnage limited series.

Estimated print run for this issue is only around 32,794 for the regular cover. There is a 1:25 retailer incentive variant cover by Arthur Adams, and the estimated print run for that variant should only be around 1,300.

There's also a 2nd printing variant as well, but not sure nor could find any information about print run for that.

We are getting closer to the first appearance of Tanis as Scorn. February, 2011 is the cover date for Carnage #2.

1st appearance Tanis Nieves as Scorn

Finally we see the symbiote fully merge with Tanis Nieves to create the character of Scorn. This spinoff Carnage symbiote briefly merged with Shriek but preferred the original host of Tanis.

Scorn would help Spidey defeat Carnage. Tanis as Scorn is named in this issue as well and was create by Zeb Wells and Clayton Crain.

1st appearance of Scorn in Carnage #5 2010 series

Scorn would later help the Mercury Team fight Carnage in the limited series Carnage USA. Scorn doesn't have that many appearances in comics and not sure why this character isn't used more.

Estimated print run for the regular cover is only around 29,106, and Carnage #5 has the cove date of August, 2011. It is the last issue of this limited series.

1st appearance of Howard Ogden as Riot
1st appearance of Rico Axelson as Phage
1st appearance Marcus Simms and war dog Lasher
1st appearance James Murphy as Agony

Interesting thing here. So the Riot, Phage, Lasher and Agony symbiotes all first appeared in Venom: Lethal Protector #4 but were unnamed. In that comic series, the symbiotes had different hosts and were thought to be killed.

Later these symbiotes would merge to create Hybrid, but when the host died, the government got a hold of them and de-merged them. They were then bonded to The Mercury Team by the U.S. Army after Agent Venom went AWOL.

These symbiotes weren't individually named until this issue and were supposedly later named by fans and the official toy-lines. In this issue, the symbiotes and their hosts are used to help Spidey battle Carnage.

They are not off-shoots of Carnage, but created from the Venom symbiote in an unnatural way. However, since they and their new hosts debut and finally named in this comic, this issue goes in this Carnage key comics list.

Carnage does kill them in the Deadpool vs. Carnage series as well. Estimated print run for issue #2 is 30,378, and Carnage U.S.A #2 has the cover date of March, 2012.

1st issue to another Carnage miniseries

Well, with all the Superior Spider-Man junk that came out, it's no surprise that they had to do a Superior Carnage thing-a-ma-bob as well. Not really so sure what makes this Carnage superior.

The symbiote does bond with Dr. Malus in the series, and the Wizard names him Superior Carnage. The Wizard has Superior Carnage under his control. Supposedly Cletus is basically a vegetable, his mind damaged from the Minimum Carnage x-over story line that ran in the titles Minimum Carnage Alpha, Scarlet Spider, Venom, and Minimum Carnage Omega.

I guess you can already predict what will happen at the end of this series. I won't ruin it for ya in case you're interested in reading this bad boy.

Scorn does make an appearance in issue #5, but I think Shriek is absent from this series. Here we go with variants, variants, variants.

If you like 'em, you like 'em. If you don't, you don't. For this issue there's actually only one, and that's 1:25 retailer incentive cover by Marco Checchetto.

Regular cover by Clayton Crain has an estimated print run of around 48,053, so not a high print run for this issue to begin with. The variant by Marco Checchetto should be around 1,900 copies.

September, 2013  is the cover date of Superior Carnage #1.

1st issue to limited series
1st meeting of Carnage and Deadpool?

Two crazies going at it! Sounds like a series full of nothing but fun. One's a psychotic killer and the other is a psychotic killer that gets paid for doing it.

How can you go wrong, right? Well, in terms of actual key status or anything worth noting for this issue, there isn't much.

I am not quite sure if this is the 1st meeting between Deadpool and Carnage, but it was billed as their 1st meeting by the hype machine back in the day. Whether that's true or not, this is a fan-favorite limited series and loads of gory fun.

The two red suited crazies do duke it out in this issue in a short battle that's carried over into issue #2. Round two is in issue #3.


As usual and since this is a more recent comic sort of, there are a few variants to talk about. I think some of these are already up there in price, but the first one is the Dynamic Forces signed edition that was limited to 425 copies and signed by Cullen Bunn.

Cover is the same as the regular cover, but I do wonder if the 425 copies of the DF signed editions should subtract or add to the estimated print number? Just something I'm curious about.

So the estimated print run or North American comic shop orders for the regular cover is 57,275 which isn't too high. The 1:25 retailer incentive cover by Leinil Francis Yu should then be around 2,200 to 2,300 copies.

There's also a 2nd printing of the regular cover with a blue background. Not sure how much smaller the print run is for that one.

Don't think the market is going overly crazy for this one just yet, so it's a bit over-looked currently. Cover date for Deadpool vs. Carnage #1 is June, 2014.

1st Carnage on-going comic series
1st appearance of Manuela Calderon

Finally we have the 1st on-going Carnage self-titled series. Before this there were one-shots, limited and mini-series, and a couple where Carnage shared the billing with other characters like Venom and Deadpool. 

It sure did take a while for this psychotic Spidey villain to get his own on-going series, but fandom has always been there for the son of Venom. This issue introduces a new supporting and recurring character for this titled series, and that is Manuela Calderon.

Apparently Manuela is the sole survivor of Carnage's first confirmed mass murder and she joined the Army serving three tours in the Afghan War. After her service, she became director of security for Grey Ridge Investments.

Manuela would be used as bait to draw out Carnage, who desired to finish the job of his first mass murder at St. Este's School for Boys years ago. Manuela Calderon was created by Gerry Conway and Mike Perkins.

This series would have Claire Dixon and John Jameson, son of J.Jonah Jameson, as supporting characters as well. Claire Dixon would also become Raze in this comic series and Eddie Brock is Toxin already.

Estimated print run for issue #1 regular cover by Mike Del Mundo is 69,773. There is a Hip Hop Variant Cover by Ariel Ollivetti, and there is a 1:25 retailer incentive cover by Mike Perkins.

Hip Hop variant by Ariel Ollivetti | 1:25 cover by Mike Perkins

1:25 cover by Mike Perkins should be around 2,800 or 3,000. There are also the Phantom variants that paid homage to the cover of ASM #300. There's a colored version, black and white sketch, and a gold variant.

I hear they are limited, but not sure just how much. I do believe these variants were printed up pretty recently, so I don't think they are 1st prints. 

Word is the Phantom Carnage #1 variants were only available in 30 stores. January, 2016 is the cover date for Carnage #1 from the 2016 series.

1st appearance of Jubulile van Scotter

Mike Perkins and Gerry Conway are the creators of the supporting character Jubulile van Scotter. She is a character that was injected by a Darkhold augmented offshoot of the Carnage symbiote hoping to make her his minion.

This ritual seemingly failed, but afterwards, Jubulile did realize that she had changed. However, her symbiote has yet to manifest into a costume, but I believe this character will become yet another symbiote and take full-form like Claire Dixon's Raze or Scorn pretty soon.

We shall see how this character plays out as she is pretty new to the Carnage and Spidey mythos. So, her first appearance is apparently in this comic and she does bond with the Carnage symbiote.

May, 2016 is the cover date for Carnage #6 of the 2016 comic series. Well, the series was released in 2015 but it might be called the 2016 series since the 1st issue had the cover date of January, 2016.

1st appearance of Raze

Created by Gerry Conway and Mike Perkins, this is the issue where Claire Dixon turns into Raze. If you're interested Claire Dixon first debuted in All-New, All-Different Marvel Point One.

Once again the Darkhold is involved with this augmented symbiote, and the character was spawned by Carnage so it goes here on this key issues list. Raze is pretty much a new character, so we'll have to see if this character catches on when it comes to fandom.

Currently, it's not that under the radar, but not in huge demand either. High-grade CGCs have yet made it to market currently. Not sure if there are variants of this issue and could not find any info regarding that as of yet.

Could be a major player in the future, or could not be. Only time will tell.

Estimated print run for this issue is not very high and around 21,829. Carnage #10 of the 2016 series has a cover date of September, 2016.

Venom #17 from the 2011 comic series has the 1st appearance of Eddie Brock as Toxin in a cameo at the very last page of the comic. He shows up in a full appearance in the next issue as Toxin and has a go with Agent Venom.

Venom #17 also has the first appearance of the Savage Six, headed by Crime Master and included members such as Jack O' Lantern, Human Fly, and Death Adder. Regular cover of that issue has a print run of around 30,157. The Kev Walker variant is a 1:20 and should be around 1,500.

Since I already mentioned them, we all know of John Jameson, and he's the son of J. Jonah Jameson. The two first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #1 of the 1st series. Here's the cover to All-New, All-Different Marvel Point One that has the first appearance of Claire Dixon if you're interested in Modern key issues.

There's also the Axix: Carnage three issue limited series that came out in 2014. Issue #1 has the 1st appearance of a new supernatural Sin-Eater.

I grew up reading the original Stanley Carter version of Sin-Eater. The new version doesn't last long either and bites the dust in issue #3 of that limited series I think.


  1. Hey M.

    hope you didn' t forget the one where ole Carnage bonds with the Silver Surfer. It' s a classic allready and people pay more than 20 raw for these two Spiderman issues. So, what else is cookin'? I was bored and got Thor 344 (1. Malekith) for 11. I guess this one has fizzled to earth after the movie but who knows, maybe that dude still has some wind left in him.

    Max Rebo

  2. Dear Mayhem,

    got a practical question for ya. I just bought Star Wars 42 for 5 bucks. Yep, it' s Bobba' s and Yoda' s first appearance. Why was it so cheap? Well, it' s got traces of price tags on it. So here is my question for all comic experts: is there a way to remove the price tag without damaging the comic? Hope there is an answer for this, cause it could make my 5 buck comic a 50 buck comic.


    1. I've heard a blow dryer with a little bit of heat might work. You need to melt the glue enough so the sticker just peels right off without taking the ink or actual paper from the cover off. The older the book and sticker, the harder it could be without damaging the book.

  3. Dear Mayhem,

    Is New Mutants 87 and 98 worth the $350 price tag? The condition is 9.4ish in my opinion.

    1. Together for $350 or $350 each? If together then yes.